Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on Syfy
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Tigh, Tyrol and Anders lead the Resistance on New Caprica to increasingly deadly attacks against the Cylons. Kara finds herself trapped in a new life with Leoben Conoy, and Duck makes a fateful decision. Meanwhile onGalactica, Adama struggles with the question of whether to return to New Caprica to mount a rescue attempt.moreless

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  • Occupation

    Occupation was a perfect and entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it shows all the characters and how their lives have changed, adapted, and progressed under Cylon Occupation. It was cool to see Gaeta helping the resistance and I was shocked to see how big Apollo has become. The Presidents account of what was happening was a great scene. There was drama, intrigue, action and character development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Great season opener...

    It's been a four months since Galactica and Pegasus took off. People on the surfice are fighting Cylons as much as they can, but most of them have given up. Tigh is held prisoner by the Cylons, but he's released in the begining of the episode - curtesy of his wife, Ellen.

    This episode wasn't clear to me. There are some things I wondered like "What happened when Caprica first saw Gaius?" or "Did Boomer went to see Tyrol?" or "What did Boomer do when she found out about Nik?" or "Why doesn't Adama tell Sharon that her baby's alive?". When we're at it, does he actually knows? Maybe Laura did it without consulting with him.

    The best moments of this episode are reserved to Kara Thrace. She looks just gorgeous with that long hair of hers, and she's being as tough as ever.

    Apollo, on the other hand, have a pretty skiny wife, but he gained few tones of weight. Also, he's now and acting like a big muffin.

    Bill Adama is lost in guilt... And Sharon is helping him get over it. Finally, we see some trust here.

    Laura is writing a journal and praying. Yeah, nothing new there... She's being a Laura - boring and sooo concerned. She always gives orders, and necer do anything by herself.

    Helo is Galactica's XO, and Dee is Pegasus's. Gueta is Gaius's little helper - and also Resistance's secret weapon. Kara is Leoben's love slave, and Ellen is sleeping with Cylons - though, this time for husband. Kat's Galactica's CAG, and she sucks at it.

    In the last minutes of this episode, contact has been made. After 4 months of separation, all of the Galactica's crew is about to be reunited.moreless
  • Tyrol: "Some things you just don't do, Colonel. Not even in war."

    Firing squads, suicide bombings, torture, insurgencies. Battlestar Galactica has returned and is holding nothing back. This episode was a great re-introduction to the series and to the whole new world our characters are living in.

    I really loved Dean Stockwell this episode. His Brother Cavil was too fun to watch, in an evil sadist sort of way (I loved the shades he was wearing in the beginning). His cylon appears to be the cruelest out of the bunch; he was clearly enjoying tormenting Saul in detention. I liked how he used quotation marks with his fingers whenever he said God. How ironic that the cylon priest is an atheist.

    We are starting to get more background and insight into the Cylons, which is something I’ve wanted to happen for a while now. I was surprised the cylons didn’t have a clear, organized plan on what their goal was with the humans on New Caprica. Brother Cavil wants to kill the humans off into a more “controllable” population of 1,000, while Sharon and Caprica Six (who have become the human advocates) want to try and work things out peacefully with the humans.

    The cylon’s initial reasoning for invading New Caprica in the first place still remains a little murky. Six said it was because most cylons felt regretful for the massacre of the twelve colonies, and they wanted to rekindle a relationship with humans. First of, if that is true, invading the population, detaining and torturing civilians, is not the best way to go. Also, many of the cylons appeared to be leaning more towards human domination, instead of living corporately side by side with humans as Six described.

    The cylon incursion has affected every character negatively. Some have lost their families, such as Duck. Some have even lost an eye, such as Tigh. I was impressed with how strong Tigh and Ellen have grown since we last saw them. Tigh is now the tough leader of the insurgents, and Ellen is sleeping with Brother Cavil to keep Tigh safe. I didn't think either of them had it in them. Sometimes the worst situations can bring out the best in people.

