Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Make it look good, but not TOO good.

    This show is ridiculous. And utterly addicting, by the way. Like, this is episode four of all things - not an episode where you'd expect for some serious crap to go down. But NOPE! we get an episode like Resistance. What the hell.

    So much happens here that you can easily sit down and watch it twice, and pick up as much plot detail on rewatch as on the first watch. It's an extraordinarily thought-out depiction of the awful things that come when dictatorship is introduced suddenly to a community. So it's, of course, all centered around Saul Tigh. Pretty much through the whole episode any reasonable viewer will want to punch him very hard in the face, because what a frakking asshole! He starts by insulting Baltar, making very clear that he's "nobody" because of the martial law declaration, and then systematically moves on to insulting various crew members. Not to mention the insurrection subplot, where he proves himself to be as utterly incompetent as he is a jerk. Civilians not happy about declaring martial law? Threaten them with violence. This makes it worse? Wow, what a surprise! Send in some troops to take the supplies by force! This resulted in civilian deaths? NO PROBLEM, JUST BLAME THE INEXPERIENCED PILOTS you sent to do your dirty work. Good lord, it's just so awful. When Adama wakes up at the end of the episode, I spent the full scene of his reunion with Tigh waiting for things to get out and Tigh to get thrown out the airlock. Can that happen, please? (I think I'm a little too engaged with this show,

    So, if that wasn't engaging enough, there's also a cool prison-break storyline as Lee and Roslin escape the ship (having the support of pretty much EVERYONE except Tigh, *cough*) and fly over to where none other than our own Tom Zarek, now a full enemy-of-my-enemy Roslin supporter, is ready to help them escape further. And no, Tigh deciding not to SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE AIR isn't redemption. Sorry, buddy.

    On Caprica, the scenes aren't quite as good, but we get introduced to a cool new set of characters. The episode title, Resistance, I interpreted to mean not only the resistance against Tigh's martial law but also the resistance of this small band of survivors against the Cylons. Pretty cool stuff.

    Then there's the subplot going on where Tigh accuses Tyrol of being a Cylon and throws him in the same cell as Boomer, which is just painful from start to finish. Do I even need to say anything about the stupidity of this decision by Tigh? It's hard to tell at this stage whether or not Boomer's confession that there are eight Cylons still aboard is genuine or a bluff, but it did sound real, and in the heat of the moment with Tyrol's life in the balance you'd expect her to give up real information.

    Then, finally, there's the last minute, which is NOPE. Can you even imagine this situation for Sharon? She's being hauled off to a new cell where she'll be poked and prodded like a lab rat, while being booed and slurred all the way, all the while not even having any memory of doing any of the things that got her that status. And being shot by Callie (hello, MAJOR character death alert frak) is probably the best thing that happened to her the entire episode. Could it get any more depressing?

    yeah, probably.
  • Resistance

    Resistance was another perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the ramifications of declaring Marshall Law start to develop and cause a rift between the fleet. The President draws those around her into an elaborate escape plan that was pretty awesome. Baltar tries to help Chief Tyrol by proving he isn't a Cylon. Helen berates Colonel Tigh throughout the episode but luckily in the end there is a pleasant surprise. Sharon is shot and dies in the arms of Tyrol which was sad. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: it's Martial Law. (And, no, not the awesome TV show.)


    My disc started skipping so I'll have to come back to this episode and review it properly at a later date. Bill doesn't quite know just how big of a hole Tigh dug himself into while away with the fairies. Tigh is such a beautiful mess of a character. It was fairly predictable that Lee chose Zerak to hide Roslin. The resistance stuff was great :D It's good to know that the Battlestar needs the fleet for supplies just as much as they need the Battlestar for protection.

  • A strange and wonderful thing.

    Scenes on Caprica weren't great in my opinion. Anders is about what I'd expect from an actual athlete in terms of acting and believability. I did love Starbuck's face right after her match with him though, that little eyebrow arch that said, "Someone is getting gently laid tonight!" I have to admit I always thought I would hate her character from my preconceived notions of the show, but she consistently adds something to any scene she's in, and often makes things better that weren't necessarily great on the page(See You Can't Go Home Again).

