Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • There you have it, Kara is a Cylon...!?

    As im writing this review my heart is still pounding in between rhytms and my eyes are teary. You see, Kara has always been a mentaly inabt border jockey basket case, but she was the best. Anger kept her alive, instead of hope and faith. She was fighting for her survival, the selfish primal drive she inharited by her screwed up mother. While running as far away from her past and her mothers lonely death as fracking possible. She was never as free as she believed she would be. The momeries chased her everywhere; on board galactica, in her sleep, in her viper. Now that ive briefly talked about this episodes plot and character arc, id like to motivate the prediction I made in the summary:

    There are a whole bunch of clues that lead me to believe Kara is a cylon. No1. on the list is the figurine of Godess of hte dawn, which means rebirth. No2. should be the interest the cylons showed in her on new caprica. No3. being the guardian or guide she meats portraying the cylon ''neoben'' that sets her free and opens her midn to see the pattern of what hovers between life and death (meaning she has some way to go). Last but not least; the symbol she painted of the eye pointing the way to earth. And her mother telling her shes special (its mentioned several times and always denied by Kara still failing to see the pattern).

    This is not the end of Kara. Or maybe I'd just like to think that, because she was one those who's psychological complexity made me feel for her and connect to her like no other character on screen. Maybe she was the one who kept everyone else going, atleast her exterior presence was. She ment alot to the fleet and to certain people. If shes gone for good she will be missed.

    Loved this episode, it was intense and very compeling. Im an emotional wreck for now, but surely cant wait to see what surprises are rising and dawning in the universe next I have the feeling this thing is about to blow up and excellerate into a climax!