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Razor, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2007 on Syfy

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  • When I first heard about this movie I was not happy. I though that it would just be a to make money wile waiting for the new season, nothing more then that. I was wrong. It in fact adds a lot to the over all mythology that is the core of the series.

    When I first heard about this movie I was not happy. I though that it would just be a filler story to keep fans happy till march, and that it would make money, nothing more then that. I also thought it would be set in the universe of BSG but not part of the main story, but I was wrong. It in fact adds a lot to the over all mythology that is the core of the series. You find out a lot about the Cylons, (the main reason I watch the show). In addition to filling in some of the back story on the Pegasus and her crew. But that's where my love for this movie stops. I did not for the most part love the Shaw part of the story. I was given no reason to like her. She is just a Cain clone (Cylons are not the only ones making copies). The Cain story always made me very uncomfortable. And this story was far as the Shaw part made me feel the same way. I only had a tiny bit more feeling for her (Shaw) because she is hunted by what she had done but she was too much like Cain for me to get behind her, even a little. And I felt that giving her the information that Starbuck was going to be the cause of the Apocalypse, didn't help her case. I was not sad to see her go at the end. That being said I love everything else about this movie. But far in away the best part was putting the piece of myth together. For example, in the Adama flash back we see him trying to free the crew of the Diana, who where being use to create the first human looking Cylons. When he doses this you can see that the 2 crew members at the door are Leoben and Six. I had to watch and re-watch to make sure I was seeing it right. I am 90% sure I am. Making me think the rest of the crew looked like the other 5 Cyons we have seen. In addition to that there is the story of who and how Gina was discovered as a Cylon. I love that she was Cain's lover. I never saw that coming. There is also a great idea both up that there are more Cylons out there. Wow!! A whole other race of Cylons, just like there is a whole other race of humans (the ones on earth). I can only hope this comes up again. In all, I love this movie. This story could only have been done as a movie. It never, would have made a good episode. It would have taken you out of the flow of the series and it's over all storyline.
  • Great episode

    Major Shaw proposes a plan to Lee Adama about a way to destroy a cylon mothership without sustaining significant damage to the pegasus. it involves a suicide mission. a small team comprised of starbuck, shaw and a couple of other pegasus crew get inside the cylon mothership. their plan is to plant a nuclear bomb inside the mothership and detonate it once they leave. but the team gets compromised when they get attacked by cylons aboard the mothership. this is a really exciting episode, the writers came up with a cool story to finish off the prequel episode. i really enjoyed it.
  • Jamie Bamber Shines

    Jamie Bamber proves once again he has major talant. In the most difficult and pivitol role in Razor, he pulls it off in perfection. The subtalty of the acting between Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber comes to fruition when the line 'you've been on this ship too long' is never uttered but understood. Adama then reaffirms that the command descision rests with Apollo, and reflecting back on his humanity, he struggles to com to terms with the decision that has to be made. Great acting make the philisophical debat of being real and human transparent. It is sheer movie magic.

    Oh yeah, the action kicks too!

    I give this one a full set of stars.
  • I loved it. This is what I truly wanted BSG to be. This episode puts BSG on track after the disasterous 3rd season. I'll be buying this episode on Dec 4th. If you were dissappointed in season 3 for too much drama crap and no action, you'll love Razor!

    After the third season I didn't have much hope for BSG. It became a relentless drama with no "real" plot. It resembled a crazy Lifetime movie, not good sci-fi. I didn't have much hope for it to rebound in season 4 because so many of you say you loved season 3 even when it was so bad. Then when I heard season 4 was going to be it's last and I thought, "Well, it looks like the Battlestar Galactica dream is dead." I was wrong. Not about season 3, it truly sucked. I was wrong about the future of season 4 because if Razor is an indication of what's to come I can hardly wait! I'm not going to give the plot away, but I can tell you that it was fantastic. In my review of season 3's finale I voiced my disappointment but I hoped that I would return to this site and write glowing reviews at the start of season 4. Well I'm here to say I'm glowing. This episode had action and a bit of the melodrama you twisted wackos like so much. I reccomend that all of you dissappointed in season 3 tune in to Razor. You'll like it.
  • Best BSG in a while.