    Even though I wish she hadn't made it Roslin's escape was done well. I like that she has to work with Zarek, I hope it reminds her of who she is now. I definitely don't blame Apollo for going with her or Dee for getting them clearance, as I said in the last review, Roslin was the lesser of two evils at that point. Though during the scene when Billy was telling her he's staying behind all I could think was why he hadn't quit on her sooner. Granted his choice could of been more about staying with Dee than not going with Roslin.

    I think I might have even said, "Thank the Gods" whenever the Commander appeared in Tigh's doorway. While he was understanding with Saul, I liked that Adama was also curt, as if he was implying, "I know you screwed up something, just tell me what and how bad." I'm glad Adama realizes it's going to be 52 card pickup right from the start, not that he'd have reason to expect anything else after he woke up.

    The best storyline again centered around Sharon and Baltar. Their scene with Chief in the brig was excellent and I loved that in Baltar's crazed need to get information he never realized that Sharon just blurted out the first number she could think of, the next one in his countdown. I also loved Baltar's conversation with Chief as Sharon is being secured for transport to the new cell. The way Baltar relishes in Six's touch was eerie and beautiful at the same time.

    The final shot's were by far the best moments though. Callie had already impressed in her scene threatening Baltar and she did again in this scene. I loved how there were no shots of her waiting in the crowd or approaching, just right to her pulling the trigger. The pleased look on her face as Sharon lay dieing was truly disturbing. Chief not being able to tell Sharon he loved her too was one of the most tragic moments in the series so far and one of the best.

    Some of it wasn't great, but the parts that were, were incredible.
  • Great episode. Action, Drama, Romance, Intrigue - you name it, this episode's got it!

    Episode 4 of season two, 'Resistance' is a good, well rounded episode. As I mentioned in my episode summary, this episode contains a dash or two of action, drama, romance, and intrigue. Here in the Battlestar Galactica universe there stands one or two episodes per season that stands a cut above the rest. The fourth episode, 'Resistance', is one of those above mentioned episodes that stands above the rest.

    A couple of story arcs have either come to a stunning conclusion, or have moved along. There have also been a few new story "arcs" created in this episode. One such new arc, is the meeting of the Caprica stranded Starbuck and Helo with the so-called "resistance" they meet up with.

    Colonel Tigh manages to screw thing up while the "old man", Admiral Adama, is convalescing in sick bay. The activation of martial law, not to mention letting President Roslin escape from the Battlestar Galctica, along with Apollo, Admiral Adama's son. Not a nice thing to wake up to.

    I was not as surprised with the shooting in this episode as I was with Boomers shooting of Adama in the season one finale. I think it was more than anger that caused this shooting; it reeks of a Lee Harvey Oswald type conspiracy shooting. Cylon? Who knows? I guess we'll see.

    In general, I really had no problems with this episode. The acting, directing, and cinematography, were spot on. With the time restraints I guess I can't blame editing with not including some of the extra footage, aka deleted scenes, but you can't have everything. Nice job with this one BSG!
  • Overall, one of the best episodes of this season.

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    After the previous episode development, I only could expect interesting development and Chief obviously was really screwed and that where we start, then we shift to Starbuck and Helo being in danger, interesting beginning. The conflict phase was interesting because Tigh did a bad decision that only could cost him and the same goes to Gaius who is being blackmailed to help Chief, the less interesting part is the development of Starbuck/Helo storyline. The climax was great, full of tension and the conclusion of all storylines are the more satisfying in this season so far.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10),
    Complication Phase - » (9/10),
    Climax Phase - » (9/10),
    Ending - » (9/10) the best conclusion in this season so far,

    What really admired me was the progress of this episode, simple perfect updates of status for some characters, this of course minimize the filler at minimum. This time the Storyline not only was great, but had no plot holes or I didn´t notice.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10) excellent progression,
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10), minimum fillers,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10), fine
    Storyline -» (9/10),

    The climax phase provided great tension and suspense and one more time is Chief Storyline that provides the best drama here.

    Drama - » (9/10),
    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10),

    Overall, one of the best episodes of this season.
  • Getting president off the ship

    So, president finally feels she has to make her stand and so the plot a great plan how to make it happen - it depends on many things and the process of making it - it was so enjoyable. How they just used every little thing on their plan.. loved that.

