Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Pegasus

    Pegasus was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of surprise and tension as Admiral Cain decided to integrate the two Battlestar crews. It was interesting to see how everyone interacted with each other. Colonel Tigh learns some disturbing news about Cain, Tyrol and Helo learn about the Cylon "Interrogator" and Baltar tries to help the Pegasus Cylon prisoner. There was a major shift in power and the ripples started to show right away. The overall production was amazing. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: they find another battlestar! Yay!


    In television land, this is what I'd like to call a jaw-dropper. A mind-blower. A new bar for an already stellar piece of science-fiction storytelling. ''Pegasus'' is, without a doubt, one of the strongest episodes of BSG, and one of the most compelling hours of sci-fi I've had the pleasure of watching.

    This was one tough cookie.

    What begins as an hour of celebration – as Galactica discover the presence of another battlestar ship – soon descends into brutality, rape, power plays and possible character deaths. To say there are a few shocking instances here would be putting it very lightly. I mean, I'd win ''understatement of the year'' by all accounts.

    BSG has always been a gritty sci-fi show, but the rape scene involving Sharon was completely unexpected and made me feel very uneasy. I simply wasn't prepared for the series to take me there. Gold acting stars to Grace Park during said scenes, they were particularly tough to watch because of her authentic performance. I was glad to see Helo and Tyrol arrive to offer up some much needed ass kicker-y (and accidental deathery); however, it has only made matters worse as Admiral Cain has sentenced them both to death.

    Michelle Forbes is alarmingly compelling as Admiral Cain. She has such a vital screen presence, it would be difficult to note any other actor in the role. Ruled with an iron fist, Pegasus certainly serves as the road not taken for Galactica, something that could have easily happened had Bill Adama not recovered, and Tigh was left in charge with his serpent wife whispering in his ear.

    Gaius' scenes with a captive Six were really well done. Completely traumatised by her excessive physical and sexual abuse, it came as such a shocker to see such a defeated version of Six lying helpless, bloodied and bruised on the cold floor. I think head-Six's reaction is what really stirred my emotions, cos she really broke down and away from her usual self.

    The final few moments are hair-raising. Adama has sent a marine squad to retrieve his men, and Cain has launched vipers on her end, in retaliation. It doesn't get any better than this.

    And like I said, this was one tough cookie.

  • A new Battlestar!?! new danger?

    Pegasus is certainly the most audacious episode of BSG so far. Until now the face of war we have seen is that of the grizzled Major Adama and company aboard the Galactica. With clear divisions as to who the bad guys are and what is fair and right in times of war. In this episode the hope and joy at the discovery of another surviving Battlestar, and crew, is short lived as we bear witness to another side of colonial conflict. Galactica’s setting in space removes it from earthly concerns other television show face is confronting the situation in Iraq or the War On Terror. Battlestar can deal with the prickly topics of how we fight a war today or conduct ourselves in these war zones. The aggressive and barbaric rape, torture and humiliation of the Cylon prisoners surely holds a mirror up to events of our times like the scandals and public outcry over Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay. Bravo to the team behind the show for tackling these subjects in an intelligent and forthright manner. Using Science Fiction to reflect culture like in it used to in the past, fear of the Atomic Age for example. Backed up with fantastic cast, writing and execution the shows rebirth has been a revelation and Pegasus is a classic example of the quality we have come to expect from this fine show.
  • This is a review of the specially-extended version of "Pegasus" as found on the retail complete series DVD boxed set.

    And if there wasn't a better argument for BSG to go 90-minute episodes of 13 episodes a season, I dunno what is.

    Pegasus Extended begins with a scene the broadcast version never saw, and continues in that vein all the way to its dramatic conclusion. The extended scenes with Cain and Adama, Caprica and Baltar...aren't just fillers, they are hugely pivotal additions and really should have been in the opiginal broadcast. If you haven't already purchased Season Two - and I urge you to purchase the official DVD's - not rely on some BitStream download, then take a long time to watch Pegasus, and marvel at what had to left on the cutting-room floor to get the episode to fit into its alloted time. A great episode transformed into a tremendous one.
  • Do you feel sympathetic towards the cylons?

