Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Thank goodness Starbuck is dead. Battlestar Gallactica: Television for Women is over!

    Outstanding. Starbuck dies. The best thing that could happen to the show. It was just so painfull to watch her character and how this version of BSG took the only character from the original series that was fun to watch and screwed it up. The actual episode is boring but I gave it a 10 for killing off Starbuck. The writers need some more action and stop writing this Lifetime TV crap. Hopefully now that Starbuck is dead they'll be moving on to more important things other than Starbucks metal problems. Like Fighting the Cylons. Like you know...the bad guys who wiped out 12 Billion people. Starbuck is dead. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Ding dong the witch is dead! The wicked witch, the witch is dead! Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!
  • Ding Dong the wicked space slut is dead!

    Finally,I'd almost given up. Now maybe the series can get back to being about the cylon/human battle in space now that the wreckage of Starbuck has been cleaned up. I might have given it a ten were it not for the suggestions and possibility that they might bring her back as a cylon. Maybe the female character who replaces her can be more believable, palatable and less of a skank-bag. The writers of most Hollywood dreck think that by creating characters like Starbuck they're promoting the interests of women, but in reality they end up portraying them in the most negative ways. Strong successful women need not also be sexually indiscriminate, emotionally damaged deviants with no ethics or morals ... but that seems to be the way Hollywood views women these days.
  • The worst episode ever in BSG. Period.

    I simply do not beleive that this lame episode received 9.0 as an average here on 'Maelstrom' title is the true metaphor for the show's hardest period.

    I thought if the producers come to the part where death of Starbuck will be inevitable (if there trully is such thing as 'inevitability' in any tv show), that would be something in action, big fight, the greater good for the rest of the crew. Something that would trully match Starbuck's temperament.

    But this emotional cr*ap about 'special destiny' is such a cliche that I am totally speechless. This is so disrespectful to the Starbuck/Sackoff character, particularly if they later decide to bring her back as a Cylon (now, that would be even cheaper and more predictable solution).

    The show is in the big trouble as far as the second half of third season is in question and producers really need to get focused and back on the track in the end/season IV, or the show will be lost.

    Don't get me wrong here, I still enjoy it and still think it's the best SciFi drama to this day, but I know they can do much better! Bring season one again!

    Maelstrom, 1.0 out of 10.0!
  • WOW!!! que episodio fantastico e impressionante

    Com certeza esse foi um grande episodio dessa terceira temporada. Esse foi um dos episodios em que eu quando acabei de ver fiquei pensando WOW !!! E tambem pensei que eu com certeza deveria falar desse ep aqui

    Esse foi um ep cheios de efeitos em todos os momentos e os fantasticos voos de starbuck persiguindo um nave Cylon e tentando atravessar a nuvem que tinha o formato do desenho q ela tinha feito...Realmente foi incrivel e tambem temos um final de episodio chocante e impressionante com a fantastica cena da nave de starbuck explondindo

    Ja falei e reafirmo, um dos melhores eps dessa terceira temporada do BSG e que continue assim
  • argh...

    Maybe it's because this is the first tv show I really loved that much after a loong time. Maybe I had too big expectections from it.. maybe cause this season has been so bad (comparing with the other 2).. Well, whatever it is this episode has pissed me off and this is the first time something similar happens to me, well for a tv show anyway.

    I feel cheated and manipulated from the creators of the show. Cheated and used as a viewer.
    Whatever the conclusion of this ark is, even if Starbuck is alive, I found the whole "killing a main character even if not for good" as a very cheap trick that has nothing to do with the standards this show has established for 3 years now. Did they really get rid of the character just because it was so audacious to do it? Do RDM and Co think that shocking their audience is more important that giving us a good story? I hope not, even if in the podcast this is mentioned, like a laugh in our face. If this is the case that would erase all the respect I had for the creators of this show and in the show itself.

    Even if this episode is a piece of a bigger puzzle I can't say I am impressed from the storrytelling. But the whole writing and the direction of the show this season is disappointing and leads nowhere really and this episode is no exception I am afraid..Starbuck's character has been maltreated from the writers since the season's start.

