Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 13

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2005 on Syfy

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  • See the face of the shape of things to come.

    Holy FRAK WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT WTF. Of the four (FOUR!!!) story lines that get effortlessly woven together in this finale, pretty much any two of them would have been enough to make it easily the best of the season and a worthy finale. Put all of them together, and it becomes one of the best episodes of anything I've ever had the pleasure to see. This finale will have you literally shaking for the entire run, but at the same time it doesn't once feel rushed or hasty.

    In my mind, for a serialized show like Battlestar Galactica a finale has two jobs: to bring all of the storylines of the previous season together and close them up, while at the same time changing the status quo (if indeed BSG ever had one) enough that season 2 will feel like a distinct entity. Every plot thread in this finale works towards and effortlessly achieves both of these goals, and so I think the best way to talk about it is to talk about each plot separately.

    The episode starts and ends on Kobol, and this storyline is entirely Gaius Baltar's. Sure, there's a little bit of military babble here and there, but it only serves to pad out the trippiest, most unapologetically religious Baltar/Six scenes since the very beginning. Baltar, despite suffering severe burns, is somehow helped up by Head!Six and they enter the ruins of last episode's map. Here, the finale decides to completely avoid answering any of our questions, and just raise a hell of a lot more for season 2. (this really is Lost in space, isn't it?) Six says that Baltar's destiny from God is to save her, but what does that mean when we know that there are hundreds of Six models out in the real world? How can she need saving? And what the ACTUAL FRAK IS IN THE CRIB that makes Baltar kiss Six like that? I KNEW that they were not going to show us. Why would we expect something like that?

    Next, of course, are the Caprica scenes, which I think more than any of the other storylines here really encapsulate the narrative the show is trying to give us in season 1. We've finally officially connected Starbuck and Galactica to the Helo/Boomer/Caprica subplot that's been going on this season. Like I said in my last review, I'm really glad that these two plots actually connected in a natural way. Not to mention that Starbuck retrieves the Arrow of Apollo, gets a crazy badass fight scene with a Six copy, reunites with Helo, and learns that Boomer is a Cylon! This alone could have been a whole episode! Also, real kudos to the set design team here. The contrasting visuals throughout the episode only add to the sense of tension - the biblical, artistic look of Kobol and the dead, golden Caprica. Just beautiful, and yet another way to break the claustrophobia of the typical Galactica sets.

    Then there's Boomer blowing up the Cylon base ship (naming coincidence?), which is really notable for the trippiest, scariest scene of the whole season. Sharon hears her name being called as she's out on the ship, and a bunch of Sharon's walk calmly out to meet her. This is a pivotal moment for her character arc - now, she can no longer run from the fact that she's a Cylon. The trippy visuals as well as the importance make this my favorite scene in the season.

    There's also the political subplot, which is cool, but it's been discussed in depth by many other reviews already and I've already written too much here. Then, of course, there's THAT CLIFFHANGER. If you're worried that the show isn't going to "go there" and do things like have main characters shoot other main characters, you're wrong, sir. Very, very wrong. So, overall, if I could give this 11/10 to put it above the other 10/10's this season I would but as it is this is without a doubt the season's best. Nice job to all involved.


    WHOLE SEASON: In total, I'd say that this was a completely successful season of TV as well as of scifi. There's a reason some call this one of the best shows ever made, and you bet I'll be watching season 2.

    SEASON GRADE: 8.9/10. To calculate the season grade I take out the lowest score, in this case of course the Tigh episode, and average the remaining scores I gave.
  • Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

    Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2 was a perfect ending to the first season of Battlestar Galactica. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character and plot development, action, and political intrigue. Everything started to unravel in this episode as Boomer realizes she is definitely a Cylon after meeting others with her face, Adama orders the President to resign or surrender, and Adama gets into serious trouble in the end with an amazing cliffhanger. It was also cool to see Starbuck fight for her life on Caprica and then meet up with Helo by chance, or the Gods will perhaps! I really look forward to watching the next season!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: by odin's beard, what an ending!


    Well, frak me. That has to be one of the best endings I've ever seen; totally unexpected and completely shocking, my jaw was very much on the floor. It's a cliff-hanger that caps off yet another superbly woven tale, bringing most dangling plot-lines together, while raising some new, hairy situations for next season – like a proper finale should.

    It's a finale of many highlights, though my favourite has to be the whopping slug-fest between Starbuck and Cap-Six. It's a bloody and bruising affair, with the towering, blonde toaster a little bit too much to handle for Starbuck. I liked that it wasn't particularly overly choreographed, just quite a few punches aimed at Starbuck's face. Another scene I enjoyed involving Starbuck was her sudden realisation that Boomer back on the Battlestar is a cylon. Katee gives it her all and completely sells her helplessness to do anything about it.

