Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 15

No Exit

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Flitting back and forth between Galactica present day and the Cylon Fleet, this episode adds a great deal to our knowledge of the origin of the human Cylons.

    Once again the writers of Galactica show us how they can use Science Fiction as a vehicle for dissection of the human condition; they know us well.

    We see the relationship between the final Cylon "Ellen" model and Tavill. Ellen is the creator of the human form Cylons, the final five, this episode reveals, are the original Cylons pre-dating the modern human models. We learn of an additional model that was destroyed maliciously by Cavill. We learn the source of Cavill's bile and determination to wipe out the humans; he resents being made in the image of those he considers inferior.

    The writers brilliantly sculpt the scene where this becomes apparent to tell an eternal story of humanity through Cavills disavowal of that very thing; a child's longing for approval by his parents all the while ostensibly rejecting their wishes. They propose a formula for the eradication of racism - live among them. I previously heard this theory espoused by Dawkins in "The God Delusion", he postulated that to rid Northern Ireland of sectarianism they need only have Catholic and Protestant children go to school together. To finally end the cycle of Slavery, Revolt and Genocide between human and Cylon Ellen and the final Cylons sought to do the same. Have evolved post-revolt Centurians take human form and live with the humans, live AS humans and let this allow them to put aside their hate and resentment. This plan may fall flat if Cavill continues to be the dominant voice in the Cylon Fleet.