    The (small) Galactica crew has become tired, unorganized, and plain frustrated. That viper training was a disaster, and Adama blew up several times throughout the episode; I was surprised when he called Lee a "fat ass". It was surreal watching Adama walk down the empty Galactica hallways. At least an upside is that almost everyone who is left of the Galactica crew has gotten promoted; Helo to Galactica XO, Duallo to Pegasus XO, and, surprisingly, Cat to Galactica CAG.

    You got to love Starbuck. Being forced to marry and live with Leoben, she reacts by killing Leoben as many times as she possibly can. Five is the quota right now. All her scenes with Leoben were effectively creepy, especially when he was predicting that one day Starbuck will be deeply in love with him. More on Starbuck and Leoben in part two.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - It's been four months since the season two finale (134 days).

    - Starbuck and Anders have matching tattoos on opposite arms.

    - The Insurgency is the new Resistance.

    - Apollo has grown depressed and soft, both physically and mentally.

    - Baltar has definitely grown less popular over the time jump. Smoke practically steamed out of Tigh's head when Tyroll mentioned his name.

    - It's strange seeing multiple versions of the same Cylon interacting with one another at the Cylon meetings.

    - I loved the haunting score during the opening scene, and the fast-paced drums as Gaeta raced to flip the dog bowl. Fantastic music, as always.

    - Brother Cavill: "You're all living in a fantasy world. Consider the irony in that. Delusional machines. What's the universe going to come up with next?"

    - Leoben: "I'll see you soon Kara."

    Starbuck: "Take your time."

    Final Rating: The writers keep turning this show in whole new directions. I was very impressed. Rating in part two.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • See you soon.

    Well a new standard for cold opens has been set, as that was the best one yet. I loved those first couple of minutes without audio, other than that haunting melody, as I'm bombarded with flashes of bewildering scenes. The little insight the webisodes gave me into the state of the resistance didn't prepare me for the opening moments of this season. Ellen selling herself for Saul's freedom and the Colonel himself were shocking images done very well. Cavil was excellent again in his scene in detention with Tigh(as he was in his scene on Colonial One nonchalantly suggesting Baltar's execution). It's pretty impressive when a show has a bomb going off in it's first moments and it not be the craziest thing to go down(hell, not even for some of the characters) and just reinforced the current state of affairs, not that it wasn't intense. But Starbuck took the prize for sure.

    Those first quiet shots of her in her new "apartment" as she set the table were in retrospect, like a sick mockery of what she was supposed have with Anders. And the meal with Leoben felt like such a reverse of their last encounter in Flesh and Bone when he had to wait for Starbuck to allow him to eat. It was an extremely well constructed scene all around. The kill itself was this rapid-fire splash of extreme violence followed by calm serenity as Starbuck continues her meal as if nothing could possibly be wrong. It was amazing to put it simply. The rest of their scenes together were excellent as well(Leoben laying out why Starbuck is there was a disturbing moment) but it was hard to top that first one.

    Adama beating himself(and the crew) up over the decision to leave everyone behind on New Caprica made for some good drama. I loved the shot of him walking through the hanger deck and stopping to pick up a random piece of debris, it's such a small thing but I think it speaks volumes to the kind of person he is and to their current situation. I probably would have enjoyed the scene when he loses it with Apollo, but the fatty was too much for me. In addition to not being able to take him seriously anytime he's on screen, it just seems unnecessary. There are other ways to show he's "gone soft." That's about the only complaint I have though.

    The resistance storyline is shaping up to be one of the best yet. I was half expecting Tigh to crawl into a bottle and wither away, so to see him actually leading the resistance was a shock. Even more so after he kept right at it after losing an eye and gaining a limp. I thought he seemed much to drastic and foolhardy in his decisions in the webisodes, but with what he's gone through his actions now seem much more justified and as the situation has only gotten more dire. Anders was to be expected with his history, damn non-fatal pneumonia. Chief was also expected, the real shock there was him and Cally being married with a kid(as I touched on in the last finale). I just never pictured them together, if anything I thought Chief looked at her as a kid sister. Well, ya just can't stop love, even a wired jaw can set it off. And on that note; is everyone married now? Hera at work maybe? Anyway, back to the resistance.

