Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy

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  • I really wanted to like this episode: the original ‘Living Legend” is definitely one of my favorite BSG 1978 episodes. But as I watched Pegasus, all I could think of is how well this episode served to highlight the shortcomings of this new BSG

    (PLEASE NOTE: this is a critique of the episode Pegasus. It is spoiler heavy and assumes the reader has already seen the show. Do not expect a recap of the events is this episode: this is a review of those events, not a retelling.)

    First of all, I am becoming increasingly convinced that the writers have NO IDEA how a military organization is supposed to function. As viewers we are routinely asked to sympathize with generally undisciplined, insubordinate characters, and sometimes even open mutineers. So now, in order to make the Pegasus crew look like bad guys, they have to be completely over the top callous, evil bastards. They actually had to stage an attempted rape scene to get the audience to sympathize with the protagonists. Starbuck even acts like the crew of Pegasus are stupid for tracking kills, as if (A) that weren’t a common military practice and (B) doing something in a way different than herself is somehow stupid and pointless. Adama tells his pilots that they are officers and should act like it. But they immediately respond by disrespecting their new CAG and then planning to steal a military ship for an unauthorized recon mission just because they don’t like the guys in charge. And we are supposed to think they are doing the right thing? Why should I sympathize with people who have absolutely no regard for anything other than their own desires and opinions. What’s more, why do the writers continually act as if this streak of insubordination and the total lack of discipline on Galactica are somehow commendable. If Cain is going to strictly enforce the regs, and make use of her ‘broad authority’ why doesn’t Roslin point out that even though Colonial Naval regulations make Cain the commanding uniformed officer, the Articles of Colonization make Roslin the President (and presumably Commander-in-Chief). Cain might not accept it, and she definitely has the biggest stick, but that inability to accept Roslin’s authority is a perfect reason for Adama to resist Cain’s command. Speaking of this, we come to Adama’s rebellion at the end of the episode. First of all, why should we support his decision to mutiny against his acknowledged superior officer because he doesn’t like her command style (yes, it sucks that his two officers will be executed, and he should tell her that even if they did mutiny, they are too valuable to simply execute). But what’s more, he launches fighers against a technologically and numerically superior force knowing full well that the Pegasus has plenty of time to see and respond to the attack. How does he expect to win?

    Personally, I would have used the military/civilian government struggle at a method of sparking conflict between Galactica and Pegasus. If Cain had refused to acknowledge Roslin’s authority and attempted a military coup, it would have been easy to believe Adama would move against Cain in support of Roslin, the legitmate President. But since Adama himself started a coup last season, the writers couldn’t do that. (Of course, since that coup had absolutely no long term consequences, they might as well have had another one).
    But I suppose this is all moot, since I suspect the Cylons will show up just before open civil war starts and both ships will have to join forces to fight the real enemy.

    And some general plot holes/unanswered questions:

    -Both Battlestars launch their ‘alert fighters’ at the end of the episode, but we clearly see that some 60 fighters launch from Pegasus and Galactica must have launched damn near all of it’s 40 fighters. I find it hard to believe that all 40 fighters and pilots are on alert at all times.

    -How did Pegasus manage to avoid the cylons Colonial Ship disabling beam during the initial assault and their subsequent encounters? And if the Pegasus did discover the faulty coding in the Baltar’s navigation system, how did they do so? -How did Pegasus discover than cylons look like humans? How did they capture 6?

    -Why do we not see any female crew members from Pegasus? And why is Pegasus’s deck chief the only sympathetic character from the entire ship (is he going to be the adoptee who stays with galactica after Pegasus disappears)?
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