Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 12

Rapture (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Rapture

    Rapture was truly a perfect episode full of beauty, action, and character development. This is one of my favorite episodes because of the space scenes when the Sun goes Super Nova and how its connected to the Temple and the Final Five Cylons. Watching Three square off with the other Cylons was great, as was Sharon finally getting to see Hera. Dee rescuing Starbuck was awesome! This episode was just full of every thing viewers love about the series. Revelations were made, others delayed with a tease, and my favorite Cylon is now boxed in cold storage but it was pretty cool. Baltar going crazy wondering if he is a Cylon or not was a good scene including Tyrol knocking him out. So much was going on and I look forward to watching how things develop!!!!!!!!!
  • Brother Cavil: "Your model is fundamentally flawed."

    D'Anna has finally seen the final five, and now her whole model has been boxed for good. Damn the writers; they’re trickier than the Cylons. Who was the mystery Cylon that garnered an apology from D’Anna ("You. Forgive me. I had no idea.")? After D’Anna stepped out of her vision/hallucination/whateveritwas she said to Gaius that he was right. Is Gaius the Cylon? No, that would be a little too predictable for the writers, wouldn't it? Who else has D'Anna been rude too that deserves an apology? She met everybody on Galactica during last season's "Final Cut", so the possibilities extend to practically everyone in the cast. Whoever it truly is, the writers are doing an excellent job with the suspense; it’s really killing me. Like Gaius, I desperately want to know the truth, dammit!

    The Cylon's decision to box D'Anna puzzled me, just a bit. Yes, she was turning her back on the group and going all messianic on them, but the Six and Sharon models are both pretty flawed, as well. Just in one episode, Six murdered a fellow Cylon (that's the third time she's committed violence against her own race) and helped Athena escape with Hera. I assume D’Anna’s obsession that her destiny is separate and greater from the rest of the Cylons is what truly caused her termination.

    Athena begging Hiro to kill her was definitely the most heartbreaking scenes of the night. Athena demonstrated her courageous soul as a devoted mother this week. To go blindsided right into the enemy camp takes guts, and Athena went through and came out on top, with a fellow Six model by her side (Caprica Six I'm hoping?). Wouldn't it just be wonderful if Six and Gaius shared the same cell now that he's been captured, as well? How fantastic of the writers to go back to something seemingly meaningless (Starbuck's paintings) and turn it into a major plot point. Kara has a destiny? What is it? That's the same thing Leoben told her back in season one, isn't it? Is her destiny why Leoben is so fascinated by her? Kara better not be a Cylon, that’s all I can say.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Survivor Count: 41,401

    - If re-view season two's "Valley of Darkness" you can actually see the mysterious painting on the wall of Kara's apartment.

    - What was with Boomer? Could months on the Cylon ship really turn her so anti-human?

    - Hera has finally gotten medical attention.

    - Gaius was in a body bag at the end of the episode. Why? So he wouldn't be attacked by an angry mob like Boomer was?

    - Okay, I'm glad Athena made it back safe and sound, but it was way too convenient that there were only two Cylons around when she went for her baby.

    - Dualla: "My husband ordered me to risk my life for yours. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to bring Starbuck back to Apollo." And she performed her mission well. Too bad that even after risking her own life, all Lee could think about was Starbuck.

    - Sam: "If Kara dies out there, I swear to gods I will kill you myself."
    Lee: "If she dies out there, I'll let you."

    - Starbuck: "I love Sam. I hate Sam. I love Lee. I hate Lee. Gods, I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat." It looks like the love trapezoid is finally coming to a head next week.

    Final Rating: This episode was exciting and exhilarating, and yet awfully confusing, as well. But that's BSG for you. Let's go with another 4, or somewhere close to that area.

    - Tim Bronx
  • How can they box number 3

    Ok I’ll start with the major talking point of the episode number 3 finding out the final 5 cylons and then being boxed.

    How can they do this, I loved number 3 and they did it straight after she learned who the final 5 cylons where, but that’s why BSG is the best show on TV.

    Also what’s with boomer? Why all the hate? I really hope this is explained.