    The special-effects, like always, are truly dazzling. The sequence where Crashdown, er, crashes down onto Kobal was particularly impressive. He seems to be a tad inexperienced to deal with the kind of pressure that has been put upon him, as Tyrol points out plenty of holes in his suggested plans of action. Let's hope Tyrol can keep getting through to him otherwise they shant be long for that world.

    The stand-off between Roslin and Adama was a fascinating chess-game of willpower. Both believing that the other is bluffing, when it couldn't be farther from the truth. Both put their money where their mouth is, and it is Roslin who makes the final decision to be arrested and thrown into the brigg, to prevent any bloodshed on her ship. All it took was for Roslin to make the radical decision of recruiting Starbuck to her religious cause for Adama to truly show his colours. It's evident he believes that he runs the show and that Roslin is only along for the ride.

    No stats this time, I'm afraid. (But let us take solace in the fact that we get to see tens and tens of grace park nekkid.)

    All in all, this is a glorious way to bow out of a (generally) really strong season as a whole. This one gave me chills on more than one occasion. Teriffic stuff!

  • "I did not see that coming." SPOILERS

    Holy. *beep* That came out of nowhere. But let's starts at the beginning... I'm extremely surprised that Baltar took Six's hand because of how he is sort of annoyed with her sometimes. I'm amazed she can hypnotize him so. The relationship between Boomer and Helo on Caprica is very interesting and I was especially shocked when she said she was pregnant. It seems the cylon's plan is to mix both human and cylon to create a new race (or that's what it seems like based on the cradle scene with Baltar). Then I guess the entire relationship of Boomer and Helo is a huge deal. Does having sex with a cylon and their backs glowing in actuality mean that they are reproducing? Or do the same rules of reproduction apply? I'm very surprised the cylons would even make it possible to reproduce with a human. I'm more interested as to why. Does this help with the software? Create a better human? I'm very interested. The entire storyline with Laura and Adama I like because it seems very realistic. In my heart, I would really love if they would get along but their personalities and ideals clash so greatly it wouldn't be right if they ignored their conflict. So it seems Laura's term will be completed as president, nor will her plan of getting the arrow be fulfilled. Or will it? But something happens at the end that may lead Laura to be continuing her term. Boomer shoots Commander Adama. I did not see that coming. Very, very LOST when Ana and Libby were both shot. So, did finding out she was a cylon awaken her cylon self? Or was this what she was talking about when she said that she "was having bad thoughts of hurting people"? I'm very intrigued. I personally don't think she will remember doing it and it was just a trigger for a second. Also, why did Six tell Baltar to leave the ship? Because of the things that were happening with Adama and Laura? Or did she just need Baltar on Kobol for some reason? Beats me. I hope we found out if we haven't already. Also, wasn't that in Baltar's head? So I don't really think Six gave birth to that baby. It was just an illusion. 10/10
  • The shape of things to come.

    Going to get the one small negative thing I have to say out of the way first. My complaint of course lies with Roslin. I was happy to see she was smart enough to surrender, but she couldn't do it two minutes earlier and spare Apollo an act of mutiny? Obviously that's where they wanted to take the storyline but I think it could have been pulled off a little more convincingly. Alright, on to the good stuff, of which there was plenty.

    My favorite scene was Caprica after Starbuck's fight with Six for the arrow. When she figures out Sharon is a Cylon by seeing her Caprica copy and hears she is pregnant by Helo, all in the space of a few seconds, she lets out this scream that was incredible. It perfectly expressed that feeling of ultimate defeat. How can we win if the Cylon's can procreate? What if there is one God and he's chosen the Cylons to "inherit the earth?" Why should we even keep fighting? All those thoughts seemed to be transmitted in that one shriek and the racking sobs that followed it. It was a sickly beautiful moment.

    Sharon's visit to the Basestar made for some eerie scenes, and while I don't usually go in for special effects or CG(hence why I don't watch a lot of sci-fi), the shot of the Basestar blowing up was pretty...pretty, I would have enjoyed to see a few more seconds of it actually.

    Baltar's scene with Six on Kobol almost rivaled Starbuck's moment on Caprica. I loved the contrast between the bruised, bloodied Baltar and his pristine surroundings, especially Six's virginal white dress and crib. It was also amazing seeing Baltar's shift from total apathy to true faith and a desperate want to understand the next step. The scene was elevated with another excellent piece of music. Bear McCreary, man. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on him in the future, seeing as he's also already done some fine work on The Walking Dead.

    The final scene on board Galactica was executed extremely well. You could feel something was coming, the way the atmosphere feels before it starts storming. I think it was just Sharon's presence alone in the CIC. Even though she had a reason to be there it felt unnatural. Just enough to make the viewer anxious, not enough to give away what happened next. The shooting itself was done perfectly, I loved the way Sharon moved with such determination from the moment she raises her sidearm. How she takes a couple steps after the first shot to readjust her angle for the next one, it was very methodical and very creepy. It made me picture how she would have went about planting those charges back in Water as well. I've never been crazy about big cliffhanger season finales, but when they are done that well I don't mind them so much.

