Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 20

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Admiral Adama was neutered.

    Here is to hoping that this review doesn't delete my previous review on the previous ep (I wrote 200+ words and now it's gone!!!). I am extremely disappointed in s2. Now that the season has concluded with the finale, I can write this review.
    The first seven eps of s2 are intolerable! It became too cheesy. It did what it always promised to never do. That is: be another Sci-fi cheesefest. All the talk about Gods and religion and destinies became unbearable! They filled the first 7 eps of that.
    After that storyarc ended, starting with ep 2x08, the show returned to past glory! The funny thing is that they never mentioned or confirmed any of the events that happened during those first 7 eps. Leading me to believe that Moore and the writers were aware of its suckiness.
    But it's still aggravating to know that Lee got away with treason and Roslin got away with the crap she pulled *fumes*. Anyway... This finale put the lead characters in situations were they were acting out of character. Adama especially. Roslin tells Adama about Baltar being a Cylon collaborator and he does nothing?! Throughout this ep Adama lets Baltar get away with things he never would've previously allowed! In s1, whenever Roslin did something that he knew were for the worse for the people, he rised against here and disobeyed her wishes. Not only does he let Baltar run for precidency without a fight, but he also sits there and lets Baltar use New Caprica as a tool for his political gain. Is this Adama we know? Would Adama really let a politician use manipulation to get his way, something that he is convinced is for the worse for the people? Previously he would've thrown someone in a cell for the mere suspicion of being or working with a cylon. Yes, Baltar was influential now, but that alone would've sufficed to at least ruin Baltar's chances at the polls (just losing a few thousand voters would've been enough). That is not all... A nuke goes off. A nuke that was in Baltar's possession. Adama suggests a internal security check, Baltar overrules him. Adama obeys. WHAT?! With all he knows of Baltar, with all he know military wise (an internal security check was crucial!), he follows his orders without a blink? I think Ronald Moore missed the point about why his own show was so great. It was the sense of urgency and desperation, the struggle day-to-day since that doomsday. Of fear of spoiling it to you, I won't go in to specifics. But I'll tell you this. Moore makes a decision that shapes this show in dramatic ways for the remainder of the show. It's perhaps too early to say how bad, but this ep showed me no hope. PS. The ep concluded with a fantastic grand closing scene!