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Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on Syfy

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  • I'll see you soon, Nora.

    Beginning at the start of season three, I'm going to be writing these again for the remaining two seasons. The back half of season 2 mostly bored me (except maybe the finale) so I watched through it quickly to get to Lay Down Your Burdens (excellent finale) and now here. And what a return this is.

    I watched this separately from Precipice and I also did not watch the Resistance webisodes, which in hindsight makes this premiere all the better because of the sense of unrelenting action we're thrown into. There are a LOT of stories here being told in a really depressing way, and even the so-called glimmer of hope at the end is still ridiculously dark.

    But let's not start there - let's instead start by discussing all of the new things that have unfolded in the past four months since the fantastic cliffhanger to season two. Having a long period of time pass within the show's narrative is a great way to seed new storylines and character arcs that had not been present in earlier material, and that's exactly what this does. First, there's the Resistance, which itself is a not-so-subtle parallel for the US occupation of the Middle East. This show is running at the same time as the ridiculous 24 propaganda on TV, and so a show that paints US counterterrorism forces even metaphorically in a negative light is at the time a much-needed balance. In a very clear metaphor, the resistance fighters have inside agents, roadside bombs, and even chilling suicide bombers in a continual display of anti-Cylon sentiment. The police force is really quite strange. It's almost hard to believe that so many people would suddenly ally themselves with Cylons in the space of four months, but if they know that it's going to make them safe from the Cylons themselves then they do have a very compelling reason to. At the same time, we have Tigh losing a literal eye, Starbuck kept in one of the creepiest prison situations ever, and more. It's a lot to go through in 45 minutes, but the episode remains focused and manages it well.

    The situation on the Galactica is almost as bleak. Adama has hardened while Lee has softened, and they have a conflict this episode that looks like it could be a character arc for the entire season. But the most compelling part of this storyline is that yes, Adama and Galactica!Sharon are now best buds. It's so weird to see them talking together with such a sense of respect and even asking each other genuinely personal questions, but I guess I can see how that situation would unfold. It starts with Adama asking her more and more advice about the Cylons and growing friendlier and friendlier. I actually really love this dynamic. Can this NOT be a long con please? Thanks, Ron.
  • Occupation

    Occupation was a perfect and entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it shows all the characters and how their lives have changed, adapted, and progressed under Cylon Occupation. It was cool to see Gaeta helping the resistance and I was shocked to see how big Apollo has become. The Presidents account of what was happening was a great scene. There was drama, intrigue, action and character development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Great season opener...

    It's been a four months since Galactica and Pegasus took off. People on the surfice are fighting Cylons as much as they can, but most of them have given up. Tigh is held prisoner by the Cylons, but he's released in the begining of the episode - curtesy of his wife, Ellen.

    This episode wasn't clear to me. There are some things I wondered like "What happened when Caprica first saw Gaius?" or "Did Boomer went to see Tyrol?" or "What did Boomer do when she found out about Nik?" or "Why doesn't Adama tell Sharon that her baby's alive?". When we're at it, does he actually knows? Maybe Laura did it without consulting with him.

    The best moments of this episode are reserved to Kara Thrace. She looks just gorgeous with that long hair of hers, and she's being as tough as ever.

    Apollo, on the other hand, have a pretty skiny wife, but he gained few tones of weight. Also, he's now and acting like a big muffin.

    Bill Adama is lost in guilt... And Sharon is helping him get over it. Finally, we see some trust here.

    Laura is writing a journal and praying. Yeah, nothing new there... She's being a Laura - boring and sooo concerned. She always gives orders, and necer do anything by herself.

    Helo is Galactica's XO, and Dee is Pegasus's. Gueta is Gaius's little helper - and also Resistance's secret weapon. Kara is Leoben's love slave, and Ellen is sleeping with Cylons - though, this time for husband. Kat's Galactica's CAG, and she sucks at it.

    In the last minutes of this episode, contact has been made. After 4 months of separation, all of the Galactica's crew is about to be reunited.
  • Tyrol: "Some things you just don't do, Colonel. Not even in war."

    Firing squads, suicide bombings, torture, insurgencies. Battlestar Galactica has returned and is holding nothing back. This episode was a great re-introduction to the series and to the whole new world our characters are living in.