    I think the writers have done an amazing job with this series and in fact the whole show as have the cast. I only hope they find some way in bring 3 back.

    If you want to see why 3 was such a great character and actress to have on set I think if you already haven’t check out and search for galactica series 3 outtakes. Lucy Lawless looks like a lot of fun to hang around with by that’s just my opinion.
  • So...let me get this straight... (spoilers, I think.)

    6.5 a temple built 4,000 years ago is a secret device which shows the chosen one the identities of five members of their race? But...but that race had not been created at the point in time the temple was created?... Come on, throw us a bone! Give us a little more of an explanation why! top that off by revealing the final five to a character who is promptly killed. So... How are we supposed to find them out?

    Oh, that's right. D'anna was just subterfuge. Baltar's the real chosen one. He saw the five. Right? Did he? I'm not so sure of that.

    And I'm still confused whether they actually found the Eye or just realized how to find the eye after the fact.

    Well, at least they got Baltar back into the fleet...and a real live Number Six too.

    Okay, sure...the episode was tense. Yes, some good things happened. Some great things even. It forwarded the plot...but I just need to shake my head at this. The whole being able to see the final five thing was just improbable. I don't buy it without further information. And I feel cheated that we went that far and all we have to show for it is more clues and no answers. Give us a little something.

    I'm just a little worried. We keep getting promised so much and they continue to push it farther and farther into the season. We're suddenly going to get all these revelations in one or two episodes and be overloaded. Spread it out...keep us satisfied. I certainly wasn't satisfied by this episode.
  • Great episode

    So - after the stunning cliffhanger the things are finally settling in - first the nuke threat - cylcons pull out but D'anna continues her own track and they other decide to stop her at all - to box all of her kind. That's cruel.

    On planet, Sam and Lee have to work together and it does not go too easy. And Lee orders Dee to go and save Starbuck.. and she just suffers not only the danger she is, but the emotional pain too and I feel sorry for her.

    And chief - he cannot blow the temple and Cylons get there.. and D'anna manage to see the faces of the final five.. but dies soon.. And star goes to nova and everyone gets rescued.. oh.. like always..
  • Great finale to Algea Planet storyline.

    Action, action and even more action sums up this episode nicely. And this action takes place in the space, inside a starbase and on the surface of the algae planet below. Even with two sides clearly at odds with each other. There are factions within that blur the lines of which side they are on. Each mini faction seems to have their own agenda and try to follow thru with it. I thought the plan to rescue Hera seems like a weird one at first but in the end it was Ingenuous. The ending was a great sequence that will draw a lot more attention in following episodes for sure.
  • I was not pleased, nor excited. Here is an example of froth...

    of folks getting themselves worked up over a bundle of thoughts and ideas, none of which were profound let alone related. It was pull-out-all-the-stops, push craft and story-telling over the edge, with the rest of those who died on that insignificant planet. Didn't get it. Watched it again and again and, as a new viewer, perhaps that had something to do with it. But then again...
  • I would just like to say I saw this whole thing coming.

    For those of you who don't believe me, well, don't. But I saw the star going supernova, I knew everyone was going to get off the planet, maybe someone will die maybe not. The thrill for me was watching how it all came together. I watched at the beautiful graphics the artists put into this episode and watched it take my breath away. But what's more is how they twisted the story, no more Xena Space Witch and out with the garbage, the Boomer thread and Baltar's 'revelation,' and right up to the end, right when i thought all the action was over they made Kara into a prophet! What a day for her.
  • Amazing!

    I agree with the other reviews!! This episode kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! There were some episodes that disappointed me (but only a little bit) where nothing really happened, but now, looking back ,they make perfect sense, I believe they were simply the calm before the storm! And what a storm it was! Superbly written, superbly performed! Made me pay attention to every single detail.
    After all this time... I'm still in awe of this show!
    I just can't believe it's still not being recognized by mainstream awards. And the acting! Adama, Roslin, Lee Baltar, Six... well, all of them are simply fabulous.

