Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 11

Resurrection Ship, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Neither squad of Vipers opened fire on each other. They all nearly ran into each other and they started playing this dance with each other. Meanwhile, Starbuck was in the Blackbird at the Cylon fleet. She took pictures of the large Cylon vessel and then Jumped back to Galactica.

In Apollo's Raptor, the Pegasus CAG relieved Apollo. Apollo went aft and without the Pegasus CAG knowing typed a coded message to Starbuck. When the Blackbird Jumped into range, the Pegasus and Galactica Vipers went after it, thinking it was a Cylon Raider. Starbuck told them that she was a friendly and downloaded the pictures of the Cylon ship to Pegasus and Galactica.

Cain and Adama decided to meet on Colonial One. There, they came to a compromise. Cain would hold off the executions until after the fleet attacked the Cylons. After Cain left, Roslin told Adama that this could only end one way. "You've gotta kill her." She told him that once Cain had him out of the way, she was going to dump the civilian fleet.

Starbuck met with Cain, who made her Pegasus CAG and promoted her to Captain. Starbuck told Cain that she wanted Apollo in her flight squad. Cain agreed and said that her plan was to go back to the Colonies and "kick the Cylons the frak out of our home". Starbuck sais that that was a great idea. Baltar was in the cell with Gina, the Number Six model, when Cain and a few armed guards came in. Cain kicked Gina in the face and then Gaius stopped her. Cain left after spitting on Gina. After Cain left, Gina attacked Baltar, choking him. He get her off him and she backed into a corner telling him that she wanted to die.

Back on Galactica, Adama was talking with Laird and got the sense that he was a civilian. Tigh was drinking with Fisk and asked him about that. Fisk said that Pegasus had found about 15 civilian ships a week after the attack. Admiral Cain decided that military needs were priority. So Pegasus stripped the ships of parts, including their FTL drives. Pegasus also drafted several people, including 15 from the Scylla. The people on the Scylla refused to go, so Cain ordered her marines to shoot the family of anyone who refused to go. Two families were lined up against the bulkhead and shot.

Back in the Pegasus cell, Apollo went to fill in Helo and the chief. Baltar gave Gina some clothes. She again told him that she wanted to die. He told her that her consciousness would just be downloaded into another body. She told him, "Not if you destroy that," referring to a picture of the Cylon ship that Gaius was holding. It was revealed that this ship is the Resurrection Ship. Since the Colonial Fleet is so far away from the Cylon homeworld, the downloading process does not work over that distance. This ship is a safety net, downloading the consciousness of the Cylons who are killed. Starbuck then plans the op to destroy the Resurrection Ship. The fleet will jump ahead of the Resurrection Ship away from the Basestars. This will attract the bulk of the Cylon Raiders. Most of the fleet will Jump away, but several ships will stay behind, pretending to have trouble with their FTL drives. Galactica will also jump away with the fleet while Pegasus will Jump to the other side of the Basestars. Galactica will then join the Pegasus to keep the two Basestars occupied. Apollo will then Jump in on the other side of the Resurrection ship with the Blackbird. He'll take out the FTL drives to prevent their escape. Galactica and Pegasus will then launch it's Vipers and use nukes to destroy the Resurrection Ship. That is the plan.

Cain and Fisk leave in a Raptor to go back to Pegasus. Adama requests that Starbuck stay behind to talk with her. Cain tells Fisk that she is reassigning him to Galactica. She tells him to handpick the most loyal marines. She will put him in Galactica CIC to "be her eyes and ears aboard Galactica". She tells him not to leave CIC at all during the attack. She says that as soon as the attack is over, she will call him on the wireless and tell him "Execute Case Orange". He is to have marines positioned in strategic locations throughout the ship. She says that when she gives that command, "Terminate Adama's command. Starting with Adama." Adama asks Starbuck to do something for her. He says that after the attack is over, he wants her to dock with Pegasus and report directly to their CIC. He tells her to take Apollo with her to watch her back. He tells her that when he calls her on the wireless and tells her downfall, she is to pull out her gun and shoot Admiral Cain in the head.

To be continued.......

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