    There was so much going on in this episode but yet at no point did it feel jumbled. All the actors swung for the fences and almost all of them pulled it off. And while it did lose a point for the Roslin/Apollo scene, it definitely got me excited for the second season.
  • This acclaimed series closes it's first season with a bang..and a holy S#!%!

    This season finale begins where we left off. Starbuck has jumped in the capture Raider to Kobol, on the orders of Roslin, leaving Adama, Tigh and lee speechless, Crashdown's Raptor crew stranded on Kobol with a Cylon army on the planet, and a Baseship in orbit, Boomer in sickbay with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the face, and Helo with a Sharon model Cylon in his custody, who he has fallen in love with, and unbeknownst to him, pregnant with his child. The cast is in top form as all these events play themselves out to a enormous cresendo. As the Raptor crew escapes their burning ship, Six, despite baltar's urging, is indeed with him. There is a very special reason for this. It is quickly apparent to cheif tyrol, that Crashdown is ill suited to his task. Tyrol, to his credit, tries his best to help the LT save face, by giving him private advice, but Crashdown takes offence to this, and instead sees Tyrol's advice as a challenge to his authority. Against the Cheif's reccomendations, the LT orders the group away from the crash site without double checking their needed gear. Socinus is gravely injured from the crash, and Karma, the pilot is dead. Baltar passes out. Aaron Douglas really shines in this storyline as Tyrol, and you get a better feel for who Galen is then ever before. On Caprica, Sharon has guided Helo to the museum where the Arrow of Apollo is. Helo doesn't care, he threatens to kill her if she diesn't help him escape. She tells him to shove it up his ass. He backs down. By now it's pretty obvious this model genuinely cares for Helo, and has his best interests at heart. grace park is far from the best actress in the world, but she does a convincing job at making the two Sharons different enough from each other. Adama and Tigh are still reeling from Starbuck's actions, and Adama has a pretty good idea who's responsible. Roslin, via a phone call with the fleet media present, freely admits what she did, and claims she is leading the fleet. Adama orders her to step down. When she refuses, he orders her Presidency terminated. Again, she refuses, and tells him that the press is listening. This entire scene is very tense, building as Roslin keeps upping the ante. Adama hangs up and tells Apollo and Saul to start plans to send marines to Colonial One to bring in Roslin. He also asks Boomer to pilot a Raptor equipped with a Cylon transponder and armed with a nuke, go to the Basestar in Kobol's orbit, launch the nuke, and destroy it. Boomer agrees. Meanwhile Kara lands on Caprica by the museum. Sharon tells Helo the news about his little dividend. As the Marines arrive, Roslin orders her staff to go below, but they elect to stay and protect her. Mary MacDonnell keeps getting better and better with this character. The marines begin cutting through the hull of the ship to get inside. On Caprica, Starbuck finds the Arrow, but gets ambushed by a Six, who procedes to kick the s#!% out of her. What a fight! And you can see that the actressess are doing there own stunts. Katie Sachkoff got injured ( some nice bruises) when Trisha got a little too "method" on her. I'll say again, what a fight! As it seems Kara is down for the count, Six picks up the arrow, only to have Starbuck charge her from behind, knocking her off a precipice, effectively killing the Cylon, and knocking herself out. Just as that happens, Helo and Sharon walk in, and see Starbuck. Boomer and Racetrack reach the Basestar, but the nuke is jammed, and won't fire. Boomer orders them into the Basestar to set off the nuke manually, then fly out. She leaves Racetrack in the Raptor, places the nuke, but then wanders off, to Racetrack's amazement. In the bowels of the Baseship, she is suddenly surrounded by several dozen smiling copies of herself. The chilling and terrible truth is now right in front of her. She is indeed a Cylon. They tell her not to worry. She can't hide from her destiny. It will catch up to her no matter what she does. They will see her soon. They love her, and they always will. Hooookayyy! Running, at this point would be a really cool thing. She runs back, set's the nuke, enters the Raptor, and tells Racetrack to haul booty. The Baseship explodes behind them. The scene with Boomer and the Sharons is played to creepy perfection.The marines, led by Tigh and Lee enter the President's office. Guns all around on both sides! A standoff. Both sides refusing to back down. Suddenly, in an overwhelming revelation, Lee sees bloodshed happening in a few seconds, and he tells Tigh they are wrong, and should back down. When Tigh refuses, Lee pulls his gun and points it at Saul's head. What a scene! Roslin sees how out of control this is, and orders everybody to lower their weapons, effectively surrendering. Both Roslin, and Lee are arrested for mutiny. On Caprica, Starbuck comes to, and is overjoyed to see Helo alive. But then she sees Sharon..and pulls her gun. Sharon runs, and Helo deflects Kara's shot. "She's a Cylon!", she screams at Helo. Helo tells her that sharon is pregnant with his child. At this, Starbuck snaps, collapsing to the ground, screaming. On Kobol, head Six leads Gaius to the ruins of an opera house, which becomes a vision of the full opera house. Six walks him to the stage, where a glowing cradle sits, holding a baby girl. Six introduces it as "our child". baltar can only stare in amazement. Six smiles lovingly. "Isn't she beautiful, Gauius?". Boomer jumps back to Galactica reporting, "Mission accomplished" . Meanwhile, Adama personally accompanies the guards to oversee Roslin put in a cell. He stares at her furiously, then leaves. Lee is standing on the bridge in handcuffs when his father walks in. He stops, and gives Lee the same look, saying nothing before moving on. Boomer and Racetrack walk in. Adama approaches them, telling them how proud they should be, and congratulates them. He holds out his hand. Ractrack takes it, thanking him. Boomer does the same, then brings up her gun with the other hand, and fires, point blank...twice , directly into Adama's chest. As Adama's form flies back onto the console, Sharon wathces as if in a trance, comepletely unemotional. The bridge erupts into a panic. Tigh orders Boomer, still emotionless, restrained. Lee, screaming rushes to his father holding his hand, and desperately trying to stop the bleeding, shouting for a doctor. Dee does the same, praying over Adama. Boomer seems to wake up, as she stares, in speechless shock at the scene. Adama's blood rushes out of his wounds, spilling onto the console. Fade to black. Okay, nobody...and i mean nobody saw that coming. It was listed as one of the most unexpected moments in Television by TV Land. When Boomer raises the gun.. the bridge crew, as well as the audience, are completely frozen. there's only one thing you can say.. but you can't really say it here..big brother, you know. All in all, a stunning and shocking end to an impressive first season. What happens now, and how long do we have to wait? Well, for you it's easy. just pick up the Season Two boxsets. WE, however... had to wait 3 months.. which seems really easy compared to the wait we have for the rest of the fourth season. But back in 2005, it was a looong three months!
  • What and amazing episode