    Being hyped as a tele-event on Sci Fi for months, I found "BSG: Razor" to be more of a souped up season 2 two episode parter rather than a feature extravaganza. But by BSG standards, that's really good.

    Two storylines were combined here: the first days of Lee Adama in command of the Battlestar Pegasus--with the backstory of Admiral Cain and the Pegasus spoonfed in--and an encounter with the Protectors, a force of active original mechanical cylons, and the hybrid organic cylon they were protecting. Admiral Adama almost stumbled across the cylon organic experiments 40 years earlier on the tail end of the 1st Cylon War in the recent SciFi miniepisode series (November 2007) on a young Bill Adama.

    I won't go into too many specific plot spoilers here so much as speak on general story points and character developments.

    Personally, I feel that Season 2 was the highlight of the new BSG series with Season 3 (especially the second half) being a disappointment. I want the the producers to prove to me and the rest of the core viewership who're left that Season 4 will be up to snuff. That said, "Razor" fit the tone of Season 2 perfectly and added another magnitude of drama to that chapter in the series.

    It was great seeing Admiral Cain again, and awesome to see the events alluded to by Colonel Fisk in "Pegasus." We're tied into Pegasus' past following the Cylon attack that obliterated the Colonies and the "Present" of Season 2 through the character of Kendra Shaw. For those who want to know, the survivor count hints at the time of "Downloaded."

    Watching Kendra go from raw aide to ruthless soldier under Cain's guidance is spellbinding to say the least. And watching her butt heads with Starbuck as Lee's new XO is a treat. Being "Cain's legacy," she wouldn't hesitate to do what Tigh only dreamed of in putting Starback in her place. It would've been interesting to see how her and Starbuck would've gotten along is she hadn't been killed off at the end (more on that later).

    Seeing Lee command in his own right was a pleasure. I can only imagine what would've happened had the the producers decided to not have the Colonials settle on New Caprica and set in motion the events that led to Lee sacrificing the Pegasus. This "what if" of Lee's development as a battlestar commander tantalizes me.

    Cain was what we expected her to be: equal parts hero and villain. Sequences that show us Cain as a girl who was left an orphan by the 1st Cylon War weren't shown with the telemovie. But they're part of the extended version on the upcoming DVD (12-4-07). These sequences help us understand why Cain turned out to be a military die hard who sees herself as an unflinching weapon. A razor (though she was holding a folding knife at one point while imprinting on Kendra in a dramatic speech). Seeing Starbuck holding the knife following Kendra's death hints that she's the current holder of "Cain's legacy" (which doesn't bode well for the remnants of humanity in Season 4). What I don't understand, though, is why Cain didn't have the nerve to go through with her assasination plan of Adama in "Resurrection Ship (RS), Part 2," but she shot her former XO (who she'd served with for years) in the head with his own weapon without a blink. What accounts for Cain's sporadic flashes of humanity (in "RS, part 2") and hesitation? Something that I missed also was why Cain was so inflexible in pursuing an attack on a cylon station against odds of 4 to 1 when she'd assured her command staff in private that she wouldn't waste lives and resources on "a mad quest for revenge." Either this is inconsistent character development or Cain was lying to eveyone--and herself. The fact that Cain was revealed to have a relationship with Gina, a version of organic cylon model number 6, didn't have any impact on the story and could've been omitted completely. Something not dramatized on the telemovie, but I'm sure will be included in the DVD version, is the torture (beatings and gang raping) of Gina. These events will show how a Nazi fascist state comes into being on Pegasus under Cain's aegis in contrast to the morally grey, but still humane family atmosphere that Adama preserved on Galactica.

