Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 12

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Starbuck and Baltar are in bed. As she climaxes, she calls out "Lee!" and Baltar leaves her, stunned.

Roslin meets with Elosha and tells her that Dr. Cottle predicts she has at most six months to live. Elosha tells Roslin that she is now a true-believer, and she knows that Roslin will lead them to Earth.

Playing cards, Baltar tells Apollo that he cannot win - because Baltar always wins. Apollo thinks he's talking about cards, but he's talking about Starbuck. Number Six says that the jealousy is disappointing, common. Starbuck walks in, and Baltar and she have an awkward moment, leaving Apollo wondering what's going on.

Roslin meets with Baltar to try to impart enough knowledge of the fleet that he can take over as President, should it be necessary, but he is distracted by Number Six's insistence in talking about Starbuck. He rants against Number Six, and clearly confuses Roslin, though he tries to cover both conversations at once. Number Six tells him she loves him, and he says he needs a break - both from Number Six and Roslin. Later, when Baltar is alone, Number Six expresses her jealousy toward Starbuck quite physically. She warns him not to stay on Galactica - it is not safe.

Boomer and Crashdown go on a recon patrol to look for supplies. The jump to a planet with oceans and continents, and Boomer says that the find is not Earth, but something just as important. Billy explains to Roslin and Elosha that the planet appears to have been inhabited, then abandoned. The major city spotted is about 3000 years old - around the time the 13 tribes left Kobol. When Roslin sees the photos, she first sees an inhabited city, but then sees the ruins. Elosha says that she saw the City of the Gods. This planet is Kobol.

Apollo goes to see Starbuck as she works on the Cylon Raider. He asks after Baltar, and has words with her. Fists fly, and they both end up with bloody lips.

As Boomer again puts a gun in her mouth, Baltar walks in on her. He is suspicious of her, considering her test result and Number Six's warning. Number Six says that she knows she is a Cylon, though her conscious mind will not accept it. Boomer says she has dark thoughts. Number Six says that the model is weak, but it will carry out its mission. Baltar tells her to do whatever she thinks is right. As he leaves her quarters, he hears a gunshot.

Adama meets with Roslin, Baltar, and Elosha. He says that they should consider settling on Kobol, but Elosha reminds him that Kobol will point the way to Earth. Number Six suggests that Baltar should go with a survey party - he volunteers, but Adama says it won't be necessary. Baltar insists, and Roslin approves. Roslin meets with Adama: if they bring the Arrow of Apollo to the Tomb of Athena, the way to Earth will be revealed. He dismisses the scriptures as legend and myth, but Roslin persists. The Cylon Raider can jump all the way back to Caprica and get the arrow and bring it to Kobol. Adama insists that the raider is a military asset and he will not order it to be used to return to Caprica.

Tyrol goes to visit Boomer in the infirmary. She has a bad wound to her cheek, but is otherwise unharmed. He's worried about her, and fears their relationship is the reason for the suicide attempt. She does not want to talk to him, and dismisses him.

Three scout Raptors jump from the fleet to Kobol, and are immediately under attack by Cylons. One Raptor is destroyed. One jumps back to Galactica, and the other is hit and goes down. On board are Crashdown, Tyrol and his crew, and Baltar. Adama starts devising plans to rescue the downed Raptor and to destroy the Cylon base ship, including a plan by Starbuck to rig the raider with a nuke.

Roslin is alarmed by the plan, and meets with Starbuck. She asks Starbuck to consider bucking orders and returning to Caprica to retrieve the Arrow. Roslin reveals to her that she is dying, and quotes scripture about the savior of humanity. Starbuck is torn between her religious and military belief systems. Starbuck reminds her that Adama knows where Earth is, but she tells her that he lied for the benefit of the fleet. She asks Adama, and knows that he did lie when he evades her question. She flies the raider for a test, and jumps away - to Caprica.

On Caprica now for 50 days, On Caprica, Helo continues to run. Boomer steps out in front of him and he raises his weapon to her, and she tells him to just do it. He does, and she falls. He patches her up and brings her with him. She tries to talk to him, but he refuses to listen, saying that she's not even human.
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