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Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Revelations

    Revelations was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica because the final four Cylons were revealed to every one and it was interesting to see reactions and how things played out. As acting President, Lee Adama made some difficult decisions. Watching every one try to debate and reason with D'Anna was cool. I really liked her in this episode. Every one eventually agrees to work together and it was great to watch. The space scenes were excellent and so was the acting. I liked the ending thought it was kind of sad. After all this time, and all this way, Earth isn't what everyone had imagined. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • In a word -- disappointing.

    I guess I'm in the minority, because I was disappointed with this episode. [SPOILER ALERT] Yes, the standoff with the cylons was extremely exciting and suspenseful, but there were two major problems with this episode that ruined it for me.

    First was Admiral Adama's breakdown. Yes, EJO's acting was brilliant, but the notion that Adama would completely fall apart over Tigh's revelation was simply ludicrous. Think about it: this is a man who lived through the complete annihilation of human civilization, and even when he thought his son was dead (in the miniseries) he didn't lose his composure. Now, in this episode, the humans and cylons are in the midst of a standoff with the fate of the human race hanging in the balance, and Adama completely falls apart, gets drunk, and collapses into a sobbing heap just because his friend admits he's a cylon?? Give me a break! The second problem with this episode is the ending. So they find Earth and it's a nuclear wasteland. So what? What exactly are we supposed to hope happens next? The humans and cylons seem to be friends now, so there's no conflict there anymore. They've found Earth. There's no immediate crisis to overcome. So I have no idea what we're supposed to hope for or who we're supposed to root for. Normally, in a season finale there is some kind of crisis or conflict that leaves you hungering to find out what happens next. The end of season 2 saw the cylons occupy New Caprica (which we knew would lead to horrifying consequences). The end of season 1 saw Adama shot (leaving us dying to find out what would happen next). Season 3 left us with the revelation of 4 new cylons and Starbuck's mysterious return (leaving us wondering what the 4 cylons would do and how the heck Starbuck returned). Now I have no clue what is going to happen next on BSG, and I honestly don't even care that much.

    So this episode was a HUGE let-down.
  • And the finally find Earth...

    wow. I have no words for this episode - it was stunning. I had heard so much good about it and was waiting it but I was not ready for that.

    First the situation they find it - D'Anna has taken all people has hostage and want final four (or three and Troi comes without problem). Adama has to makes hard decition and that leads to events that really are mind blowing - Tigh stands forward in order to save the fleet and those humans aboard Cylon baseship.. A music or something hits on again and before Tyrol and Sam are arrested, they let Starbuck know - that her viper is the key - and then when all is solved in very intense and nerve wrecking moment, they jump to Earth - to find a wasteland..

    Just a brilliant episode!
  • well done season final, though it did seemed rushed through because of the writer's strike

    Like others on here, I also felt the episode had too much info and too many revelations. The final four revealed and getting to earth all in one episode was too much. It is no secret for us fans that the writer's strike played havoc with the show, and there was talk of ending the show after this episode if the strike dragged on. It had the feel of an emergency series final.

    On the plus side, I don not agree with the reviewers that didn't like th actual content. I am sensig old star trek fandom here in a bad way where people are not satisfied with anything. The acting was again superb an I thought the ending with a decimated earth was a perfect fit for the bleak tone of the show. For years, charaters kept saying "all this has happened before" and this was the payoff of that line. It indeed did happen before. This fictional universe has only two characters the fleet and the cylons. There are no aliens, no hope of others riding to the rescue. If there was another society on this earth, it would ruin (for me) the empty universe feel of the show, which is one of the things I liked about it and was most intriging. There are no earth battleships to fight the cylons, or vulcans or klingons. There is only the survivors and the cylons. The season ending earth reveal was consistent with the series and reflected the whole premise of the show, and so I liked it. The colonials and the cylons both learned there is no fresh start or second chances. They reached their goal and they now know they frakked it up here on earth too.
  • The mid-season finale grandly sets the stage for the final batch. It is a perfect opportunity to look back on the series and how far everything -- and everyone -- has come. Some journeys are only beginning, but for others, we've a bittersweet conclusion.

