Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 15

No Exit

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Makes you re-assess many events that have happened over the entire series and an episode that does that is no mean feat.

    I actually want to go watch the entire series again after this episode. That's how much it makes you re-evaluate past events. They make an episode that might have turned out only to be an info dump, mean something.

    Key to this is Kate Vernon's re-appearance as Ellen Tigh. As a Cylon she seems more confident, sure of herself and in control. It's a nice touch to test a Centurian's intelligence by asking to be helped out of the soup like the lady she is. Her relationship with John a.k.a Cavill is also more frakked up than ever before. Turns out he was the orchestrator of the entire holocaust. Bstard son and original flesh Cylon creation that he is. Having Boomer there also raises questions that make you want to go back and watch previous episodes.

    Now, I thought Sam and Tory were the couple and not Galen with Tory. Sam's bulletbrain visions really cleared and set-up a lot. I liked it even if it felt like too much information sometimes. Question is still on Kara though. Now I don't want her to be Cylon but with the only dead forever Cylon now known to be Daniel (the no.7 who's ectoplasm was poisoned by John) you can't help but think, is Starbuck a conduit or a re-incarnation for him. I have a feeling it has more to do with the one true god though as does head-six (still very absent). Speaking of the One True God, it turns out that the final 5 did not know or believe of him till they met the new Cylon Centurions half a century ago. That is interesting as we assumed it was always that way with all Cylons.

    The ship falling apart is something you wouldn't see in other tv series and I like the fact that when building they cut corners like many a builder may do. It makes you feel that the old bird is dieing along with it's dieing leader.

    Lastly loved the little bit with Tigh and Caprica's baby. Seeing as there is no indication him and Ellen had kids (well they couldn't I suppose) this must be elating for him. It's nice to see the guy just a little happy. What will Ellen think when she returns (next week) though?