    Oh well, I strongly hope they haven't killed Starbuck as we knew her, she was a major contribution in the quality and success of BSG (as it is Lee,Adama, Roslin, Athena, Six, Baltar).

    I give this episode "4" for the acting only.
  • Starbuck dies in an emotional manner Unfortunately like kat before her i dont give a monkey's

    After halucinating about a cylon heavy fighter
    in the atmosphere of the planet the crew start to worry about starbuck.
    She suffers from dreams and flashbacks
    (yet more flash back based episodes)
    This time her cold hearted mother.
    A ground soldier in the first cylon war
    she one twisted puppy,who mentaly and physically
    abuses her young daughter.
    So much so that she walks out on her just after flight school training never to return(despite her mothers fatal illness)
    Leoben takes her (during her dreams)to see her mother die)
    and proclaims that she is now ready.
    She flies closer to the core of the planet and the pressure destroys her ship.

    The episode was ok
    I have no emotion invested in starbuck
    and found myself wishing she'd get it over with
    i found her scenes boring
    the reaction of those that care about her was great.
    Disbelief and fury
    the true highlight of the show
    Starbuck is dead
    and i feel fine
  • "Starbuck" Should be "Stardoe" Actually Should be "Stardust"

    The episode was depressing and the only importance it held was to get rid of a screwed up, self centered, obnoxious thug.
    Katee Sackhoff is an awesome actress and I had full hopes that the writers would develop her character better.
    The original Battlestar was campy at best I loved it as a kid, as an adult looking at reruns I'm almost embarrassed to have enjoyed it.
    That being said, the original Starbuck was 100% better. Sackhoff could have made it better, but the writers just made it depressing. I was much more put off when it looked like they were getting rid of Gaeta. I don't think she's gone though, looking ahead to Crossroads Part 2. I think she is part of the missing 5 Cylons.
  • Starbucks DONE!

    Finally they don't have an episode that isn't a filler. I thought this episode was pretty interesting and i enjoyed see that other cylon again. Too bad starbuck is dead, NOT! I agree with the other review praising starbuck's death. She was always a brat and i could never stand her. Although i really dont think she is dead. I was reading an article i believe in entertainment weekly that said there was going to be some surprises about who the final 5 cylons are. So i think we will be seeing starbuck again. Just a hunch. Shes too much of a main character to be let go. Although annoying. Ten praises for baltar's trial next week!
  • God only knows what I’d be without you

    Once upon a time there was a cylon named Leoben, a cylon Starbuck loved and just like it happens on this show whenever God talks, Kara starts having these dreams where Leoben tries to speak to her. However, as the damaged creature that she is Starbuck refuses to hear his message with all the force of her being until the visions threaten to drive her insane and compromise her performing at work as the pattern that haunts her intertwines with the life she had with Leoben as well as the life she shared with her mother to reveal her that she confuses the message with the messenger and must now prepare to listen.

    Problem is: this is Starbuck we’re talking about and listening - to anyone - is not one of her strongest qualities. Perhaps that’s the reason why Lee finally finds her in the only place where she would listen to anybody, the wall where they put the pictures of the fallen pilots, there she quietly asks Lee to put her next to Kat, for she wants no other wingman for all eternity, in exchange he asks her to put him next to Dick and Laura who died on New Caprica before they would escape, the one who dies first makes sure the other is placed in the right spot.

    But Apollo fails to listen her real message as well, the one where she’s trying to tell him good bye, and off they go for the very last time as God finally delivers the message to his little wrong one: that there’s nothing to fear about death. And so Starbuck embraces her destiny for the very last time.
  • Great Episode. Last scene use Matrix line! maybe a hint.

    When Kara tells Lee before the Viper explodes "I'm not afraid anymore" that line is taken from the first Matrix when Trinity tells Neo when he is thought to be dead at the very end...I'm not afraid anymore Neo, before she kises him and he comes back to life. Grat episode. great BSG episode. Great acting and one of the climex in the fate of Kara. Exactly the reson why I see this amazing show. Too bad that the fourth season up to know is not even close to the standards of the 3rd season. Hope they'll improve soon. Waiting for the show to pick up again.
  • This is classical episode for the serial!