    Revelations may be only the mid-season finale for Battlestar Galactica's final season, but it unmistakably heralds the end of our journey. In many ways, some journeys have already been completed, and the episode's subtle and not-so-subtle nods in these directions are breathtaking and tragic. In light of the series' impending conclusion, the slightest of moments become bittersweet and meaningful, while the grandest boast proudly, "The face of this series has changed forever." As the Cylons and Colonials seem bent on mutual destruction, Col Tigh takes matters into his own hands and tells Adama the truth, offering himself as a sacrifice on the altar of truth and justice and the Colonial way. The moment is perfect, from the heartbreaking acting of Michael Hogan (noble to the last) and Edward James Olmos (in one of his rare displays of emotion), to the swelling music, and this being the mid-season finale of the final season, all bets are off.

    But for every grand moment, there is one just as beautiful in its subtlety. Chief Tyrol, one of the most quietly self-assured characters throughout the first three seasons, is broken and re-made in season 4 into a lost wreck, reminiscent of The Dark Knight's Joker, at odds with the insanity of the entire world. Anders has the audacity to be surprised by the guards that come for him, but Tyrol laughs, appreciating the bitter irony of the situation. His haggard nod to Tigh is another understated, powerful moment, thanks to the reserved acting of Aaron Douglas.

    The tension builds with expert precision... Tigh in the airlock alone seems doomed, yet when Anders and Tyrol join him, their safety in numbers is assured. Nobody would kill off three major characters with untold stories in one fell swoop -- so Anders and Tyrol are forced to leave, once again raising the stakes. Tigh yells, "What are you waiting for Apollo, do it!" and for a split-second the death of this tragic character is imminent, unavoidable, and wholly appropriate.

    Before the choir-accompanied arrival at Earth is complete, however, another of the series' journeys is finally over: D'Anna repeats the religious mantra "All this has happened before," and Lee takes a bold step, replying, "But it doesn't have to happen again." And then the scene that everybody's been talking about since Revelations aired... its mind-frakking value is off the charts. It artistic beauty as a single, lasting image, is iconic. And the subtle moments it leaves us with are frightening -- for years we have watched these characters on their admirable search for a home they never knew, and now they are presented with the reality that that search had been for nothing. The sacrifices made have been for nothing. As we watch the characters adjust to their lot, clinging to each other when it seems they have nothing left (Tori's hopeless gesture; Caprica coming to Tigh's side), it's the embittered Tyrol that has the last, empty laugh.
  • WOW factor 10! BSG works on so many levels

    I sooo totally love BSG. This episode left my jaw on the floor (twice no less). I feel that BSG should have been longer (5 seasons), and that the 4th has been a little rushed so far, but I LOVE it totally. Nothing compares to the excellent story telling, the perfect acting, the superb effects, and indeed the total product. Can't wait for the DVD season release. I keep getting non sci fi viewers to tune in as it works on so many levels. God bless Sci Fi (and Sky in UK for showing it) for this wondrous re-imagining! (Yes, I have a Cylon background screen on my PC - but hey - its excellent :D)
  • Amazing episode, but where do they go from here?

    I have to admit I get more and more amazed with the writing quality of this show. This last midseason episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat like many, if not all, previous episodes of this season. The final reveal of the four last cylons, (still waiting for the fifth) was written beautifully and the reaction from Adama when he found out Tigh was a Cylon was so well acted I got chills!
    We finally got some answers to questions that have been lingering for several episodes, if not seasons, and as I expected the answers only gave birth to new questions.
    What will happend to Roslin, What happend to Earth and what do the Cylons really want now that they have allied themselves with the humans?
    The final scene with them standing in the ruins of a devastated city was strong and I can't wait to see the last 10 episodes!
  • I will never watch another episode of this show. Trite, predictable, nonsensical and for the least common denominator of viewers with low expectations and the easily amused.

    This episode was a travesty. This show has been in steady decline since season 3 began and after this craptacular episode I won't be watching any of the remaining 12.

    What really bothers me about this, is the same thing that kept me from watching the show when it first began to air:

    the Sci-Fi channel is practically a burn victim ward of bad writing and poor production values.

    In the first 2 seasons of this show, I heard so many of my friends sing it's praises that I put all that prejudice against the Sci-fi channel aside. I wondered to myself: Could it be that somehow the upper management and producers on this channel finally got it through their anemic little heads regarding bad writing that stretches not only the imagination but the ability to suppress a gag reflex is actually a BAD IDEA? How could they possibly follow such a colossal blunder like canceling Firefly with such a fantastically good idea like BSG?

