Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 12

Rapture (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

D'Anna/Number Three squares off against Adama over the Temple of the Five. Athena asks for Helo's aid in her plan to rescue Hera.

On the algae planet, Apollo orders Dee to leave her defended position in order to save Kara. Anders helps Apollo to hold off the Cylon Centurion attack.

Another copy of D'Anna finds the Temple and continues her search for the identities of the Final Five. Her messianic complex begins to concern the other Cylons.moreless

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  • Rapture

    Rapture was truly a perfect episode full of beauty, action, and character development. This is one of my favorite episodes because of the space scenes when the Sun goes Super Nova and how its connected to the Temple and the Final Five Cylons. Watching Three square off with the other Cylons was great, as was Sharon finally getting to see Hera. Dee rescuing Starbuck was awesome! This episode was just full of every thing viewers love about the series. Revelations were made, others delayed with a tease, and my favorite Cylon is now boxed in cold storage but it was pretty cool. Baltar going crazy wondering if he is a Cylon or not was a good scene including Tyrol knocking him out. So much was going on and I look forward to watching how things develop!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Brother Cavil: "Your model is fundamentally flawed."

    D'Anna has finally seen the final five, and now her whole model has been boxed for good. Damn the writers; they’re trickier than the Cylons. Who was the mystery Cylon that garnered an apology from D’Anna ("You. Forgive me. I had no idea.")? After D’Anna stepped out of her vision/hallucination/whateveritwas she said to Gaius that he was right. Is Gaius the Cylon? No, that would be a little too predictable for the writers, wouldn't it? Who else has D'Anna been rude too that deserves an apology? She met everybody on Galactica during last season's "Final Cut", so the possibilities extend to practically everyone in the cast. Whoever it truly is, the writers are doing an excellent job with the suspense; it’s really killing me. Like Gaius, I desperately want to know the truth, dammit!

    The Cylon's decision to box D'Anna puzzled me, just a bit. Yes, she was turning her back on the group and going all messianic on them, but the Six and Sharon models are both pretty flawed, as well. Just in one episode, Six murdered a fellow Cylon (that's the third time she's committed violence against her own race) and helped Athena escape with Hera. I assume D’Anna’s obsession that her destiny is separate and greater from the rest of the Cylons is what truly caused her termination.

    Athena begging Hiro to kill her was definitely the most heartbreaking scenes of the night. Athena demonstrated her courageous soul as a devoted mother this week. To go blindsided right into the enemy camp takes guts, and Athena went through and came out on top, with a fellow Six model by her side (Caprica Six I'm hoping?). Wouldn't it just be wonderful if Six and Gaius shared the same cell now that he's been captured, as well? How fantastic of the writers to go back to something seemingly meaningless (Starbuck's paintings) and turn it into a major plot point. Kara has a destiny? What is it? That's the same thing Leoben told her back in season one, isn't it? Is her destiny why Leoben is so fascinated by her? Kara better not be a Cylon, that’s all I can say.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Survivor Count: 41,401

    - If re-view season two's "Valley of Darkness" you can actually see the mysterious painting on the wall of Kara's apartment.

    - What was with Boomer? Could months on the Cylon ship really turn her so anti-human?

    - Hera has finally gotten medical attention.

    - Gaius was in a body bag at the end of the episode. Why? So he wouldn't be attacked by an angry mob like Boomer was?

    - Okay, I'm glad Athena made it back safe and sound, but it was way too convenient that there were only two Cylons around when she went for her baby.

    - Dualla: "My husband ordered me to risk my life for yours. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to bring Starbuck back to Apollo." And she performed her mission well. Too bad that even after risking her own life, all Lee could think about was Starbuck.

    - Sam: "If Kara dies out there, I swear to gods I will kill you myself."

    Lee: "If she dies out there, I'll let you."

    - Starbuck: "I love Sam. I hate Sam. I love Lee. I hate Lee. Gods, I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat." It looks like the love trapezoid is finally coming to a head next week.

    Final Rating: This episode was exciting and exhilarating, and yet awfully confusing, as well. But that's BSG for you. Let's go with another 4, or somewhere close to that area.

    - Tim Bronxmoreless
  • How can they box number 3

    Ok I’ll start with the major talking point of the episode number 3 finding out the final 5 cylons and then being boxed.

    How can they do this, I loved number 3 and they did it straight after she learned who the final 5 cylons where, but that’s why BSG is the best show on TV.

    Also what’s with boomer? Why all the hate? I really hope this is explained.

    I think the writers have done an amazing job with this series and in fact the whole show as have the cast. I only hope they find some way in bring 3 back.

    If you want to see why 3 was such a great character and actress to have on set I think if you already haven’t check out and search for galactica series 3 outtakes. Lucy Lawless looks like a lot of fun to hang around with by that’s just my opinion.moreless
  • So...let me get this straight... (spoilers, I think.)

