Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Dark times...

    Oh, I most say I loved the storylines - first Starbuck's child: she just cannot want to believe it and I was wondering when they will bring that continues up from "Farm" Here they did..

    I also most say the whole dark feeling of the occupation, the resistance.. how the people next to you can be traitor.. or secretly helping you and you just do not know.. I like the irony of Gaeta and Tyrol and then the man who took Celly.. he let her go, thanks god, but Roslin and Zarek...

    But the whole thing going on in New Carpica.. Gaius signing that order.. they arresting Roslin.. Oh.. eager to see what comes next...

    I really most say this episode had amazing atmosphere - they have all so far managed to survive.. but now they are so in that mess.. and mostly because Gaius. I like when Zarek said he wishes Roslin would have managed to steal the elections. But the point - stunning atmosphere creation.
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