Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Just as dead.

    -Sharon becoming an officer was certainly a shock. While I like the relationship her and Adama have formed , I was half hoping, half expecting more to come from her anger over losing the baby, granted she might still have other ideas in mind than just earning back her stripes. And I guess I can see how their camaraderie could come about, so long as Adama understood why Sharon let Cavil come upon them unbeknownst and that she was deserving of that payback.

    -I really enjoyed the scene when Adama tells Apollo he should take Pegasus and the fleet to continue the search for Earth and all but acknowledged that he was headed back to New Caprica on a suicide mission. Adama explaining why he had to go back was a moving piece of dialogue.

    -Chief discussing the fate of collaborators with Jammer was also a good scene. The idea of that day coming true is a little frightening to me(I like Gaeta), though much less so than it is for Jammer I imagine. Not that I think those who have collaborated shouldn't face punishment. I think that's what I like so much about this whole storyline, the conflict that it brings not only for the characters but for the viewer also. I can't agree with the resistance 100% because of the extreme choices they have to make, but at the same time I celebrate their small victories and can't help but hope they "win."

    -Starbuck's scenes continued to impress. That second scar she got back in The Farm always freaked me out and I liked how it came back into play. Starbuck's distancing language("Don't leave me alone with this.") was a nice touch and the scene where she finally cracks and calls her Casey, while holding Leoben's hand without even realizing, was well acted on her part.

    -Tigh was also excellent in this episode, both in his scene in the cold open and his moment with Roslin. I loved his facetious description of the resistance in his scene with Anders and Chief(when they send the sitrep), though it seemed to hit eerily close to home with what Tigh considers to be acceptable casualties. And after hearing him vocalize my exact thoughts on Roslin I couldn't help but like him more.

    Tigh: "You know, sometimes I think that you've got ice water in those veins and other times I think you're just a naive little school teacher."

    His dialogue, delivery, and physical acting were top notch throughout that entire scene actually. The idea that this cause has given him the the want and desire to lead as well as the determination to do it after what he's been through, all while maintaining his gruff demeanor, is a great way to take the character in my opinion. Made better by the fact that his decisions as a leader are still highly questionable. But it's that assurance that his choices are correct that I used to hate about Tigh, but now makes me like him given the circumstances he is in. What they're doing is necessary, but to what extreme they go and the loss of human life that comes with it has to be limited. But for Tigh that limit won't be reached until they or the Cylons are off New Caprica.

    -The round up of Roslin, Cally, Zarek(way to stand tall on those months by the way, Tom), and 200 others for a firing squad execution provided some tension and suspense. I have to admit, when Cally got set free by Jammer I was thinking everyone else might really get killed, but the episode ending on the just the sound of gunfire had me second guessing it. Either way it added some good drama, especially in Baltar's reluctance to sign the order and Gaeta's subsequent confrontation with him.

    This storyline is definitely starting to give Resurrection Ship a run for it's money.
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