    The last one was already very promising but there is nothing in compare of it - i just cannot tell what was the best. I love the whole Boomer mission and she finding the truth she so much suspected and how she reacted - I did not saw that coming. And the other Boomer.. being pregnant.. what a turn.

    I think even more than Boomers' surprises, the conflict between Adama and president was the pearl here - the way Adama finally goes the road so much has suspected - it is going to be a coup and Lee standing up and paying for it - but he had the courage.. and the way president and Adama both hoped - the other side will not go that far.. But they did..

    And the ending.. no words..
  • After the fantastic previous episode, I only could expect another great episode for the last episode of this season and it didn´t disappoint.

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    After the fantastic previous episode, I only could expect another great episode for the last episode of this season and it didn´t disappoint.

    There are multiple plots, Starbuck, Helo, Grimmer, Adama versus the President and Gaius. All of them come to a nice, some of them just great, like the mystery and the twist by the end.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10) normal,
    Complication Phase - » (10/10) the ultimate complications,
    Climax Phase - » (10/10) great tension and suspenseful moments,
    Ending - » (10/10) a mystery and a twist, more like a shocker,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10) the ultimate progress,
    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10) hard to say what was filler,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) Fine,

    Drama - » (10/10) a shocker is enough to create a great drama, other plot was normal,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (10/10) the shocking ending,
    Suspense/Tension - » (10/10) great tension,
  • One great episode

    The first part of the two part episodes setup this episode very well. There is tons of action from beginning to end. The starting of a civil war for the humans to the attack on the Cylon Base ship, there is not a moment to miss on this episode. Even with Starbuck back on Caprica there is no shortage of quality minutes. This is one of the finest episodes to date, probably ranks behind the pilot episodes. A lot of questions get answered but also raises a few more. One thing I like is the use of medical terms that are slightly different than what we use in real life like “morph”
  • A magnificent crescendo to an excellent season manages to leave you wanting more.

    If you've been following the season thus far, watching this episode is a no-brainer. The multiple story lines provide for excellent drama and character development. Season one has proven to be quiet an adventure and this episode embodies that feeling without trying to cram the story line down the viewers throat. There is excellent pacing as the different stories cover a lot of ground without skimping on the details. If you can, watch this season from the miniseries, to build an understanding of the relationships and conflicts that truly drive this episode forward. That being said, the drama of season one culminates in the last few minuts as Adama is forced to decide between martial law and allowing the President to follow what she believes to be prophecy and a Cylon sleeper-agent is activated. I still get chills when I think of the final scene, it is a perfect balance between the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. And to put this episode and season over the top, it hits you when you're not expecting it and the sound/music is the knockout punch that makes your heart jump. The miniseries caught my interest, season one got my attention, but the season finale hooked me on the BSG series.
  • I totally did not see that coming.

