Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 6

Home, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Betrayal has a powerful grip on the mind.

    This episode was mostly setup, and so it might not have had the same impact as, say, any of the three before it. That's not to say that this 7.5 means the same thing as the 7.5 I gave "Valley of Darkness" - it's not entirely impactful because it's not supposed to be. Essentially, it's the calm before the storm, and so slowing down the pace for a single episode is a perfectly fine thing to do.

    As such, I don't want to spend a lot of time reviewing this one, since I'm sure that a lot of the opened plots and character arcs from this episode will be cohesively closed in the next one. As such, the only thing I really want to say is that the show really does seem like it's going to actually show us Earth! I wouldn't really be surprised - BSG is definitely one of those shows that's willing to "go there" and do things with its plot that you wouldn't normally expect. If that's the case, what time period could it be on Earth? For all we know it could be the 1700's!

    The one other thing that deserves an honorable mention here is the fantastic bit of dialogue between Dee and Adama. Too often on TV writers back down from making really important conversations like this one happening, and it would have been all to easy for Adama to kick Dee out and her to walk away without ever saying it. But it's poetic that her incredibly true advice is the only thing that finally convinces Adama to begin putting his family back together. I'd say it's about time.

    Let's see what the future holds...
  • Home, Part 1

    Home, Part 1 was a perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because the drama was intense, the action was awesome, and the character development was deep. Starbuck returns to Kobol and the Sharon with them receives a very cold and deadly welcome. It was interesting to watch the President and group searching for the Tomb of Athena. It was cool to see that Adama has talks with Dee, and what he decided in the end was great news and inspiring to the crew. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: there's very much a place like...


    I'm gonna be a bit lazy here, and just throw my review for both parts into one.

    I wonder why these couple of episodes were marked as a two-parter? Does it save money? I'm asking because both episodes didn't feel entirely cohesive, with enough differentiation plot-wise to distinguish themselves as singular episodes, as with the last few episodes. I guess they just wanted to round off the Kobal plot once and for all.

    To be perfectly honest, there's not a lot here worth mentioning. Most of the talking points revolve around someone either threatening to kill Sharon, or just generally manhandling the poor cylon. The scenes where Lee and Bill grab Sharon by the scruff of the neck and attack her are really well done. I'm sure Grace Park suffered a few war wounds during this shoot. Sharon had a lot to prove here, and I think she won over [mostly] everyone.

    After an arduous trek through a curiously earth-looking planet, Roslin and her cohort of followers finally make it to the tomb of Athena. They're mysteriously transported to a remote location (an island in space? Or something?) where they discover that they're actually standing on earth (or something?). They find out the constellation they need to hunt down in order to find earth. Why don't they just settle on Kobol? It meets all of their requirements. I just don't know.

    Elsewhere, in subplots across both episodes, Gaius believes that he slowly going insane...because a sexy pair of legs in a dress that only he can see told him he was so. Ya gotta love it. It turns out that head-Six believes that Sharon's baby is the revered child that she and Gaius will raise together. Interesting! I love how little Six thinks of Sharon. Total sibling rivalry.

    All in all, this is an awesome episode for Sharon. But as a whole, it's a tad boring watching a bunch of people soaked to the core trudge across very familiar looking terrain. However, both Billy and Dee rise to the occasion when their respective leader isn't feeling up to scratch. I liked that.

  • Bringing the family back together

    Adama suffers much and feels rage after his son is gone and I am not sure what makes him angry more - that he left and president did what she did or that he depends and loves his son and he needs him. He names new pilot leader but he is a crap ending up killing almost one pilot and then ramming a fueling ship - well done!

    Things are not getting much better in Kobol too. Zarek is never easy man and he has a hate for Lee and plans to kill him. Sharon is not treatied as Helo expected and in the end, there is Starbuck who has some hard thoughts.

    And then on the planet.. it does not go much better too..