    I also liked the storyline with Chief and Boomer.. Chief now arrested and everyone thinking that he is cylon too and only Celly standing for him.. and Gaius - he let Boomer pass the test and now everyone doubt in him and when he has change to retest Chief he ends up having very great personal plot on game. The answer we get is shocking and I am exciting to see how the will work it out.
  • Still great drama.

    Battlestar Galactica has interesting plot twist and this episode is no exception. While most of the story line continuously moves forward, interesting elements have been placed. The ideal of a civil war is great, even facing extinction the fleet remains divided. The adventures of Star Buck continues, Even when human technology moves forward we get to see they still drive. I the same hummer we see out city street appear in Caprica. The idea of resistance fighters is great, it show some people were left behind and in all their great powers the cylons still have trouble dealing with them. While this episode is not as fast paced or action packed as the first few episodes of the season it is still worth watching.
  • Whadja expect, genius?

    Talk about the wrong man in the wrong job: Colonel Tigh, the man who never wanted a command in the first place is now dictator of the human race. Not bad for an irritable drunk. One of the good Colonel's first acts is to arrest Chief Tyrol on suspicion of being a Cylon. If being a complete idiot was a crime, he would have been executed a while back, but better late than never, I guess. I'm sort of curious about this blood imagery they used to bookend the episode - is the similarity between Tyrol and Sharon's blood supposed to indicate that he's a Cylon? Or that they're really, really in love? Just when things seem to be heading in the right direction, Ellen Tigh strikes again. That meeting with the ship captains seemed like a pretty decent idea; too bad she had to pooh-pooh it. I guess her being a Cylon would be too much to hope for, but maybe she'll sleep with the wrong guy and Tigh will finish her off. Or maybe she'll just keep doing her thing.

    Hey, Baltar gets to keep being the man of action. And here I was expecting him to forget all about killing that guy in the last episode. He doesn't do just a whole lot; he almost kills the Chief to get some questionable intelligence out of Sharon, but at least he took things into his own hands. Maybe this will be the beginning of a new Baltar. But is a more assertive Baltar a good thing? He is the bad guy, after all, so wouldn't it be preferable for him to remain a little more passive? Crashdown would say yes, I think.
  • good episode

    the galactica crew are still scattered at this point, but the plot maintains a linear structure. it doesn't feel like we're lost, we still feel like it's actually going somewhere. the scenes are done in a way that looks spectacular, the effects are used properly, they are pivotal to the story's narrative. the writers made this show different from star trek, even though the story takes place somewhere far from earth, they feel so much like they happen in our world today. the themes used in the stories are taken from today's current events, giving them a futuristic look the feels familiar to us.
  • Stunning display of wit and wisdom. Shocking, fun and perfectly paced.

    The beginning part of the second season, leading all the way through Home 2 are perfect examples of television at it's finest. This episode is a stand-out.

    We've alredy been through a few episodes, so our characters are stretched and scattered. We needed to find some common ground and see some true direction. Now as things begin to congeal together once more (we finally have our Kobolites back) of course we have new issues to deal with. The cheif a cylon? Surely not. Tigh a big frakking frakker? Who can deny it? Baltar...well, I still don't have a good phrase for what Baltar is.

    Callie comes into her own as a character in this episode. Okay, that's not entirely true...she's been a great character from the start and Nikki Clyne has done an exceptional job. She just gets to show a completely different side tonight. Does she secretly pine for the cheif? (just a thought.)

    What an amazing ending. Yes, I had a feeling it was coming, but the choice of assassin was a brilliant stroke. That's where my surprise came in.

    And I haven't even mentioned Roslin's Escape or the doings on Caprica. For a show with so many threads of plot, it set out to acheive cohesiveness and a level of storytelling beyond what we reasonably expect from television, and it gave us what we wanted. Romance, intrigue, politics, adventure, great characters...Hey, this was a great episode.

    Good thing they didn't pull a tigh and really frak things up.
  • I think of this as more of a transition episode. We finally got an idea what Helo and Starbuck are up to. We see the early ramifications of Tigh's boneheaded decision. Finally, we see the genesis of Roslin's theological movement. The ending was fiyah!

    Battlestar Galactica 2.3 RESISTANCE aka

    Tigh is Still Effin' Up or Starbuck Falls in Love

    My thoughts as I watch it:

    1. Tigh is an idiot. He thinks Chief is a Cylon?

    2. It's enjoyable to see Helo and Starbuck together. I'm sure the actor, Tahmoh Penikett, appreciates the chance to act with others for a change.