    The Protector cylons were pretty lethal for outdated models. The impression given is that there was one base star's worth of them, but it's mentioned once that a "fleet" attacked the Pegasus at one point. A slip I'm sure. The scene with the three cylon fighter pilots and a "By your command" line was priceless. When Kendra leads Starbuck and on team onto the old base star to rescue some human hostages, I found myself wondering how they could find their way around, how many cylons were guarding the vessel, and why all opposition on the ship had vanished as Kendra got a warning from the hybrid about Starbuck being the "destroyer" of humanity just before Kendra nuked the ship. The warning about Starbuck from the hybrid nicely foreshadows one of Season 4's main issues. I'm still on the fence about that, though. I wondered why the hybrid offered Kendra the heads up? It indicates to me that this particular model wasn't such a bad person. And I wondered why the Protectors didn't seem to be taking orders from the hybrid?

    Kendra blowing herself up tells me that she feels remorse about what she did as a soldier under Cain's command, but her taunting the hybrid "You should be afraid" struck me as insensitive and contradictory. But then she's human--and flawed. So where's the line between humans and organic cylons? At the end, Adama tells Lee that without him, Tigh, and President Roslin keeping him honest, he might've done some of the same things as Cain. I can see Adama being darker, but not going quite the same route as Cain. For one thing, Cain ignored and then shot her former XO, Colonel Belzen for not following questionable orders. Belzen was the closest thing to family and a conscience she had. Adama shooting Lee, Starbuck, Tigh, Helo, the Chief, etc is unthinkable.

    All in all this is a strong episode, tele-event, what have you. "BSG: Razor" was meant as an entree for Season 4, which was originally scheduled to air on Sci Fi in January 2008, I believe, but was pushed back to at least April 2008 because of the bloody WGA strike. (Hopefully the studios and networks will see reason before too long.) I expect it'll have to hold us over for a while.

    I wanna give "Razor" 11 out of 10 stars, but I feel it rates more of a 9.6 out of 10.

  • Great look into the Fleet's past...

    About the only way Razor could have been better is if Kendra survived or if she turns out to be the final Cylon. (Though my money is still on Roslin for that.) Otherwise it's fantastic; it's self-contained enough not to throw a monkey-wrench into the plot of the events that followed and at the same time eluded to the episodes and arcs to follow.

    I was impressed that Ron and co managed to make Cain sympathetic as a character even as she was doing terrible things you knew it was because she was pushed beyond the edge and only one path left to follow. It really makes me wish she'd survived as well.

    If I can't have season four now, well this is at least a good way to (try and) tide me over until then.
  • Well worth the wait!

    It's been quite some time since the third season of "Battlestar Galactica" came to a close, and fans have been craving new material in the seemingly endless intervening months. The fourth and final season won't begin until at least April 2008, but in the meantime, there's a new two-hour film to absorb and debate. And the fans will debate, especially once the end credits finally scroll down the screen.

    While there are a number of surprises in store before all is said and done, some elements are already well known. "Razor" tells a specific story set in the latter half of the second season, shortly before the discovery of New Caprica, as Commander Lee Adama takes command of the Battlestar Pegasus. One of his first command decisions on the Pegasus involves the promotion of Kendra Shaw to Executive Officer. "Razor" is essentially her story, reaching back to the moments before the attack on the Twelve Colonies, slowly but surely catching up to the period of her promotion, where a simple search and rescue operation turns into something far more important.

    This perspective allows the writers to tell the full story of the Pegasus under Admiral Cain's command. Those familiar with the Cain-centric episodes of the second season already know the basics; this is not a pleasant story, and the material is often incredibly dark. More than a simple recounting, known events are placed in a very new context, and Cain's complicated morality is a key point of interest. In essence, Kendra Shaw becomes Cain's trusted acolyte, and by the time she runs into Lee Adama, that reality has led to some serious psychological issues.

