Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The cylons get outed, Bill has a meltdown, Lee grows a pair, and who killed Earth?

    Geeze, do I really have to wait until 2009? Frak. This is gonna be a bad wait, because can anyone say cliffhanger from hell? BSG sure is good with the cliffhangers.

    Well anyway. The final four get outed. Well two of them do anyway. Saul and Tory out themselves. Tory first by going with Dianna when asked under the pretense of giving the captive President Roslin her meds. Tory's heel turn has been coming for awhile but still it was fun to watch. Loved how no one (not the Prez or Baltar was too shocked at the idea of Tory being one of the Final Five.) Oh speeking of which, it appears Roslin and Baltar have come to terms with each other. After last ep and Roslin almost killing/letting Baltar die, the talk was extremely well done. I liked it alot. Then there was Saul Tigh. Oh how I love thee. This episode was such a Tigh episode. Him telling William Adama that he was a Cylon was heartbreaking in so many ways. Tigh seriously manned....uhhh Cyloned up this episode with his plan to save the hostages. Kill me...Save them. Hell it was better then Les's plan. Kill them all and let the Gods sort them out.

    Speaking of Lee, President Lee Adama came into his own this episode. Watching him comfort his father who had just had a meltdown was intense and then having him tell his father that he would take care of what needed to be done about Saul Tigh was amazing. The scenes between Saul and Lee were great. I loved how Saul called Lee "Apollo". Also, I loved how it was Lee who made peace with the Cylons and not Roslin. It made sense to me. Roslin as much as I love her (and for the record I do) she just isn't capable of it. Lee Adama is. Also loved the Starbucks reaction to finding out her hubby is a cylon. Loved the look in Anders' eyes. They basically said, "Love me anyway."

    Oh yeah....and who killed Earth?

    Love love love how they found Earth...together. Cylons and humans. Not alone. Together.

    Plus....we still don't know who the final cylon is.

    Earth isn't the final revelation.

    So what is?

    And when is 2009 again?
  • Possibly one of the best episodes of the series, but didn't feel like a mid-season finale cliffhanger. It felt like the entire series could have ended right here and now.

    Best episode of the season, one of my all time favourites episodes in the entire series. I'm simply ... speechless after watching the episode. I mean, it would have been twice as better if I would have avoided reading spoilers and watching promo videos, but that's my lesson for the next episodes: no more watching previews.

    So Kara Thrace isn't the final cylon. Neither is anybody else in the fleet, which means that the final cylon is either dead, or on earth. The final scene of this episode was the one that sent shivers down my spine and my jaw was dropped. Is the planet radioactive? That would really, really suck if it actually were.

    But seriously: January 09' until the rest of the series continues? That's simply way too long. I have no idea where the show is headed right now, but things are getting so dark, imagine how shocking the series finale is going to be. There are so many questions that have been left unanswered.

    Simply amazing. I simply cannot wait to see what this show has in store for us viewers next, it's going to be headed in to an explosive finale.
  • A fitting mid-season finale for a brilliant tv series

    I echo many of the reviews for this episode on this site. Great visuals, superb acting, lots of payoff as the plot "jumps" forward.

    I also particularly enjoyed the Adama/Tigh and Adama/Lee scenes. EJO was brilliant in this episode - he stole all scenes. Because he's usually so stoic, his recent episodes have allowed his superior acting skills - and his character's humanity - to shine through.

    So as not to be a blind fanboy, I must admit there were a few things that could have been done a bit better. The editing seemed a bit clumsy in some ways to me. In particular, the discovery and voyage to Earth was all a bit quick. Given that finding Earth this has been the dominant theme and quest since the start of the series, it seemed to happen a bit too fast with little tension build-up.

    Another example was the transition from suspicion/double dealing which characterized the Cylon Rebels vs. Colonials this season to suddenly being happy allies on a quest. It all seemed a bit too quick and missed the chance of exploring character's reactions and journey to accepting this leap of faith. Related to this, I felt that the decision to give amnesty to the 4 revealed cylons to be just a bit too simplistic. Remember how much fretting and drama surrounded trust issues with Athena, collaborators on New Caprica, Ellen Tigh etc... Hopefully these character issues will be resolved in the second half.

    Still, this stuff is just nit picking. I'm not traditionally a huge scifi fan, but BSG on an average day is a cut above almost anything out there on TV. Revelations continues to raise the bar and I'm just holding my breath until January 2009.

    Frak me!
  • Even the episode title couldn't prepare you for the last ten minutes.

    While I was beginning to doubt BSG's ability to throw us with unexpected and unconventional story developments, given the slow pace of the season to date, I always hoped they were building up to something huge. And boy, were they ever. But I'll get to that in a bit.

