Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Poetic Justice

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of Battlestar Galactica I’ve ever seen. From beginning to end, it delivers.

    Let’s see, where do we start? Ah, yes. The Kobol team has returned to Galactica, and Chief Tyrol’s being interrogated by Tigh, who believes that Tyrol is a Cylon. After claiming he’s not a Cylon, Tigh throws a punch at Tyrol and knocks him to the ground. Tigh then orders Tyrol to be put in the brig. In the brig, Tyrol has an unhappy reunion with Boomer. When she tries to be nice to him, Tyrol tells her if she touches him, he’ll kill her.

    On the glorious world of Caprica, Helo and Starbuck are deciding where to go next when they are attacked by people who think they are Cylons. After a brief gunfight, the two of them run off.

    On Galactica, Cally asks Baltar to help prove the Chief is not a Cylon. However, due to the fact that he covered up Boomer’s first test and told no one about it, he tells Cally the Cylon detector doesn’t work. When Cally tells Baltar that the Chief covered up what Baltar did to Crashdown and that he owes the Chief, he counters by saying what he did saved her life, and that she shouldn’t blackmail him.

    Baltar tries to get permission to test Tyrol’s blood, and Tigh says he just wants a straight yes or no answer as to whether Tyrol is a Cylon. In the corridor outside, Number Six asks Baltar if he’s fed up with being treated badly by the crew, and says he should do something about it.

    Gaeta informs Tigh that due to Tigh’s declaration of Martial Law several ships have refused to re-supply Galactica, and are basically going on strike. They say they’ll re-supply Galactica once Roslin is out of prison.

    The Viper pilots want Apollo to come and play cards with them, but Apollo tells them he’ll have to stay in the brig while off duty. On the way back to the brig, Dualla tells him that Tigh’s been hitting the bottle hard. Hmm, I wonder, are they going to start a mutiny?

    The ever-manipulative Ellen Tigh tells Col. Tigh that he shouldn’t explain his actions to anyone. Tigh tells the captains of the ships on strike that they should resume they’re re-supplying, or suffer.

    Helo and Starbuck have a running gunfight with the other humans, and when they’re cornered in an abandoned building, they discover the humans are in fact the Caprica Pyramid team. After some tense questioning, Starbuck decides to trust them and their leader, Anders.

    On Galactica, Corporal Venner gives Roslin some more Kamala Extract and some licorice. In a conversation with Apollo, Roslin decides that she has to escape. Apollo agrees to help her.

    When more ships go on strike, Tigh orders Marines sent to all the ships to restore order. On one such ship, the situation turns ugly when civilians are killed by Marines.

    Tigh tells Ellen he shouldn’t be in command, and the two of them get into an argument, and by the end of it they’re kissing madly. Sometimes, Tigh can be so crazy…

    In the brig, Boomer tells Tyrol that they’re relationship was important to her (sounds a lot like what she said to Helo…), but Tyrol says their relationship was nothing. Baltar comes in and injects Tyrol with something that makes his vital organs begin to shut down. Boomer tries to revive him, but can’t. Baltar says he’ll help Tyrol if Boomer tells him how many Cylons are in the fleet. When it comes down to the wire, she tells him there are 8 left. Baltar revives Tyrol.

    On Caprica, Anders takes Helo and Starbuck to a high school where there are 53 survivors.

    Then, the Master Plan begins.

    Roslin asks Doc Cottle for his help, saying it will be illegal. Billy asks Corporal Venner for help too. Dualla gets Tigh to sign a document that clears all crew out of Causeway B, which is, astonishingly enough, on the way to the hangar bay. In the bathroom, Gaeta tells Dualla he’s discovered some off-logged calls, and asks if she knows anything about it. Dualla feigns ignorance, and manages to fool Gaeta.

    Apollo talks to a still-asleep Adama, and says goodbye. As he leaves, Adama’s hand twitches.

    Cally finds some deckhands building a specialized cell for Cylon prisoners. When she beats up one of the deckhands for thinking Tyrol’s a Cylon, the deckhand tells her if she wants to be angry, she can be angry at Boomer for putting Tyrol in jail.

    Dualla covertly tells Apollo that everything is ready. Soon after, Racetrack comes and asks for Apollo’s help in fixing a Raptor. At the same time, two men break into Roslin’s cell and escort her to the hangar bay, where Billy tells her he won’t be going. Apollo, Elosha and Roslin escape in a Raptor, using Doc Cottle’s permission. Tigh sends Hotdog out after them, and Hotdog prepares to shoot them down. Tigh tells him to stand down, because he can’t bring himself to kill Adama’s only remaining son.

    The Raptor docks on the Cloud 9 Liner, and the three of them are greeted by Tom Zarek. Apollo explains that Zarek has enough shady friends to hide them somewhere.

    On Caprica (don’t you just love this planet?) Starbuck and Anders play a mock game of Pyramid, and Starbuck appears to win.

    Baltar proves that Tyrol isn’t a Cylon, and he is released. Boomer is taken out of the brig, on her way to the specialized Cylon cell.

    Ellen goes off at Tigh again for letting Apollo go, when Adama walks in. If you have a camera at this point, Ellen’s face is priceless. Tigh explains that he really fracked things up, and that he needs to pick up the pieces. Adama says he’ll help him, and asks to see Apollo.

    In the corridor, Boomer is led by Tyrol and some Marines to the Cylon Cell. Many of the crew are in the corridors, jeering and yelling at Boomer. Then, in a nice bit of poetic justice (hence the teaser title) Cally comes out of nowhere and shoots Boomer in the stomach. As Tyrol cradles her dying body, Boomer tells him she loves them, then dies.

    The good –

    -Number Six : Your child’s gonna be half-Toaster, how does that make you feel?

    -Starbuck : You know you guys suck. You can’t shoot, can’t pass, sure as hell can’t take point.
    Anders : Everyone’s a critic.

    -Roslin : I need your help. But it’s illegal, dangerous, and a violation of your oath as an officer.
    Doc Cottle : You’re a lousy salesman.

    -Baltar nearly killing Tyrol. It’s nice to see some of the characters letting their darker sides out once in a while.

    The bad –

    -Boomer telling the Chief she loves him as she dies. Even though she’s a Machine, it’s still pretty painful.

    -The fact that Adama only came back in the last few minutes.

    The ugly –

    -Ellen Tigh’s outfits. Way too ugly.

    Next episode – The Farm
    “A Fleet Divided”