    I most say - I loved the story.. I loved the way Dee in the end talked sense on Adama and how the story is going. Well done.
  • Excellent screen play (again)

    I like this episode because the storyline starts to get interesting on all fronts and all the sequences that had us jumping from one location to another starts to end. The writers did a great job of blending all the different little story lines into this one episode. But and it’s a big one, this is a two part episode. I like how Commander Adama is still trying to clean up the mess that is all around him. And as all good military leaders do., he tries not to undermine command decisions that were done in his absence. The human civil war is nice and healthy and worth watching.
  • How did the Starbuck found the President Laura fleet?

    Someone just care to explain to me how did the Starbuck found the President Laura fleet?
    i mean how she knows where to look the fleet (President Laura fleet)

    This is a good series if you are not looking into exact details like on season 1 how Starbuck fly's a damage crash landed Cylons ship through space where there's air seal is broken. There are many loose end through out the series.

    anyway "Katee Sackhoff - Kara "Starbuck" Thrace" is sooooooooo hot i like her very much. great body.

    just enjoy the series without thinking too much or else your thoughts will ruin the series
  • All the same.

    I knew Sharon and Helo should have just looked for a nice radiation-resistant summer home back on Caprica, as their reception is about what I was expecting. Of course staying on Caprica would've meant Sharon doesn't have any ulterior motives, which definitely doesn't seem to be the case. I was even questioning whether the Cylon ambush on Kobol wasn't orchestrated so she could appear to be the hero to Apollo and company. Either way, I enjoyed the action sequences, gotta love those Bounding mines.

    Starbuck and Apollo's reunion made for some good scenes. I loved that look that Starbuck gives him in the scene near Sharon's cell when she calls him "the poster boy for military discipline." Their other scene with the pyramid ball was really well shot, I loved them being divided by the fencing. I have to say though, Jamie Bamber's acting is really inconsistent, he'll nail one scene and then overact the hell out of the next one. I like the character, but the actor just needs to reel it in occasionally.

    Adama being blinded by his rage and trying to move on without the rest of the fleet made for one of the better dramatic story lines in the series so far. I loved that Dee knows exactly why he picked her to talk to and is brave enough to still tell Adama how it is. The scene of him in the corridor as he decides he has to put the fleet back together was a nice one as well, good music as always.

    I was expecting the episodes after Adama woke up to be some of the best, but oddly enough they haven't been. Not bad really, just not as good as the first few of the season.
  • Emotions run high as Kara, Sharon and Karl return to a split fleet high above Kobol.

    Ron has again tapped into the raw emotions of people in an extreme situation which is the brilliance of this show. The reactions of Captain Adama, President Roselynn, and Lieutenants Thrace and Agathon were completely believable. Even knowing that Sharon wouldn’t get spaced, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, hoping that Helo would bust a cap in the President. Even better, though decidedly too short, was Commander Adama’s feeling of betrayal and reliance on unflagging loyalty to the point of sacrificing competence. Less satisfying was the personal interplay between Lee and Kara. Fighting one moment, playful the next, these two are in serious need of Prozac.

    One of the most difficult things about this episode was remembering who knows what in the opening sequence abroad the Rising Star.

    I am certain that there are many out there who will say that the episode wasn't much but it is important to remember that Ron is a slow burn. He takes his time in developing stories and characters. It can take several episode to bring events to fruition. The conflict between Lee and Karl over Sharon, Tom Zerek's machinations, Lee's overhand confession of for Kara, Commander Adama's confession to Dee, all will addressed and resolved in time.
  • Action with the fractured fleet, get complex

    As an apparent OCD geek, I've watched and reatched the episode about for times since this morning. Wow alot of stuff going on.

    First, as a shameless shipper, I was all about Lee and Kara. I'd been spoiled about the kiss, for weeks ans I still was excited about it. Lee is suddenly more than a true stick-up-the-rear-jaw-clincher. Later, when they have their second, full on conversation, it was so cute. Lee was actually being twelve. Ha ha, I got your ballll. You can't have it baaack.. Kara was all over the emotional spectrum in that scene. First she's playing with the ball that reminds her of Anders. That was....telling. Then Lee gets all friendly/flirty with her. Then she becomes twelve "You can't take it back. There's no take backs". They are so cute.
    While on Kobol, it was so telling. During the firefight, Apollo and Starbuck work as a team. They're both shooting, but Starbuck is acting as Apollo's back up. When he hits a cylon, Starbuck says "Nice one", Apollo responds "Ammo" and hands her his weapon, knowing she's his little helper. It was the trust and connection between them, that was key.