    I really loved Dean Stockwell this episode. His Brother Cavil was too fun to watch, in an evil sadist sort of way (I loved the shades he was wearing in the beginning). His cylon appears to be the cruelest out of the bunch; he was clearly enjoying tormenting Saul in detention. I liked how he used quotation marks with his fingers whenever he said God. How ironic that the cylon priest is an atheist.

    We are starting to get more background and insight into the Cylons, which is something I’ve wanted to happen for a while now. I was surprised the cylons didn’t have a clear, organized plan on what their goal was with the humans on New Caprica. Brother Cavil wants to kill the humans off into a more “controllable” population of 1,000, while Sharon and Caprica Six (who have become the human advocates) want to try and work things out peacefully with the humans.

    The cylon’s initial reasoning for invading New Caprica in the first place still remains a little murky. Six said it was because most cylons felt regretful for the massacre of the twelve colonies, and they wanted to rekindle a relationship with humans. First of, if that is true, invading the population, detaining and torturing civilians, is not the best way to go. Also, many of the cylons appeared to be leaning more towards human domination, instead of living corporately side by side with humans as Six described.

    The cylon incursion has affected every character negatively. Some have lost their families, such as Duck. Some have even lost an eye, such as Tigh. I was impressed with how strong Tigh and Ellen have grown since we last saw them. Tigh is now the tough leader of the insurgents, and Ellen is sleeping with Brother Cavil to keep Tigh safe. I didn't think either of them had it in them. Sometimes the worst situations can bring out the best in people.

    The (small) Galactica crew has become tired, unorganized, and plain frustrated. That viper training was a disaster, and Adama blew up several times throughout the episode; I was surprised when he called Lee a "fat ass". It was surreal watching Adama walk down the empty Galactica hallways. At least an upside is that almost everyone who is left of the Galactica crew has gotten promoted; Helo to Galactica XO, Duallo to Pegasus XO, and, surprisingly, Cat to Galactica CAG.

    You got to love Starbuck. Being forced to marry and live with Leoben, she reacts by killing Leoben as many times as she possibly can. Five is the quota right now. All her scenes with Leoben were effectively creepy, especially when he was predicting that one day Starbuck will be deeply in love with him. More on Starbuck and Leoben in part two.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - It's been four months since the season two finale (134 days).

    - Starbuck and Anders have matching tattoos on opposite arms.

    - The Insurgency is the new Resistance.

    - Apollo has grown depressed and soft, both physically and mentally.

    - Baltar has definitely grown less popular over the time jump. Smoke practically steamed out of Tigh's head when Tyroll mentioned his name.

    - It's strange seeing multiple versions of the same Cylon interacting with one another at the Cylon meetings.

    - I loved the haunting score during the opening scene, and the fast-paced drums as Gaeta raced to flip the dog bowl. Fantastic music, as always.

    - Brother Cavill: "You're all living in a fantasy world. Consider the irony in that. Delusional machines. What's the universe going to come up with next?"

    - Leoben: "I'll see you soon Kara."
    Starbuck: "Take your time."

    Final Rating: The writers keep turning this show in whole new directions. I was very impressed. Rating in part two.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • See you soon.

    Well a new standard for cold opens has been set, as that was the best one yet. I loved those first couple of minutes without audio, other than that haunting melody, as I'm bombarded with flashes of bewildering scenes. The little insight the webisodes gave me into the state of the resistance didn't prepare me for the opening moments of this season. Ellen selling herself for Saul's freedom and the Colonel himself were shocking images done very well. Cavil was excellent again in his scene in detention with Tigh(as he was in his scene on Colonial One nonchalantly suggesting Baltar's execution). It's pretty impressive when a show has a bomb going off in it's first moments and it not be the craziest thing to go down(hell, not even for some of the characters) and just reinforced the current state of affairs, not that it wasn't intense. But Starbuck took the prize for sure.