    I watched and loved the first two seasons, every episode was a masterpiece and the writing was amazing. I couldn't believe the show was actually a Sci-Fi channel product!!! I let my guard down.

    Then something familiar happened in season 3... the show hit a turning point somewhere, somehow, the show started to suck. The writing became bland and predictable. The show stopping gasps of revelation and amazement were replaced with literally show-stopping gasps of horror... wherein I turned off the TV mid-episode and was horrified.

    I had hoped season 4 would repair all the damage from season 3. it didn't. This episode clinched it. I won't even justify this review with spoilers, it was just bad. Predictable in all the wrong places and unpredictably non-sensical in all the others. The first two seasons made this show with jaw dropping, gut wrenching moments where new and more awful secrets were revealed, the second two seasons destroyed this show by just making the new secrets awful in all the wrong ways.
  • Shoot me stab me hang me but I felt let down.

    I know, I know, it's the crescendo, right? Two races, same goal, Right? Earth is finally here, right? It's the best show on television, and I felt let down.
    First of all, the pacing of it was WAY too quick. Monumental things happened every 10 minutes while in the past we had to sit through whole episodes of nothing happening. The truce with the Cylons, the "Earth is here" speech, it was done "matter-of-factly", probably feeling the pressure of having to wrap it up before the season break. These scenes should have had a lot more weight than they had, that's all. A 2 hour finale done in one hour.
    And then there was Earth itself.
    Now, I'm sure half of you HAD to groan at the site; not ANOTHER post-apocalyptic Planet-of-the-Apes type script! There was SO much they could have done with this; so many time periods, so many surprises... And we get this.
    Not that the writers can't dig us out of this; not that the season was bad by any stretch of the imagination; it's just that I was maybe caught in that web of expecting too much.
  • Fantastic and shocking. Where can they go from here?!

    What a fantastic finale. Utterly fantastic. They get to their destination half a season early and find it in complete shambles. Where the shows goes from here, who knows? But it was a great job at keeping the show fresh and exciting!

    The acting was at its best in this episode. The ones who really shined though were Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, and Jamie Bamber. The entire cast though was all just really great. Lots of really good facial expressions from the cheif in this episode, and everyone's reactions to the big reveal at the end was also well-done.

    I guess the one thing you can say against this episode was that the pacing was a litte weird, and it felt a tad choppy and likely would have served better as an hour and a half episode instead. But overall...simply an amazing finale.
  • A fantastic Episode...years of waiting for the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers!

    I guess many people will be stunned and pleased with the ending of BSG. I personally felt it was a total let down.
    But only becuase I had thought it was the very final episode. To think it was going to end with such dissapointment defied all belief. Of course we still have the last half of the final season to go...and what an adventure we have in store I am sure.

    I am looking forward to so much potential. From human missles being launched. To the possibilty of the cylon toasters following their own God and turning on the Colony, the human Cylons and Earth itself.

    But taking a moment to look bacvk at this grand episode that wrapped up so many sory arcs from the very first episodes was thrilling see.
  • There were revelations and yet not everything was revealed.

    I watched in the usual silence waiting for someone to say something about the fifth and it was in silence that something was said. D'Anna asked for four not five to be returned to the cylons. WHY? Perhaps she knew that she already had the fifth on the base ship with her. Now who does that point to Baltar or Roslin? From the beginning Gaius Baltar as himself asked if he was a Cylon and in some ways he wants it to be true. It would be the excuse he needs to explain everything he did. It would make everything neat and tidy; but why go for neat and tidy. Why not destroy Adama completely. Tigh's announcement left him on the floor crying; a man he had thought he had known. Known for thirty years was one of them. Can you imagine if it turned out the woman he loved was also one of them? The man would go mad with grief and perhaps he would like Tigh find himself in the uneasy position of having to kill the woman he loved. I ask not really wanting it to be true... yet the question is out there... Why did D'Anna not ask for all five, why did she only ask for four?
  • Guess what's comming next?

    So, here we are at mid season / show finale. At the end of season 3 / begining of season 4 I thought creators had 2 options:

    a) never find Earth, leave it as a myth and somehow form a new peace with Cylons (happy end) or destroy remaining of the colonies (sad end)

    b) discover Earth. Interesting enough, I always thought they'll discover *us* in early stage of developement or in our real-time, with our technology at the stage much lower then we've seen in the show. Never crossed my mind that they could arrive in *our* future time.