    This is classical episode for the serial!
    Classical ending - the lost of Starbug, the final scene whit
    admiral Adama cry is great. Very strong, very strong moment that shows the great lost. This one is key episode! They can't lose Starbug at this moment. She will be back in next episode. May be at the end of the series. May be she is one of the five last silons :) nobody knows. This one is key moment like Star Wars - " Luke I am your father " scene!
    Great - not 10 this one is 100 for me may be more!
  • As much as Ron Moore has embraced the Internet as a way to promote Battlestar Galactica, I have to wonder if that didn’t backfire a bit here.

    As much as Ron Moore has embraced the Internet as a way to promote Battlestar Galactica, I have to wonder if that didn’t backfire a bit here.

    Back in December, Moore and co-producer David Eicks spoke to the Maureen Ryan for her Chicago Tribune TV blog. In the interview, Moore hinted at major changes coming to the show in the final few episodes and highlighted “Maelstrom” as a pivotal story in the Battlestar Galactica story. At the time, rumors were swirling about a major cast member being written out, a new Cylon model being revealed and much, much more. Moore dropped some broad hints, said the episode would send the show off in a new direction and that there would be a shock or two along the way.

    The way Moore talked about the show, I had visions of something like season one’s “Kobol’s Last Gleaming” going through my head as I tuned into SciFi last night. What I walked away from was an episode that was good, but I’m not sure was exactly worhty of all the pre-publicity praise heaped upon it.

    From the first time we met Kara “Starbuck” Thrace we’ve known she was pretty screwed up. It made her a more fascinating character to watch and it gave actress Kate Sackoff a lot of material to work with. And, for the most part, it was good. But somewhere along the way, it turned darker, leading to this season’s Starbuck. On New Caprica, Starbuck was held prisoner by Lebonen who frakked with her head big-time. He presented her with a daughter that he claimed was theirs..and just as Starbuck was starting to connect, that was ripped away. He stripped her of her dignity, held her prisoner and kept coming back every time she killed him, professing his love for her–and that she loved him as well.

    Starbuck was finally freed from the captivity, but she was never quite the same. She was more hardened and world-weary. She disconnected from everyone and everything, except being a pilot. She toyed with Anders, Lee and anyone else who came into her orbit. About the only people she didn’t frak with this year were Adama (yeah, good luck with that) and Tigh. Interestingly, the only person she showed any warmth toward this year was Tigh. Starbuck even took part in being part of the tribunal that decided the fate of the alleged collaborators on New Caprica. It was this duty that led to a rift between she and Anders–one that was never fully healed. Which all leads us to this crossroads in her life. Told time and again she has a destiny, Starbuck had it confimed a few weeks ago. She keeps seeing the Eye of Jupiter in her dreams and has been painting it since she was a little girl. Starbuck goes to a mystic for advice and gets the same dark portents of doom. She seeks out things to make her feel better–including bedding her husband. However, once the encounter is over, Anders turns to trying to heal their broken relationship again, something Starbuck doesn’t want.

    As the story progresses, we begin to see what it was that started Starbuck down this path. Seems she had issues with her mother–a woman who drove Starbuck hard and no matter what young Kara did, it was never enough. Their relationship was one of mental, verbal and physical abuse, leading Kara to think that she had to earn the love of the people in her life. (In a way, this explains why she passed Zach on his flight exam. She may have been afraid of losing his love if she flunked him). Kara never got the chance to have closure with her mother, something that is haunting her to this day.

    But now Kara makes peace with it all and then kills herself. Lebonen pops up in her head to help her have one last encounter with her mom and then Kara crashes her raptor, thus ending her life.