    Those first quiet shots of her in her new "apartment" as she set the table were in retrospect, like a sick mockery of what she was supposed have with Anders. And the meal with Leoben felt like such a reverse of their last encounter in Flesh and Bone when he had to wait for Starbuck to allow him to eat. It was an extremely well constructed scene all around. The kill itself was this rapid-fire splash of extreme violence followed by calm serenity as Starbuck continues her meal as if nothing could possibly be wrong. It was amazing to put it simply. The rest of their scenes together were excellent as well(Leoben laying out why Starbuck is there was a disturbing moment) but it was hard to top that first one.

    Adama beating himself(and the crew) up over the decision to leave everyone behind on New Caprica made for some good drama. I loved the shot of him walking through the hanger deck and stopping to pick up a random piece of debris, it's such a small thing but I think it speaks volumes to the kind of person he is and to their current situation. I probably would have enjoyed the scene when he loses it with Apollo, but the fatty was too much for me. In addition to not being able to take him seriously anytime he's on screen, it just seems unnecessary. There are other ways to show he's "gone soft." That's about the only complaint I have though.

    The resistance storyline is shaping up to be one of the best yet. I was half expecting Tigh to crawl into a bottle and wither away, so to see him actually leading the resistance was a shock. Even more so after he kept right at it after losing an eye and gaining a limp. I thought he seemed much to drastic and foolhardy in his decisions in the webisodes, but with what he's gone through his actions now seem much more justified and as the situation has only gotten more dire. Anders was to be expected with his history, damn non-fatal pneumonia. Chief was also expected, the real shock there was him and Cally being married with a kid(as I touched on in the last finale). I just never pictured them together, if anything I thought Chief looked at her as a kid sister. Well, ya just can't stop love, even a wired jaw can set it off. And on that note; is everyone married now? Hera at work maybe? Anyway, back to the resistance.

    Gaeta running for the dog bowl had me thinking, "That a boy, Felix." He always seemed like the most loyal member of the crew on Galactica, so I was glad he was helping the resistance in even a limited capacity. Though he's probably one of the most valuable members and is certainly taking just as much risk in getting caught. Though he could work on his cardio. The thin line the resistance is walking between freedom fighters and terrorists is inevitable when enemies and allies are embedded together so closely, and as the lines between enemy and ally begin to blur. Watching sides being chosen in The Resistance brought home how grave the situation really is and added something to the final minutes of this episode. The bomb that ended the episode definitely had more impact than the one that started it and not just because it was more humans than cylons getting killed this time around. Knowing the path Duck(and Jammer) took to get there added a lot to the moment and his final words mimicking Leoben's in the cold open was a beautiful touch. A powerful way to end an incredible episode.

    Proved why I generally like season premiers more than finales.
  • Apollo's become a negative disaffected porker; Ellen Tigh Twists and Swirls; Tighs officially "one-eyed"; Brother Cavill got swirled; and Jammers Jammed!

    To start, FatLee had better get CuteLee PDQ or I'm going to have to start liking Anders - and that would be tragic!

    FatLee is so negative, I could have slapped him when every time someone voiced an idea, he'd come loping in with a reason why it couldn't work. Maybe it's guilt! His father's 'fat ass' comment said it all.

    At first I thought Jammer had joined the NCP undercover for the resistance - but it was just the old naive Jammer back again.

    After all the high mind digs Six and the other Cylons have had about the inhumanity of man, it's interesting that they're displaying traits twice as bad. Torture, executions Capos, the whole nazi bit.

    All in all, a fabulous episode and worth the wait.
  • Excellent

    This is an excellent season starter, it features Baltar's fall from grace. This mirrors some of the horrific aspects of real human tragedies such as world war 2 or soviet east european occupation after world war 2. It shows human working against humans. When a person is given a chance to do bad things, horrible stuff happens. The main characters are not the clean cut heroes we come to know, a year after events of season 2, Apollo, Adama, Kara are all going through changes that tests the very fiber of their characters. It's a very interesting episode, the producers really made a good episode.
  • The cylons are in charge on New Caprica. Adama wants to plan a rescue but Lee is hesitant.

    Rather than spend a lot of time on playing catch up the use of Roslin narrating the status of the occupation is brilliant. By doing this we get to go right to the action of the episode.

    Some intriguing aspects:

    Leobon's obsession with getting Kara to fall in love with him, he literally dies in the attempt. Of course he has resurrection to fall back on.

