Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 18

Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2009 on Syfy

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  • For better or for worse, it seems we are on predetermined wishy-washy auto-pilot.

    I remember reading interviews with Eick and Larson and the cast before the beginning of the 4th-and-a-half season readying us for the incredible, explosive ride. Two or three episodes ago, that ride seemed to have arrived. Look at the list. These have 9.5 and 9.6 written all over them. And then, inexplicably, the writers decided we should have more pathos, character development and human drama. *4 episodes before the end of the series*
    See Boomer encounter the dreaded snivelling child!
    Rejoice in the return of lying insecure Baltar and nagging wife Ellen, both a step down from their previous roles of almost-Jesus and Cylon demi-god!
    Be thrust in the proooooolonged deaths of Roslin and Galactica!
    I challenge you to name one fraking thing that really happened in this episode except Sam being plugged in the Cylon mainframe that is of urgent, direct story consequence - and we even saved that little tidbit for the last episodes.
    Everything else is of a re-hash, drawn-out, hold-on-just-a-little-longer filler category (we actually needed reminding at THIS point that Cylons can be better than humans when that six saved the repair man??); I repeat, 4 episodes until the end of the entire series.
    Had they dispensed with this at the beginning of season 4, we would have an incredible wild ride of 7-8 episodes never before seen in the history of SF. As it is, in this episode, the word that sums it up for me is: whimper. And that can't be good.