    Or is it? This is Battlestar Galactica, so she could still be alive. She could be a Cylon, though at this point I think that would be a huge mistake for the show. Reading all of that analysis, you might think this was a great episode. It was written by two of my favorite non-Ron Moore BSG writers, David Thompson and Bradley Wheddle. The duo worked with Moore on DS9 and I have to say, the DS9 roots were showing. As Kara’s memories kept surfacing, I found msyelf recalling the first episode of DS9. That’s the one where Sisko is stuck on the death of his wife and won’t move on. The prophets point this out to him at one point when he demands to know why they keep bringing him back to the pain of her death and they point out he’s the one who keeps coming back to it. That is what seemed to happen with Kara and her mother–Kara was trying to deny it but she could never get past it. Well, at least not until the final moments of her life when she made peace with the universe and died.

    The entire episode was one long fore-shadowing of her death–even down to her picking out where she wants her photo to go on the memorail wall. And as strong as seeing Edward James Olmos lose it was for the final scene, I have to wonder how much more powerful seeing Lee hang up her picture on the wall would have been. I wonder if we’ll ever see this scene or see Kara’s picture up on the wall. I want to love this episode, I really do. But while it was good, it was no where near the event that I thought it would be based on the early hints given by Moore. I wonder if this episode will be more significant in retrospect when we see where Moore and company are taking the series next. The death of Starbuck is a huge event for the show. I just wish the episode had been all that it was promised to be
  • Who is Kara? A Cylon, there is no reason to suspect that!

    Kara was always on edge and just because so many said she had a destiny to fulfill does not mean that she was or is a cylon. I know that there are five other faces out there, five others to complete the circle; and back in time when Diane saw the circle of five she asked to be forgiven because she did not know. Now does that mean that she was asking Kara to forgive them for hurting her on Caprica? or was it someone else they hurt? I do not want to believe that we have seen the end of Starbuck but on the other hand why oh why does every hot woman on this show have to be a cylon? That is almost sick and I would have to say that I would be sick of that too. There maybe other answers out there at least I sure the frack hope so; because if all the writers can think up is another cylon to add to the mix then they need a new wave length!!
  • shocking

    The cloud scenes were awesome, great special effects, this is a Kara Thrace episode. The flashbacks tell us something more about her personal background, she became tough because of how her mom raised her, she used to be with the colonial armed forces. Something happens to Starbuck at the end and I can think of several possibilities of where her plotline is going. I'm sure it's meant for something that's about to come in future episodes. It was an exciting episode, stuff happens in it. The scenes were well directed, this show is one of the few shows that can show some drama without getting bogged down. It's a great episode.
  • Maelstrom

    Maelstrom was a great episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching it because the story centered around Starbuck and it was intriguing. There wasn't much action, but there were some serious issues that needed dealt with, and they were in surprising ways. It was cool to see Starbuck and the Leoben figure in flashbacks or whatever it was. The suspense of what was going on with Starbuck had me on the edge of my seat. It was sad to see things end in such a manner. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • I hope they bring back Starbuck...

    The episode was eventful, it is sad Starbuck seems to have died... She was one of the main characters, and her death seemed very anti-climactic... So she must be brought back sometime down the line... Maybe they asked her to lose some weight or she is pregnant and need some time off ;)
  • Great Episode in a while

    I have been waiting a couple or even four or five episodes for a story line like this one. I can only imagine that there is a few people out there that want a little more action like me. While the storylines and the drama have been great, the action sequences have fallen to third in terms of priority. While this episode deals with a lot of flashback and dream sequences, I will take with what I can get. This episode deals with a lot about Kira and how some Cylons view her as symbol in a prophecy. I love the fact the storyline makes you keep guessing on what happens next, the last fifteen minutes has an awesome ending.
  • I shouldn't like this one, but. . . .

    I would think that I would be all down on this episode, not much action, no big cylon battle, in fact probably not a real cylon to be seen anywhere, and the Starbuck/ Apollo plot line has made me pretty unhappy of late. But this one was great, lots of revealing stuff about Starbucks childhood and mother. There was almost no mention of the love quadrangle. The mythology and search of Earth is in the forefront for one episode again. Then, bang, Starbuck's augers in and is apparently dead. I can't imagine she is actually killed off but I'm having trouble seeing a plot line where she isn't a cylon. At least a plot line that isn't completely silly. It looks like we go back to Baltar next episode, I have to say I'm not all excited for that, especially Lee as a lawyer.
  • This showing gave an insight to starbucks character, as well as open the door for some future shows down the road.