    Tigh-Cavil enjoys tormenting him while in detention and taking advantage of how far Ellen will go to save him.

    It is very clear to me that at their cores Adama and Lee are very different. Adama is willing to risk everything to save the people on New Caprica while Lee is more pragmatic and wants to move on with the remaining fleet and go find Earth. Quite a difference from his willingness to follow the President to Kobol.

    Very intense way to start the season, it ramps up nicely from here.
  • Same war, new struggle...

    So.. the occupation continues.. and it is weird struggle - cylons are turning human against human , there is resistance and they are holing on for just hope - Galactica will come back.

    Tigh gets out of holding thanks to his wife and they go and continue their resistance - blowing things up. Chief is there too and now he is a father.. I liked what Celly told him - oneday he is not coming back..

    And Gaeta has his part too - he still work Baltar but gives out information and part of it becomes important - they hope they have change to take out Baltar.. and they manage to find signal from rapter Galactica send.. Oh.. i loved the moment.. it was the hope they were looking for..
  • Continuation of a wild and fun ride.

    Season three really starts off with a bang. I really got into the feelings on the resistance fighters and how they feel with the cylon occupation. Lee Adama as a fat person was a great costume and great effects, reminded me a lot of the movie Shallow Hal. The way Baltar is just a figure head of the government is intriguing. The storyline with Starbuck interesting to watch unfold. Colonel Tigh torture and release show his hatred especially with the loss of an eye. This episode has new story lines along with older ones. Season Three quality remains top notch with the previous two season.
  • This is how any season should open !

    Its like entering a dark nightmare, except for the part of it being a nightmare, this is reality for the crew of battlestar galactica. The occupation that we see here is almost parallel to the occupation by the Americans in the middle east, making this episode really controversial. Its definitely great to see how people, the people that we have come to love and cherish during the previous two seasons, come to the decission to send a comrade on a way suicide bombing mission. This episode contains the most heavy political content yet to date in this series.
  • Perfect for a premiere; informative, developing and unfolding, but a bit slow for usual BsG experience. Now that we see what the situation is, we're ready for hot action.

    It was a good episode to start a new season, informative, developing and unfolding. But it was a bit slow and not exciting enough as we all are used to. BsG was a show that makes you gasp but this episode was kind of "reporting the situation" which i somehow agree coz this is the premiere and they have to fill in. Character development and settlement of the situation was perfect though, flawless. I think now that the circumstances are quite well defined we'll begin to see some wild action pretty soon. Acting is almost perfect with the actors living on the ground, fighting, struggling, trying to stay human. But battlestars' crews seem rather "bored", than "guilty" or "nervous". Except Adm. Adama. I'd like to see the feelings on their faces. What they feel inside for leaving a lot behind, for abandoning. They're wonderful actors and they easily can show these; i guess it was the production's choice not to reveal such emotional aspects this early in the season.
  • It's a whole new planet, and a whole new BSG!

    This is possibly the roughest episode of BSG ever written. Virtually devoid of the mystical elements that are so characterically BSG. While other episodes in previous seasons have certainly been just as violent, this episode has a certain hollow violence unlike before!

    However, loyal viewers need not despair. The episode has created a fabulous foundation for a season that should be full of BSG at it's most powerful.

    After a year, and four months, on New Caprica (or in orbit around the planet etc.) there isn't a single character that has not been forced to look inwards or outwards to gleen a new perspective on their existence. Let's get ready to enjoy the epiphany!
  • Aside from Caprica 6 and Sharon whose programming is apparently faulty, the Cylons have yet to do anything that promotes trust. Their occupation of New Caprica is a fine example of just how evil they are.

    I am so happy to see the return of Galactica especially with such a strong season opener. This episode had me rooting for the god guys as well being conflicted over their methods of sticking it to the Cylons. Cara Thrace was never my most favourite character but I have to say she finally won me over in this episode. Taken away from her husband and trapped in a prison dressed up as home she has to endure the attentions of the Cylon Leoben who claims to love her. He exercises great patience with her as she attempts to kill him every opportunity she gets. It shows great strength in her character that she hasn’t been broken mentally knowing that everytime she kills him he will return. This was definitely an excellent season premiere.
  • Tigh, Tyrol and Anders lead the Resistance on New Caprica. Kara finds herself trapped with Leoben Conoy, and Duck makes a fateful decision. On Galactica, Adama struggles with whether to return to New Caprica to mount a rescue attempt.