    6.5 a temple built 4,000 years ago is a secret device which shows the chosen one the identities of five members of their race? But...but that race had not been created at the point in time the temple was created?... Come on, throw us a bone! Give us a little more of an explanation why! top that off by revealing the final five to a character who is promptly killed. So... How are we supposed to find them out?

    Oh, that's right. D'anna was just subterfuge. Baltar's the real chosen one. He saw the five. Right? Did he? I'm not so sure of that.

    And I'm still confused whether they actually found the Eye or just realized how to find the eye after the fact.

    Well, at least they got Baltar back into the fleet...and a real live Number Six too.

    Okay, sure...the episode was tense. Yes, some good things happened. Some great things even. It forwarded the plot...but I just need to shake my head at this. The whole being able to see the final five thing was just improbable. I don't buy it without further information. And I feel cheated that we went that far and all we have to show for it is more clues and no answers. Give us a little something.

    I'm just a little worried. We keep getting promised so much and they continue to push it farther and farther into the season. We're suddenly going to get all these revelations in one or two episodes and be overloaded. Spread it out...keep us satisfied. I certainly wasn't satisfied by this episode.moreless
  • Great episode

    So - after the stunning cliffhanger the things are finally settling in - first the nuke threat - cylcons pull out but D'anna continues her own track and they other decide to stop her at all - to box all of her kind. That's cruel.

    On planet, Sam and Lee have to work together and it does not go too easy. And Lee orders Dee to go and save Starbuck.. and she just suffers not only the danger she is, but the emotional pain too and I feel sorry for her.

    And chief - he cannot blow the temple and Cylons get there.. and D'anna manage to see the faces of the final five.. but dies soon.. And star goes to nova and everyone gets rescued.. oh.. like always..moreless
Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos

William Adama

Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell

Laura Roslin

James Callis

James Callis

Gaius Baltar

Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber

Lee "Apollo" Adama

Grace Park

Grace Park

Sharon Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon

Diego Diablo Del Mar

Diego Diablo Del Mar


Guest Star

Tygh Runyan

Tygh Runyan

Pvt. Sykes

Guest Star

Kandyse McClure

Kandyse McClure

Anastasia "Dee" Dualla

Recurring Role

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

D'Anna Biers/Number Three

Recurring Role

Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco

Samuel Anders

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Both the commanding officer and the executive officer need to enter launch codes in order for the Galactica to launch nuclear missiles.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Lee: If we fail, we blow it up. We fall back, to these rendezvous points and then we head into the mountains and wait for rescue.
      Anders: Well, it's as good a place as any to die, I suppose.

    • Anders: If Kara dies out there, I swear to Gods that I will kill you myself.
      Lee: If she dies out there, I'll let you.

    • Helo: Don't ask me to do this, Sharon.
      Athena: Listen to me. You have always been the strong one. You believed in us when no one else would. (pause) I'm begging you to do this. Find the courage to do this for both of us, OK?

    • Roslin: That's quite a leap of faith you've made there, Captain. And if it involved your family only, I'd say you were brave. But you've put the entire fleet in jeopardy. Are you aware of that?
      Helo: If you hadn't lied, and stolen our baby in the first place, we wouldn't be here at all.

    • Kara: Lee sent you?
      Dee: Yep. My husband ordered me to risk my life for yours. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna bring Starbuck back to Apollo.

    • Athena: (to Caprica Six) If you don't let me take [Hera], the first of a new generation will die. God will never forgive you.

    • Kara: (Lee) won't cheat. He's too honorable.
      Dee: Unlike you?
      Kara: Yeah, unlike me. I love Sam, I hate Sam, but I love Lee and I hate Lee. Gods, I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat.
      (Dee reaches around and slaps Kara in the face)
      Dee: Stay with it. You still gotta walk me through these avionics.

    • Tigh: Maybe they saw another nova and drew a picture of that. You've seen one nova, you've seen them all.

  • NOTES (4)

    • As in the previous episode, some of the guns used in the algae planet scenes were loaded with balls of dust. The impact of the dust balls helped to simulate the impact of real bullets.

    • Grace Park read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line at the beginning of this episode.

    • As of the beginning of this episode, there are 41,401 survivors, one fewer than at the beginning of the previous episode.

    • As in "The Eye of Jupiter (1)," the scenes on the algae planet in this episode were filmed in Kamloops, British Columbia, off East Shuswap Road. The location was chosen for distinctive geological features like the hoodoos (tall, thin spires of rock of varying thickness said to resemble a totem pole). Kamloops (in south-central British Columbia) is relatively close to Vancouver, where most scenes of the series are filmed.