    In this episode, we see a different side of Cylons. Or should I say the way humans treat them. We find Number Six locked up in a room in the Pegasus, beaten up almost to death and abused. Gaius' expression is very touching. It is one of the first time that we see a sympathetic reaction from him for someone other than himself. It shows how horrible the actions of the crew were on Number Six.
    In addition, they almost get to Sharon. Major Thorne tries to rape her before being stopped by Helo and the Chief. I found myself rooting for the Cylons and suddenly realized why they would want to eliminate humans.
    It seems that nothing is always black or white. Sometimes things are grey...
  • Blast from the past.

    This episode echoes a storyline from the old series. The Battlestar Pegasus. Galactica has a sister ship, this ship is commanded by an admiral who committed war crimes against her own people. She's a tough leader, she's the opposite of adama who acts with a moral standard. they almost go on a shooting war with one another. but starbuck somehow prevents it from happening. this is definitely one of the best episodes of the show. the pegasus is now a good part of the fleet. 2 fleets are better than one, they have a better chance of surviving the cylon onslaught.
  • The Battlestar Pegasus, thought destroyed, shows up. Admiral Cain promptly takes command, imposing her command. Following a snap court-martial, she orders the death of Helo and Tyrol. Adama launches his Vipers, determined to get his men back...

    A very good episode, in which the true nature of these many characters is revealed; Adama is forced to cede command, but is unhappy with his superior officer. Lee and Starbuck are reduced to simple pilots again, flying under a bad CAG. What I liked, in accordance with RDM\'s comments, is that Admiral Cain says a lot of things which are very true. What we know, that she doesn\'t, is that however distorted, the Galactica family works very well regardless of their problems. The cliffhanger ending is well done; the image of the two squads aiming at each other sends shivers down my spine.
  • Can this show get any better?

    Well what an episode it left me speachless, it had surprises all the way through. After fleeing the cylons for weeks the galactica finally gets some good news, they find the Pegasus. But all is not what it seems. Adama and Cain have conflicting command styles and it all kicks off.

    This is truly one of the best episodes of the season (so far) it had all you would expect from action to suspence. Everyone seemed to find their counterpart as well which also proved to be trivial.

    The episode ends on a massive cliff hanger with both sets of vipers heading towards each other, then the dreaded To Be Continued pops up a leaves you begging for more.

    Great episode!
  • Unbelievably well written. I only recently discoverd ths series and it\\\'s nice to have a quality story line in SciFi.

    The writers managed to create a great feeling of \\\'the funs over now\\\'. I can\\\'t get over how brutal this episode fits into the series. Even the music throughout was bugging me. All throughout the episode I was actually thinking, damn I was enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on board.
    When the Admiral said \\\' Welcome back to the colonial fleet\\\' I was like \\\'Hold yer weesht, hen\\\' (translated from Glaswegian to \\\'Now just a minute there young woman\\\').
    What a cow(had to use that word cos thinks that the word **** is offensive) Get the doctor dude to say she\'s a Cylon...
    Brutal. Brilliant.
  • The Galactica discovers that another battlestar survived, but things don't bode well

    Whoa, intense !!! A little painful to watch at times, but this is the type of fiction I live for., it was compleatly engaging and compleatly believable . That was a painful cliffhanger to leave us on, but a great episode before that. Actor who played Cain was awsome, loved her as Ensign RO too

    I don't even know where to start. This episode poned in so many ways. I was just starting to think, "Hey, I wonder if they're going to make a Pegasus episode sometime soon," and here it is. I agree, it isn't like "The Living Legend", it's better. Seeing Pegasus, the believable emotions that can be experienced when something seems to be to good to be true, and the conflicting styles of command, it was just great TV. As for the scene when Sharon is about to get raped, I see nothing wrong. As has been mentioned 1,000 times before me, this show is not for kids! Kids may certainly want to watch it (and I don't blame them), but to me this doesn't seem like a problem, even though everyone else seems to think so. As for the cliffhanger, it couldn't have been better. There was so much suspense built up over the course of the show and it just explodes in the last 3 minutes. Great episode. 10 out of 10.
  • A very charged episode with some powerful emotional moments. Modern take on the Original BSG episode "The Living Legend"

    Classic Battlestar Galactica fans will barely recognize this as the new Galactica's version of the original episode "The Living Legend." The episode contains the same sort of disagreement on how things should be done that went on between Lorne Green and Lloyd Bridges in the original BSG episode, but also provides a lot more. This episode exposes the crueler side of humanity. Between the rather disturbing image of the Pegasus' Cylon prisoner and the attempted rape of Boomer, we see that Admiral Cain and some of the Pegasus' crew represent the evil, ruthless characteristics of mankind.