    3. Callie is playing hardball. "Help the Chief or help yourself doctor."

    4. Tigh, Tigh, Tigh. Your wife will lead you to ruin! Oh well...

    5. Now he's sending in the marines to get supplies. There's no way this will end well.

    6. Well, I was right. It didn\'t end well for those four civilians.

    7. LOL! That\'s how you deal with a lover\'s spat Saul!

    8. Baltar has no idea what he\'s doing! He\'s TV\'s greatest BS\'er since George Costanza!

    9. I stand corrected, that was a bold maneuver. Of course he won\'t tell anyone what he\'s learned.

    10. Now \"D\" is getting mixed up in this escape plan. She better not get \"outed\" as a Cylon and beat by Tigh. I\'ll be pissed. Gaeta on the other hand is a cylon. See my 2.1 review.

    11. They made this escape look like Steve McQueen in \"The Great Escape".

    12. Roslin is a G. She walked beside that girl like Peter in "Office Space".

    13. All of CID breathed a sigh of relief when Tigh didn't give the order to fire. They're thinking, "Sheesh, at least the old drunk didn't make that mistake."

    14. Adama's back. He's ready to fix the mess Tigh made like "the cleaner" in "La Femme Nikita".

    15. This dude wakes up and takes a drink.

    16. Oooooooookay. That came out of NOWHERE. Callie came up like Jack Ruby. Darn this show!

    B I think of this as more of a transition episode. We finally got an idea what Helo and Starbuck are up to. We see the early ramifications of Tigh's boneheaded decision. Finally, we see the genesis of Roslin's theological movement. The ending was fiyah, although not quite the same as "Kobol's Last Gleaming", but it was still good. Another reason I like this show: No "reset" button like Star Trek. The characters grow and change throughout the show. Amazing considering it's only been about 8 weeks (in the show's timeline) since the Cylon attack. How has Callie's life changed? How will Chief deal with Sharon's death? Has Starbuck met her soulmate? These are questions that will be answered next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel.
  • All the usual things happen. Tigh's drunk, Apollo is pretty frakking brave, Ellen annoys me to death, Gaius is incredibly psychotic, oh and Cally kills somebody, wait, what?!?

    I loved this epsiode, it wasn't as "edge of your seat" as some others but I did stand around pacing a few times. Let's try a new episode format where I discuss all the main characters that played a major role in this episode and Gaius, because I love him.

    Let's start off with that drunken dictator everyone loves, Tigh! First of all, how can you go wrong when you're drunk while making all decisions? But seriously what's up with the other ships holding back coffee? That's just inhumane. Ellen was just annoying, why won't somebody shoot her? But when Adama came in the end, looking not so great but at least he's back. Yay! Anyway when he came back and Tigh admitted he'd made a pretty big mistake I liked him a bit. Or didn't want to kick him anyway.

    I liked the action down on Caprica. But it does prove that you should sit down and discuss things before shooting at people, advise we can all use. One of my favorite Starbuck moments is the pyramid game with Anders, when he says "Good shot," that eyebrow raise is so Starbuck. By the way I like Anders, I hope he's back in the next episode.

    Apollo is nice and cool in this episode. Of course he proves to be the worst liar in the world, when he tells the guards he has to go help the Liutentant. I like the scene where he's telling his father he's leaving but it's pretty obvious Adama didn't hear him, can we say post it note instead? And have you guys noticed how manicured Apollo's nails are? Wow!

    So Roslin is leaving the Galactica, I like her. Don't love her, her storylines are a tad bit tedious but she doesn't bug me. But hey Zarek is back, which cannot be a bad thing in any case.

    Wow, was Gaius crazy in this episode? I love the fact that Six protests that toaster is a racial term, hehe. So here's what I'm thinking, if I was in Boomer's position and a psychotic doctor was killing the man I loved I would say any number. Now I'm not a genius and I realize this, I refuse to believe that Gaius who is a genius doesn't realize it.

    Tyrol was great in this episode, his "No,no,no, hey,hey," while holding Boomer at the end was heartbreaking. But what I'm thinking is that they wouldn't have let Boomer live either way, at least now she won't be experimented on.

