Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 12

Resurrection Ship, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Great Drama But Seriously Flawed

    Another reviewer correctly pointed out that the writers and producers of BSG conveniently change the basic nature of their characters when it suits their desires, such as Adm. Cain backing off on having Adama killed. My big problem with this episode involves something that happens repeatedly on this show and one big problem with this particular episode. You have a Cylon being held prisoner on the Pegasus who has been brutally tortured. It is clearly established that Cain considers Cylons the most evil things that can possibly be. Yet we are expected to believe that the cell that Gina occupies would not have cameras and microphones and that this prisoner would not be constantly watched??!!! If it did, Gina would have never gotten out and killed Cain. Cain would have also known how sympathetic Baltar was to this particular Cylon. Also, is it not beyond belief how many times Baltar speaks to the unseen six model that is in his head and no one seems to notice, even when they are standing nearby or unexpectedly walk in on him? A potentially great episode with a truly terrible ending.
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