    As with most of the other BSG episodes, this one draws you in and makes you feel the intensity and emotion of the situation the characters are in. The ending of the episode is suspenseful and leaves you excited for the conclusion (much the same as what occured with the first season conclusion). I would have to say I haven't found a BSG episode that I have disliked yet, and this one is definately at the top of my list for best so far in this series. Some people who have seen it were uneasy, couldn't believe that they would air the attempted rape scene and thought that the episode could've done without it, but I definately think that outside of it being essential to the plot, that scene furthers the tension between the two crews and really gives you an idea of the emotion sensed by the characters. It also shows a lot about Tyrol and Helo, and just how much the both love Boomer, Cylon or not.
  • Woooooooooow!!

    This was the best episode in the series and definatly a worthy ending to the season.

    Were to start. After fleeing the cylons for weeks the galactica finnally gets some good news. Theyve found a fellow battlestar the pegasus. at firts all seems wel and the two crews are intergarating well. Though visable tensions are present.(most nottably because the galactica is housing a cylon with which we all know helo is having a relationship with. The pegasus deals with cylons differently and we are sopon subjected to the appaling conditions their cylon a nuber six modal has had to go through.

    The same fate lies in store for the galacticas sharon. The pegasus colnel attempts to rape sharon as a "method of information extraction" however helo and the chief fight of his advance however his subsequent murder finds them both court marshalled and facing death. the Adama steps up an invasion force to get his men back and tensions reach boiling point...
  • Best episode of Battlestar Galactica. Period.

    This is one of the greats in science fiction and is the best episode of the series. It has a great storyline and a nice pace, as Admiral Cain appears friendly at first and then mutates into a (fill-in-the-blank). While extremely disturbing, the scene where Sharon is nearly raped is very well-done. It goes back and forth between Sharon being interrogated and Helo getting more angry with the men from Pegasus talking about how they abused their Cylon prisoner. It heightens in intensity until the climax of the scene, when the Chief and Helo stop Thorne from raping her and accidentally kill him. James Callis shines as Gaius Baltar in his last scene in the episode, as he talks with the abused Number Six who is being held in Pegasus. When he talks to her, he does Gaius' emotions excellently, as he admits, for the first time, that he is in love with Humber Six. The cliffhanger is a force to be reckoned with, and is one of the best cliffhangers that I have seen to date. And I've seen some amazing cliffhangers. The music throughout the entire episode, and most especially at the end is utterly amazing. The episode needs a soundtrack all too itself. At the end of the episode, the music is at first strings, showing the intensity between Cain and Adama. Then it combines strings and percussion, showing the increasing intensity as Galactica launches it's fighters against Pegasus. It then goes into full-blown percussion, as Pegasus launches its fighters to counterattack, making for a stunning cliffhanger. This episode is, from beginning to end, amazing. It is without doubt the best episode of Battlestar Galactica to date. And I cannot wait for Resurrection Ship.
  • This show declares that this episode is NOT FOR KIDS. Torture, rape, and other nasty stuff

    I hate the US mid season break, I do not think that it happens in any other country, not in Australia, anyway.

    I give this show thee different ratings, the first a 10, for being a great episode, the second a 8 for being a two parter and the third for the long pause between dates 0.

    The review

    The Galataica discovers a radar blip of a large size, they think it to be a Cylon Basestar, it turns out to another Battlestar, the more modern Pegasus, and its commanding officer, Admiral Cain.

    After much fanfare and celebration, the real plot of the story evolves.

    The Pegasus, also has a Cylon prisoner with is the Number six (Gais Balters personal fav) she is found to be in a catatonic state, after been tortured and repeatedly raped. Baltar surmises that the Cylon Psychology can be broken or manipulated, much like our own (humans) can. In the end he declares(in the solitude interrogation room) his love for the person he knew before the war and that she was a Cylon that looked exactly like her.

    Meantime, some of the Pegasus Crew is boating to Callie, Helo and the Chief, about their “conquests” with their captured Cylon, all while, the Pegasus’s Cylon interrogator is making his way and trying to have his way with Sharon. This leads to a confrontation with Helo, Chief and the Lt Thorn(interrogator), where they (Helo an Chief) rush to the aid of Sharon, and inadvertently kill (slams his head on a wall) the LT Thorn.

