Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 12

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • “What could go wrong? Damn- I did not just say that”

    In my opinion a really good drama should have three core elements:

    1. Intelligent stories with suspense, drama and a little bit of humour.
    2. Three-dimensional characters with human flaws and not clichéd troubles to create spectacle.
    3. A sense of direction. The show should know where it's going and how it's going to get there.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of only four shows that I currently watch and that I believe contains all three elements (The other three are Lost, Carnivale and The Sopranos). Unfortunately this means sweet fuck all to Johnny Public who would rather spend their nights sat in front of Big Brother, Pop Idol (or American Idol to the yanks), soap operas and more reality shows that are about as real as Michael Jackson's face. People don't want intelligent, funny, moving programs that don't treat them like a bunch or retarded monkeys with ADD. People want to see Simon Cowell say mean things about crap singers. They want to see Donald Trump (and his bizarre wig) fire someone for not doing their job well enough. They like to see Z-List ‘Celebrities' making complete arses of themselves for the sake of prolonging their fickle 15 minutes of fame. So why is it that for some reason millions of people are watching Battlestar Galactica.

    Surly anyone who watched the first few minutes of this episode would have realised that this show was far too good to be considered a simple cult show. This is one of the best dramas on television and should be regarded as such. The opening of this episode is the finest piece of television I have seen this year. Brilliantly edited, fantastically scored this terrific montage told us everything we need to know about all the core characters. Adama may have been beating the crap out of his son but the two of them have never seen closer. They have finally but all of they're troubles and differences where they belong: in the past. They are now bonding like father and son in the only way grown men can through physical violence. Baltar and Starbuck have been flirting with each other for what seems like ever and now the two of them have finally done the nasty. Only silly Kara called out the wrong name and now poor little Baltar has had his gigantic ego bruised. Meanwhile back on Caprica Helo despite his better judgement can't bring himself to kill Sharon. Idiot. She'll be the death of you boy, mark my words. Back on Galactica Boomer 1 is busy sticking a swallowing her gun.

    Wait a minute…the last time we saw Galactica's Boomer she was at the Colonial Day party dancing with Gaeta having fun, smiling with the rest of the crew. The week before she was winding up Crashdown about the ensign who had a crush on him. This week she is shoving a gun in her mouth for no apparent reason. Did we miss something, has something happened since last week that we haven't found out about yet. As well acted and written these scenes were Boomer's sudden suicidal nature is unbelievable. I will admit to be completely caught off guard when I heard the gunshot but I still find it hard to believe that this woman would just suddenly for no apparent reason decide to kill herself. Any doubts she had that she was a Cylon were soon put aside when Baltar gave her the all clear (yes we now he was lying but she didn't). I can tell from the way she was acting when she first appeared that something must have happened that wasn't shown so I am hopeful that this will be explained further in Part II but for them moment this is the only thing that lets down what it already a great episode.

    Roslin is now officially off her head. Not only is she mistaking drug-educed hallucinations for prophecies but she now seems to think she is the goddamn messiah. And I thought Gaius was bad. Billy was right to finally stand up to her and tell her off for what she was doing. But even with her closest aid acting as the voice of reason Roslin still went ahead with her crazy plan and in the process practically left the raptor crew for dead. All I can say is that Adama is going to be mighty pissed off with her.

    I figured Baltar and Starbuck would hook-up at some point but I never expected her to scream out another man name nor for that other man name to be that dull lamppost. Gaius Baltar maybe a self-serving, egotistical, cowardly, pathetic, manipulative little man but he's a lot more fun than boring Lee. You really are a screw up Kara Thrace and your taste in men leaves something to be desired.

    Good Bits
    -The opening teaser.

    -Helo. He ain't taking the Cylon's crap anymore.

    -Boomer's attempted suicide. It may be sudden but still very powerful.

    -The effects shots of the Cylon Basestar over Kobal. WOW.

    -Baltar. His scene with Boomer was rather touching. Even Number Six was in tears.

    Bad Bits
    -Roslin is now officially bonkers.

    -Aren't Starbuck and Roslin a little suspicious that after a Cylon tells them they are going to find Kobal they just happen to find Kobal?

    -The bleakness has returned.

    -For the record Starbuck getting together with Apollo is a very bad idea.