    Odds and ends:

    -My favorite line: "Your child is going to be half toaster, how does that make you feel?" And then "Nothing could make me happier."

    -So is Cally even going to be punished for shooting Boomer? I'd like for some kind of reprecussion but I suppose shooting a Cylon isn't a crime.

    -Adama is back! Finally! I've missed him so much.

    -Is Apollo going to go back to the Galactica if he finds out his father is awake? Where are those two going anyway?

    I personally cannot wait for the next episode.
  • The kitchen is getting to hot!

    As I watched this I felt the tensions grow as Tye was increasingly loosing control. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next explosion. The writers and actors have really drawn me into the plot as they have so often. I felt the sadness as Apollo said goodbye to his father. I knew the internal struggle from all points of view.
    The acting in this series has shown that SF genere is not just a second hand, b rated series. I want more, evertime I watch this show I want more. I really hope this shows last for more than 2 seasons like the original.
    The stories are finally firming up and starting to finish from the cliff hanger of last season. I would like to see more Baltar though. I am finally happy they ended the Chiefs story line with "Boomer". What a way to end it. Very Jack Ruby.
  • The crap hits the fan or why Tigh should't be left in charge. Of anything.

    This really was a great episode. Instead of everyone always getting along, we see humans getting pissy. Martial law is scarly enough without the head of the military athority having a severe drinking problem. Tigh's use of force was a truly pivital moment in television. Every television show would have kept an idiot from getting people killed, not this show. I think if it wasn't for the fact that most in the fleet love Adama and hope that he would recover and get them out of the mess their in, someone would have busted a cap in Tigh, long ago.
    We one again see why Ellen deserves the same cap busted in her. Someone postulated that Tigh would be a better person, if he only got rid of his wife. I don't think that he'd be a better person, but I wouldn't have to ever watch Saul and EllenTigh go from anger to ...very disturbing sex.
    We also see that all humans were not exterminated on the colonies. Humans are still fightng cylons and I know that there's a reason that not all humans a dead. In the midst of everything Starbuck discovers how to use Pyramid as a means of seduction. Go, Starbuck, go.
  • Duala: Sir, there's trouble in the fleet. Apollo: I'm shocked.

    Shocked wouldn't be the word but I am amazed by how good this series is getting! This episode for instance didn't have a lot of action and yet it was thrilling to watch, given the abundance of emotional and psychological conflicts.

    1. Tigh vs the entire fleet/his wife/himself
    Like it or not, Tigh wasn't cut out for command. It's not so much that drinks, but he doesn't understand human nature. Fact is, people have to at least think they're in control of they're own lives. I really have no idea how Adama would've handled this situation, but I have to believe he would've done a better job. Not that I blame Tigh for anything. We're talking HUMONGOUS pressure here, holding the world on your shoulders, that has to frack you up somehow. ANd the fact that he displays such human qualities, makes Tigh a heck of a character! The one thing I don't like about him is his wife, the only real one-dimensional character in the show. SHe's there just to frack him and that's why... *whispers* I think she's a cylon. *looks around* But don't tell anyone! *starts whistling and looks somewhere else*

    2. Madam president and Apollo vs The Military
    Finally, they got the president out of that brig. Apollo is choosing her over his military career again, which tells me that this guy definetely isn't his father, nor does he want to be. Wonder how he'll react when madame president starts sprouting off about prophecies and stuff. Honestly, I still haven't made my mind up about the Messiah angle the president is trying to pull, but I do admit that it makes a sweet little contrast with the Cylon's own religious beliefs. Notice that they have only one true god that turned His back on Kobol, the place of worship for several of the humans gods. This starts to look more and more the Crusades. :)

    3. Starbuck and Helo vs Anders and his crew.
    Sweet sweet irony... The last people on Caprica which equate to maybe 0,1 percent of the human race almost killed each other.

    4. Starbuck vs Anders
    Piramid core? I was expecting fotball with some kind of frisbee. Any it looks like foreplay... I mean fun! :)

    5. Boomer vs everybody/ herself

    I admit it, I felt sorry for Boomer. Even when she got killed, I had to remind myself that cylons transfere their essence to another body when they die but I still felt sorry for her. While we're on the subject, I love the little parallel that was created with the drops of blood at the begining and end of the show. Lovely touch.