    They are taken to the Pegasus found guilty of murder and treason, and sentenced to death.

    This lead Commander Adama to sent a “Retrieval Raptor” to the Pegasus to get his men back from Admiral Cain, to which she responds, by launching her alert fighters.
    Commander Adama does likewise.

  • Realism, edge of the seat instalment

    All through the show so far, every episode was able to continue building the characters for us, however, this episode also seems to have tried to make us realise that things are not black and white, wrong or right, do we become as bad as the enemy, even if the enemy is not of our own kind? If we want to do some philosophical thinking here we can ask wither the directors trying to draw parallels with real life? Do we let the rules bend if whoever we have imprisoned not from our race, colour, nationality or religion? Who knows…

    This episode was able to keep me on the edge of my seat from the get go to the worlds to be continued, that’s when I remembered or realised that there won’t be a continue for this next week! Aaahhhhh

    I do agree with the person above who said that when they came to rescue boomer that the two military personal did not shoot them on site, but hey it’ s only a show at the end.

    Such an enjoyable episode, I hope the next one can keep up with my now too hight expectations!
  • Muddy Brilliant, evil tyranical dictator Admiral Cain shows what an Iron fist will force good people to resort to.

    Absolutely brilliant, trials pending executions, muntiny its got it all....A proverbial synopsis of humatity itself. Good v Evil.

    Although abit strong for some more sensitive viewers the rape scene of Boomer and the realisation as to how Cain's cylon prisoner came to be such a shocking state clearly shows what depths humanity will drop to during war.

    Mid season finales should be outlawed can't wait till 2006!
  • Awesome show but...January AAAGHHHHHH

    This is why I bought the DVD...Because I knew this stupid break was coming.

    I have been surfing the net and have found some interesting things...

    The fans of the old series are really freaked out about the new show especially this episode. But people complained about Stargate SG-1 ruining the chances for a Stargate movie like that was going to happen! Dukes of Hazard truests attacked the new movie as well as well as Charlies Angels what ever...

    great cliffhanger and I was surprised the show was over. time slipped by...
  • True Civil War

    This episode really proved to us what we are dealing with here. First of all there was the score, the show has always had a very energizing score, but this time was different. The music had just as much a part in this downhill journey as the actors did. The episode started in pure panic as an unknown ship came into to driadus range, went to joy as the Pegasus was reveled, and into utter confusion as the beginning of an all out civil war began. Secondly, Gaius Baltar. He has truly embraced his destiny in this episode. Till January!!!
  • So there's more survivors...

    This show is genious, every episode is filled with greatnes, and this ep is no exeption. Allthough I hate the midseason system, I must admit that for a season finale thisone had just enough cliffhangers. I'm desperately looking foreward til January, so we get to see whats to become of Pegasus.

    There were a rape sceene in this episode, and that was truly painful to watch. I love the grayzone that Boomer makes by beeing wounerable as a human, but still she conducts the cylon missions. So we sympathise with her, but after all shes a cylon. Gayuses struggle between his love for six and his loyalty to humanity is also a nice touch. It started out as a black and white goodguys/ badguys series, but now I'm sensing some shades of gray. (well, I have done THAT for a while now). Well done showmakers :)
  • FINALLY an episode with teeth!

    An interesting and very exciting episode that finally starts to show how the characters are realistically connected to each other and makes the point that they are a social unit fighting for a common goal. Eventhough the military is in charge there should be a more prominent human point to the fighting!
  • Wow, what can i say its just perfect to set up the finale of the series.

    Just a simply amazing episode. You could tell as soon as the crew from the Pegasus entered Galatica that they where different, battle hardened!

    But the events that unfolded where amazing. The pegasus crew, like there commanding officer are battle hardened and act accordingly. They have come in taken command and had no disregard for Adama or his wishes. Commander Cain is like the perfect soldier who totally believes in the cause no matter what the consequences! The court marshal quick and brutal with the obvious result. The officers did wrong and will be punished. No if's buts or maybes, no chance for them to explain, just following orders and the execution to be instant.

    What she didn't count on was the reluctence of Commander Adama to give up his crew so easily. Which sets up an agonising wait to see how the events unfold. Will the Pegasus fighters actually fire on the Galactica? Or will sense pre-vail and avoid the unnecsary slaughter and waste of the few remaining figthers which have so valianetly defended Galactica so far.