    Anywho, Prez Roslin is kinda scarey, in a I wouldn't mess with her way. She has no problem chunking cylons who look like humans you know, out the air lock. She has a prophecy to fulfill and she's not gonna let anyone stand in the way.

    Adama s painting and musing about rage. Drualla is there, to act as his sounding board. When she lets him know that he let them down, it was interesting. She cut to the quick of the matter. Drualla is like the everday mn or woman, who's helpless to change their lives. The President and Adama, are the ones controlling the destinies of the fleet. Dualla is every member of the fleet who wants their leaders to do what they say, to give them hope, to just keep their promise. He promised to keep them safe and if the fleets seperated, then he's reniging on that promise. Adama isn't a man who likes being weak and when he's shot, he reacts to that memory of weakness in a way that is detrimental to the fleet. In the end, Adama lives up to his promise, as a leader and a father, and vows to get the fleet (family) back togather.

  • This episode was okay. Once again it seems like they're building up to something but not quite getting there. I don't mind "serial" episodes if they advance the plot. But now it seems like the show is plodding along. Come on pick up the pace!

    1. Poor Boomer. She's always having guns pulled on her.

    2. "Put her in the airlock". Roslin is cold.

    3. LOL! All the reporters looked at each other like, "And?"

    4. So Zarek's endgame is revealed.

    5. That new CAG sucks. That's what Adama gets for promoting based on "loyalty" instead of...I don't know...ability.

    6. Ha! Lee tried to slip that "I love you" in there.

    7. Why is it always raining in Vancouver? Sheesh!

    8. I just knew that black lady was going to die. Oh well.

    9. Yeah "D". Givin' the old man a piece of her mind!

    10. Gold star for "D". She saved the fleet this week.

    11. Next Week Previews: Sharon shoots Adama again?!? We'll have to wait 7 days to find out.

    B- This episode was okay. Once again it seems like they're building up to something but not quite getting there. I don't mind "serial" episodes if they advance the plot. But now it seems like the show is plodding along. Come on pick up the pace!
  • Fracking Brilliant.

    I teared up at the end. I'll admit it. What an outstanding episode. Starbuck and Lee are reunited... Helo rejoins the fleet, Adama wrestles over the fact that his son betrayed him. Just excellent, excellent stuff.

    I was sad to see Priestess Elosha go. I figured she had a lot more story to tell. Oh well... at least it wasn't Billy. I like the fact that he chose to remain with Dualla. Can't wait for part 2!
  • Overall, this episode is about creating conflict, reactions and final reflections about this Adama vs the President, nice episode.

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    The beginning was very nice and set up an initial conflict. The conflict phase was very interesting, since they had to work with the Sharron Cylon and that created interesting reactions. The climax phase was full of action and this created a nice tension. The ending was nice too.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10) great beginning,
    Complication Phase - » (9/10) all the reactions was nice to see, there were funny parts too,
    Climax Phase - » (8/10) cool,
    Ending - » (8/10) nice ending,

    The progress of this Storyline is divided in two parts, so you don´t have many changes, but the essential emotional progress is there and this is what this episode tried to deliver. Hard to say what were filler and I didn´t notice any plot flaws. The storyline here is about family and reunion and the conclusion was nice.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10) the necessary emotional progress,
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10) well managed,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,
    Storyline -» (9/10) nice,

    This episode focused more in reflections and reactions, but near the end we have some action too.

    Drama - » (8/10) good reflection and reactions,
    Action -» (8/10) nice actions and effects,

    Overall, this episode is about creating conflict, reactions and final reflections about this Adama vs the President, nice episode.
  • Take your ball and go home

    I think it's the scene with Lee, Kara and the ball that really did it for me in this episode. That scene just plays so well, mostly due to Katee Sackhoff, who gives a stand-up performance despite sitting down for most of it. It's simple, really. Lee is a big jerk who won't let her play with her ball while she works out her feelings. Amazing that without even mentioning Anders in the episode it was perfectly obvious that her mind was still dwelling on him. Of course, I'm writing this having watched seasons two and three in their entirety, so I guess that might inform my observations a bit.

