Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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  • A strange and wonderful thing.

    Scenes on Caprica weren't great in my opinion. Anders is about what I'd expect from an actual athlete in terms of acting and believability. I did love Starbuck's face right after her match with him though, that little eyebrow arch that said, "Someone is getting gently laid tonight!" I have to admit I always thought I would hate her character from my preconceived notions of the show, but she consistently adds something to any scene she's in, and often makes things better that weren't necessarily great on the page(See You Can't Go Home Again).

    Even though I wish she hadn't made it Roslin's escape was done well. I like that she has to work with Zarek, I hope it reminds her of who she is now. I definitely don't blame Apollo for going with her or Dee for getting them clearance, as I said in the last review, Roslin was the lesser of two evils at that point. Though during the scene when Billy was telling her he's staying behind all I could think was why he hadn't quit on her sooner. Granted his choice could of been more about staying with Dee than not going with Roslin.

    I think I might have even said, "Thank the Gods" whenever the Commander appeared in Tigh's doorway. While he was understanding with Saul, I liked that Adama was also curt, as if he was implying, "I know you screwed up something, just tell me what and how bad." I'm glad Adama realizes it's going to be 52 card pickup right from the start, not that he'd have reason to expect anything else after he woke up.

    The best storyline again centered around Sharon and Baltar. Their scene with Chief in the brig was excellent and I loved that in Baltar's crazed need to get information he never realized that Sharon just blurted out the first number she could think of, the next one in his countdown. I also loved Baltar's conversation with Chief as Sharon is being secured for transport to the new cell. The way Baltar relishes in Six's touch was eerie and beautiful at the same time.

    The final shot's were by far the best moments though. Callie had already impressed in her scene threatening Baltar and she did again in this scene. I loved how there were no shots of her waiting in the crowd or approaching, just right to her pulling the trigger. The pleased look on her face as Sharon lay dieing was truly disturbing. Chief not being able to tell Sharon he loved her too was one of the most tragic moments in the series so far and one of the best.

    Some of it wasn't great, but the parts that were, were incredible.
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