    Arival at post-nuclear disaster is a very clever plot developement cause it sends our protagonist and antagonists a very clear message: WAR is bad thing. Also, with no living thing on Earth, authors do not have to acctually deal with complications that would normally arise, such as our technological and society stage of developement, global *politics*, leaders, followers, in short - our own issues... This is also great as show now brought another theme in main focus: destructive nature of a mankind (this all happend again, and again, and again - said by a hybrid).

    Then where this can get us in the remaining of the season 4? Well, I think it is the obviuos now: Humans and Cylons will have to co-exist together, since now they are all mortal and will accept the task of restoring life on Earth. In a more interesting way, human race may eventually die, while Cylons with the final 5 will continue to live and bare the memories of human race which will in literal way *evolve* into new race (like Cylons actually did) (Starbuck: in order to child reach it's potential, it's parents must die).
  • so what happens next

    So I did watch the show on my DVR In which it is hard to get caught up on but what surprises my is the end after that but that the fans know of any how there are questions that haven't been answered and about who is the fifth cylon. Hey dont go all jumping to conclusions but surprise is going to happen in mid-season of 2009 to find out what takes place when the Adama and the others found out what happens but wonder do the viewers know who is the fifth cylon is and what did happen to earth when the crew landed and is more to what goes on.
  • An Overlooked point regarding the missing Cylon, Spoilers included...

    Is it just me? Or is no one seeing the possibility of the fifth cylon being under everyones noses?

    Cylons come in the forms of a few things:

    Baseship blabbermouths in puddles
    Sexy(or for the male component, abrasive) Skinjobs
    Tin cans

    There is one more isn't there?

    The fighters themselves.

    Think about it, the figthers themselves may have been organic in some aspects, but they were still alive and thinking. Why is it so hard to believe that the fifth cylon, one of the 5 that would show the way to earth, actually be a FIGHTER? In this case, a prophetic fighter plane. Maybe its just me who's saying something too crazy to be true, or maybe it may just be the case that the fighter itself is the fifth cylon.

    Anyways, great episode, wonder what they'll show is in the next 10 episodes, seems promising.
  • Mid season finale is great but you have to ask the question, where can they go with it now?

    When D'Anna threatens to kill the colonial hostages unless the 4 Cylons in the fleet reveal themselves and come to her. Roslin, Lee and Bill Adama decide to front a rescue and destroy mission. However Tigh isn't having any of it and reveals he is a Cylon.

    The quote at the beginning of the episode from Starbuck to Lee about for a child to reach it's true potential it's parents must die made me think for a second that the dieing leader may in fact be Adama. This could be an interesting take on the prophecies but if Adama does die I feel it may be from the heartbreak of the death of Laura Roslin more than anything else.

    Bill Adama's breakdown at being told straight that his oldest friend was in fact a Cylon was without doubt a major highlight of a very good episode. If I found out my friend had been keeping something as major as this from me I would be angry and confused. Who wouldn't be - it's a powerful moment for a character who has been through a lot of emotion in the past few episodes. In particular his devotion and love for Laura Roslin.

    D'Anna's return last week comes to fruition here. Her leadership is aggressive and up till now this season we haven't really seen a Cylons against Colonials episode. There has been more concern over the Cylon civil war which is bound to come back in the second half of the season. I enjoyed having this conflict back and genuinely felt Lee may actually toss Tigh and the others (mainly only Tigh) out the airlock. Some true jeopardy there between the two sides. In the end Baltar as the man of reason shows how far he has come and Roslin knowing he is the one to do so makes perfect sense.

    Lastly is the revelation that Earth is finally found. Why the 4 Cylons were needed was very much a plot device, they were more of a pointer to the Angel of Death that is Kara Thrace to realise that her squeaky clean viper had the answer. I'd guessed already that this may be the case as had I correctly guessed the state that they would find Earth in, it was just a relief to see it. It's not the fact that the earth was found in a state of post Nuclear fallout but that they have found it so soon that is the exiting and yet worrying at the same time. The other mysteries including the last unknown Cylon, why are the final five different, what purpose do they really serve and how does the Opera house fit into everything have yet to be solved, also the reappearance in Razor of the original Cylon models raises hope that we will see them again. All these are bound to come to the fore in the last lot of episodes it's just a shame we have to wait so long for them.
  • When you Finnish watching this episode you will say "OMG!" And not know what to do with yourself till next week. Amazing episode and it lived up to what I thought it never could. *** SPOILERS IN REVIEW"

