Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 11

Resurrection Ship, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Bloody minded.

    The standoff between the Pegasus and Galactica Vipers made for some white knuckle, tension filled moments. I also enjoyed the scene aboard Colonial 1 after Adama and Cain called the Vipers back. I know I'm probably not supposed to like her as a character, but I can't help loving Cain's attitude and delivery. Her immediate impatience with Roslin even being present let alone acting as mediator, endeared me to her all the more. You can just see she's thinking, "Is this schoolteacher seriously trying to tell me how to conduct military affairs?" And it's the kind of thing where even if I didn't agree with Cain on her assessment of Roslin, I would still like her because she pulls the character off so well.

    Roslin on her part earned that contempt I think, as telling Adama that he has to kill Cain was one of her scummier moments. It's not so much that she suggested it, because I understand the circumstances and the necessity to strip Cain of command(though at some point you do have to fear that your choices will mean you become no better than your enemies, whoever they might be). It's more how she said it, "You've gotta kill her." It was just classic Roslin. You. Not we, not us, not me, oh no, not I. See, she doesn't swim in that ****, she just stirs it up and then waits to see if any gets on her shoe. Adama is not your hitman and the military isn't your right hand of justice that you can call in whenever you need them or cut off a finger whenever you don't like how it's behaving. People like Roslin are the reason we have separation of powers and checks & balances.

    I know I said my only regret was that Chief didn't get to kill Thorn slowly, but it was nice to see him and Helo getting a stay of execution. I liked Chief's lines about having to get over his feelings for Sharon and move on with his life. The way he presented it so simply, as if love was anything of the sort, made me feel for him. I can only imagine that the thoughts running constantly through his head(and Helo's) would be enough to drive you mad.

    The outline of the attack on the Resurrection ship as well as Cain and Adama both ordering hits on the other had me very excited for the next episode. But most of this one did feel like setup, more talking than action. Not that I have a problem with that, as for the most part the lines were delivered well and were necessary for the plot. The dialogue heavy scenes helped establish a connection between Starbuck and Cain so that what Adama had asked Starbuck to do would be that much harder for her. As Tigh's scene with Fisk helped establish just how ruthless Cain really is.