    Very good episode. I like that it filled in a missing piece. I also liked how it gave more dept to Kira personality and character. I like how it shows her mom being overbearing and rediculously strict and hard. Which made Kira into the solid pilot she is. I think the phantom cylon raider she kept seeing was symbolic. Of what? I don't know. If you missed it, you missed out on one of the key episodes in the series. I don't think she's dead, I believe she'll come back in later episode to fulfill her destiny. Who knows, maybe its to take out Baltar.
  • Starbuck comes face to face with her destiny and destiny just doesn't live up to the hype.

    We've been told Starbuck has a destiny for the last few episodes. All those episodes have been building up to this final Maelstrom. Yet somehow I feel cheated, and so should Starbuck.

    We have learned recently that Starbuck has been drawing and seeing the 'eye of Jupiter' since she was a little girl. We learned in this episode that her unstableness and self-destructive streak stem from unresolved mother issues. She never had a chance to say goodbye to her dying mother and hence never had closure. That I can buy.

    The whole episode is filled with not so suddle foreshadowing of the ending. Kara and Lee pick out their spots on the wall of the dead. The candle drips multicolored wax onto the floor in the shape of starbuck's visions. Starbuck gives Adama a figurehead for the model ship he is building in a 'goodbye' gesture.

    But I can't accept that Starbuck's much-hyped destiny was to kill herself in a storm on some unknown planet on the way to Earth. She is too important a character to meet her end in such an unimportant manner. I truly hope that this 'ending' was simply a tactic to throw us fans off the track of her real destiny. I don't think she's dead at all.
  • There's doubts aboard the Galactica about Starbuck's mental heatlh.

    Because I don't follow the online spoiler's and Ron Moore's online info, I didn't know this was going to be such an 'important' episode.

    When Starbuck starts (or rather continues) having strange dreams and memories from her chilldhood start coming up during everyday life (while on a mission, for in
    instance), people around her, Lee in particular, become worried.

    Starbuck is also recollecting events on New Caprica and the cylon known as Leoben. All these aspects combine to make this a startling episode, especially the ending. There were hints throughout the episode about its ending, but I'm not really sure what happened. For some reason, I don't think we've seen the last of her.
  • Ok, I'm conflicted. I sat there, watched Starbuck blow up and I...don't...miss...her. But I want to.

    It probably goes back to all my days of TV watching but I hate seeing main characters die. Usually, when that happens you know it's coming because you hear in entertainment news how "so-and-so is dissatisfied with their role and wants to be killed off" or negotiations broke down... they've been fired, or whatever. I did not expect Starbuck to die. At the same time, I don't miss her.

    This bothers me. I wasn't particularly fond of her, she was a decent character. Yeah, she had issues but I'm not sure they were worth her dieing over. Still, I have to admit, I don't think I'm going to miss her.

    Overall, the show was well done, though even with her death, this was a bit of a filler to me. Everything was well acted and Edward James Olmos did his usual supberb job; especially when he hears Starbucks ship get destroyed while in CiC, then later in his quarters. Overall, an interesting episode, especially in dealing with destiny. I always thought the swirly thing had to do with the Eye of Saturn and her being tied into that. Didn't see it as her knowing when she was going to die. Inspite of everything, it was well done. Now, hopefully we can move past these and get on to finding Earth and fighting Cylons.
  • How can Starbuck be dead when she is a Cylon?

    There's no other explanation that I can think of. I don't think that she has been written out of the series so the only exlanation that I can think of is that she is one of the unidentified cylons.

    I guess we'll all have to wait and see when season 4 airs in the fall.

    There's no other explanation that I can think of. I don't think that she has been written out of the series so the only exlanation that I can think of is that she is one of the unidentified cylons.

