Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • argh...

    Maybe it's because this is the first tv show I really loved that much after a loong time. Maybe I had too big expectections from it.. maybe cause this season has been so bad (comparing with the other 2).. Well, whatever it is this episode has pissed me off and this is the first time something similar happens to me, well for a tv show anyway.

    I feel cheated and manipulated from the creators of the show. Cheated and used as a viewer.
    Whatever the conclusion of this ark is, even if Starbuck is alive, I found the whole "killing a main character even if not for good" as a very cheap trick that has nothing to do with the standards this show has established for 3 years now. Did they really get rid of the character just because it was so audacious to do it? Do RDM and Co think that shocking their audience is more important that giving us a good story? I hope not, even if in the podcast this is mentioned, like a laugh in our face. If this is the case that would erase all the respect I had for the creators of this show and in the show itself.

    Even if this episode is a piece of a bigger puzzle I can't say I am impressed from the storrytelling. But the whole writing and the direction of the show this season is disappointing and leads nowhere really and this episode is no exception I am afraid..Starbuck's character has been maltreated from the writers since the season's start.

    Oh well, I strongly hope they haven't killed Starbuck as we knew her, she was a major contribution in the quality and success of BSG (as it is Lee,Adama, Roslin, Athena, Six, Baltar).

    I give this episode "4" for the acting only.