Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 12

Rapture (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap


The Galactica's missiles stand ready. Adama prepares to launch the missiles against the Temple of the Five. The Cylons blink and agree to recall the Raiders. Number Three ponders the situation.

Anders says he'll kill Lee if Kara dies. Lee says that if she dies, he'll let him. Lee contacts Dee. She can see a column of smoke. Lee asks if she can reach Kara's ship.

Adama asks for the launch key. Tigh and Gaeta make the final preparations for launch.

Number Three abides by the group decision to recall the Raiders, or so it appears.

Adama says to fire on his mark, but Gaeta announces that the Heavy Raider group is turning back. Adama notices that one Raider is still on its way to the planet. The other Cylons notice too. They demand that Number Three call back D'Anna and Baltar. Number Three says that Adama won't launch the missiles over one ship. The other Cylons are outraged by Number Three's failure to follow the consensus decision.

Dee reluctantly agrees to attempt a rescue of Kara despite the dangers of proceeding out in the open.

Adama stands down and orders the missile bay doors closed. Number Three is pleased but the other Cylons are still concerned. She ignored their instructions. Number Six, Boomer, Leoben and Cavil sense a problem. Cavil says they need to do something about it, sooner rather than later.

On Galactica, Helo says that he and Athena can take a Raptor and go to the baseship to rescue Hera. He pleads with Sharon not to ask him to do this. Sharon says that he has always been the strong one. He has always believed in them. She puts her arms around Helo and cries. She says she loves him. Helo says he loves her. She looks at him. Helo fires his sidearm and blood splatters against the wall. Helo holds Sharon and yells in agony.

Act One

Athena's body is carried off on a stretcher. Roslin asks if Sharon is downloading into another Cylon body. Helo says she begged him to do it. Adama appears to be sympathetic to Helo, but he is also concerned that she has vital tactical information and codes. Helo says Adama knows she won't betray them. Adama says she may not have a choice. Helo says she won't let it happen. She'll get Hera and come back. Roslin says that's quite a leap of faith. He has put the entire fleet in jeopardy. Helo stands up and looks down on Roslin. "If you hadn't lied, and stolen our baby in the first place, we wouldn't be here at all."

Helo sits down. Roslin accepts her share of the blame but she emphasizes that the fate of the fleet lies in the hands of Sharon and the faith that Helo and Adama have in her.

Athena wakes up in the resurrection tank. Caprica Six is the only one with her. Athena says that the humans took her daughter away from her. She asks to see Hera. Caprica asks what would happen after that. Athena says Hera is safer on the baseship, and so is Athena.

On the planet, Lee is drawing up a plan to defend the Temple of the Five. They will ambush the Cylons at a natural chokepoint. If they fail, they will blow up the Temple and head off into the mountains to await a rescue team from Galactica. Anders says that it's as good a place as any to die.

Dee and Sgt. Fischer are surveying the area around the crash site of Kara's Raptor. Sgt. Fischer gets hit by Cylon sniper fire. Dee runs down the other side of the hill.

Tyrol is still trying to decipher the writing in the Temple. Lee says they don't have much time. D'Anna and Baltar are on the planet, standing over the valley. D'Anna is worried. Baltar says she is the anointed one, chosen by God to look upon the faces of the Final Five Cylons. D'Anna says, "To know the face of God is to know madness." The hybrid has seen what they can't conceive of, but she has been driven mad as a result. Baltar says that she should put her faith in God. He will guide her to her destiny. D'Anna is grateful to Baltar, for everything. Number Six appears and says D'Anna isn't the chosen one -- Baltar is. Baltar says to D'Anna, "I know."

Anders and Lee prepare to ambush the Cylons at the chokepoint. They set out explosives and wait.

Act Two

The Cylons walk into the trap. Barolay sets off the explosives. A gunfight breaks out. The Cylons are forced to retreat but Lee says the Cylons will be back. Lee hasn't heard from Kara or Dee yet.

In the downed Raptor, Kara tries to remove the glove from her scorched right hand. As she holds the med-kit, she hears a noise outside. It's Dee. She injects Kara with some medication. Kara is surprised that Lee sent Dee to get her. Dee says she was ordered to get her, so she is going to bring Starbuck back to Apollo.