    Bad bits:

    - Helo: Look at our uniforms.
    I'd rather not. They look like diving suits. Don't tell me green rubber is comfortable.
    - They got pilots named Hot Dog... does that mean they actually had hot dogs on Caprica!?
    - Do they have unisex toilettes on Galactica or did Gaeta just happened to wander in the ladies room?

    Best bit of all:
    Adama is back! Woo hoo! And among the first things he did was ask about his son. AW!

  • Another great allusion

    I am not yet a level 2 member so I could not post this in the "allusions" section, but...

    I like the way the writers/directors are "copying" famous historical footage. It started in the pilot, and now The Cally - Boomer - Adama arc is a direct reference to Ruby - Oswald - Kennedy. As in real life, Boomer/Oswald gets killed during a prisoner transfer. This is great, I hope to see many more of these moments. A great episode all in all. The writers & directors are doing a great job!
  • Karma, You can't escape it.


    This was a great episode. First Colonel Tigh continued his reign of terror and undid everything that Commander Adama had built up in the passed year. But then im sure it will work out.....?

    Boomer was shot and killed by Kali no less. Didn't think she had it in her. Great suirprise none the less though. I wonder whether she'll be praised by the crew or chrged with murder, it will be a great story to continue to next week none the less. I did find it odd though when Boomer was shot once she died in secounds While when Adama was shot TWICE at point blank raunch he survived. Quite odd.

    Meanwhile on Caprica Helo and Starbuck meet up with another group of survivors. This im sure will be a catalyst for the group to get off Caprica and rejoin the fleet.

    Great episode, just keeps getting better.
  • Tigh can't handle the pressure of command, Balar's gloves are off, Starbuck and Helo find resistance on Caprica, and Apollo chooses a different path.

    I think I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. If I don\'t have an aneurism by the end of the season it will be a miracle. I did have one problem: Did anyone else find the altercation between the marines and the civilians a little unreal? It just didn\'t seem to fit with the rest of camera style and feel.
    Plus, I felt the marines were clueless. I know, I know, they could be newbies. But the scene just didn\'t work.
  • Thank goodness Adama's awake now ... can he clean up Tigh's mess?

    The level of intrigue continues to climb ... and with an almost perfect sense of timing, Adama emerges from his coma. But it will take a while to clean up the mess Tigh made. I have to say that despite the energy of this episode, I think they need to move on. Tigh's inexperience at command, his irrational behaviour when he drinks, and his witch of a wife have let him down. Add Roslin's messianic complex and Lee's desire to help, and the plot is set for a real split.

    One thing ... for those of us old enough to have witnessed it "live," the demise of the Galactica's Boomer was about as subtle as a 2x4 across the back of the head ... can you say Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald?
  • Finely, the intrigue move forward

    Finely, the intrigue move forward

    Please forgive my strange English; you now, I'm from Sweden.

    The two previously episodes where so tediously boring that I gave a thought to abandon the show. Now I can't wait to see the next episode.

    In this episode, you see new characters been introducing, and an old one reawakening.

    I must say that this one is one of most important episodes of Battlestar Galactica so far.

    One thing though: how in earth could Starbuck be an owner of a Humvee? Has she some connections with U.S. of America in Tellus?

    Hmm, that is strange, very strange.
  • Tigh continues to implode under pressure and alcohol while others find new strength and new friends in bad situations.

    Colonel Tigh has no backbone or will of his own that does not come out of a bottle or from his wife(Think she is one of the eight Cylons still on board?). He muffs an obvious decision when Apollo and the President are escaping and then gets mad about "who let them escape". In fact the more I think about it the it seems that his wife is a Cylon -- She convinces him to declare marial law. She convinces him that he must teach them a lesson when several ships rebel against the martial law. Sounds like good ideas for the Cylons, not the Colonials.

    Cally, Apollo, and Madame President show hidden strengh in organizing their successful escape plan.

    I'm not sure how this new commando force on Caprica will fit into the story line but I do believe that Starbuck must get back to Galactica with the Arrow for the President's storyline to resolve with her leading them to .... wherever she is supposed to lead them.