    Well, I dissapointed. It was completely terrible but it was pretty bad! I knew that the \"1 year later\" thing would screw EVERYTHING up. The show has lost it\'s feeling. The feeling of being on a ship. Now the show is all about being trapped on the planet with no way out! I hate it so very much! It pisses me off! The cliffhanger from \"Precipice\" was pretty interesting. Most the episode I wasn\'t even paying attention because it was BORING! The first hour was very disappointing and the second hour was an improvement but was still bad. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow\'s episode will be better.
  • A strong start to an unexpected season

    It’s been a long wait for fans of “Battlestar: Galactica”, but the third season is finally here. In a number of interviews leading into this season, the producers discussed how a strong premiere was needed to show new viewers why the series has such critical acclaim. I can’t think of a more thought-provoking situation to start with than the Cylon Occupation. Whether or not Ron Moore saw this as the perfect platform for taking the series to the next level, I cannot say. I can only sit back and be amazed at the chances being taken.

    This first episode is dominated by exposition, but given how much time has passed since the relatively familiar world of “Lay Down Your Burdens”, it’s not a bad writing choice. This is almost like a pilot episode in tone, laying out the conflicts as they now stand and fleshing out the changes to familiar characters and relationships. There’s a lot of information to communicate in a short time, and Moore manages to do it well. More to the point, it gives the new viewer enough information to understand the nature of the story, while answering some lingering questions for the more experienced audience.

    Most of the conflicts match expectation. Adama wants to mount a mission to free humanity on New Caprica; Lee is less certain, having lost much of his fire in the past 18 months. Tigh is running the insurgency on New Caprica, with allies like Tyrol, Anders, and Roslin, and they disagree about methods. Baltar is a puppet president ruled by a fractious Cylon council. None of these details are particularly surprising to long-time fans, but it’s the starting point for a massive amount of drama.

    The plot for this episode centers on Tigh’s decision to step up the war against the Cylons by using suicide bombers. The target is the first contingent of New Caprica Police, an all-human police force trained and directed as faceless terror troops against the rest of the human population. From the Cylon point of view, they have all the best intentions at heart: they believe God wants them to find a way to live with humans in peace. Their methods, however, are harsh, making it clear that the reforms introduced among the Cylon after “Downloaded” are not universally accepted. They might be following a new path, but the old desire to dominate and eliminate lingers.

    With all this intrigue designed to set the stage for even more disturbing plot twists to come, it’s amazing to think that other plot threads managed to stand out so dramatically. Starbuck’s situation is particularly surprising and unsettling. If the Cylons have changed because of their discovery of love, then it has expressed itself in a particularly nasty way for Kara. She has been abducted from her husband, held captive in a fake house, and forced to deal with a psycho’s manipulation. All horrific enough, but as with so many elements of the story, the ability of the Cylons to resurrect in a new body means that any violence against them is moot. It makes a hopeless situation even worse.

    As fan of complex shows with a science fiction twist, all of this would be enough to hold my interest. However, Ron Moore takes it to the next logical step by introducing more than a little social commentary. Just as the Cylons question each and every choice and fight amongst themselves, the insurgents are divided over the idea of suicide troops. The humans are, after all, supposed to be our heroes.

    But the heroes in this case are, from a certain point of view, terrorists. While the details are different, the question is still raised: if a population feels oppressed by an unwelcome occupying force, what measures are reasonable to resist and fight back? What targets are acceptable? There are clear analogies to the situation in Iraq, and one could debate the particulars of such an analogy for days without losing steam. The purpose, however, is to ask questions that might otherwise never come to mind. If there is one flaw in the execution so far, it’s that the Cylons are still too overtly evil, making it impossible to see them as anything but a threat to be resisted at all costs.