    Its a tough call but i feel sense will pre-vail and eventually they will combine forces to combat this new Cylon threat.
  • This episode was just plain awesome. Atlhough I have to say I haven\\\'t seen a single one that didn\\\'t end with some incredible events!

    I\\\'m surprised that no one (from what I\\\'ve read) has mentioned the amusing name of the admiral cain. It\\\'s interesting that they would choose that name, due to the award winning book \\\"The Caine Mutiny\\\". Spelled a bit differently, it\\\'s a very similar idea - mutiny of a ship based on morales, but everything that the crew disagreed with was actually run by the books some way or another.

    Very well written, and an incredible sort-of-finale for the part season!
  • What TV should look like.

    I am a big fan of the last series. My favorite episode happens to be the re-uniting of the Pegasus with the Galatica. I liked how they merged the two fleets togther in the old series.

    So far I must say I have not been let done by the new series. The plots are invitingly new with that hint of the old series. The new Pegasus really rocks he boat. The pitting of the two ships is essential to pull off the parallel story line. I like how the different twist has made it even more exciting.

    I wait with baited breath till January for the next installement of one of the best shows on TV.
  • I should give this a 0.5...

    For making us wait until JANUARY to see the end of this thrilling episode.

    It turns out the Galactica wasn't the only Battlestar to have survived the Cylon attack. The Pegasus, commanded by Admiral Cain (an interesting Biblical reference to be sure), and her crew of what can only be described as a bunch of priates. Frankly, any time where Baltar is the friendly, sane guy, Helo and Tyrol are the males thinking the least with their little heads, and Tigh comes off as a comparatively good XO means something is amiss.

    After everyone's met their counterparts, we find that Pegasus has their own Cylon prisoner, a badly-beaten Six. We are also regaled with tales from the Pegasus deck crew of her physical and sexual abuse, which is even enough to sicken Cally, who murdered a Cylon only a couple episodes ago. Most of the abuse comes from the hands of an interrogator, who soon goes to "interrogate" our very own Boomer. This scene, along with the Pegasus crew telling of their own tales of gang-raping their prisoner, makes this possibly the hardest Galactica to watch. But it's also the reason why it's the best show on television.
  • Galactica encounters the Battlestar Pegasus and it’s commander Admiral Nelena Cain.

    Painful, Nerve-wracking, well written, not my favorite story line. All these could be used as this episode's classification.

    This episode takes part it’s action from the notorious incident at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The Pegasus and it’s crew dehumanized the Cylons despite their human appearance. This made it “okay” for Thorne, the “Cylon interrogator”, to brutalize and sexually assault Cylon prisoners. This dehumanizing would seem very logical. Cylons are machines aren’t they? The problem to the Galactica crew is that Sharon was a crewmate and they see “her” as an enemy have not a thing. This humanization results in their (and our) revulsion at the interrogation technique used by the Pegasus’ Cylon interrogator.

    Admiral Cain use of summary judgment to convict Helo and Tyrol makes the story of her shooting the Pegasus XO for disobeying an order believable. For the uninitiated actions such as Cain’s, while expedient, are considered crimes despite the war zone status. The same is true for the brutal and dehumanizing treatment of prisoners in Iraq.

    I gave this episode top marks despite it’s content. The script was well crafted and acting made the script almost too believable.
  • They did it again...

    Wow! what can i say?another great cliffhanger.I was looking foward for this episode and i did not got dissapointed at all.It was great to see the Pegasus again after all this years a little different of course i was skeptical about Michelle Forbes but she did her best as Admiral Cain i was hopping they use Dirk Bennedict for this role but she pulled it off.Great acting by everyone but the priceless moment for me was Adama expression when he found out about Helo and tyrol "trial" and when he took the desition to launch the vipers this is as mad as i seen him on the background the attack on the Cylon fleet and this new mistery ship.It its just me or all the Pegasus crew are jerks.and the cliffhanger i never ever thought there were the posibility of a Pegasus vs Galactica confrontation great writing!!!
  • When the Galactica finds another Battlestar, it\'s a joyous occasion...or is it?


    This episode -- arguably the best of the series (thus far) -- brings out so many subtleties in the show, without exploiting them. For instance, the near-rape scene and violent death for the perpetrator continutes the important question of who is and isn\'t deserving of humane treatment. Are they \"just machines,\" or something more important?

