Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 15

No Exit

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Well we wanted answers...we got them. Unfortunately we also got more questions.

    Intense is probably the best word to describe that.

    Daniel?? Wait, Bulldog?? Was his name not Daniel...or there is Daniel Greystone from "Caprica" At least they explain number 7 though. And Kara WANTED to be a cylon? That is a huge change of heart. And Cavil knew who the final 5 were all along...

    Okay so the humans on Kobol created the cylons, but then they all went their separate ways. The humans to the 12 colonies, and the cylons to earth. They created earth, and ditched resurrection. Then Ellen, Tigh, Tory, Chief and Anders recreated resurrection, resurrected themselves when...AI they built rebelled I guess?? Then they flew off to Earth at relativistic speeds to warn the Colonials not to build AI. Then they found out they were too late, talked to the centurions, and realized that they believed in God, so this made everything better. They then created children, to go into the colonies, and what? Learn to make peace? But then their children rebelled and stuck them on Earth, and warned them all about the holocaust just enough so they would all survive to suffer?? And I guess Ellen really was planned from the start. It's interesting how the episode when she first appears is all about finding out whether or not she's a cylon. Turns out Adama was right.

    Of course Lee is following his destiny. Rebuilding the fleet. Fixing it. Fixing the government. It's been said for ages; they are not Colonies anymore. They are a ragtag fleet of ships. Their ships are their homes. Quorum meeting will get much louder though with, what is it, 35 representatives??

    As for the ship, looks like Galactica will be getting a makeover cylon style. She really is a metaphor for the whole fleet. As long as she holds together, so the fleet does. As soon as the fleet loses hope, and direction - starts to fall apart - so does she. Maybe as she gets integrated with cylons, the fleet will begin to accept them.

    Go Boomer! Always knew she would be back. It'll be interesting when she shows up with Ellen, which is what I assume will happen. Maybe they'll swing by Earth and pick up Three as well. Also wondering how the Chief (so glad I can say that again) and Boomer thing will turn out. As well as Chief Tory. So if Anders played All Along the Watchtower for the girl he loved, and that girl WASN'T Tory (unless it was some unrequited type love) then who was it? Kara somehow?? We still have no clue how she fits into this.