    Now that Adama is back (and looking remarkably fit in the preview for a man who was shot several times and almost died) maybe we can all go down on "The Farm" and resolve this Civil War once and for all.
  • Poetic Justice

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of Battlestar Galactica I’ve ever seen. From beginning to end, it delivers.

    Let’s see, where do we start? Ah, yes. The Kobol team has returned to Galactica, and Chief Tyrol’s being interrogated by Tigh, who believes that Tyrol is a Cylon. After claiming he’s not a Cylon, Tigh throws a punch at Tyrol and knocks him to the ground. Tigh then orders Tyrol to be put in the brig. In the brig, Tyrol has an unhappy reunion with Boomer. When she tries to be nice to him, Tyrol tells her if she touches him, he’ll kill her.

    On the glorious world of Caprica, Helo and Starbuck are deciding where to go next when they are attacked by people who think they are Cylons. After a brief gunfight, the two of them run off.

    On Galactica, Cally asks Baltar to help prove the Chief is not a Cylon. However, due to the fact that he covered up Boomer’s first test and told no one about it, he tells Cally the Cylon detector doesn’t work. When Cally tells Baltar that the Chief covered up what Baltar did to Crashdown and that he owes the Chief, he counters by saying what he did saved her life, and that she shouldn’t blackmail him.

    Baltar tries to get permission to test Tyrol’s blood, and Tigh says he just wants a straight yes or no answer as to whether Tyrol is a Cylon. In the corridor outside, Number Six asks Baltar if he’s fed up with being treated badly by the crew, and says he should do something about it.

    Gaeta informs Tigh that due to Tigh’s declaration of Martial Law several ships have refused to re-supply Galactica, and are basically going on strike. They say they’ll re-supply Galactica once Roslin is out of prison.

    The Viper pilots want Apollo to come and play cards with them, but Apollo tells them he’ll have to stay in the brig while off duty. On the way back to the brig, Dualla tells him that Tigh’s been hitting the bottle hard. Hmm, I wonder, are they going to start a mutiny?

    The ever-manipulative Ellen Tigh tells Col. Tigh that he shouldn’t explain his actions to anyone. Tigh tells the captains of the ships on strike that they should resume they’re re-supplying, or suffer.

    Helo and Starbuck have a running gunfight with the other humans, and when they’re cornered in an abandoned building, they discover the humans are in fact the Caprica Pyramid team. After some tense questioning, Starbuck decides to trust them and their leader, Anders.

    On Galactica, Corporal Venner gives Roslin some more Kamala Extract and some licorice. In a conversation with Apollo, Roslin decides that she has to escape. Apollo agrees to help her.

    When more ships go on strike, Tigh orders Marines sent to all the ships to restore order. On one such ship, the situation turns ugly when civilians are killed by Marines.

    Tigh tells Ellen he shouldn’t be in command, and the two of them get into an argument, and by the end of it they’re kissing madly. Sometimes, Tigh can be so crazy…

    In the brig, Boomer tells Tyrol that they’re relationship was important to her (sounds a lot like what she said to Helo…), but Tyrol says their relationship was nothing. Baltar comes in and injects Tyrol with something that makes his vital organs begin to shut down. Boomer tries to revive him, but can’t. Baltar says he’ll help Tyrol if Boomer tells him how many Cylons are in the fleet. When it comes down to the wire, she tells him there are 8 left. Baltar revives Tyrol.

    On Caprica, Anders takes Helo and Starbuck to a high school where there are 53 survivors.

    Then, the Master Plan begins.

    Roslin asks Doc Cottle for his help, saying it will be illegal. Billy asks Corporal Venner for help too. Dualla gets Tigh to sign a document that clears all crew out of Causeway B, which is, astonishingly enough, on the way to the hangar bay. In the bathroom, Gaeta tells Dualla he’s discovered some off-logged calls, and asks if she knows anything about it. Dualla feigns ignorance, and manages to fool Gaeta.

    Apollo talks to a still-asleep Adama, and says goodbye. As he leaves, Adama’s hand twitches.

    Cally finds some deckhands building a specialized cell for Cylon prisoners. When she beats up one of the deckhands for thinking Tyrol’s a Cylon, the deckhand tells her if she wants to be angry, she can be angry at Boomer for putting Tyrol in jail.

