Battlestar Galactica

Episode 0

Razor, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2007 on Syfy

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  • ughhhhhhhh is all i can say

    i really think that they had nothing better to do than to make us watch this movie that really was so painfulfor me to watch.. i thought it was boring and really didnt work at times.. there was a lot of action and vrey little heart for me i think that they just need us to hold out until the new season starts and they put this on so people will what it and be like awesome i cant wait for the show... and for me that did happen.. BUT i was like wow the show better be better than this crappy movie.. also if they do not give us the answers to all my questions i am going to be very upset
  • utterly pointless

    Okay lets review
    er we find out cain likes ladies
    we see here shoot her first officer/friend
    we meet commander lee adama's XO
    (and we just never ever saw her before now??)

    and we have some battles

    nothing is added to the over all arc of the show
    or the mythos or any revalations .

    we know what the future holds for the pegasus and as for the invisible XO i didnt see her long enough to get to know her and most importantly care about her.

    so we have an extended episode with absolutely nothing to offer us

    why why why?

    in short as in my summary utterly pointless
  • Very, very disappointing

    BSG has has such good acting and writing... this is what has drawn me and others like me to love this show. But Razor was just disappointing.

    It was very sporadic in its flow. The new character that was revealed was just a waste in my opinion. If I had to guess, I'd say that the BSG big wigs were coming under some pressure from the homosexual crowd to introduce some gay characters. The same thing happened to Enterprise--and I'm sure that they would have yielded to the pressure if the series had continued any further. I'm not against gay characters, its just that the way they introduced it here seemed so contrived.

    Also, I didn't care about the XO. It seemed so hurried. Unlike starbuck, who bucked authority many times, this character was just annoying. And I got to thinking--to introduce a character in an episode (which is pretty much what this was) only for the purpose of killing them off in order to envoke emotion in the audience--well, that is just silly. Come on, BSG guys--why write down to us? Why be so obviously transparent in your attempt to coerce emotions from us? You didn't do this crap in the regular seasons--why waste a movie doing it?

    In short, to have us wait so long for anything new BSG to come along--only to have to sit through this drivel--is just a shame. Shame on you, BSG. You can do better. You got one season to prove it.
  • A Big dissapointment. Let's hope these guys aren't writing Season 4...

    The Pegasus story arch was actually what got me into Galactica in the first place and remains my favorite of all. So when I'd heard they were making a special on Cain I was more than excited. They hinted at her being a far more complex person (something Galactica tends to do very well) in season 2 and I wished I could find out a little more about her character. To me, Cain seemed like a woman put in an impossible situation doing what she believed was best for crew. If they weren't willing to do what was necessary to survive, she would shoulder the responsibility for the horrors that resulted and deep down that still hurt her (for me this was all shown in the mini-speech she gave to Starbuck). I compared her to Stalin or Hitler Was the phenomenal progress made by these monsters worth the cost?

    However, seeing Razor I cannot express my disappointment enough. The story darted wherever it wished and never spent enough time on anything. Pegasus escaped in all of about 5 minutes, Cain takes up a fight she has no reason to (not a difficult decision in my opinion) so she just looks crazy and irrational. From here, Cain for me went from being a ruthlessly efficient military genius to a suicidal crackpot. This scene is important since after this I began to find the actions of the characters entirely illogical and implausible. Characters came across as one-dimensional and unbelievable. A shame since I've always praised Galactica for its three-dimensional characterization. Some Major guy (whose name I can't even remember) gets shot and Kendra Shaw acts all like a hard ass for no particular reason and she just winds up looking like a b*tch. I couldn't care less about her, she was both wooden and dull and her very existence leaves me completely indifferent. Cain and Shaw showed no signs of being human or emotionally believable. I found out nothing important or interesting in Razor. It seemed to have absolutely no purpose and by the end the babbling of an old man couldn't save a thoroughly bad experience. I was hoping Razor would be a taste of things to come in season 4. Now I'm afraid that could be true. I feel cheated. This is not what I was expecting from Galactica.

    I hope the show has a good final run. They need to go back to the days when they had fantastic episodes like 33, Pegasus and Resurrection Ship. Roll on season 4.
  • excellent

    A prequel to the pegasus episodes of galactica. this is an exciting look at the events that took place before pegasus linked up with the galactica. this episode shows events that were mentioned verbally in conversations between the crew of the galactica and pegasus. here we actually get to see them taking place. it's a very nice addition to the galactica universe. i really enjoyed watching this one. a new character is introduced to bridge the events of the past and the present. the writers came up with a really cool way the explore this side of the story. they did a really good job.
  • Loved this episode! One of my favourites of all time, it has everything, you would imagine of a group facing life and death on a daily basis. The characters are Ruthless and that is exactly how I imagined they would be.

    Loved it, Loved it, Loved it. The Best episode yet!!

    Great acting by the actress that plays Kaine she should get an award for her work. To bad she was written off.

    One of my favourites of all time, it has everything, you would imagine of a group facing life and death on a daily basis. The characters are Ruthless and that is exactly how I imagined they would be to survive. Its also nice to finnaly see the crew win some battles, and the Prequill idea was a great idea to fill in some missing details. Can't wait to see what is next.
  • For me this episode was boring, I had to force myself to finish watching. To much drama; to little story.

    For me this episode was boring, I had to force myself to finish watching. To much drama; to little story. Just a really boring filler. Maybe they should have shown this filler BEFORE the Pegasus was blown up. Then I might care a little more about what happened on the Pegasus before it meets up with Galactica. But, the pegasus is already blown up so I don't care about some character that they just made up dies. Honestly the only interesting part in both episodes was seeing the old school cylons in action. I just want to know what happens now that the 5 know they are Cylons.