    Furthermore, the power struggle between Adama and Cain makes us wonder about humanity\'s future. How successful can we be fighting the Cylon if we\'re still fighting ourselves? This, like the rest of the episode, brings the nuance and grace to such subjects that are deserved.

    Bravo, BSG, and I can\'t wait for you to return with Season Three in the fall.
  • SUCH A GREAT EPISODE !!! Astonishing, disturbing, passionate ! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE !

    The episode starts with joy and hope and pride as we discover that another battlestar has survived. It keeps going with anxiety, worry and fear as we wonder how everyone and everything (being so different from one ship to another) will work together. And it ends to describe this...guts torn appart, feeling of rebellion, anger, bitterness. Oh My, Michelle Forbes gets the worst out of me on that episode, she's just perfect on the part ! it's such a dark episode..;and what a cliffangher !
  • Another battlestar is found! A blessing for the ragtag fleet? Or a new way to hell?

    Such a nice way to link the old and the new BSGs, even with the cliffhanger at the end.
    But don’t get me wrong: it works perfectly within this new show. If you never watched the 70s BSG, the only thing that you’ll be missing is the similarities I will mention, but the episode works on its own.

    In short: while fleeing from the Cylons, Galactica comes across the unimaginable: another battlestar survived, the Pegasus, commanded by Admiral Cain. A Commander Cain was Pegasus’ commander in the 70s. Both Cains share some traits: they’re hawks, while Adama is a dove (well, not so much in this new version). Both Cains take advantage of Adama’s trust (I will not interfere in your command, Adama, says the new Cain; next thing, she’s unifying crews, transferring even Adama’s son to Pegasus, judging two crew members from the Galactica summarily on the Pegasus: did she expect Bill to accept that kind of treatment?).

    But there are differences: our new Cain is an Admiral; and it’s a she, the third sex change in the new series (will there be a female-to-male switch? I guess not, after all I remember only three female characters in the old BSG, Adama’s daughter Athena, the socialator-turned-nurse Cassiopeia and Sheba, Commander Cain’s daughter. Well, we could always have Admiral Cain’s son fall for Starbuck ;-)
    Anyway, the new tension between Cain and Adama is not sexual, it’s rank-related. Though Adama says he can take orders (he tells the President something like I’ve been taking orders during my entire career), it takes little to push him to and over the brink of mutiny. Because at the end of the episode Adama order one of his Raptors to board to recover two of his men (I want my men back).

    Questions I had while watching this episode:
    -how did Pegasus’ fighters survive in combat against Cylons? One of them sported the silhouettes of over 40 Cylon Raiders, which should be impossible, since they’re newer fighters, therefore susceptible to Cylon hacking.
    -I had thought Baltar might be insane, but now I think he’s plain stupid. Let’s see, we find a new copy of Number Six, kept prisoner in the Pegasus. He gets to interrogate her. He’s going to use the carrot, since Cain’s people have already used the stick (beaten her almost to death, and there are allusions the crew might have gang-raped her). OK up to here. But... he confesses to her his whole adventure with another Six on Caprica. Can’t this man keep his mouth shut? He’s in an interrogation cell, which is surely bugged!
    -when saluting a female officer, shouldn’t you say “yes ma’am” (well, in this case “aye ma’am”, she’s an Admiral)? That’s the impression I had gotten watching JAG anyway.
    -we’ve gone up from beating and torturing Cylons for information to raping them (and not really for information, after just a couple of questions). And almost as disturbing as the frustrated rape scene (which ends with the rapist from Pegasus dead) is, I found the scene where those crewmembers from Pegasus were boasting of how they had “enjoyed” their own Cylon.
    -Cain was not going to accept orders from a civilian President before Adama’s rebellion. Which side will Roslyn take now?
    -In the OS, Cain finally came around to Adama’s point of view, apparently sacrificing Pegasus to protect “the ragtag fleet”. Would our new Cain take this step? I frankly don’t think so. (A nice twist would be an idea that many fanfic writers have used: Pegasus beats the odds in a three to one battle, is thought to be destroyed but only gets heavily damaged, and later rejoins the fleet, apparently a plot element that would have been used in the second season of BSG that never came to be.)

    Pity we’ll have to wait a few months to get the end to this two-parter. That’s the only reason I didn’t give it a 10
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