    Talk about your cliffhangers. By the end of this epsiode, the seven principal characters had either shot someone, been shot, committed mutiny, been arrested, landed on a strange world full of killer robots, or were imaginary. That's quite a load for a first season finale; it's amazing they managed to top it in season 2.

    Sharon Valerii, what are we to make of you? You seem shocked that you just shot the Commander. Is it genuine? Was your act perpetrated by some sort of program that had lain dormant? Or are those crocodile tears that you shed? And as for your counterpart back on Caprica, what's her story? I want to believe that she loves Helo and her child, but it's hard not to suspect some sort of sinister motive. Somehow, on top of all the drama that was raging in the ragtag little fleet, they managed to find time for a good old fashioned cat fight. I didn't care for the visual of Six dodging bullets by running really fast, but watching those two blondes tussle was quite a treat. Thanks, Galactica.

    And speaking of tussles, as much as I liked the conflict between Roslin and Adama over the best use of the Cylon Raider, I can't say that I felt his subsequent actions were believable. Overthrowing the government and arresting the President? Seems like a bit of a stretch for the son of a civil liberties lawyer. Could he really believe that her actions warranted such a response? Isn't the President the commander-in-chief of the military? That was a disappointing twist for Adama's character.

    And then there's Baltar, who appears to have completely lost it. He's moved on from merely imagining a pretty lady and his old homestead to having a baby and, apparently, an opera house. His religious awakening seems to have entered the delusional prophet stage; a religious fanatic Baltar could be an interesting addition to the program.
  • Great episode! Well done!

    When I started watching BSG I thought no episode could be compared to the very first one- after the miniseries- 33. Well 33 is still the best but I could not rate this one less than a perfect 10! I mean this episode shows us a great GREAT deal of action, and the tension can be felt throughout the entire episode. I sensed something was not right... and I was right! We all know what happened then, a great cliffhanger in BSG style: full of mystery and rising more questions and doubts. Simply great, an episode suited for a special series like BSG!
  • An excellent conclusion to Battlestar's first season...

    She Frakkin' shot Adama! 3 times! In the chest!
    frakkin' toaster....
    Overall response: wow.
    That was one hell of a cliffhanger Adama Shot, Apollo heading to the brig to join President Roslin, Starbuck On Caprica and The scouting mission shot down on Kobol. Gonna be a hell of a second season.
    As always Gaius is the best character ever.
  • Well, aside from the already mentioned "WOW"s, I really have nothing extra to add.

    This episode was awesome, unexpected twists at the end and some real questions being brought up as to what the cylons are fully made up of - see the Raptor's landing bay in the basestar. The ending was, well, pretty unexpected to say the least, but a little bit predictable that something was finally going to snap with Boomer. Just didn't see that happening.

    Definately one of the top episodes so far that I've seen.
  • More crap hitting the fan

    Well, it's no surprise that anyone landing on the surface of Kobol is in for bad happenings and we weren't surprised that bad happenings occured. Starbuck makes a stratling discovery and Galactica Boomer is revieled to be a cylon agent in a very public way. Apollo makes a choice that puts him at odds with the crew. Great stuff, indeed.
  • This episode is the first time in a long time, I've been truly shocked by a season finale.

    This episode is the first time in a long time, I've been truly shocked by a season finale. Most other shows are bland or mildly exciting, but you see it coming and you can guess what will happen the next season. But the very end of this episode truly surprised me, and I didn't see it coming. I was honestly entertained and want to see more.
  • WOW!!! Sooooo good it hurts.

    WOW !!!! Without a doubt the best in the first series and definatly revealing. But so many questions go left unanswered to series 2.

    Where to start kara arrived at Caprica to get the arrow of apolo. Where a chance meeting with Helo and Caprica Boomer. Will definatly bring sparks into next season and will allow starbuck to have a new dimension on her character. (Which had become a bit repetitive) and will also hopefully offer Helo a way back to Galactica.

    The military coup. Well... This kind of came out of nowhere i felt. OK so Adama was a bit annoyed about the president talking to Starbuck! but that does'nt mean you get to over through your Goverment1 But im sure the writers have something bigger in mind for the now ex-presdint. We'll have to wait and find out.

    And the biggest most outragous thing happened right at the very end of the episode no less.
    Adama Was shot!!!! WOW!!! so good. I won't tell you who by but in light of recent events that occur during the episode it wont come as such a huge surprise.

    Fantastic episode and im sure the writing wil only get better as the show continues.
  • Everything Comes Together

    The end of the first season has come. After twelve episodes, we come to episode 13, a.k.a. the one where it all comes together. Many of the crew of Galactica are affected ; one receives a startling revelation, one meets an old friend, and one will be shot by an unexpected assailant. But first, let’s start from the top…

    The episode begins with the crew of Raptor One escaping from their burning ship. They manage to get out, just as the Raptor explodes. Baltar walks away from the group and collapses on the ground.