    There is also a sequence of scenes in which a new CAG tries to carry out his duties as best he can, and comes up short again and again. Poor guy never had a chance, really. I mean, you can't just walk in and replace Captain Apollo. Plus, he just had tool written all over him. As painful as that refueling scene was, I think the problem of replacing those who were lost in the split could have been addressed more succinctly, leaving more time for Baltar's ruminations on salmon or for Sharon to try and prove herself. Or perhaps we could have been treated to more of Adama and Dee. That was a nice little scene, too. And what a pretty little boat Adama has. I hope he does something nice with it.
  • great episode.

    helo rejoins the fleet for the first time since the show began. now the fleet is divided, adama must come to terms of what's been happening with his fleet. he compromises with president roslin and reunites the whole fleet together. this is a great episode, the personal conflicts that happen between the crew adds to the tension of the show. when there's not much space battles going on in this show, the drama is raised on the ground and between the characters. it makes the show really entertaining. once and awhile we see the cylons on the ground. this episode is another treat from bsg.
  • The Galactica crew struggles to make up for members of its crew that left for Kobol, while the other half of the fleet reacts to the return of Starbuck, Helo, and another Boomer.

    Absolutely a strong episode. Adama\'s struggle to make up for the loss of Lee is uncomfortable to watch, one feels so conflicted over his problems. The reunion of Apollo, Starbuck, Helo, and Boomer (as well as Starbuck\'s slight mention of how Lee has no idea what she went through on Caprica) is so intense, it really does remind me of why I love to watch this show so much. Other nice moments like the playful conversation about love between Kara and Lee ease the tension while staying character. Last but certainly not least, Dee\'s conversation and lecture to the commander at the end of the episode was moving. Finally the audience realizes why they have struggled to get behind Adama\'s decisions since he return to command. Also, it\'s refreshing to see Dee come into her own as a strong character. She announces herself with the \"I think you wanted to talk with me because you thought I had nothing to say. But I do.\" line. This moment, combined with Adama\'s final speech about bringing the fleet back together gives the audience hope that Galactica will unify once again in coming episodes. A very strong episode that I would watch again.
  • Darn good stuff all around. Drama, intrigue, and action.

    Jeez! Once again I am reminded exactly why I love this show. Just when you think its as good as it can be they kick it up another notch. Great performances and story all around.I know alot of fans love the old show but this is seriously a great revisioning. It's rare to get so caught up in a show but how the hour flies when watching this. And now I have to wait till Friday to see where this all leads..ugh!!!
  • A lot of set-up, but more than enough grist for the mill...

    So now that all the early season plot threads are coming together, there’s too much story for just one episode. The result is a two-part story that slowly but surely triggers all the little plot elements that have been waiting for their time to shine. Since this is the first half of the story, there’s not a lot of action, and the focus is on character development. That’s not a bad thing; it’s simply not as exciting as the last few episodes before it.

    Everything that’s been happening on the series this season traces back to the first season finale, where Roslyn asked Starbuck to violate orders and retrieve the Arrow of Apollo. It’s just taken a long time to hash itself out, and I couldn’t be happier about it. In this case, we get to see Adama slowly work through his emotional response to the fragmentation of the fleet, Roslyn struggle to maintain her control, Zarek’s underhanded plots, and a little Apollo/Starbuck action. Oh, and there’s the small matter of Boomer’s return as well.

    I like how Adama’s psychological space is so controlled, yet everything can be discerned by one look in his eyes. Olmos brings such an intensity to the role; it’s a joy to behold. I think there’s a tension and distance growing between Adama and Tigh, however. For all the support Adama promised upon his return, he’s seen the cost of Tigh’s heavy-handed dictatorship. The only way to heal the wounds (if they can be healed) is to make peace with Roslyn, which is going to take a lot for Adama to accept. Odd that Dualla is the one that gets him to see that.