    I hope they continue to amaze me for a long time!!
  • awesome

    Continues the story from the last episode, this episode shows some stuff, it's an exciting story. It's so riveting, Lucy Lawless plays a really interesting cylon, her search for the final five makes me want to watch more of this show. Baltar himself is a very interesting character, his bad but not a really bad one, his a 3 dimensional character. The desert scenes were awesome, the sets of the temple looks great. This episode adds tension to the drama, the supernova was a really nice narrative tool to make things move faster and it makes the danger more suspenseful.
  • This is boring.

    This wasnt as bad as "unfinished business" but then nothing could be worse than that. Since episode 7/8 of series 3, this BSG has just gone downhill. All this talk about destiny is boring, and who cares if Lee's wife rescues starbuck who he is in love with.
    Visually and the soundtrack is still great, but the script is just boring now. The show has lost its edge, now it is just a space soap. I hate all the characters now. Even that hot cylon whatever her name is bores me now.
    Frakk you all.
  • Seems we are left wondring about the final five but we appear to know the identity of one of them by three's response at seeing one of them.

    Could Adama be one of the five ?
    Three knew and looked surprise at one of the five she gazed upon and as we know the identities of the cylons there would be no surprise for us if it was another cylon type so one can only assume by her surprise that we too, know who she is looking at so it would seem certain that one of the five is indeed a member of the Galactica?
    Madame President and Adama were at space at the time of the initial cylon attacks. Were they really Cylons? I can only assume that one of them is...
  • The best episode I've seen in months. Simply amazing.

    The reason I stopped watching "Lost" is that it never really gives the viewer any answers. The reason I am still watching "Battlestar" and have also become an avid viewer of "Heroes" is that they actually do give answers, and in interesting ways that always bring up intriguing new questions. ("Lost" on the other hand is just plain frustrating.) This episode epitomizes such an approach to storytelling. Gorgeous reveals, amazing character development, riveting pacing.

    The Sam/Starbuck/Apollo/D quadrangle is tough to watch and tough to stop watching, and Sharon never stops being heartwrenching. Some of the New Caprica episodes left me wavering over this show, but the last few episodes have gotten firmly back on track.
  • Superb two-parter, great action, spectacular effects.

    This is the best two-parter yet. When watched together it has feature film quality. The effects were the best I've seen yet, especially the whole supernova sequence. The best part of this is the questions it raises. De'anna obviously knows and has interacted with one of the Final Five, but who? This episode will keep the forum boards buzzing for months. The thing i like about this episode is that combined with the previous episode, it is a great way to introduce a new fan to the show. It is not a history-heavy episode & a great starter point for people just entering the series. Some of the best writing this season too.
  • Still on the Alge planet. Dee is ordered to save Starbuck. Adama does not use the nucks. Cheif can not find the eyes and is ordered to blow the temple. Three sees the final five cylons. Baltar is capture and Starbuck and others make it back home.

    Wow! What a great episode. Felt like you’re on the edge of your seat the whole time. Episode is so thrilling and exhilarating. Always trying to figure out what is going to happen next can wear down the brain. For there is always some unexpected twist or turn. I loved it when the star went supernova figured it had to. Then there is the hope of seeing at least the face of at least on of the final Cylon on for it to be snatched away at the last second. Then the final scene with Starbuck and Helo riveting is she a Cylon. Time will only tell.
  • WoW! Best episode this show has seen since pilot miniseries.

    Oh my god, what a great episode ... it all started with nuclear threat, and while we were thinking that that will be the focus of the episode, it switches from the the finding of the eye then Hera ... and btw, what Helo did was really painfull to watch, but at the end it was worth it .. Baltar is going insane, and Deanna is gone, for now atleast. Extremely well written, and more important the acting was awesome, the whole cast was at their best. This episode will define the course in which this season will go, and put one for ( hopefully ) season 4. Once again, best episode of the show!!! Two thumbs way up!!!
  • The loose Ends of Baltar's life are finally being tied.