    On the wonderful world of Caprica, Helo and Caprica Boomer are sitting outside the Delphi Museum, which Boomer tells Helo is the home of the Arrow of Apollo. Boomer tells him they should go in at night.

    Back on Galactica, Adama and Tigh are speculating about why Starbuck would disobey orders, when they call the President. Roslin confirms that she did order Starbuck to jump to Caprica to find the Arrow of Apollo. When Adama terminates her Presidency, she remains defiant in her decision, and tells them, basically, to bring it on.

    Tigh and Apollo put together a team to get inside Colonial One and capture the President, while at the same time Adama formulates a plan to use a Raptor and one of the Cylon transponders to get a nuke inside the Cylon Basestar orbiting Kobol. He gets Boomer to pilot the Raptor (after she’s just tried to kill herself, that’s a bit stupid).

    Apollo and Tigh ready the Marines, and prepare to take Colonial One.

    Starbuck’s Cylon Raider reaches Caprica. As she heads for the Arrow, there’s a very nice shot of the ruins of Caprica City. Near the Museum, Caprica Boomer tells Helo that their relationship was important in bringing them closer to God. She then tells him she’s pregnant. (WHOA!!!)

    The Marines reach Colonial One and begin to board it. Boomer and a new pilot, Racetrack, jump to Kobol, after being given a “good luck” by Adama. Onboard Colonial One, Roslin urges her men to go to the cargo hold with the civilians. All of them decide to stay, as Billy receives confirmation that the Marines are indeed coming, with sounds of someone cutting through then hull.

    On Caprica, Starbuck lands near the Delphi Museum. After injecting herself with anti-radiation medicine, she proceeds into the Museum.

    Boomer and Racetrack reach Kobol, and the transponder manages to fool the Cylons. However, as with all great plans, there’s a catch – when Boomer attempts to fire the nuke into the Basestar, the firing mechanism becomes jammed. Boomer decides there’s only one alternative : go into the Basestar itself and detonate the nuke. After some arguing with Racetrack, Boomer takes the Raptor into the Basestar.

    On Kobol, Crashdown gets into an “argument” with Chief Tyrol about whether they should hide from the Cylons or get to high ground. Baltar wakes up and sees Number Six standing over him. She asks if he wants to find out why he’s “been chosen to survive and serve God’s purpose”, and that now’s the time to find out why. She takes his hand and leads him towards some ruins.

    On Colonial One, Roslin’s men get out guns and prepare for a fight. After a short prayer from Elosha, they here sounds of the Marines coming closer. As Billy says, “They’re in.”

    On Caprica, Starbucks finds the Arrow of Apollo. Just as she picks it up, a Number Six walks up behind her. Then, in probably the best catfight of the century, they proceed to beat the living bajeezus out of each other.

    Boomer’s Raptor gets inside the Basestar, and Boomer prepares to release the nuke. As the Raptor lands and the nuke it released, several naked women walk up towards Boomer. As the shadows covering them begin to fade, Boomer finds herself looking at multiple copies of…herself.

    Starbuck and Number Six continue their fight, and it appears as if Number Six is going to win. Behind her, Helo and Caprica Boomer walk up, Helo getting ready to fire. Suddenly Starbuck knocks Number Six, along with the Arrow, into a hole in the floor. They both land heavily, and Helo runs to investigate.

    On Colonial One, the Marines break into Roslin’s main compartment, and both sides aim their guns at each other. Apollo has a change of heart, deciding Roslin shouldn’t be busted just because she made a bad decision. He aims his gun at Tigh’s head. After a few seconds, Roslin askes Apollo to drop his gun, deciding to go quietly. Apollo and Roslin are arrested.

    Inside the Basestar, the copies of Boomer tell her she can’t run from destiny, and that it’ll catch up with her no matter what she does. After learning the horrible truth, that she is in fact a Cylon, Boomer bolts back to the Raptor, and she and Racetrack escape, just as the Basestar explodes.

    On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck reunite, but the happy reunion is cut short when Starbuck sees Caprica Boomer nearby, puts two and two together, and works out Boomer’s a Cylon. Once Helo tells Starbuck Boomer’s pregnant, it’s too much and Starbuck collapses.

    On Kobol, Number Six leads Baltar into some ruins, which then become the Kobol Opera House. Baltar and Number Six walk up to the stage of the Opera House and stand over a glowing white cradle. Number Six comments, “Isn’t she beautiful, Gaius?” and the two of them kiss.