    As I said, entire chapters could be written on the psychological, sociological, and philosophical aspects of this episode. Certainly the writers don’t back off with the second season of the season, either, and things are unlikely to resolve quickly or easily. As difficult as this material might be for the average audience (and it is unapologetically dark), it might be the turning point in the fight for humanity’s survival. After all, the survivors of New Caprica are likely to be the most resilient, and there’s no telling how this will change the Cylons.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Current episodes cover “Battlestar: Galactica”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Season three starts off with a bang

    Battlestar Galactica's hiatus was a long one. Season two ended in March with a gutsy cliffhanger and I've been anxious to see the story continue since. I'd even be so bold as to say that outside of Veronica Mars, there wasn't a show I was looking forward to starting the fall season more.

    I tried to not get too pysched about it, to not have my expectations be too high. I feared I'd be disappointed. I also have to admit I was worried the bold move by Ron Moore and company of pushing the time frame of the story forward a year might be a jump the shark moment for the show.

    Well, all I can say is that after just two episodes of the new season that the shark is no where in sight and Battlestar Galactica is back and continuing to deliver just as it has the past two seasons. Best show on TV--possibly.

    The two hour premiere picks up four months after the end of "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2". New Caprica is under Cylon rule and the fleet warped out to save themselves. As Tigh leads a resistance movement to try and disrupt the Cylons for when Adama comes back to rescue them, the rest of the cast has their various roles to play. Starbuck is held hostage by Lebonen, who desparately yearns to make her love him, Gaeta is working for Baltar, Baltar is president in name only, taking orders from the Cylons and signing death warrants. Meanwhile, out in space, Adama can't forgive himself for not staying and fighting and Lee's married Dualla and gone soft--literally and figuratively.

    The Cylons invaded New Caprica to bring new enlightenment and the love of god to the humans. But the humans are resisting, leading to some conflict on just how to rule. Human police squads are set up to remove dissidents and keep order. Brother Cavill's Cylon aruges that the human population should be whittled down to 2000 at most. (Interesting to hear that Lee's echoes this, saying the fleet should abandon New Caprica and take the 2000 survivors they have and continue toward Earth).

    One thing I found interesting was the Cylon's attempts to find and understand human love. We've seen that Sharon has it from Helo, but the other Cylons seem desparate to find it. Six defends letting Baltar live and continue as a puppet preisdent becuase of her feelings toward him--feelings that the Cylons feel cloud her judgment. Lebonen yearns for Starbuck to love him, drugging her up and playing out some weird fantasy of a happy family life, despite the fact that Starbuck kills him and makes him re-download. And then we have Cavill who is having the physical side of a love affair with Ellen Tigh. As the episode begins, Ellen uses her feminine wiles to free Tigh. We later find out who is really screwing who as Cavill reveals he's been manipulating her and continues to do so, blackmailing Ellen into a betrayal of the resistance movement. (And you can bet this will have huge consequences when Tigh finds out....and he will.)

    We see the beginnings of the rescue of humanity and we're forced to ask ourselves--do the ends justify the means. The humans begin to use suicide bombers in an attempt to take out Baltar. The mission fails since Baltar decides not to go. The Cylons feel they are offering love and can't understand why the humans won't accept it from them. Lebonen even goes as far as to bring out a child that he claims his and Starbuck's to force Starbuck to love him. And it may be working since concern for her health brings the two together, with Starbuck offering him the human contact he so desparately wants as the episode ends. The look on his face when she took his hand was superbly done.

    As if all that weren't enough, we get a cliffhanger. A group is rounded up and taken out to be shot. A group including Roslin and Zarek. Now, I'm willing to bet Roslin escapes--not sure how, but I do think we'll see the resistance gunning down Cylons. But I do wonder if the show would pull the trigger and kill Zarek. I've heard that not everyone makes it out of the season alive and Zarek would be enough of an impact character were they to kill him off. It'd be a bold, gutsy call and one I could see this show making. All I know is--the cliffhanger left me wanting more and wanting more now.

    There are so many plot threads going here. We've essentially skipped 16 months over the course of three episodes. I am curious to see some of these gaps filled in. I am intrigued most by if and how Baltar can be accepted back by the Colonists. His signing of the death warrants of innocent people is fairly extreme and I wonder if Baltar will finally split off from the humans and travel with the Cylons, as he did in the original series. I realize that no one in the human camp knows that Baltar betrayed them to the Cylons to start this process, but his popularity has wanted. Even Zarek states that he wished Roslin had stolen the election..the implication being they might not be in such dire straights.

