Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 12

Resurrection Ship, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Worthy of surviving.

    The scene in Pegasus' brig was shocking. Not so much the beating, as the mistreatment of Helo and the Chief was to be expected. But Fisk's line, "You can't rape a machine," left me stunned. In that moment he reveals that the Pegasus crew's way of thinking is so fundamentally different than that of the Galactica's, that it's no wonder things went down the way they did when the two ships met. I think the Pegasus stared too long into the abyss, and it stared back into them. And while it does make me extremely frightened of them and what they're capable of, I also can't help but feel for them as they obviously weren't always like that. How different could they have really been from Galactica's crew before the Cylon war(or second war I guess) started? Though the scene solidified, despite my love of the character, that Cain had to die, no matter how it happened.

    Cain's conversation with Starbuck was an eerie scene. I loved that while Cain was trying to ensure Starbuck would understand what she had to do to Adama and still give her her support afterward, she was also unknowingly encouraging Starbuck to carry out the mission of killing her. In addition to the irony of Cain's monologue, I loved the way the scene was shot, with Starbuck starring at her out of the corner of her eye and then the shot of Starbuck's face in the foreground and Cain out of focus in the background for the final moment.

    While I hated to see the Blackbird get destroyed(especially so soon), it did provide a little taste of some zero-g fire, my favorite thing to come from the sci-fi genre. I enjoyed Apollo's storyline and can certainly understand how he(or any of the pilots) would want to cash his chips in, but with everything else happening in the episode it felt somewhat out of place. It just seemed weird to introduce and focus time on that during the events already set in motion. Honestly, in any other episode it would have probably been my favorite storyline. The shot of him alone in space as he looks on to the firefight in front of him was incredible, though it wasn't long before they topped it.

    The shot's of the two battlestar's missiles colliding with the basestars followed by the Viper's guns ripping into the Resurrection ship as Cylon bodies spilled out into space were definitely my favorite so far of the aerial battles. Silencing the guns and resulting explosions was an excellent choice and McCreary outdid himself yet again with a beautiful piece of music. It's sad and almost funereal sound contrasted perfectly with the violence and chaos of the assault, while at the same time blending well with the final shot of Apollo sinking below the water and with the part of me that connected with the thousands of Cylons dieing.

    Baltar's scenes with the captured Six model were good, but if I'm being honest they never topped the one in Pegasus(the episode). I did like how they tied in with the main plot and provided a way of taking out Cain without sullying my respect for Adama. Cain on her part went out exactly as I expected her to; defiant in the face of oblivion. The tears welling up in her eyes, belying her indifference to death, were a brilliant touch as she still refused to ever beg for her life. I know I'm gonna miss the hell out of her character.

    I hate to see Cain go, but her three episode run has been the highpoint of the series thus far for me. And it wasn't just all because of her.
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