    Onboard Galactica, Adama puts Roslin in the brig. He walks onto the C.I.C. and congratulates Boomer and Racetrack for destroying the Basestar. However, just as he thanks Boomer, she raises her hand to shake his…and reveals a gun. She shoots Adama twice at close range. Tigh and Apollo try to stop the bleeding, and Boomer is knocked to the ground by guards. Apollo and Tigh both put their hands on Adama’s wounds, screaming for a doctor. Dualla holds Adama’s hand, and Boomer just watches in shock at what she’s done.

    And with that, the first season comes to an end.

    The good –

    -Boomer : (after seeing multiple copies of herself) This can’t be happening.

    -The Basestar exploding over Kobol. Great special effects.

    -Apollo finally getting busted for something.

    -The bitch fight between Number Six and Starbuck. Such a great fight.

    The bad –

    -Adama getting shot. I really didn’t like that, coz Adama’s one of my favourite characters.

    -Roslin’s attitude. Way too stubborn.

    The ugly –

    -Adama’s blood covering the tactical map where his body lies. A bit too much.

    Predictions for Season 2 –

    -Galactica Boomer is thrown out the airlock, while Caprica Boomer, Starbuck and Helo all squeeze into the Cylon Raider and jump back to Galactica.

    -Adama recovers and punishes Apollo for being an idiot.

    -The Cylons decide to make an alliance with the Borg and the Replicators.

    -Leoben Conoy (Callum Keith Rennie) returns in some way. He’s just such a great actor.

    -Baltar is left behind on Kobol by accident and gains the ability of mitosis, thereby populating Kobol by himself.

    -Tigh’s wife turns out to be a Cylon, and is also thrown out the airlock shortly after Boomer.

    -A Cylon in the guise of Darth Vader comes to Galactica and tells Apollo that he is his real father. He then takes off his mask, revealing him to be…George Bush.

    Next Episode – ?
  • That was Crazy!

    Battlestar Galactica has done it again but this time completly raises the bar on series fanallies. I literally (not actually literaly) found myself drooling for the next season. Boomer finally realizes that shes a cylon and makes a startaling move. What made this fanalie so interesting is that EVERY aspect of the show is on the edge of a cliff (aka a cliff hanger). Next season will be a must see, and it starts next week.
  • A fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series.

    The whole series has been just amazing but this episode was clearly the pinnacle. I had to watch the two-parter again to psyche myself up ready for the new series. Its been so long to wait for resolution. What a climax! I was left speechless immediately after seeing this episode. Its opened up new roads for the story and radically changed some of the pivotal characters relationships to each other. I just want to know how it pans out. This whole series has been an amazing boost for strong character-driven sci-fi on TV and I am so glad it will return soon.
  • The Best Season Finale of the year

    This was one of the most intriguing, eye-popping season finales of the year. Everyday since it has aired I have waited to see what will happen next.

    The questions going through my head. The anticipation of the next season. This season finale gave more questions than answers but thats what a finale is supposed to do in order to get people wanting more. And that's what it did.

  • The leap the old Galactica series could never make gets a golden setup in this obviously well-planned season one finale positions the new series for an adventurous, action-packed and epic season two.

    With Hollywood powerhouses like Olmos and McDonnel in front of the same lens at the same time, one is always certain to get a certain hit no matter what edit makes the final cut. The look inside the Cylon basestar was particularly interesting and the Galactica "saga" got a big boost with the arrest of President Roslin by Commander Adama.

    But outstanding plot aside, Galactica’s well-reviewed talent is perhaps best represented in this season-ending cliffhanger that, coupled with the series’ solid ratings, leaves no doubt of a setup for a season two nobody will want to miss.
  • “Why don’t we just wait here for a while…see what happens”

    When I first watched this episode it was still unknown whether or not there would be a second series. The show had only just started airing in the Sci Fi Channel in America and although it had opened to strong rating I was still worried. There have been many shows in the past that start well but quickly lose viewers and finish just as they are starting to find their feet. Or worse they are canned after only few episodes because Network chiefs expect instant hits rather than slow builders. I have just one word for them: Cheers. It started small but because someone had faith in the shows quality it was allowed to live and eventually began one of the biggest sitcoms of all time. I don't expect Galactica to get that amount of ratings but at the moment I just glad it has had the success it has. Now all I need is for Carnivale to get a third season and all will be good with the world.

    Right I've gone a little of topic here so I'll better get back to the review. I was tempted to write a quick review and post it right after I saw this episode but instead I decided to wait until I had reviewed all other episodes and it aired in America because I didn't want to give anything away and spoil it for anyone who might read the review before the episode aired. If you have not seen the episode yet then stop reading and watch it right NOW!!!!