    As a antagonist Baltar uncanningly gets my sympathy all too often. He can't outright committ suicide and end his misery but no one will it for him. I he is a cylon who is all too human. The true danger the for the crew of Galactica is the "love" that he feels for Caprica six that will force him compromise the safety of the fleet. He'll fall again and lead the rest of the cylons to Earth along with the Fleet. Can he keep Col. Tigh from executing her before they reach Earth and what the Six that is in his head.
  • Thankfully, it was only a month of wondering what would happen next instead of three months like the last mid-season cliffhanger. Or the incredible six-month gap we faced leading from season two to season three.

    Sorry about the lateness of this week’s Battlestar Galactica round-up. Due to the Colts/Patriots game going down to the wire and the fact that I don’t have a DVR (I’ve only got two VCRs…how last century of me), I was unable to stay up and watch Galactica Sunday evening. I did get to see it and after the initial viewing, I had to take some time to sit back and digest the episode before I could offer any thoughts beyond, “Battlestar good…”

    Thankfully, it was only a month of wondering what would happen next instead of three months like the last mid-season cliffhanger. Or the incredible six-month gap we faced leading from season two to season three (though I fully expect just as long a layoff between seasons this year). Last time we looked, the Cylons and humans were in a standoff over the Eye of Jupiter. Adama was threatening to nuke the planet should the Cylons send ships down and looked fully prepared to do just that. Until the Cylons see the light as it were and realize they can outlast the humans in trying to find the map for Earth (did their sensors not indicate the sun is going nova? Of course, in the podcast for the last episode Ron Moore said a cut scene had Baltar telling Gaeta to look into the system’s sun. So, did Baltar know and hide this from the Cylons as a whole?). The standoff ends pretty much as we thought it would. I never seriously thought or expected Adama would use the nukes, though it was interesting to wonder if he would.

    Meanwhile, it’s not a good week to be in a couple on the show. Baltar broke up with Six in the last episode and here loses his last Cylon supporter D’Anna. D’Anna sees the five, recognizes one of them and them comes back just in time to die. And be boxed out since her model was displaying rebellious tendancies and was deemed “fundamentally flawed” by the Cavils. It makes me wonder–how much or little do the Cavils know, since they seem to be the almost spiritual leaders of the Cylons in some ways. So, Baltar is left wondering still if he’s a Cylon (I’m betting he’s not) and he’s recaptured by the humans.

    Can’t wait to see how that trial plays out. Also, it should be interesting to see if he gets to live in the prison cell they designed for Boomer. That could be an interesting reversal of fortune.

    Meanwhile, the insane marriages of Lee and Kara continue down their warped path. Lee orders Dee to rescue Kara. And Dee is a good soldier and person, following orders and doing just that. She saves Starbuck’s bacon, when you have to imagine it would have been just as easy to walk away, say the Cylons cut her off and eliminate the threat to her marriage. But, that’s not Dee and it made the awkward hug at the end that much more poignoint. In some ways, the hugs between Kara and Anders and Dee and Lee seemed to be more about Lee and Kara competiting than about any actual affection–the Dee and Lee one that much more. I have to wonder just how much longer Dee will put up with this situation. And I do wonder if they are staying together for the sake of trying to have kids and increase the human population. Will they be mandated to have to do so? Now, that could get interesting.

    Meanwhile, you’ve got Starbuck and Anders, which that relationship is beyond strange. Anders admits he knows Kara steps out on him and he accepts it because he loves her. Whatever floats your boat man, but that’s still got to be difficult when you’re alone or in private. It has to eat at him every time Starbuck is away from him, knowing she could and probably is cheating on him. So, does anyone else wonder if these two have some kind of agreement so that he can cheat on Kara? And will this come to light.

    As flawed and messed up as these two marriages are, there is one on the show that is solid. Ironically, its the one between Athena and Helo. Athena gets Helo to kill her so she can download and get to their daugher. I loved every aspect of this plotline and every choice made. The anguist that Helo feels as he does it to the righteous anger he has toward Roslin when confronted about it. I loved Adama’s using a arm to restrain Helo. I also liked that everyone in the scene had a point about the situation–from Helo’s statement that Roslin created the situation to the fact that Adama was worried about the tactical codes of the fleet being comprimised to Roslin’s hope that Athena proves worthy of the trust Helo gives her. Consider this–a few episodes back Helo killed the Cylon prisoners rather than allowing the humans to use the virus. Now he’s sent his wife to the Cylons with intimate knowledge of Galactica’s defenses and the fleet’s tactical codes. In both cases, Helo made a choice and it was one that went against the overall good of humanity. I wonder if and how these will come back to haunt him. Could it lead to his being demoted or his authority on Galactica being diminished? Or will it mean Adama’s trust in him wavers?