    This is a amazing episode. I never knew they would find earth going into this episode... I thought I would be waiting another few episodes till they got there. It has everything! The final 4 are exposed, some amazing story development from the final 4! Then after nearly being killing they become good guys once again... It has some great adrenalin moments too, i just never wanted it to end! Now I just cant wait to see the rest of this top show and see what else they can pull out of the hat... Can it get better? Can it really be as unpredictable as this season has been thus far? I sure hope so... This is one season I wish would never end... But I also cant wait for it too!
  • Mid-Season Finale Perfection

    This episode takes everything since the third season finale and brings it to a fever pitch, tossing out several assumptions about the direction of the story in the process. In other words, it is exactly what the doctor ordered for a season that has been uneven at best. The more serialized structure of the season has not always worked to the series' favor, but the fruits of such labor are indeed sweet.

    I'm not sure if the season arc always included an early discovery of Earth, though it's certainly possible. There was a great deal of concern just before the writers' strike that the series would not return for the second half of the final season, and that this episode would be the end of the show. That makes me wonder if the arc was designed to bring the series to the doorstep of Earth, just in case the series came to an abrupt end (though some indications are that the final episode would have been the conclusion to the cliffhanger). After all, even if so many other mysteries remained unsolved, at least the journey could have ended just before that final scene, right?

    Perhaps not. Because as celebratory as those first moments in Earth orbit were, the promise of 12 more episodes (thanks to a slight expansion to allow the finale to have necessary scope, ala "Lost") tells us that there's plenty of story left. And the final scene itself is a grim reminder of the "grass is always greener" principle. It fits the Galactica mythos rather well, for the ragtag fleet to find Earth, only to discover a nuclear wasteland instead of a homecoming.

    Of course, it's not that simple. That nuclear wasteland was giving off a Colonial beacon signal, and that nuclear wasteland apparently saved Starbuck, gave her a shiny new Viper, and knew how to send the signal by interconnecting it to the Cylon activation signal for the Final Five. The weather nuclear remains of New York City (or possibly the Temple of Aurora?) are a great cliffhanger, but also seem a ruse. Had the alliance found Earth without help, the state of the planet might have been a crushing blow, but there's too much evidence that there's much more to it.

    The process of getting to that moment of revelation was some of the best material of the season. The tension hit a fever pitch, and the writers managed to convey the sense of chaos throughout the standoff. Ironically, despite setting himself apart from Roslin on several occasions, Lee seemed to resort to her brand of tactics when dealing with D'Anna's gambit. It wasn't necessarily wrong, but it was a calculated attempt to demonstrate his strength. At the same time, I'm not convinced that Roslin would have avoided the agreement with the Cylon Rebels that came after Kara's moment of realization. And something tells me that alliance will be necessary, because the rest of the Cylons are still out there.

    As everything seemed to smack heavily and messily into the fan over the course of the episode, the authentic character moments made it all work. Roslin seems committed to the path of truth, wherever it might lead, even when it means giving Baltar the chance to speak on their collective behalf. Adama's reaction to Tigh's confession was very well done. A number of character reactions to the unveiling of the four new Cylons were postponed by the jump to Earth, but they will most certainly be coming.

    There are some serious issues to be resolved in the second half of the season. First and foremost, there is the revelation of the final Cylon, which should be interesting, to say the least. D'Anna specifically said that the final Cylon was not with the fleet at the top of the episode, and at that point, a number of very important characters (notably Adama, Roslin, and Baltar) were all on the basestar. It plays into the notion (at this point, very well supported) that Baltar is the final Cylon. But I still think it would be too obvious to take that direction. Wouldn't it be a huge moment to discover that Leoben was right all the way back in the first season, and Adama really has been a Cylon? It would play into the theory that both Humans and Cylons were meant to come to this mutual moment of transition.

    The arrival on Earth will eventually tie into Kara's visions and her resurrection, just as this mysterious signal from the ruins of Earth is connected to everything that has happened since the beginning of the series. I'm left with the notion that the signal is not, in fact, a Colonial signal per se, just as the activation of the Final Five was not typical. The signal may tailor itself to certain individuals in a certain way, with the signal intensifying at the various markers along the path. For some, it may be visions. To others, it may be music. To Kara's special viper, it may be a Colonial beacon. And it could be something automatic, something meant to draw the rest of Humanity and its children to the memory of Earth. (In fact, it's possible that the idea is for both Humans and Cylons to see the ruins of Earth and choose a different path, ala "Babylon 5".)