    Dualla covertly tells Apollo that everything is ready. Soon after, Racetrack comes and asks for Apollo’s help in fixing a Raptor. At the same time, two men break into Roslin’s cell and escort her to the hangar bay, where Billy tells her he won’t be going. Apollo, Elosha and Roslin escape in a Raptor, using Doc Cottle’s permission. Tigh sends Hotdog out after them, and Hotdog prepares to shoot them down. Tigh tells him to stand down, because he can’t bring himself to kill Adama’s only remaining son.

    The Raptor docks on the Cloud 9 Liner, and the three of them are greeted by Tom Zarek. Apollo explains that Zarek has enough shady friends to hide them somewhere.

    On Caprica (don’t you just love this planet?) Starbuck and Anders play a mock game of Pyramid, and Starbuck appears to win.

    Baltar proves that Tyrol isn’t a Cylon, and he is released. Boomer is taken out of the brig, on her way to the specialized Cylon cell.

    Ellen goes off at Tigh again for letting Apollo go, when Adama walks in. If you have a camera at this point, Ellen’s face is priceless. Tigh explains that he really fracked things up, and that he needs to pick up the pieces. Adama says he’ll help him, and asks to see Apollo.

    In the corridor, Boomer is led by Tyrol and some Marines to the Cylon Cell. Many of the crew are in the corridors, jeering and yelling at Boomer. Then, in a nice bit of poetic justice (hence the teaser title) Cally comes out of nowhere and shoots Boomer in the stomach. As Tyrol cradles her dying body, Boomer tells him she loves them, then dies.

    The good –

    -Number Six : Your child’s gonna be half-Toaster, how does that make you feel?

    -Starbuck : You know you guys suck. You can’t shoot, can’t pass, sure as hell can’t take point.
    Anders : Everyone’s a critic.

    -Roslin : I need your help. But it’s illegal, dangerous, and a violation of your oath as an officer.
    Doc Cottle : You’re a lousy salesman.

    -Baltar nearly killing Tyrol. It’s nice to see some of the characters letting their darker sides out once in a while.

    The bad –

    -Boomer telling the Chief she loves him as she dies. Even though she’s a Machine, it’s still pretty painful.

    -The fact that Adama only came back in the last few minutes.

    The ugly –

    -Ellen Tigh’s outfits. Way too ugly.

    Next episode – The Farm
    “A Fleet Divided”
  • Who needs Cylons? It looks like the biggest threat to humanity is humanity. The in fighting continues and guess what? Nobody wins, (Except of course, us the viewer)

    They brought back the element of surprise this week. It is about time!

    The "Adama has been shot" storyline is finally waning away. With his return, the show can only get better. Boomer 1's story also comes back to the forefront. They correctly tied it to the Cheif's return from Kobol.

    Speaking of Kobol, didnt the fleet leave the planet a little quickly? Isn't this akin to the Israelites wandering around the desert instead of going to the promised land? Granted, the Isrealites witnessed the walls of Jericho come down. Somehow the arrow of Apollo must figure in this miraclous storyline. Maybe Roslin will fly around the planet seven times and sprinkle it with fairy dust. Who knows?

    To say the show ends with a bang is an understatement. What really made it a good episode was the procession of little bangs leading up to the climax. It was a good story told well. That is exactly why I watch.
  • Wow...they nailed it again! Interesting twists!

    Wow! Another great episode. We got to see most of the major (and some minor) characters get another layer deeper into their personalities. Poor Adama hasn't a clue just how deep the poo-poo is that Tigh left for him. But is anyone else ready to shove Tigh's wife out of an airlock? This episode really showed how weak a man Saul Tigh really is...and how nasty a guy he can be too. And now that Baltar knows the Cylon count, what will he do with that information? I'm interested to see how the situation with Rosalin carries out too. Something in that seems too "neat" I think. Cylon prodding perhaps? I never expected the final shooting in the end either! Big twist!

    The Caprica scenes were OK, but nothing too spectacular or revealing. It makes sense that a few survivors would be found and would be running small resistance. But things look almost too good don't they? I'm sure we'll find out more about the overall Cylon plans very soon and what Caprica has to do with it. But if Starbuck plans on getting off the planet, how does she figure she's going to find the fleet again?

    A couple of nice nods to the original series though. "Cubits" and "Pyramids" get mentioned on Caprica.