    I guess we'll all have to wait and see when season 4 airs in the fall.
  • Not what it seems..

    As with most Battlestar episodes, I liked this one, although it wasn't my favorite episode. I'm really not sure where they're going with this story line concerning Starbuck. I honestly don't think she's dead b/c that would make no sense. What was her the point of her 'destiny' if it was to just kill her in an accidental crash? Yeah.. there's something more to this story. I think she really saw the cylon fighter and since it briefly showed her hand on the eject lever- she actually pulled it and was picked up by the cylons after drifting for a while. Apollo didn't see her b/c visibility was poor and draedus couldn't pick up anything anyway. Yes, many people (including my fiance) really wanted Starbuck to die (I personally really like her, even though she is very self-destructive), but I just don't think she's dead. Good shows have good twists and great storyline and plot development, so I don't think everything should be taken at face value. Yes, her ship crashed, but it doesn't make sense to the whole 'destiny' plotline if she just died. That didn't fulfill anything.
  • Kara (Starbuck) has an emotional series of flashbacks and "possible" illusions. The wall drawing, the scenes with her mum, the supposed Cylon Heavy Raider encounter. She follows the raider into a whirlpool type space event and supposedly gets whacked.

    This are my opinions as to Karas fate. I have a few. (1) She did in fact encounter the Cylon Raider even though it wasn't picked up by the other scanners aboard Galactica or Lee Adama. She then ejected before her ship blew apart and was picked up by the Cylons.(2) This whole episode was a dream sequence.(3) Starbuck actually did die in this episode as demonstrated by Admiral Adamas reaction at the end. All in all this was a thinking persons episode, a lot of possibility's and unanswered questions. This episode was interesting to say the least. B+
  • Starbuck’s various problems and psychoses finally come to a head in this not-to-be missed episode. If you were hoping for a a fast-tracked trial however, you’re out of luck this week.

    It’s not a big secrect for fans of the show, or Leobun for that matter, that even before her incarceration by him during the Cylon occupation and the Lee-Kara-Anders-Dualla love quadrangle, that Starbuck had a rather tortured relationship with a likely abusive mother. This week we got to see that ugliness and its continuing effect on her. As she starts crumpling under the weight of several different aspects of her past, both ancient and much more recent, the cracks in her façade become painfully visible, but very plausibly deniable to those who love, command, and count on her. Katee Sackoff does a marvelous job of portraying someone who’s sleep deprived, seeing things, and may or may not be losing it just a little bit, but struggling to maintain, not just her dignity, but also the infalible persona that she’s built around herself, and doing a good enough job to convince everyone but herself. It’s an excellent counterpoint to Edward James Olmos’ performance a couple episodes ago in ‘A Day in the Life.’ That being said, it’s a much better written episode than that one. Beyond being tighter and more cohesive, which it is, the show seems to recall here that it used to be good at this sort of thing, pre- ‘Black Market;’ showing a beloved, tough character gradually losing control, self-contained, deeply emotional, psychological drama, that sort of thing. In an episode where Olmos and Sackoff shone white hot, additional kudos should go to Kandyse McClure who despite not having any lines in this episode that she’s not parroting over the wireless, steals a scene with a wordless moment of very complex emotion. The writers of the last two episodes Bradley Thompson and David Weddle here, and Anne Cofell Saunders and Jane Espenson last week (‘Dirty Hands’) deserve credit too: They and the producers seem to have the show back on track after a fairly rough patch recently. All that, and I didn’t even mention the shocking ending, which I won’t spoil here. Watch it. It’s good. Rough, but very, very, good.
  • Oh..

    I do not know how to feel about this episode.. I think when I had watched it all without no knowledge what is coming next, i would have definetly been shocked and moved but as my little sister has already seen end of this season and somehow slipped me some information, it did looked just like a little pause.

    I like the whole story of Starbuck - I really have started to like that char and to see her even more messed up than usual - it was somehow scary but she played it out so well and also those facts we learned about her past.. what made it all much clearer and then those visual effects - just cannot stop mentioning them...

