Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 13

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2005 on Syfy

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  • This acclaimed series closes it's first season with a bang..and a holy S#!%!

    This season finale begins where we left off. Starbuck has jumped in the capture Raider to Kobol, on the orders of Roslin, leaving Adama, Tigh and lee speechless, Crashdown's Raptor crew stranded on Kobol with a Cylon army on the planet, and a Baseship in orbit, Boomer in sickbay with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the face, and Helo with a Sharon model Cylon in his custody, who he has fallen in love with, and unbeknownst to him, pregnant with his child. The cast is in top form as all these events play themselves out to a enormous cresendo. As the Raptor crew escapes their burning ship, Six, despite baltar's urging, is indeed with him. There is a very special reason for this. It is quickly apparent to cheif tyrol, that Crashdown is ill suited to his task. Tyrol, to his credit, tries his best to help the LT save face, by giving him private advice, but Crashdown takes offence to this, and instead sees Tyrol's advice as a challenge to his authority. Against the Cheif's reccomendations, the LT orders the group away from the crash site without double checking their needed gear. Socinus is gravely injured from the crash, and Karma, the pilot is dead. Baltar passes out. Aaron Douglas really shines in this storyline as Tyrol, and you get a better feel for who Galen is then ever before. On Caprica, Sharon has guided Helo to the museum where the Arrow of Apollo is. Helo doesn't care, he threatens to kill her if she diesn't help him escape. She tells him to shove it up his ass. He backs down. By now it's pretty obvious this model genuinely cares for Helo, and has his best interests at heart. grace park is far from the best actress in the world, but she does a convincing job at making the two Sharons different enough from each other. Adama and Tigh are still reeling from Starbuck's actions, and Adama has a pretty good idea who's responsible. Roslin, via a phone call with the fleet media present, freely admits what she did, and claims she is leading the fleet. Adama orders her to step down. When she refuses, he orders her Presidency terminated. Again, she refuses, and tells him that the press is listening. This entire scene is very tense, building as Roslin keeps upping the ante. Adama hangs up and tells Apollo and Saul to start plans to send marines to Colonial One to bring in Roslin. He also asks Boomer to pilot a Raptor equipped with a Cylon transponder and armed with a nuke, go to the Basestar in Kobol's orbit, launch the nuke, and destroy it. Boomer agrees. Meanwhile Kara lands on Caprica by the museum. Sharon tells Helo the news about his little dividend. As the Marines arrive, Roslin orders her staff to go below, but they elect to stay and protect her. Mary MacDonnell keeps getting better and better with this character. The marines begin cutting through the hull of the ship to get inside. On Caprica, Starbuck finds the Arrow, but gets ambushed by a Six, who procedes to kick the s#!% out of her. What a fight! And you can see that the actressess are doing there own stunts. Katie Sachkoff got injured ( some nice bruises) when Trisha got a little too "method" on her. I'll say again, what a fight! As it seems Kara is down for the count, Six picks up the arrow, only to have Starbuck charge her from behind, knocking her off a precipice, effectively killing the Cylon, and knocking herself out. Just as that happens, Helo and Sharon walk in, and see Starbuck. Boomer and Racetrack reach the Basestar, but the nuke is jammed, and won't fire. Boomer orders them into the Basestar to set off the nuke manually, then fly out. She leaves Racetrack in the Raptor, places the nuke, but then wanders off, to Racetrack's amazement. In the bowels of the Baseship, she is suddenly surrounded by several dozen smiling copies of herself. The chilling and terrible truth is now right in front of her. She is indeed a Cylon. They tell her not to worry. She can't hide from her destiny. It will catch up to her no matter what she does. They will see her soon. They love her, and they always will. Hooookayyy! Running, at this point would be a really cool thing. She runs back, set's the nuke, enters the Raptor, and tells Racetrack to haul booty. The Baseship explodes behind them. The scene with Boomer and the Sharons is played to creepy perfection.The marines, led by Tigh and Lee enter the President's office. Guns all around on both sides! A standoff. Both sides refusing to back down. Suddenly, in an overwhelming revelation, Lee sees bloodshed happening in a few seconds, and he tells Tigh they are wrong, and should back down. When Tigh refuses, Lee pulls his gun and points it at Saul's head. What a scene! Roslin sees how out of control this is, and orders everybody to lower their weapons, effectively surrendering. Both Roslin, and Lee are arrested for mutiny. On Caprica, Starbuck comes to, and is overjoyed to see Helo alive. But then she sees Sharon..and pulls her gun. Sharon runs, and Helo deflects Kara's shot. "She's a Cylon!", she screams at Helo. Helo tells her that sharon is pregnant with his child. At this, Starbuck snaps, collapsing to the ground, screaming. On Kobol, head Six leads Gaius to the ruins of an opera house, which becomes a vision of the full opera house. Six walks him to the stage, where a glowing cradle sits, holding a baby girl. Six introduces it as "our child". baltar can only stare in amazement. Six smiles lovingly. "Isn't she beautiful, Gauius?". Boomer jumps back to Galactica reporting, "Mission accomplished" . Meanwhile, Adama personally accompanies the guards to oversee Roslin put in a cell. He stares at her furiously, then leaves. Lee is standing on the bridge in handcuffs when his father walks in. He stops, and gives Lee the same look, saying nothing before moving on. Boomer and Racetrack walk in. Adama approaches them, telling them how proud they should be, and congratulates them. He holds out his hand. Ractrack takes it, thanking him. Boomer does the same, then brings up her gun with the other hand, and fires, point blank...twice , directly into Adama's chest. As Adama's form flies back onto the console, Sharon wathces as if in a trance, comepletely unemotional. The bridge erupts into a panic. Tigh orders Boomer, still emotionless, restrained. Lee, screaming rushes to his father holding his hand, and desperately trying to stop the bleeding, shouting for a doctor. Dee does the same, praying over Adama. Boomer seems to wake up, as she stares, in speechless shock at the scene. Adama's blood rushes out of his wounds, spilling onto the console. Fade to black. Okay, nobody...and i mean nobody saw that coming. It was listed as one of the most unexpected moments in Television by TV Land. When Boomer raises the gun.. the bridge crew, as well as the audience, are completely frozen. there's only one thing you can say.. but you can't really say it here..big brother, you know. All in all, a stunning and shocking end to an impressive first season. What happens now, and how long do we have to wait? Well, for you it's easy. just pick up the Season Two boxsets. WE, however... had to wait 3 months.. which seems really easy compared to the wait we have for the rest of the fourth season. But back in 2005, it was a looong three months!