    Gaeta running for the dog bowl had me thinking, "That a boy, Felix." He always seemed like the most loyal member of the crew on Galactica, so I was glad he was helping the resistance in even a limited capacity. Though he's probably one of the most valuable members and is certainly taking just as much risk in getting caught. Though he could work on his cardio. The thin line the resistance is walking between freedom fighters and terrorists is inevitable when enemies and allies are embedded together so closely, and as the lines between enemy and ally begin to blur. Watching sides being chosen in The Resistance brought home how grave the situation really is and added something to the final minutes of this episode. The bomb that ended the episode definitely had more impact than the one that started it and not just because it was more humans than cylons getting killed this time around. Knowing the path Duck(and Jammer) took to get there added a lot to the moment and his final words mimicking Leoben's in the cold open was a beautiful touch. A powerful way to end an incredible episode.

    Proved why I generally like season premiers more than finales.moreless
  • Apollo's become a negative disaffected porker; Ellen Tigh Twists and Swirls; Tighs officially "one-eyed"; Brother Cavill got swirled; and Jammers Jammed!

    To start, FatLee had better get CuteLee PDQ or I'm going to have to start liking Anders - and that would be tragic!

    FatLee is so negative, I could have slapped him when every time someone voiced an idea, he'd come loping in with a reason why it couldn't work. Maybe it's guilt! His father's 'fat ass' comment said it all.

    At first I thought Jammer had joined the NCP undercover for the resistance - but it was just the old naive Jammer back again.

    After all the high mind digs Six and the other Cylons have had about the inhumanity of man, it's interesting that they're displaying traits twice as bad. Torture, executions Capos, the whole nazi bit.

    All in all, a fabulous episode and worth the wait.moreless
Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

D'Anna Biers

Recurring Role

Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon

Ellen Tigh

Recurring Role

Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco

Samuel Anders

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Continuity: After Starbuck stabs Leoben to death during dinner, her right hand is covered in blood (some of which she wipes off on the floor). As she moves back to the dinner table, she reaches for the folding knife with her right hand, which now has merely a few drops of blood on it. Once she sits down and raises her hands to push her hair back over her shoulders, her right hand is drenched in blood again.

    • In this episode, it is confirmed that Helo is the Galactica XO and Kat is Galactica CAG. Also, Dualla is serving as the Pegasus XO.

  • QUOTES (6)

  • NOTES (10)

    • A bonus disc titled "Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far" is included on the UK version of the Season Three DVD box set. The 40-minute feature, narrated by Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin), recaps the events leading up to the Cylon occupation of New Caprica. The program originally aired on the Sci Fi Channel and on some NBC affiliates before the start of Season Three on the Sci Fi Channel.

      The program is also available for free online viewing at several websites, including this very website, Click on the Videos tab of this guide to watch the video.

    • Ronald Moore was nominated for a 2007 Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Writing For a Drama Series" for the script of this episode. The nomination treated "Occupation" and "Precipice" as one double-length episode.

    • Katee Sackhoff read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line at the beginning of this episode.

    • This episode premiered on Space in Canada on October 7th, 2006, one day after it was shown in the US.

    • The episode begins on the 134th day of the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.

    • Kandyse McClure is credited as Candice McClure for the first time.

    • This opening episode of Season Three introduces a new opening sequence with different footage but the same text ("And They Have a Plan").

      The title segment after the teaser mixes in new scenes with the previously used footage. The text is different, however: The Human Race, Far from Home, Fighting for Survival. The count of survivors is absent.

    • Lucy Lawless and Michael Trucco are credited as "Special Guest Stars" in this episode.

    • This episode continues the survivors' story four months after the start of the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, as seen in the Season Two finale "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2."

    • This episode aired with "Precipice" on October 6, 2006, as a two-hour season premiere.