    Moving storyline
  • I still can't decide if I believe it or not.

    Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace is dead! Can you believe it?

    This was a well written episode that finally added something new to the show after a series of bad or not-so-good episodes. It followed the plot began in "Eye of Jupiter" regarding Starbuck's drawings of the Eye even though she claimed never having seen it or knowing why she liked to draw that pattern. Also, the plot if Starbuck is a Cylon or not was also exploited.

    In my opinion, there are two major sequels to all this, both very possible. Starbuck is discovered to be one of the Final Five and all her difficult-childness memories were part of her program, thus the 'character' comes back and we stick with Katee Sackhoff, whose work I very much like. Or the Jupiter Eye only Starbuck could see saved her life in some way and after a period (read as 'until the season finale') of inner reflections and discoveries, she comes back as a new kind of the gods emissary to guide the fleet to Earth.

    Don't know if her death is worse than her possible/probable 'rebirth', but I'm sure as hell I'm gonna stay tuned to find out.
  • Battlestar Galactica... is BACK!

    I am pleased to announce, ladies and gentelmen, that after quite a few episodes in which the series has completely derialed, Battlestar Galactica is back with a BANG!

    Yes, the series has suffered through most of the previous episodes, but this episode was a huge relief! It was intense, exciting, shocking and evry single positive adjective you could possibly manage to write down in this review! This episode kept me on the edge of my seat throughout most of the episode, and it keeps me longing for more! I want more, and I want more of that we saw during this episode! Let us hope it continues this way, and that it will not go back to its old habits after this truly magnificent episode!
  • Adama: "What do you hear, Starbuck?" Starbuck: "Nothing but the rain."

    Did this episode really happen? Did the writers really kill off my favorite character? Let me count the ways this episode pissed me off:

    1. They killed Starbuck. 2. They killed Starbuck in such a pointless way. She didn't go out in a blaze of glory. She didn't die in a struggle for redemption or trying to save the human race. 3. All the talk of Starbuck's "destiny", and this is all we get? Her special destiny was to accept death? I’m just not buying it. 4. The episode left me with too many questions and zero answers. If that wasn't Leoben, who was it? What does "all this has happened before, and will happen again" mean? When will be getting answers to these questions? BSG has gotten big on the mythology lately; I just wish I understood it.

    In reality, Starbuck's death shouldn't have shocked me as much as it did. The Hollywood rumor mill has been hinting at Starbuck's demise for months now. All the references to the pilot episode; Starbuck finally acknowledging that her and Lee's relationship is going nowhere; Starbuck telling Lee where she wanted her photo to be if she died; throughout the episode I could feel her death coming, but I don’t think I was ready for how it all played out. I just wish she had died for something. Her death felt so meaningless and sudden, that I didn't even feel any emotions until that final scene with Adama.

    Is this the last we'll see of the character, though? Will Starbuck come back as a Cylon? I don't know if I'd like that. Actually...frak it. I don't care how she comes back, I just want her back. Final Notes and Quotes - Survivor Count: Same as last weeks. 41, 400.

    - We finally met Starbuck's mother, Corporal Socrata Thrace. No wonder Starbuck is so screwed up. I liked the flashbacks. More insight into Starbuck is always fine by me.

    - That sex scene with Leoben in the beginning was a scorcher. I'm sure I could apply symbolism to it if I wanted to.

    - Leoben: "You're free now to become who you really are. I'm here to prepare you to pass through the next door, to discover what hovers in the space between life and death." What the frak does that mean? Sounds a lot like what D'Anna believed she was destined for.

    - Starbuck: "After all we've been through, we are right back where we started. You're the CAG, and I'm your hot shot problem pilot. I guess that's all we'll ever be now, huh?"

    - If Katee Sackhoff's name is out of the credits next week, I might just cry.

    Final Rating: This was a powerful and emotional episode. But it's not what I wanted. Let's just leave it at that.

    - Tim Bronx Find this and many more reviews at:
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