    Also, we see Lee lose his drive. He's content where he is and no longer takes risks. Is part of that not having Starbuck around to spur him on? It seems like that could be?

    And what will the effects of the imprisonment and possibly finding her daughter have on Starbuck? And would this affect her relationship with Anders, her husband?

    Oh, so many questions and a whole season stretching out in front of us to answer them. I can't wait....
  • My Good God.... It gets better and better!!! Battlestar is shaping up to be awesome. With the cancellation of such favourites like SG-1, shows like this are an addiction!!!

    Riveting action, right from the word GO!

    You start to watch, and watch you do as you\'ve no idea what\'s going on. This helps you concentrate on every aspect of what\'s happening. Multi-tude of stories, all inter connected in their own way, yet still very different. Cara has a crazy Cylon to occupy, Galactica and Pegasus have to deal with no pilots, an overweight commander, and an over ambitious Admiral! The resistance have to deal with just bout everything else, cylons, humans turned traitors and that president who you just don\'t know how to handle, lead by a 1 eyed alcoholic Ex-O who looks like he could break at any point!
    Riveting start to season 3, I hope there\'ll be more season premieres to rival this one! Now i wish Friday will come sooner!
  • This was an excellent way to begin the third season.

    I was fasinated by the revealing moments of this episode. There were so many interesting moments for the audience to get their teeth into. I was fasinagted by how Apollo let himself go, how Saul reacted to the torture and how Starbuck reacted to her daughter. Perhaps in that place even we can understand suicide bombers, you put people in a situation where they have no hope and they will lash out anyway they can. There is also something odd about the words of the cylons and their ideas of God; their beliefs mirror our own more than the humans. I wonder how that would play itself out if they ever made it to Earth!!
  • Season Premier, Co-Existance, Struggles

    Awesome 2 hour seaon premier. It seems as though the Cylons and the Humans had about a years worth of relative peace, or at least peaceful co-existance. We see emerging, yet again, the Cylon's inherant need to rule over humans, to inflict their own ideas upon the humans, and the humans refusing to give up their free will. Excellent show!! I thought the whole situation with Starbuck was weird, mainly because I have no idea who the Cylon is that's holding her prisoner, nor how he came to know her or to want her so badly. I suppose that'll come out soon. I really did like the struggle between Adama and his son. Lee seems to have lost his faith in beating the Cylons altogether, and it's apparent that he's gotten soft, without the fight, I think he takes advantage of a somewhat cushy lifestyle. (kinda funny to see him all chubbified too) Great show and I can hardly wait for next week!!!
  • Oh...My...Goodness

    Season Three now begins, and with it a very new age in the saga of Battlestar Galactica. Now, where were we? Galactica and co. had just left some 30 odd thousand humans behind on a sorry little planet to deal with a Cylon invasion. Among the occupied are, of course, some of our brave heroes (and nasty villains). Now we come back to see a one-eyed Col. Tigh huddled miserably in a prison cell. He's been leading some sort of resistance movement against the Cylons and got himself picked up. His wife, meanwhile, does what she does best to get him released.

    Then we get to see the realities of life under the occupation. Food rationing, random arrests, curfews and all of that good stuff. And if unstoppable killing machines patrolling the streets wasn't bad enough, there's some sort of human secret police force rounding people up. Naturally, the human collaborators inspire at least as much venom as the Cylons themselves, none more so than the man at the top, President Gaius Baltar. So, the resistance hatches an assassination plan that involves a suicide bomber, and somehow we all find ourselves cheering for it. I suppose that's supposed to make us think differently about the war in Iraq, and maybe it does. It certainly was quite a show stopper. But, as one would expect, the plan doesn't quite work out, and ends up killing some people and causing a great deal of consternation among the Cylon overlords. Overall, this was quite an episode. We get all set up for Admiral and Fat Ass Adama's rescue mission, see the brave resistance fighters in action, and witness the hypocracies inherent in any occupation. Silly Cylons...if only they'd read a little more history, they would have realized that humans will never accept an occupying force, no matter how much they might benefit from it. We're just stubborn that way.
  • Battlestar Galactica proves beyond a resonable doubt that fiction can be closer to reality than some might want. Brilliantly written, acted and directed. Malevolently in your face, yes it's dark but truthful, painful but factual.

