Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 15

No Exit

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on Syfy

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  • I'm puzzled

    I was not convinced by the writers' choice to put Cavil as the ultimate evil guy who manipulates everyone, even the Final Five !

    Everything in the show led us to feel it was the other way round : that the FF new all about the plan, that they lived in secret, even from the other models, that they were maybe orchestrating everyone in order to repeat the same old story with the humans again and again (the visions of the opera in season 3), trying to breed a new generation of cylon/human hybrids... etc...
    You know some Matrix-like storyline where everyone would be imprisoned in a neverending cycle of war and peace.

    Why I believe the revelations of 'No exit' don't fit for now (maybe the writers will make everything coherent in the final episode) :
    - Helen ressurects as old as she was when she died. So what about Saul and this Cylon aging thing in 'Revelations' ?

    - Cavil knows of the FF existence, and doesn't seem to make such a big secret of it. He introduces Boomer to Helen, and even asks in the end the Simon models to operate surgery on a FF !!
    So, what was that big sacred and forbidden secret not to unravel about ?
    Why did he had to box D'Anna's line in that case ?

    - Helen's resurrection brings out another problem : The FF seem to share the other 7 models' baseships, which would mean there would be spare bodies of the FF on board.
    So, the other models would have already saw the face of the FF.

    I'm puzzled.
    Now, we have a 13th model destroyed by Really-Meanie-Cavil called Daniel.
    My guess is that this aborted model is still alive and maybe be 'head Baltar/Six'. He has no human form but is orchestrating the Cylon plan.
    But, what about Starbuck ? If she's not a cylon, what is she ?

    I just hope the writers know where they're going.
    For the first time in the whole series, I'm puzzled, but not in a positive way.
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