    But it turns out the trust was well-founded. Athena returns to the fleet with Hera and a prisoner. The idea of Six helping Athena raises some questions as well. If D’Anna is boxed for what she did, could the Six line also be in danger of the same fate? Seems to me that Six helping Athena might raise some other questions within the Cylon fleet. Or is part of this that Caprica Six has feelings for Baltar. Are those models that fall in love with humans tainted somehow? Or are they changing and the rest of the Cylons fear that, thus leading to their being boxed? It would be interesting to find out why the other five models are boxed and what the implications of that are.

    So, a meaty, substantial return for Battlestar Galactica. And I didn’t even scratch the surface of the Starbuck’s been painting the Eye of Jupiter all this time (though it was a stretch that she happened to have a photo of said painting). It should be interesting to find out where the next two months of the show take us. One good thing about Galactica–it never lets you catch your breath. It’s always changing, always challenging and always damn good television.
  • The Eye of Jupiter is the objective of the Humans and the Cylons. Who will get it first? Adama has nukes at the ready to obliterate the continent, also the temple column is rigged with C4. The toasters are on the planet to secure the temple. Cool.....

    First off, this is a fine start to the season. Much tension here. One thing that puzzles me is the nukes that Adama is about to deploy. Why don't the Cylons just intercept them (the nukes) if in fact they are launched. I'm sure they would have the capability. Also the C4 set to detonate by remote. Personally, I would have set booby traps in case the detonators are tampered with. Anyway, I guess the big mystery is whom D'Anna seen as one of the final five.."It's you, Forgive me I had no idea." .................Who is it????? AAA+++
  • Part II Hello, Cylons. Hello, Humans. Gee, what're we all doing here? Hoe thr frak did that happen?

    If ever there was a time for someone like me, who'se completely not into sports to switch over and watch it was Sunday. Watching BSG's pt.2 Rapture felt like a sporting event anyway. All the staging and swagger and what happened, anyway? I needed instant recall or whatever they use. PLus suddenly science fiction has become bible study. I'm worried. Formulas, too. The two sets of couples. The five whatever they were. It just seemed like a lot of grandstanding. Sorry.
  • This episode was riveting. I have to give praise to Dualla for following orders and rescuing her husbands love interest. As I have said previously I hope Apollo does the decent thing and gets a divorce.

    No one should have to put up with that crap and his order was the last insult. Granted they are soldiers and Dualla was the nearest to Starbuck’s crash site but still it was the last straw. The way he dragged his feet to give her a hug after they were rescued: if that doesn’t scream second best I don’t know what does.

    I knew the cylons could not allow D’Anna to continue. It was fitting that she be boxed after threatening to have Sharon and Number Six boxed in season two. I only wished that we had been allowed to see the face of at least one of the mysterious five cylons, especially the one she spoke to. As the episode ended I was still racking my brain trying to think who it is. Now that Starbuck as spoken of her destiny, I was wondering if she is tied into it somehow. I don’t believe she is a cylon despite her loose morals. So Baltar is back on Galactica and Caprica Six will be there in the cells to keep him company. I can’t wait to see how this storyline pans out.
  • A compelling episode if not with a teased ending...

    Sometimes it is hard wether to cry or to laugh when the end credits of an episode fill your screen.