On the Cylon baseship, Caprica Six brings Athena to Hera's crib. Boomer is trying to calm down Hera without much success. Hera stops crying as soon as Athena picks her up. Caprica Six says that Hera knows Athena. Boomer is upset. After her time on New Caprica, she says that humans and Cylons weren't meant to be together.

Athena says Hera's belly is "as hard as a rock." She thinks it's a blocked intestine. Boomer says that the Cylon doctors examined Hera. Athena says Hera needs to be examined by a human doctor. She pulls Caprica Six aside and says she needs to bring Hera back to Galactica. Caprica says that would be impossible. Boomer thinks Athena planned to take Hera all along. Athena says she can feel Hera's abdomen herself. Boomer says it's as hard as a gourd.

Athena tells Caprica Six that Hera will die unless she goes to Galactica. God would never forgive Caprica Six if Hera died. Boomer says maybe it would have been better if God had never allowed them to have children in the first place. She threatens to snap Hera's neck. Athena pleads with Boomer. Caprica sneaks up behind Boomer and knocks her down with a right cross. Then she breaks Boomer's neck. Athena picks up Hera. Caprica says the future of the Cylons lies with Hera. She says there is a captured Raptor aboard the baseship. They can use it to bring Hera back to Galactica.

Lee and Anders monitor the cliffs. The Cylons return in force. During the gunfight, Lee contacts Tyrol. He asks if he has found the Eye of Jupiter. Tyrol has deciphered some of the glyphs. There is a reference to an eye, a star and an explosion of some kind, but he doesn't have the Eye of Jupiter. Lee tells Tyrol to abandon the Temple and prepare it for destruction. Tyrol orders his team to leave. The explosives have been installed and primed.

Kara and Dee prepare to take off. Dee has to bypass the fly-by-wire system using datacord from the com system. Kara grimaces in pain so Dee injects her with another dose of morph. She says there is only one more dose left. They will save that for later, when Kara flies them off the planet. Kara says that she can't fly the ship in her condition. Kara says Lee won't cheat. He's too honorable. Dee asks matter-of-factly that Kara isn't? She says yes. She loves Sam and she hates Sam. She loves Lee and she hates Lee. She has to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat. As Kara begins to nod off, Dee reaches over and slaps Kara's face. Dee still needs Kara to help her with the avionics.

Tyrol is almost finished wiring the explosives at a distance. D'Anna and Baltar enter the temple. Cavil sees the explosives. He and D'Anna begin pulling out the detonators.

Tyrol hesitates with the control for the detonators. Lee screams at him and grabs the box. He winds up the mechanism and pushes the button. Nothing happens... but Tyrol points up toward the sky. Behind the cliffs a massive red light begins glowing.

Number Six points Baltar to the circular symbol in the middle of the floor. Cavil says D'Anna didn't come to the Temple to find Earth. She is looking for something else.

The star explodes, sending a helium flash toward the planet. Adama says the planet will be obliterated within the hour. On the planet, Tyrol realizes that the supernova is the Eye of Jupiter.

Dee pilots the Raptor. Her wedding ring is visible as she holds onto the control handle.

D'Anna says her destiny is to visit the realm between life and death. Cavil says that she will look upon the faces of the Final Five. That can't happen. As she walks toward the symbol in the center of the chamber, Cavil apologizes and pulls out a weapon. However, Cavil is the one who is shot. Baltar has a weapon of his own. Cavil falls to the ground. Light begins streaming through an inlet in the ceiling. The central column is activated. A stream of diffuse light emerges and reflects onto the symbol on the floor. D'Anna walks over to the symbol. She is transported to another chamber with six large swaths of white fabric hanging against the back wall. She looks around in wonder and sees five figures dressed in hooded white robes. She examines each one in turn. She looks at the first, at the second, at the third. She walks up to the fourth figure. "You? Forgive me. I – I had no idea." The individual is roughly the same height as D'Anna. She reaches out to touch the individual's hand. As she touches the hand, she returns to the Temple, holding Baltar's hand. Baltar asks her, "No idea about what? What did you see?"