    That’s something that happens a lot on Galactica. Minor characters provide an amazing level of support for their commanding officers. Normally, that would go unquestioned, especially in a siege crisis like the one they are enduring. But this is also a fleet with unknown Cylon infiltrators, one of which was just as trusted a “family member”. It’s hard not to wonder about motives.

    Speaking of which, there’s Boomer and all the questions surrounding her motivations. I’m surprised that Apollo’s the only one who assumed that the ambush was Boomer’s doing. Whatever Boomer’s role in the big picture, she provides a great trigger point for conflict within and between the humans. Roslyn in particular seems to have little use for Boomer, despite the fact that Boomer is probably the only source of real intel that the humans know they have.

    Richard Hatch must be incredibly happy. After all these years of trying to get the original series resurrected and fighting against a reinvention, he’s not only come around to see the light, but he’s been handed what is possibly the best role of his career. He brings a relish to Zarek’s plotting, even if the dialogue is a little heavy-handed; they didn’t need to say nearly as much as they did to get the point across.

    And then there’s Apollo and Starbuck. A lot of critics of the new series were expecting these two to get together within seconds of the first episode. Take that, naysayers! It actually works when the characters have time to grow into an appreciation of each other. Or rather, when Apollo starts recognizing that a hot pilot with a rebellious streak is more than just a strange reflection of himself. I don’t see Kara settling down with Lee anytime soon, but would any future return for Anders be much fun if there wasn’t personal conflict for Kara in the process?

    The next episode should see, based on the promos and the podcast, the next turn in the plot arc. The whole “Arrow of Apollo” thing ought to get a payoff, and Adama’s desire for some kind of confrontation with Boomer (even if it’s a different one than the one who shot him) should come to fruition. I don’t want to see this more serialized storytelling disappear completely, but it ought to be satisfying to see so many plot threads come to momentary fulfillment.
  • Why This Show Is the Greatest on TV

    Depicts a struggle through impossible odds, takes a piotal action sequence and a "price in blood is payed". Adama decides through trial and error that the only two flight instructors are apollo and Starbuck. Definately the best episode of any thing to date. Just wish it would have lasted longer.
  • How could you not like this episode?

    This was one of most gripping, pivotal, and compelling episodes of Battlestar Galactica to date! I don't understand how people could not like it. I believe that there is a very deep meaning embedded in this episode involving families and bad decisions.

    The moral of this episode I believe to be like the moral of the movie "Crash" (where several random strangers get involved in a car wreck and have to deal with the aftereffects) - that there is a great deal of good and bad within all of us, and even the people we consider to be great will at one point or another in their lives make grievously bad decisions. However, the episode also wants those of us who have been hurt by the wrong decisions we made to know that almost no decision, however horribly wrong, is beyond forgiveness and rectification. The past cannot be changed, but there is always hope. I loved how the story was crafted so ingeniously that it could be applied to nearly any situation involving paradise lost and regained. It was also brilliant how the counselor to Adama (that melted his previously indomitable will to make him "see the light") was also a member of the family.

    Im my opinion, the sheer brilliance of Ronald Moore and his team shines throughout this episode - with the only exception being the (IMO) inappropriate and cheesy Celtic theme, but that's a minor gripe. This episode shows the full force of good writing as it recounts and reinforces well one of the basic tenements behind the series: that the fleet is a family that will fall if divided.

    This episode will surely have a very powerful impact on everybody who, through indecision, inattentiveness, hatred, anger, rage, jealousy, etc. made a few bad decisions in life that unfortunately led to a horrific and major consequence. This would probably include the vast majority of the people alive today. However, the episode goes on to show that, with an (hard, forceful, and reluctant) admittance, most wrongdoings involving families, relatives, friends, and anybody else close can be overlooked - but only if one is willing to accept having done wrong and alter his or her behavior accordingly.

    I think this episode is by far one of the most touching and emotional episodes of any TV series to date. The good thing about Ronald Moore and his team is that they can treat the science and technology as pure environment for the story. In effect, Ronald Moore has created a show even more faithful to the advice in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual than any of the actual Star Trek series. He and his team manage to recognize and regard the (fictional) technology as part of the show's setting - therefore quite common and unspectacular in the BSG world.