    Let's quickly take a look at the previous episode, a mainstream if not complicated set-up episode for the mid-season cliffhanger. Progress has been made for the characters as they are now nothing like the original take we got to know at the start of the series. It means progress, change and ultimately a continued direction full of surprises and mystery. So now we arrive at another staging ground as I like to call them, as planets always have a major impact on the development of the characters and of the plot as a whole. This episode natrually latched ontoo the cliffhanger that left us unwantingly waiting for more, due to the christmas break. It left room for speculation and it caused expectations to grow. The writers go out of their way to outdo themselves yet again but caution should be advised for future cliffhangers as they seem to be pushing the edge a little further. Maybe in the near future that edge will be pushed too far, only time will tell. Adama in his infinite tactical wisdom made sure the cylons would withdraw from the planet, an outcome that was very obvious in the first episode. It provided the Cylons with a dilemma that had to be addressed. It surprised me that it was addressed so quickly, but ultimately it was for the better. Too many cylon models have questioned the belief system already, adding another potential character conflict would have just been too much. Good call on the speed at which they addressed it. I suppose it was more of a contractual obligation rather than a plot point, nonetheless it did ruin a major plot buildup of the 3rd season: The remaining 5 cylon models. I would have been more than pleased at the revelation of at least one more model, too long have we been forced to question each and every character, only to be guided to the light and yet misguided again. Too long have certain questions remained unanswered. Now, the opportunity arose for answers to be provided. It would have been a fitting start to at least finish a few of the open plot points we are currently experiencing. The question as to BSG turning into a LOST phenomenon is certainly close to our doorstep, I just hope that a view insightful revelations happen soon.

    As for the whole point of the episode, finding the "Eye of Jupiter" it was a well taken opportunity to beef up the special effects again. BSG so reluctantly uses space effects and when they do, they hit that certain spot that makes us all tingle. Cudos to the effects team there!

    So, back to the point at hand. Glad they left the planet, thats for sure, I had feared a prolonged stay. Glad in the way that they succeeded in building tension and as to revealing what the "Eye of Jupiter" actually was (although it does leave open the question if De'anna or Tyrol were correct in stating which was the real eye). Did not like the fact that the major answer "where is earth" was not answered. Yes they escaped the nova, yet ultimately in what direction? Did they get the answer they were looking for or was all for nothing?

    Baltar as a prisoner was obvious, no surprise there. That "six-caprica" was stupid enough to follow the baby provides future fooder for Baltar-SixCaprica-SixHead... the triangle continues I would say. Oh I do hope he shaves... kinda looks gay ^^

    Anyway, the journey continues. Hopefully with a hightend sense of pace as this season, although interesting for the ultimate direction of each character, has left us with a sense of too much lost and nothing gained. I know it is inevitable that some ultimate victory will be betowed either on the fleet or on the cylons, yet the continues struggle would at least be rewarded with a small victory of some kind, even if it is a character internal victory. I for one love the show and its writing and this episode has certainly motivated me to contribute yet another long-winded review to this site. Thank you for reading.
  • This is exactly why I watch this series, and why I love it. It has all the space-battle elements and much of drama and science fiction, which is good. But with this episode it went even further in the semi-religious/prophecy-path.

    This was such a well-written episode. I really enjoyed it. Now the Series went down the path which I like: I call the path Indiana Jones meats Star Wars with realism, because it had always been Star Wars with realism. But now it has a semi-religious tone. The episodes deepen in this in a very well-written way, and it also has a lot of fire fights and jealousy.

    The Semi-religious/prophesy-theme is simply so compelling. The Series Alias tried to go down that path, but they didn’t do it that well. Indiana Jones also did it very well. But they never did it as well as BSG, because especially in this episode it is so clear and intriguing. That the 13th tribe was so advanced, that they have left markers behind in ancient history is such a cool theme. And that what they written thousands of years ago comes to pass, invokes our inner desires, because it appeals to our inner religious longings. Even for atheists. And also people that cant agree with other religions, but a fictional one is fine. Also that the Cylons also are religious and also has prophesies is a cool. Because that contributes to the fact that the Cylons are always shrouded in mystery. That was only in general terms. What really also is very important, story-wise, is the thing about Starbuck. That she had painted Jupiter’s eye. That she had always done so. That it was said that she had a destiny. It makes you think: Is Starbuck a Cylon? Is she the chosen one, to do what ever is written in the holy books? Is she to unite the humans and Cylons? Sooner or later, time will tell.
  • Solid, but not the greatest episode.