    Thankfully, Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen is more than capable of portraying Shaw with the kind of subtlety necessary to communicate that complexity of character. It's never easy to bring a new character into an established series with this kind of integral important, in an act of retroactive continuity, so the choice in actress was critical. The writers did a fine job of making sense of Shaw's prominence in the story, and Chaves-Jacobsen sold the performance beautifully.

    This is also the best-looking "Galactica" material in recent memory. The production quality is cinematic to say the least, often exceeding the norm for the series and rivaling feature films. This could have been shown on the big screen with little or no modification; it's simply that polished throughout the entire product. Even the structure is closer to that of a film that a simple two-part episode.

    On the other hand, the story is firmly rooted in the series' mythology, so bringing this to the general audience would have been a miscalculation. Generally speaking, the story relies on underlying knowledge of the character dynamics and the broad history of the Cylon conflict. A number of plot elements, including the true nature of the search and rescue mission, will mean nothing to those unfamiliar with the third season. Despite the setting of the film itself, the story is correctly placed as a bridge between the third and fourth seasons.

    Longtime fans will be rewarded for their patience. Flashbacks to the First Cylon War are remarkably well-done, particularly the casting of the young William Adama, and the first look at "live" first-generation Cylons will produce a few nostalgic moments. As previously mentioned, elements of the third season are placed in context, and unexpected connections are made in the process. The final act will leave the audience frustrated by the long wait until the fourth season begins.

    In the end, "Razor" is full of surprises. Not everyone will be pleased with the decision to focus the story on a new character, but the intersections are necessary to tell the story correctly and thoroughly. The end result is a film that comes very close to meeting the level of excellence that marked the beginning of the series, delivering some of the best material since the New Caprica period. One can only hope that the fourth season can match the same intensity.
  • "Razor" or Nice way to say "sorry for the boring 3rd season... here watch these to compensate"...

    Those who got bored after the 5th episode of the 3rd season, the "razor" 2 part series are a nice demonstration of what the team behind battlestar galactica can do, when not acting greedy on action and battle plots.

    In these 2 episodes, they show us that they can still make sensless prohecies, and boring sensitivity between protagonists seem interesting, when well packed inside good action, realistic shot of star battles and clever plots.

    What the viewers may hope after this, its that they would keep up the same tempo in the 4tsh season, and stop annoying the audience with long scotch filling glass zooms, and hours of staring protagonists shots, focusing too much on social issues, while dropping the essential story behind.
  • I thought this was pretty crap. I mean, it is still better than most of what's on TV. But not up to par. The main character 'Shaw' was HORRIBLE. oh well :(

    I loved BSG in season 1 and 2. I thought it was a compelling war-time drama. When the show shifted gears to becoming more fantasy I think that it went downhill. In the first 2 season's the focus was on what people do in difficult situations. It has become extremely 'cliffhanger'-ish, with the search for earth and "who's a cylon".

    So, in one respect Razor was a return to the original themes of the show: questions of war time behavior. But the main character was really quite bad. and i didn't think the writers connected us with her enough so that we understood or cared about her pain and guilt. It all seemed very superficial. And that 'young adama' was super annoying. argh.

    Also, as soon as Adama discovered that cylons looked like people, you think he might have mentioned that long ago he was on a ship where cylons where experimenting with humans, etc..... grrr. i hope the writers get their *#$! together for the final 10 episodes.
  • utterly pointless

    utterly pointless
    Okay lets review
    er we find out cain likes ladies
    we see here shoot her first officer/friend
    we meet commander lee adama's XO
    (and we just never ever saw her before now??)

    and we have some battles

    nothing is added to the over all arc of the show
    or the mythos or any revalations .

    we know what the future holds for the pegasus and as for the invisible XO i didnt see her long enough to get to know her and most importantly care about her.

    so we have an extended episode with absolutely nothing to offer us

    why why why?

    in short as in my summary utterly pointless