Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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  • All the usual things happen. Tigh's drunk, Apollo is pretty frakking brave, Ellen annoys me to death, Gaius is incredibly psychotic, oh and Cally kills somebody, wait, what?!?

    I loved this epsiode, it wasn't as "edge of your seat" as some others but I did stand around pacing a few times. Let's try a new episode format where I discuss all the main characters that played a major role in this episode and Gaius, because I love him.

    Let's start off with that drunken dictator everyone loves, Tigh! First of all, how can you go wrong when you're drunk while making all decisions? But seriously what's up with the other ships holding back coffee? That's just inhumane. Ellen was just annoying, why won't somebody shoot her? But when Adama came in the end, looking not so great but at least he's back. Yay! Anyway when he came back and Tigh admitted he'd made a pretty big mistake I liked him a bit. Or didn't want to kick him anyway.

    I liked the action down on Caprica. But it does prove that you should sit down and discuss things before shooting at people, advise we can all use. One of my favorite Starbuck moments is the pyramid game with Anders, when he says "Good shot," that eyebrow raise is so Starbuck. By the way I like Anders, I hope he's back in the next episode.

    Apollo is nice and cool in this episode. Of course he proves to be the worst liar in the world, when he tells the guards he has to go help the Liutentant. I like the scene where he's telling his father he's leaving but it's pretty obvious Adama didn't hear him, can we say post it note instead? And have you guys noticed how manicured Apollo's nails are? Wow!

    So Roslin is leaving the Galactica, I like her. Don't love her, her storylines are a tad bit tedious but she doesn't bug me. But hey Zarek is back, which cannot be a bad thing in any case.

    Wow, was Gaius crazy in this episode? I love the fact that Six protests that toaster is a racial term, hehe. So here's what I'm thinking, if I was in Boomer's position and a psychotic doctor was killing the man I loved I would say any number. Now I'm not a genius and I realize this, I refuse to believe that Gaius who is a genius doesn't realize it.

    Tyrol was great in this episode, his "No,no,no, hey,hey," while holding Boomer at the end was heartbreaking. But what I'm thinking is that they wouldn't have let Boomer live either way, at least now she won't be experimented on.

    Odds and ends:

    -My favorite line: "Your child is going to be half toaster, how does that make you feel?" And then "Nothing could make me happier."

    -So is Cally even going to be punished for shooting Boomer? I'd like for some kind of reprecussion but I suppose shooting a Cylon isn't a crime.

    -Adama is back! Finally! I've missed him so much.

    -Is Apollo going to go back to the Galactica if he finds out his father is awake? Where are those two going anyway?

    I personally cannot wait for the next episode.