    Above average, but that's it for Rapture (2). They tried to do too many things during this episode, which diluted its effect in my opinion. You could really do whole episodes on Starbuck's rescue, or the Deana venturing to see the final five models, or Sharon's rescue of her daughter. The episode seemed slow then rushed; I don't think the writers put their best efforts into writing this one. It's sister episode was solid; I think they should have played out one or two of the plot lines over the course of another episode. The fact that so many plot lines converged on the flight deck of the Galactica is too convenient and seems a bit trite. However, I really liked everything that happened and am eager to see how Admiral Adama handles the Baltar situation, as well as the Number Six situation. Also, it seems like the Cylons are becoming a little less unified. There are a lot of questions out there and think the writers have a great opportunity to make the rest of the season really great. This is still my favorite show on television and although this wasn't the best episode, it was still good.
  • A solid, if rushed, conclusion to the mid-season cliffhanger

    The wait between seasons 3.0 and 3.5 was much shorter than in the past, much to the pleasure of BSG fans awaiting closure on the mid-season cliffhanger. Despite the short break, a number of changes have struck the Galactica universe. The most important change is the shift to Sunday nights, an attempt to capitalize on demographic gains and reverse an overall slump in ratings. It remains to be seen if this questionable strategy will yield positive results; the fact that the AFC Championship game spilled over into the same timeslot will certainly not help the ratings for the triumphant return.

    The episode deals with the items open from the end of “The Eye of Jupiter” well enough, but some of the situations evolve in ways that seem watered down or lackluster. The most obvious example is the tension between Lee and Anders. For all the sniping and staring-down in the previous episode, they set it all aside quickly enough once Lee sends his wife to find Kara. If that writing choice deferred some of the Lee/Anders hostility for another day, it did lead into one of the more interesting subplots: Dee’s reaction to being sent to rescue her husband’s possible lover. It might feel like soap opera, but the show is all about broken character relationships, and love polygons come with the territory.

    As predicted, the Eye of Jupiter was the super-nova, once again playing on the idea that “all of this has happened before”. Kara’s childhood premonitions and possible visions tie into her role at the end of the first season rather nicely, and it also presents some interesting possibilities. At the very least, one could wonder if Kara and Roslin are both fulfilling roles in ancient prophecy, but it could be something more ominous. What if Kara is, in fact, one of the final five Cylons?

    Setting aside the oddity of the Cylons themselves referring to the “final five” in that particular way, D’Anna clearly recognized at least one of them during her religious experience. Looking back at the scene, her expression suggests that she recognized all of them to one degree or another, but that one fact in particular struck a chord. Her expression and plea for forgiveness suggests that one of the final five had been sorely mistreated by the Cylons during the genocide.

    The implication fits with the possibility that Kara is a Cylon, because that might explain why the experiments with her ova have yet to yield much in terms of results (or so it would seem). But others fit the criteria. Baltar is another obvious possibility, as strongly suggested by the staging of the “vision” scene. But wouldn’t it also apply to someone like Saul Tigh? That would be incredibly ironic and a huge revelation. Right now, it’s all speculation, but the writers are doing an effective job of stringing out the mystery.

    The other major subplot was Sharon’s rescue of Hera. I love how Sharon manages to get back among the Cylons, and that Caprica-Six is forced to choose between her previous co-conspirator (Boomer) and the more human Sharon. It would appear that Caprica-Six retains her stance that Cylons and Humans are meant to co-exist, while the rest of the Cylons are still unsure. Each model seems to be the embodiment of a certain philosophy. The Cavills want to destroy Humanity, the Boomers are pushing for going separate ways, the Sixes want to bring the species together. It’s still not entirely clear where the other models stand, but I expect them all to demonstrate similarities that serve to amplify the differences among them. (And, for that matter, how the Cylons among Humans have evolved as individuals.)