    There's also two other small matters. Roslin wasn't supposed to live long enough to get the fleet to Earth, and there's no other leader who died along the way who would fit the profile. So is it possible that the Earth that was found is not, in fact, Earth? From the visible land masses, it's hard to say for sure. But after tossing that prophecy out so many times, the writers will need to close that loop. There's also the continuing threat from the rest of the Cylon fleet. It's hard to imagine that those models would just choose to live and let live.

    The bottom line is that there's plenty of story still left to be told; the only question is when the Sci-Fi Channel will allow it to air. Current estimates give the beginning of the final 12 episodes around the first quarter of 2009, which probably means March 2009, given how the network parses words. In effect, it's the same wait that "Lost" fans are currently enduring, and far less annoying than the long hiatus of shows like "24". We can blame the writers' strike, but this is all about the network and their need to string out their one non-reality critical hit as long as possible.

    In the meantime, there will be "Caprica" and perhaps another "Battlestar Galactica" TV-movie, similar to "Razor" last November. It will be a long wait, but at this point, I'm happy just to know that the series will come to a definitive and creator-driven end. Much like "Lost", the establishment of an endgame scenario long before the writing of the finale is just what the doctor ordered.
  • This episode was a top notch thriller that kept us on the edge of our seats for the whole hour! "All will be revealed" was a little misleading because MUCH has yet to be revealed….. and several new questions have been introduced.

    Biggest immediate question, "Is this really Earth?" The admiral finally got to pick up a handful of earth (small e), but is it Earth's earth? Several viewers opined that the destroyed city looks like New York, and I could buy into that, but…. Most viewers think the planet looks like Earth, and as a beautiful blue planet seen from space, I could buy into that, too, but….. Did we see any distinctive continental shapes in the views from space? Did we see any other distinctive planets in the Solar System as the fleet approached? Did we see the familiar constellations that were used as a benchmark in the fleet's navigation? Answers: no, no, and no. I make no claims here, but we should be prepared for the possibility that this is not Earth (with the capital E).

    Another big lingering question. "Who is the twelfth Cylon?" Is the final-final another Cylon skin-job or something else entirely. And who created him/her/it? There's clearly some "higher power" in play here, whether Lee, or D'Anna, wants to accept that.

    Next question. Why the clever title, "Revelations"? Of course, some important themes of the show have been revealed -- but not all. There are other possibilities. The last section of the New Testament is "The Book of Revelations" and it describes the end of mankind (as we know it), the ultimate triumph of good over evil, and the beginning of something else entirely. So, have we arrived at the biblical post-Armageddon Earth? Or, was the destruction of the 12 colonies actually Armageddon and are we seeing the beginning of whatever comes after that? Maybe we all ought to go back to the Bible and read it against the whole show.

    D'Anna had a great question: "All this has happened before… all this will happen again?" In the context of her remark at the time, Humans/Cylons tried to live together before and it didn't work out then….. are we going to live together after this truce but then go after each others throats again in the future (e.g., after we find Earth)? Or, in a much broader context, perhaps mankind been destroyed previously, been reborn, but turned out badly yet another time, was destroyed again….. and perhaps the combined fleet represents another reborning? And somehow Cylons have that larger perspective because of their relationship to their creator? And since they have created skin-job Cylons, "…in his image…" Damn, this is getting confusing. So, maybe, is BSG yet another variation on LaHaye/Jenkins' "Left Behind" series, or Beauseigneur's "Christ Clone Triology," or Rosenberg's recent series?
  • Frankly, I have mix feeling about this particular episode.

    Frankly, I have mix feeling about this particular episode. I have two favourite characters; Lee Adama and Leoben. Ok, I like the show because finally, the cylons are working with the humans even tough not all models. And it is even better when Lee is the one who is somehow responsible for that. Unlike Laura Roslin, Lee Adama is more open to new approaches. Maybe due to the fact that Lee is still new to politics. But, unfortunately, Natalie is not around because I prefer her than D`anna.