    A good season finale will often have one key element that separates it from all the episodes that have come before. The element will always include the following words HIT, THE, FAN and SHIT. Anything that can go wrong will go disastrously wrong and things will never be the same. Did Picard ever get over being assimilated? Hell No. Whatever happens must have lasting consequences that affect everything and everyone next season. Well that how it should happen more often or not most people just hit the reset button at the start of the next season and all the fan hitting with shit is forgotten. The worst example I can think of was in Voyager's sixth season opener where the ship took on a bunch of new Starfleet officers who had gone rouge. Janeway gives them a massive speech about how they have disgraced the uniform and that they will have to work hard to earn her respect and then she dismisses them. After that they are never seen or mentioned EVER AGAIN. Somehow I don't think the same can be said of this series. Ron Moore proved along with many of his DS9 collaborators that even in something as unflinching as Star Trek they were more than willing to upset the status quo and have actual stir things up a bit.

    The Starbuck/Number Six bitch slap not only provided this episode with a fantastic fight sequence but also showed that Six is a much more effective character when she is not a) pratteling on about God and b) stuck in Baltar's head. Like a smack down on Boomer earlier in the season when it comes to Number Six using her fist she takes no prisoners. She totally bat every inch of crap out of Starbuck (and she gotta lot crap) with such a furious anger that you just know she was enjoying it. She had to know about Gaius and Starbuck otherwise there is no other reason for why she was going jealous lover on poor Kara. Ex-lovers of Gaius Baltar beware there's a deranged Cylon out there and she means business.

    Halo has just found out that he is going to be a daddy so he and Sharon better get wed quick because I doubt those god loving Cylon's want that child born out of wedlock. SINFUL. I expect that Caprica Boomer will survive next season while the Galactica Boomer with be shown the other side of the airlock. Six told Baltar that he would be the guardian of the next generation. Eh???? Questions, questions you think they could have given us a few answers just in case they weren't renewed.

    So the Presidency of Laura Roslin is brought to a swift close when Adama pulls a military coup on her and removes from power for interfering in military matters. This effectively buts Adama in command of the fleet under a military leadership headed by Adama. But just as Roslin is placed in the brig Adama is shot by Cylon agent, which now means that Col. Paul Tigh is now in charge. And of course Tigh's wife, Ellen, may or may not be a Cylon agent and if she is that mean the Cylon's now have the ability to influence the entire fleet. Was this all part of their plan or did they just see a situation and take advantage of it. Perhaps the Priestess is also a Cylon agent and she has been manipulating Roslin all the time hoping that she would do something that would force Adama to remove her from office. If so then the Cylon are smarter than they look. The entire leadership is now under the control of borderline drunk who could hit the bottle at any minute and his with is now help since she the one who will give him the drink in the first place. Next season is sure as hell goanna be fascinating to watch.

    Good Bits
    -Number Six in one corner and Starbuck in the other. Two women enter one woman leaves. Welcome to the Bitch Slapping Of The Century.

    -Basestar goes bye, bye.

    -That music for last episode's teaser. I wonder if I can download it.

    -Dozens of naked Boomers. Damn those conveniently placed shadows.

    -The look of Boomer's face when she realises what she has done. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes.

    -Tigh's shit-scared face as Apollo pulls the gun on him.

    -THAT ENDING!!!!!!!!! BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bad Bits
    -How the hell did that iron rod not impale Starbuck as well?

    -Surly Adama could have found someone other than Boomer to pilot the Raptor. She just tired to kill herself I sure as hell wouldn't trust her with something that important.

    Some ideas for next season:
    -Adama notices Starbuck can do almost anything and decides to send her to fight the entire Cylon war on her own while they make a run for it.

    -Roslin goes up against a John Kerry-like senator in the election and wins.

    -Baltar becomes President and decides not to invade Iran.

    -The producers decide to replace Apollo with Richard Hatch and hope no one notices.

    -Boomer takes after her Basestar counterparts and starts walking around the ship naked. I can dream.

    -Ellen Tigh is killed. I don't care how.

    -Dirk Benidict's moaning fails to get him a part on the show but Mr. T does shows up as the Cylon leader, "By My Command, FOOL".

    -The Galactica arrives at Earth to discover the most powerful man on the planet is a simpleton from Texas. They decide to settle on Mars instead.

    -The Enterprise attacks the Galactica accusing them of stealing their last remaining viewers. All six of them. Jack O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 show up and lend a hand in kicking Rick Berman's butt.

    -In a massive casting masterstroke the reaming eight of the twelve Cylon humans are revealed to be George Cloony, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts, Bernie Mac, Elliot Gould and Don Cheadle. In special episode directed by Steven Soderberge Cylon's Twelve plan an elaborate heist to piss off Adama by nicking all the books and paintings for his quarters. Much smugness and fooling around ensures.

    -Lorne Green's beard for Galactica 1980 makes a cameo as the Cylon God.

    -Starbuck's mother is revealed to be Ginger Rogers.

    -Everyone keeps asking Adama "Are we there yet? Are We there yet? Are we there yet?"