    BSG has always prided itself on putting the human aspect of a supposed science-fiction show ahead of the geek element, and episodes like this prove that doing so can have immense payoff when the story has to (by nature) take first place. Edward James Olmos follows up Mary McDonnell's Emmy-deserving performance in the last episode with his own knockout delivery here - his adamant denial of his best friend's nature, and then his meltdown only in the presence of his son, whom he's now evidently willing to trust as well as love and respect. He caps it all off with a stirring speech when the realisation of the Colonials' aspirations comes to pass at the end.

    The ensemble cast put in a virtuoso performance in a plot-driven episode. The Final Four finally get unmasked, Lee steps up to the plate as President, and D'Anna's back to her insidious ways as, apparently, the new Cylon leader.

    Right from the very beginning you could tell big things were going to happen in this episode. The intensity built right from where D'Anna took the Colonials hostage, through to Tigh's long-awaited reveal to Adama, through that suspenseful sequence where we wonder simultaneously: (1) will D'Anna commence nuclear war, (2) will Lee flush Tigh out the airlock, (3) what the frak is Kara looking for?

    And then, just like that, it all comes together with that most unexpected of resolutions: peace.

    But wait! Before you start relaxing, assuming the rest of the episode is wrap-up, a sudden jump through hyperspace ... and the fulfillment of three-and-a-half seasons of faith, doubt, and ultimately hope come to fruition.

    But wait! They've made it to Earth, and that's great - but what do they find when they get there?

    Frak me over.

    Like most viewers, it caught me completely off-guard that they made it to Earth with hardly any notice (apart from the messianic music heralding a slow-motion juxtaposition), and for that reason their arrival had a little less impact than perhaps we might have wanted. But in true BSG style, the final tracking shot sets up a myriad of questions, in addition to the many we already had - for example, what's up with Hera and the vision of the Opera House? Is the Cylon God going to show up at some point and provide lots of expository dialogue explaining all the mythology that's built up? And most importantly, do the Cylons still have a plan?

    Sadly, we'll have to wait some eight months to get the answers to these questions. But when BSG comes back, it will be the return of a show worth waiting for. And so say we all.
  • Revelations provides the first steps towards closing the BSG mythology. The Humans and Cylons will finally confront their most dispised demons and most hopeful angels. The wanderers will finally confront their greatest dream.

    I thought the episode was very well done. You are always wondering about how something can go wrong and how everyone will act once the "Final Five" are exposed. The remaining episodes now have a mark on the wall. The journey is over, or is it? The truth is out, but there are still some questions. How will the Humand and Cylons finally find peace, and will they survive their first exposure to...Earth?

    Thanks to the magic of the internet, I have been able to view the first half of the final season. I use to buy it off of ITUNES, but now that NBC has broken ties (and their new provider does not open its content to folks in overseas locations) I have to find alternate ways of keeping up with BSG. Hopefully, NBC and ITUNES can work out its issues and make the final series available, especially since this is a plus for both sides (I am actually paying less through internet sharing). Either way, I look forward to the final episodes of a great series... BSG, frakking great.
  • Absolutely astonishing! *SPOILER ALERT*

    How much of this episode did I see coming? Hmmmmmmmm. None of it!

    Never in a million years would I have guessed that Tigh would reveal his true nature to Adama, nor could I have predicted Lee's willingness to toss him out the launch bay. Tory's action once she saw her opportunity to join the Cylons was just about the only thing that was predictable. I would quite honestly be shocked and surprised if Edward James Olmos is not nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series" for his performance throughout this season and for this episode in particular. His attempt at denial when his oldest friend revealed that his was a Cylon and his anguish as the reality of it set in was stellar. There was no stoic, stone-faced acceptance of this heart-wrenching news. He lashed out and then broke down. He became far more damaged than he was able to cope with and it overwhelmed him.

    Although the fleet seemed to be on the road to Earth, I couldn't imagine that they were going to find it quite so suddenly. The moment the fleet jumped into Earth orbit, I knew something unexpected was in the offing. As the colonial landing craft began their approach, I wondered immediately "Why aren't there any orbiting satellites? Why has there been no intercept jets deployed when these UFOs approached land?". My immediate speculation was that they had arrived either at the time of the dinosaurs or after an apocalypse. The later turned out to be true. What will the human survivors do now? Will they figure out how to use the time distortions of the nebula where Starbuck "died" and was rediscovered to travel to Earth at an earlier time to try and avert whatever happened? Will they try to make the best of it on a burned out wasteland? Will they simply die out and let the circular flow of history begin the cycle again? I cannot even begin to second guess the writers of this show and I would not be so foolish as to try. They seem to know where they are going with this story and I will leave it to them. They haven't disappointed me yet and I don't think they will....unless the do a Sopranos-esque cut to black.
  • Not exactly what I expected from a mid-season finale, but it is a great episode, with a lot of nice moments. (spoilers)

    Before watching this episode, I had been very excited for it. Since it is the middle of the season, I had expected the episode to be a 2-part episode, continued into the next half of the season. Since the 2-part episodes are the ones I love the most, I was expecting this to be great as well. Also, the fact that it's the middle of the season, and they would want to set things up for the second half of the season made me even more excited to see where they would leave us at the end of the episode.