    Ronald Moore definitely needs to helm more series and movies. I wish he had directed Herbie: Fully Loaded and War of the Worlds. Then perhaps Herbie could have been regarded as more realistic both in real life and to the characters in the show and all the stupidity and lameness of the non-existant "war" would not be present.

    And, P.S., the old series has got absolutely ABSOLUTE ZERO on this new incarnation. This new one is so brilliant, wonderful, realistic, and a shining example of art that I wish the previous incarnations of BSG could just be thrown out the window. Literally - somebody should go to where they keep old shows and set fire to the building. All this talk of the old BSG series finally worked its way into my head, and I watched several episodee of the old show. It was so incredibly cheesy, campy, corny, pathetic, bad, disgusting, etc. . . .. I can't believe anybody actually prefers that series over this one.

    It's like comparing a Rolls-Royce (the new series) to a Ford Pinto (the old series). Hey, I'm a big fan of Noah Hathaway, so therefore I should like the one he starred in more, right?
  • A strong character driven episode where actors are true to their characters and the plot moves nicely.

    I have read a few people being critical of this episode. It seems they have missed the point. Olmos has been true to this character since he spoke his first line during the mini series. What is clear is that he plays this character with a lot of emotion and unsurity at times. Olmos is able to show his strong and conflicting emotions in his eyes alone. His one on one with Starbuck in Act of Contrition is pure proof of this. This is a character who strives to be the best, and knows that he has to be stong and proud in how he behaves. During this episode however he learns that he must swallow his pride and accept that he has made a mistake in his actions that lead to the seperation of the fleet. The first lines of the mini series show us how the crew views this man. This was a ship set to be decommissioned. This is a man that was due to retire. Onboard Galactica discipline became lacks... rules were broken, and the crew functioned more as friends and family, than as a warship. This is clear from its makeup. An alcoholic XO, a Flight Officer having an affair with the Chief of the Deck, and a nuckledragger only working on Galactica to pay for dental school. For those who believe this episode was out of character, I invite you to rewatch the mini-series, and understand who this crew is. This was actually the most true to character episode we have seen thus far this season. Bravo to the writers, and to the direction the show took this week.

    And boooo... it was just under 43 minutes.... now I must wait seven more days to find out what happens.

  • This was one of the best directed episodes to date.

    This was one of the best directed episodes to date.
    Yes, the plot was a bit on the weak side but its execution was great: The camera angles, the editing, the music, the acting.
    And on top of this, some of the best CGI we've seen in this show.
    I can't wait for part 2...
  • Rosalyn and friends head to the Tomb whilst Adama stresses over things beyond his control.

    This was by far the worst episode of season two thus far. On the Adama side of things we saw an Adama we had never seen before, weakened, unsure of himself, and making mistakes. My only critiscm of the this half of the story was that Adama seemed a little out of character, especially when he had his 1 on 1 with Dualla, whom he had never met with before. It was also strange they chose to introduce celtic music to the show as Adama chose to align the fleet, but the Adama storyline wasn\'t too bad. Lucky for this half of the story strong performances all around saved it from mediocrity.
    It was the other storyline that ended up sinking the ship. Kara, Boomer, and Helo\'s reunion is handled very strangely, and once again Grace Park seems extremely misscast. Things get worse as the episode continues on. Zarek\'s true intentions come to light, but they feel out of character for him, as in the past he was meerely missunderstood and not truely bad. When everybody finally hits Kobol everything feels strange. Why are they all so confortable, i.e. why is no one standing guard as everyone saunters off the ship. They then begin trekking along the path to the tomb, only to be ambushed. The whole ambush scene is painfully misexecuted untill the very end when we finally see a glint of Grace Park\'s ability.
    Overall an out of character and mediocre way to progress the storyline.
  • A great episode in a great series. I think this episode will turn out to be part of a very pivotal arc towards whatever is "next"

    The episode opens up to the conclusion (I believe) of the Caprica arc. We now know the complete story of Caprica's importance to the series. Now that that's closed, we're going to have to move on to what happens next. Where do we go from here? Too many series have poor mid-season episodes that are just fillers. So far this is not true of Battlestar Galactica. So far it has been absolutely perfect!

