Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 6

Home, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2005 on Syfy
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President Roslin's fragile coalition is put to the test and Adama continues to struggle with the betrayal of his son. Starbuck, Helo, and Boomer return from Caprica and set out for Kobol to find the tomb of Athena.

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  • Betrayal has a powerful grip on the mind.

    This episode was mostly setup, and so it might not have had the same impact as, say, any of the three before it. That's not to say that this 7.5 means the same thing as the 7.5 I gave "Valley of Darkness" - it's not entirely impactful because it's not supposed to be. Essentially, it's the calm before the storm, and so slowing down the pace for a single episode is a perfectly fine thing to do.

    As such, I don't want to spend a lot of time reviewing this one, since I'm sure that a lot of the opened plots and character arcs from this episode will be cohesively closed in the next one. As such, the only thing I really want to say is that the show really does seem like it's going to actually show us Earth! I wouldn't really be surprised - BSG is definitely one of those shows that's willing to "go there" and do things with its plot that you wouldn't normally expect. If that's the case, what time period could it be on Earth? For all we know it could be the 1700's!

    The one other thing that deserves an honorable mention here is the fantastic bit of dialogue between Dee and Adama. Too often on TV writers back down from making really important conversations like this one happening, and it would have been all to easy for Adama to kick Dee out and her to walk away without ever saying it. But it's poetic that her incredibly true advice is the only thing that finally convinces Adama to begin putting his family back together. I'd say it's about time.

    Let's see what the future holds...moreless
  • Home, Part 1

    Home, Part 1 was a perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because the drama was intense, the action was awesome, and the character development was deep. Starbuck returns to Kobol and the Sharon with them receives a very cold and deadly welcome. It was interesting to watch the President and group searching for the Tomb of Athena. It was cool to see that Adama has talks with Dee, and what he decided in the end was great news and inspiring to the crew. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • The one where: there's very much a place like...

    I'm gonna be a bit lazy here, and just throw my review for both parts into one.

    I wonder why these couple of episodes were marked as a two-parter? Does it save money? I'm asking because both episodes didn't feel entirely cohesive, with enough differentiation plot-wise to distinguish themselves as singular episodes, as with the last few episodes. I guess they just wanted to round off the Kobal plot once and for all.

    To be perfectly honest, there's not a lot here worth mentioning. Most of the talking points revolve around someone either threatening to kill Sharon, or just generally manhandling the poor cylon. The scenes where Lee and Bill grab Sharon by the scruff of the neck and attack her are really well done. I'm sure Grace Park suffered a few war wounds during this shoot. Sharon had a lot to prove here, and I think she won over [mostly] everyone.

    After an arduous trek through a curiously earth-looking planet, Roslin and her cohort of followers finally make it to the tomb of Athena. They're mysteriously transported to a remote location (an island in space? Or something?) where they discover that they're actually standing on earth (or something?). They find out the constellation they need to hunt down in order to find earth. Why don't they just settle on Kobol? It meets all of their requirements. I just don't know.

    Elsewhere, in subplots across both episodes, Gaius believes that he slowly going insane...because a sexy pair of legs in a dress that only he can see told him he was so. Ya gotta love it. It turns out that head-Six believes that Sharon's baby is the revered child that she and Gaius will raise together. Interesting! I love how little Six thinks of Sharon. Total sibling rivalry.

    All in all, this is an awesome episode for Sharon. But as a whole, it's a tad boring watching a bunch of people soaked to the core trudge across very familiar looking terrain. However, both Billy and Dee rise to the occasion when their respective leader isn't feeling up to scratch. I liked that.moreless
  • Bringing the family back together

    Adama suffers much and feels rage after his son is gone and I am not sure what makes him angry more - that he left and president did what she did or that he depends and loves his son and he needs him. He names new pilot leader but he is a crap ending up killing almost one pilot and then ramming a fueling ship - well done!

    Things are not getting much better in Kobol too. Zarek is never easy man and he has a hate for Lee and plans to kill him. Sharon is not treatied as Helo expected and in the end, there is Starbuck who has some hard thoughts.

    And then on the planet.. it does not go much better too..

    I most say - I loved the story.. I loved the way Dee in the end talked sense on Adama and how the story is going. Well done.moreless
  • Excellent screen play (again)

    I like this episode because the storyline starts to get interesting on all fronts and all the sequences that had us jumping from one location to another starts to end. The writers did a great job of blending all the different little story lines into this one episode. But and it’s a big one, this is a two part episode. I like how Commander Adama is still trying to clean up the mess that is all around him. And as all good military leaders do., he tries not to undermine command decisions that were done in his absence. The human civil war is nice and healthy and worth watching.moreless
Benjamin Ayres

Benjamin Ayres

Capt. George "Catman" Birch

Guest Star

James Remar

James Remar


Guest Star

Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani

Felix Gaeta

Recurring Role

Kandyse McClure

Kandyse McClure

Anastasia "Dee" Dualla

Recurring Role

Lorena Gale

Lorena Gale

Priest Elosha

Recurring Role

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    • Tom Zarek: The Scriptures say some of us will die on Kobol.
      Meier: (referring to Apollo) One man in particular.

    • Tom Zarek: The man with the guns makes the rules.

    • Apollo: You are the last one who should be telling me what to do after the stunt you pulled! Stealing the Cylon Raider and then tearing ass back to Caprica.
      Starbuck: Yeah, cause you're clearly the poster boy for military discipline.

    • Adama: It's interesting--betrayal has such a powerful grip on the mind. It's almost like a python. It can squeeze out all other thought, suffocate all other emotion until everything is dead except for the rage. I'm not talking about anger, I'm talking about rage. I can feel it (points to his chest), right here, like it's gonna burst. Feel like I want to scream. Right now, in fact.

    • Helo: (speaking about Roslin) What do you think, Apollo? Should we do what the nice lady says?
      Apollo: She's the President of the Colonies, you moron.

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    • Bouncing Betty

      The type of mine that killed Elosha is known on Earth as a Bouncing Betty. Developed by the Germans during World War I, the mine would launch itself three to five feet in the air once triggered, in order to maximize the damage inflicted on the victim.