    However, I did not expect the episode that they gave us, which was really more like a series finale than a mid-season finale. Everything came together very much like how anybody else would end the show. The four Cylons that were revealed last season were finally revealed to the others, they found Earth, and Cylons and Humans make peace.

    Throughut the episodes, there were a lot of great moments. I loved Adama's reaction to finding out that Tigh was a Cylon. The tensions between the Cylons and Humans rise before they get better, creating some very exciting scenes. While it wasn't the amazing start of a 2-part episode that I thought it would be, it was still a very strong episode.

    The episode ended in a very interesting way. Instead of the usual kind of cliff-hanger, the episode leaves off with a kind of cliff-hanger that wasn't really a cliff-hanger. It just kind of ends, making the viewers wonder where the writers will take the series from this point out. There are still a lot of unanswered questions that will need to be addressed, specifically the identity of who the Final Cylon is, but there's also a potential for the writers to do whatever they want from here on out, since they have basically ended the quest for home. This could either be a good thing for the series, or a bad thing, but it does make me excited for the prospects of things to come.
  • Revelations galore.

    So I'm pretty sure that my jaw is dislocated at the moment...

    As everyone else is saying, WOW. The last ten minutes were absolutely intense. During the final ad break, me and my friend were talking, and he was saying "I think they are going to find Earth..." and I was saying that they couldn't possibly find Earth in 15 minutes. But I was wrong. And Earth seems to be post-apocalyptic? Why do I have a feeling that it probably won't be quite that simple? Also the way that the whole cheering scene was done was beautiful.

    Roslin walking in and just touching Adama's arm, and him getting back into his uniform was amazingly acted. Pretty much all of EJO's scenes were amazing in this episode. His reaction to Tigh being a cylon was pretty heart wrenching. I had wondered if he had any idea, but I guess not.

    I was sure that Lee was going to hit the airlock button just before Kara ran in. It would have been interesting, and they haven't killed anyone off since Pike. I

    loved how Tory went over right away. It's consistent with how she was last time we saw her. Laura and Baltar's reactions were amazing, especially Baltar insisting that he knew all along.

    The look on Kara's face when Sam admitted to being a cylon? Amazing. I bet she was having flashbacks to the conversation in "He That Believeth in Me". I know I was.

    Lee's speech, as always, was great. I am really starting to like this character change a lot more now that he gets to make a nice speech every few weeks.

    A lot to look forward to next season; what happened with the 13th tribe, how is the human/cylon alliance going to work out, what about the ones, fours, and fives? What about Boomer? What about the opera house, and Hera, and maybe Nicky and CapriSaul child? How did Kara get to Earth? Who is the final cylon? What are the head people?
  • And now for something completely different....

    If the writers were looking to surprise, they succeeded. Col Tigh at his best this episode for sure. Adama reaches his breaking point when all is revealed and it is interesting to see Lee step up to the plate. But while the revelation of Tigh was very well written, it seemed the other revelations were much more subdued. It was interesting watching Baltar logically stepping through it with D'Anna (boy has his character changed since the early days).

    But the ending.....what can you say? As another reviewer wrote, is the final Cylon really important at this point? The question is going to be survival. What happens to people (or Cylons) when the rug is whipped out beneath them?

    What they are going to do with these final ten episodes is wide open now. But.....unfortunately we're not going to find out what happens till 2009.

    See you then.

  • I love this show for numerous reasons, and this episode shows all of them, and one extra. Planet of the apes!!!

    I am not a faithful fan because of the visuals or the acting, all supurb, but what I come back for is social commentary. I have always thought that science fiction is the best medium for difficult commentary. What is special about this show, perhaps once in a lifetime is the different audiences it can bring together. If only they could have changed the title, "battlestar" is off putting for my adult friends, specially when the original show was so...bad. I wonder if some of these terrorism or genetic type themes are even noticed by the throngs of preteens watching the show, but that is ok! The more audiences the better. For this epidode I have only one thing to say that shouldn't spoil the show, planet of the apes!!! We knew there was half a season left! Come on, I saw it coming.
  • Well, of course it's revealing, the episode is called Revelations.

    Holy crap the final scene completely made me so happy. I had always wondered what direction they would go with that.(spoiler-free) I have loved they way they have handled every character since the beginning of this new season and Aright now I am pleased as punch with this cliffhanger. One of the greatest moments in the series was the scene with Lee and Bill Adama when Lee is consoling his father... marvelous. One thing that does disappoint me is the Caprica Six-Tigh affair going on, and I'm interested to see if they do something about that by the end.... whenever that may be. There were some great reveals with the reveals of four of the final five. With the way this episode ended I wonder what the importance of the final cylon. Not full of action like the last episode, but still incredibly done. The wait for the last ten episodes is going to be as bad as the wait for LOST's next season. Spectacular.
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