    This episode brings us closer to an inkling of some hope, where there is fight there is a plan, where there is a will there most definitely is a way. Amazing to watch as the story unfolds into different directions and yet the same path. Political in content, valid even in today's issues. BG does not back down where lesser souls might. Fasten your seat belts the war rages on.
  • Manb words can only attempt to describe this episode

    A very good way to start a season. First of all the characters are in different places of their life then we left at the i year jump. The cylons are looking drastically worse. They are more evil than they look previous seasons. Also Battlestar Galatcia jumped away and it is empty and hollow with only a few people operating them. Captain Apollo now fat(annoyingly fat like come on do some pull ups) Also the resistance led by the cranky alcohlic dude (sorry i don't know his name)is using sucide bombers which is one of the of the themes throughout the episode is sucide bombers should they be used. I'm sorry if I started to review the second episode too but they all kinda blened together.However this is an amazing episode and I hope BSG can continue on this strong
  • This is just a sample of the superior quality of this show.

    I've only watched this episode so far. I haven't watched the second episode that aired with it, but from what I can tell, this is probably the best season premiere I've seen all week. Time has passed and the Cylons have been occupying New Caprica for months now. Tigh just got out of prison, thanks to his wife sleeping with a Cylon, and is now leading the insurgency. I was really pleased to see the return of Dean Stockwell to the show. I loved the episode from the second season that he was in, and his appearance here was just another example of how good an actor he is. The meeting in Baltar's office was a prime example of this. That meeting scene had a great feel to it. It was like sitting in on a British war plan during the early days of the American Revolution, but could apply directly to the situation in Iraq if things got out of hand. I really like how they use the term 'insurgents' instead of 'rebels'. Keeps a modern spin on it. I was really glad to see Starbuck hasn't caved in and she continues to fight and do what she can from her 'domestic prison'.
  • pure TV entertainment

    there are few shows on tv today that make you want to talk about it with your co-workers - this is the best of the lot!

    mister moore knows how to write a sci-fi space drama that could easily translate to a full scale movie!

    the chracters are well written, beautifully cast, well acted, loveable, hated, is just one of the best shows on tv - even for the sci-fi channel

    can't wait to see where it goes this season - and the talk around the office is going to be fantastic
  • One of the best episodes of the series, if the not the best episode of any series on television.

    I don't think any episode has been this provacative and exciting. It blew my mind more than anything I've ever seen. Huge changes have come to the residents of New Caprica. People 's personalities have changed, and have brought more to the characters. Unlike somes shows that try to restore the balance that was shaken up in the season finale and the season opener, Galactica has taken the events caused in the Season Finale and changed everything. There is no way to go back from here, but forward, which is what the series has always done. I can't wait to see who survived in the next episode. This season is going to be AMAZING!
  • What a way to start a season (Includes spoilers for Precipice)

    This is the way to start a season..... This has always been one of my favorite shows. And this two parter has been exactly why. So much darkness. .. so much angst... so much potential for bad bad things happening. Is my favorite character Roslin dead? (Probably not...previews say no) but still, I was waiting for the Cylons to arrest her. She's a very dangerous figurehead/symbol. Starbuck is in a very twisted place....and frack me I love it. Is Kara falling under the Cylon's spell or is she planning an escape with or without her daughter?

    Ellen Tigh is playing a dangerous game for her husband who may not forgive her when he finds out. He's a hard core soldier who's wife just gave the enemy their plans for the besst chance of escape. I feel sorry for the woman who is doing a very bad thing for love.

    I loved the scene between Roslin and Zareck. (I love Roslin, i did say that right?)

    Baltar Baltar Baltar.... you signed the papers. You fool. Although at that one moment I almost felt sorry for him. The many Sharons....I like them. I like all of them. Sharon is interesting as you are never quite sure where her (any of the hers) loyalites really are.

    Xena! Xena! Xena!

    Dean Stockwell is the bomb. I love the Brother Cavil cylons. They are just so evil.

    Ok what did I miss..... Well that's about it.

    Long live President Roslin the true ruler of the colonies.