Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Duala: Sir, there's trouble in the fleet. Apollo: I'm shocked.

    Shocked wouldn't be the word but I am amazed by how good this series is getting! This episode for instance didn't have a lot of action and yet it was thrilling to watch, given the abundance of emotional and psychological conflicts.

    1. Tigh vs the entire fleet/his wife/himself
    Like it or not, Tigh wasn't cut out for command. It's not so much that drinks, but he doesn't understand human nature. Fact is, people have to at least think they're in control of they're own lives. I really have no idea how Adama would've handled this situation, but I have to believe he would've done a better job. Not that I blame Tigh for anything. We're talking HUMONGOUS pressure here, holding the world on your shoulders, that has to frack you up somehow. ANd the fact that he displays such human qualities, makes Tigh a heck of a character! The one thing I don't like about him is his wife, the only real one-dimensional character in the show. SHe's there just to frack him and that's why... *whispers* I think she's a cylon. *looks around* But don't tell anyone! *starts whistling and looks somewhere else*

    2. Madam president and Apollo vs The Military
    Finally, they got the president out of that brig. Apollo is choosing her over his military career again, which tells me that this guy definetely isn't his father, nor does he want to be. Wonder how he'll react when madame president starts sprouting off about prophecies and stuff. Honestly, I still haven't made my mind up about the Messiah angle the president is trying to pull, but I do admit that it makes a sweet little contrast with the Cylon's own religious beliefs. Notice that they have only one true god that turned His back on Kobol, the place of worship for several of the humans gods. This starts to look more and more the Crusades. :)

    3. Starbuck and Helo vs Anders and his crew.
    Sweet sweet irony... The last people on Caprica which equate to maybe 0,1 percent of the human race almost killed each other.

    4. Starbuck vs Anders
    Piramid core? I was expecting fotball with some kind of frisbee. Any it looks like foreplay... I mean fun! :)

    5. Boomer vs everybody/ herself

    I admit it, I felt sorry for Boomer. Even when she got killed, I had to remind myself that cylons transfere their essence to another body when they die but I still felt sorry for her. While we're on the subject, I love the little parallel that was created with the drops of blood at the begining and end of the show. Lovely touch.

    Bad bits:

    - Helo: Look at our uniforms.
    I'd rather not. They look like diving suits. Don't tell me green rubber is comfortable.
    - They got pilots named Hot Dog... does that mean they actually had hot dogs on Caprica!?
    - Do they have unisex toilettes on Galactica or did Gaeta just happened to wander in the ladies room?

    Best bit of all:
    Adama is back! Woo hoo! And among the first things he did was ask about his son. AW!