D'Anna's eyes begin to grow cloudy. She collapses onto the floor. Baltar asks her if he is one of the Five. D'Anna is bleeding from her nose. She says Baltar was right. Baltar begs for an answer. Did she see his face? No answer. D'Anna dies in Baltar's arms. Baltar decides to step onto the symbol. He asks for God to tell him the truth before he dies. As he closes his eyes, he feels a gun pressed against the back of his head. It's Tyrol. "Welcome home, Mr. President." Baltar looks at Tyrol. Tyrol cocks his arm back and knocks out Baltar with a sweeping blow to his face.

Act Three

The helium flash heads toward the planet. The Cylon baseships jump out of orbit. Adama orders a rescue mission for the personnel on the planet. Tigh says that it's going to be a photo finish. The Raptors lift off from the planet as fragments of the star begin to bombard the surface. The Raptors land on Galactica as the planet succumbs to the heat and power of the supernova. The Galactica jumps out of harm's way and rejoins the fleet.

The Raptors show scorch marks on their exteriors. Lee and Anders carry a body bag out of the Raptor. Tyrol helps to load the bag onto a stretcher. Lee looks at Anders and taps his leg. Anders doesn't respond.

As the stretcher rolls past Tigh, Tyrol unzips the bag to reveal Baltar's face. Tigh orders Tyrol to take Baltar to the brig.

Anders sees Kara. He walks over to her and hugs her. Lee appears to be looking at Kara. Dee walks into the bay. Lee walks over to her and hugs her. Kara looks at Lee. Lee is watching Kara and looks away.

The doors to another Raptor open up. Sharon exits with Hera. Helo greets her and holds up Hera. She says she has to get Hera to Doc Cottle right away. One of the guards yells out "Skin job!" Caprica Six emerges from the Raptor. Athena stands in front of her and tells everyone to hold their fire. Caprica helped her to escape. Tigh tells her to get out of the way. Helo asks Athena to step down. She does so. Helo and Sharon rush off with Hera to the sickbay. Caprica is escorted by the guards.

Gaeta looks at an image of the supernova. It bears a striking resemblance to the symbol seen in the Temple of the Five. Adama says Tyrol is right. The supernova looks like the mandalas in the Temple. Roslin wonders if the 13th Tribe had a vision of the supernova. Tigh says they might have seen another supernova and drew a picture of that. "You've seen one nova, you've seen them all."

Gaeta says that could be the true explanation. The 13th Tribe saw another nova 4,000 years ago, around the possible time of the construction of the Temple. It occurred 13,000 light years away in the cloud of gas known as the Ionian Nebula. Adama wonders if it was a road sign pointing in the direction that the 13th Tribe traveled. Helo looks at the photograph of the mandala, which consists of a bronze circle, a blue circular band around the first circle, a red band outside of that, and another bronze circular band with a design resembling a stylized depiction of a sun's corona. Helo seems to recognize the image.

Helo visits Kara as she recuperates from her hand injuries in the officers' quarters. He asks if she has any pictures from her old apartment on Caprica. Kara warms up to Helo when he asks. The pictures are in a cigar box in her locker. Helo opens up the locker and takes out the box. He asks about her paintings. He finds a picture of a sun-like painting and compares it to the picture of the mandala. Kara's painting includes a small yellow circle, surrounded by a band of blue, a band of red and a band of yellow with the outside yellow band having flared edges, similar to the pattern in the mandala.

Helo shows her both pictures and asks where she got the idea of the pattern. Kara doesn't remember. She has been doodling that image since she was a child. She remembers that Leoben once told her that she had a destiny. That it had already been written.

At the resurrection tank, a loud, almost masculine grunt is heard, but it is D'Anna who rises from the liquid. Cavil is there to assist her. He says she'll never have to go through this again. Her model is fundamentally flawed. She says it's not a flaw to question their purpose. Cavil says her messianic conviction has caused too many problems. Cavil says her entire line will be boxed. All of her thoughts and memories will be put into cold storage indefinitely. She says she saw the other five Cylons. One day Cavil will see them too. She calls him brother. Cavil presses a button and removes a device from the control panel of the tank. The lights in the tank go out. Cavil walks away. In the distance, dozens of other tanks can be seen in the multistory hall.

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