    It should be exciting to see how Roslin reacts to the fact that Sharon was, in the end, apparently loyal. Will she continue to question Sharon’s motives, and if so, will those suspicions be rewarded? After all, Sharon’s loyalty might have been a function of Hera’s condition, and the fact that the Cylons couldn’t treat Hera correctly. What if the condition could have been treated on the Basestar? Whatever the case, Roslin’s suspicions, if they exist, will likely be undermined by her own deceptions regarding Hera. I expect this to be a thorny issue for the rest of the season.

    There were a lot of other aspects that worked well. The final fate of the D’Anna model follows through on a concept introduced in “Downloaded”, and represents the most substantial shift in the Cylon mindset. What used to be a united front is now revealed as anything but unified, as models turn on one another. Perhaps it is the introduction of Human traits into the culture? Meanwhile, there’s the capture of Baltar, which ought to have unusual ramifications. Where exactly will Baltar’s desire for personal survival take him next?

    Unfortunately, this installment also had many of the problems evident in “The Eye of Jupiter”. In particular, the pacing felt choppy, especially in the final act, as though the episode had to be cut for time. One has to wonder if a longer version will emerge on DVD. Also, the dialogue lacked a certain sophistication, as though the writers were simply trying to get through the plot points as efficiently as possible. Both of these items have been repeated offenses, however, so there’s no reason to focus on this episode alone.
  • Despite leaving many questions unanswered (and a few plot holes?), this episode serves as an exciting start to the second leg of Season 3.

    My main quibble with this episode is that many more questions are brought up than are truly answered. Let's begin with what is resolved: Sharon brings back Hera, Baltar is returned to Galactica. Other than that, most subplots are either mired in uncertainty (cf. Apollo/Starbuck, Apollo/Dee, Starbuck/Sam, etc., etc.) or given even more twists (Number 3 is deactivated and boxed up). The identities of the final 5 Cylons is revealed to Number 3, and she subsequently dies and meets her end on a resurrection ship, leaving the rest of us wondering just who the hell she saw in the vision. On top of that, we're left thinking/knowing that it must be someone on Galactica. Is it Starbuck, who apparently had prior (albeit subconscious) knowledge of the Eye of Jupiter? Tyrol, for the same reason? Could be anyone. As for the romance-fest involving Apollo and Starbuck, I'm kind of sick of it all. I find that it does little for the show, other than to slow the pacing of many episodes.

    Now, to the positives, for the most part. The action in this episode is well-paced and serves its purpose. The fire fights on the algae planet surface are gritty. One question: what happened to the toasters once Tyrol couldn't blow the temple? They decided to destroy the Eye of Jupiter because they were being overrun by Cylons, then all of a sudden, no one is around except Baltar, Number 3, and Brother Cavil. Apollo and company have no trouble storming back into the temple and grabbing Baltar. What's up with that? Plus, remember when the fleet had to inch its way to the algae planet by making multiple jumps through a highly radioactive portion of space? A couple of ships are lost in the process. Now, the entire fleet jumps away quickly right before the supernova hits the planet, apparently without all of the previous hassle.

    So, a few plot holes, hence a slightly lower rating than the rest of the episode merits.
  • Brilliant eppy, just gets better and better!

    Rapture had everything, action, drama, mystery, taut pacing, in a word...beautiful! Battlestar has hit the ground running with this midseason premiere and I'm counting down the days to the next episode, where Baltar will interact with the Battlestar crew...bound to be brill. I should imgaine this episode will seal viewers in for the remainder of the season, just fantastic!
  • Death of D'Anna.

    Very nicely done. We end with as close to a happy ending as the humans are gonna get for a while. Baltar and Number Six are captured (6 willingly), Sharon has got her baby back, and Starbuck may be a vital link in translating the work of the 13th tribe. It's not like she was the biggest thorn in their side, but D'Anna has been indefinitely decommisioned due to concern with her Messianic complex. Therin lies the only problem I have with this episode. What the hell is the 13th tribe supposed to be? If their human, why can a Cylon use their temple to see the faces of the remaining Cylons? If their Cylon, then why do the humans care what they think? If their hybrid, then what's the big deal about Hera? My guess as to the face D'Anna saw? Adama... yeah wouldn't that be a mindbender?