    Over 1/3rd of the fleet and several of the tankers and refinery ships have followed Rosilan back to Kobol. This of course causes great concern and harms morale among all those remaining with Galactica. We also can see that even though several have followed Rosilan there is not consensus among how to proceed. Foreshadowing...excellent use when our Priest talks about the path paved with blood! Zarik and his men are still extremely trigger happy. It seems like his command is like the "Mirror Universe" episodes from Star Trek. Everyone moves on through loyalty except to one-self.

    The introduction of Sharon on the Astral Queen is excellent. Everyone knows she's a Cylon - and her walk-through is very tense!! What's going to happen to Sharon? Of course there's always the Rosilan solution - blow her out the airlock (which was truly a great scene). Here is where we get into one aspect of this show that I'm not extremely fond of. The scriptures read almost like a script of what is to come. Not that prophecy isn't supposed to do this anyway...but what ever happened to allusion or vague scripture open to interpretation? Nope, a "lower demon" will guide us; it could not be any plainer. It is nice to see a Humaniform Cylon seeing through human eyes. Nice counterpoint to Dr. Baltar's eventual betrayal of Humanity.

    Why is Zarik such a terrible character? Really - He wants freedom for the killing a bunch of people. It just doesn't follow. I'm curious which way this is going.

    Now Adama must find himself a new CAG and accept his new family - a fractured family. Adama's story here also seems a mirror of a real family. We don't always make our families happy, and sometimes we really hurt our families. BUT eventually a good family will heal its wounds and come back together. It seems to be inevitable that eventually Galactica will swallow its pride and rejoin the civilians at Kobol. I don't think I understand how all the viper pilots are complete idiots except for Apollo and Starbuck. The asteroid scene really cinches it - they are like children. That part doesn't seem realistic even if most of humanity has been killed off.

    The path to the tomb - is a little painfully obvious. Oh look even after (how many thousand?) years of not use there is a clear cut path in the forrest along a ridge. Where are the gravestones? The bible here says something about gravestones...oh wait, here it is. This is the great price mentioned in the scripture - the death of the priest/prophet. Thankfully though, the scripture is written like instructions on how to make toast. Of course the "lower demon" rises to her job and takes out the Cylons and leads us to the tomb. And the suspense builds...what happens next?!? I'm on the edge of my seat and I have to wait another week!

    I like Adama painting the ship - at first I thought that he was talking to the XO. But as I thought about it, that didn't make sense. Dee seemed like a much more realistic choice for the role of the listener - and the healer of the family. This episode probably shows us the least of Dr. Baltar - nothing really interesting to report about his character here except that he seems to be seeing humanity through very different eyes. I'm curious to see where his character is going in the next part of the series. Although he might not be as important until the baby is born.

    The question that is still playing with my mind is: Why is love suddenly so important to the Cylons? They seem to be going out of their way to figure out love. BUT when the Sharron model finds love - she malfunctions. Boomer tried to kill herself when she found out she was a Cylon. This one always knew she was a Cylon - but once she fell in love - she rebelled against the rest of the Cylons. so...Why Love? Human Love, Gods Love...are the Cylons just looking for acceptance?

    Also, I know that this will only apply to this particular episode, but I really hate these sonic commercials...i wish they'd stop using those guys. needs a section to complain about commercials!
  • A weak transition episode.

    Episode was a bit \"all over the place\". In particular, I have always hated the use of a press meeting in a show. It\'s a simple and cheap cop-out to fill time that should be filled with meaningful character development and real plot. One could easily presume/assume that the \"public\" is being kept informed - why bother showing it to us? Cause someone is lazy ...

    Gee - wouldn\'t it have made sense for Kara to tell Apollo about the new Cylon she met, and the plot to breed? He IS her commanding officer, right? Heck of a thing to keep quiet about, as well as the resistance people she left behind.

    And truly I can\'t wait for them to toss Grace Park out the airlock. \"But I\'m pregnant\"... Oh really? I bet the STARSHIP they were on had a medical facility with (gosh) and X-RAY machine. I\'ve nothing against the idea of Boomer - but Grace is a singularly poor choice to fill that role. There are many copies ... how tragic for us.