    The questions remain, who modify Starbuck's viper? What happened to humans on Earth? What happened to Earth? Is that really Earth? If it is really Earth, it would be very disappointing. Why in most sci-fi shows, we end up as the primitive one. I would love to see a high tech not a destroyed or low tech one. The destroyed city looked like New York city to me because of the bridge. I want humans on Earth to survive and not to perish entirely because it wou't be fair anyway. I can't wait to see more episodes but it is sad to have waited until 2009. What a great bummer.
  • Re-elect Lee Adama 2008; and Starbuck will be the cause of destruction of mankind

    As others have mentioned, and I do agree, this was very much an episode about Saul Tigh. Tigh is the perfect soldier, and it shows in this episode.

    To me, though, the greatest moment of the episode was with Lee Adama when the Admiral asked whether or not BSG should destroy the base ship of the rescue attempt failed. "It's your call, Mr. President." I felt that was when Lee suddenly felt the weight of office. He recovered quickly, and once Roslin dies, he will make a great President. Of all the characters in the show, Lee is my favorite.

    I'm surprised that BSG found Earth. One jump? That's it? Rushed, but then again, that is one of the signatures of the show. The writers have always made great jumps: the the founding of New Caprica, the occupation by the Cylons, finding Earth. I haven't been disappointed by this show yet, and this episode certainly delivers.

    I'm also glad that Earth wasn't filled with people. BSG landing in 2008 America would have been lame, and it's been done (The 4400; Galactica 1980). And this show has many loose ends to wrap up:

    Is Baltar a prophet of the one true God, and what was up between he & Number 6 all these years? Will we see the reconciliation between the humans' & the Cylon's scriptures (Humans: There are those who believe that life here began out there" Cylons: All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again)? And will Starbuck be the cause of destruction of all humans?
  • Great way to end the first half of the season in one of the great final scenes of an epidose. (Spoilers included below)

    I thought that not having the 5th Cylon revealed in this episode before the break would be a huge disappointment. But I was wrong this episode is what makes this show so amazing. The buildup to the four Cylons being revealed and then almost airlocked was great. But the best part was the culmination of all their efforts to finally reach earth then to watch in amazement all of the looks on their collective faces of sheer heartrenching devastation. That is of course typical BSG cliffanger but after "Revelations" I think it finally hit home that this is the end Earth is in play and all we have left is the final pieces to the puzzle.
  • Chief: Somethings changed. I just don't know what it is. SPOILERS

    On the Cylon ship D'anna holds the BSG crew hostage until the 4 cylons are released.
    Adama, Roslin and D'anna use a raptor to dock BSG, D'anna says that the final 4 are free to join the other Cylon's if they choose.

    Tori is the only one to go back with her as they leave BSG.

    Roslin has given the orders to Adama that if the cylons don't back down then he is to destroy the cylon ship... with her and the others on it.
    D'anna stars killing the crew aboard the cylon ship until the other 3 cylons join her.

    Tigh tells Adama he is one of the final 5, Adama doesn't take the news well and has a break-down (Of sorts), Lee finds his father distraught and takes control of the Tigh situation, Lee calls D'anna and tells her she now has 10 minutes to release his crew or he will fire Tigh out of an airlock!

    Tigh then gives up the other cylons Chief and Sanders in order to force D'anna's hand further. All 3 are put in an airlock together, Starbuck is inspecting a viper ship that seems to hold a secret and realises it is ommiting a homing beacon to Earth. Lee gives the four cylons amnesty and invites D'anna on ship to share the news of Earth. D'anna releases the BSG crew aboard the cylon ship and the cylons and Humans decide to find earth together.

    Roslin and Adama are reunited, Roslin tells Lee that he will have to be president again soon. She gives the order to find earth. The fleet celebrate as they reach Earth.

    At the end cylons and humans step foot on Earth together!!! what a good episode! Very exciting.
  • A little rushed, perhaps.........

    I was shocked with the pace of this episode, it did feel a little rushed towards the end, the revelations came thick and fast, almost too fast to keep up with. It could of been a 2 hour finale perhaps?
    Anyway, Tigh finally tells the Admiral that he's one of the final five and Adama's reaction was exactly how anyone would react if they found out their best friend of 30 years is a frakkin CYLON! Denial at first followed by utter devastation and despair. It almost destroyed him. It was highly emotional and very well acted. Kudos to EJO!
    The following scenes with Kara running to stop Lee were reminiscent of the final scenes in that great Australian war movie Gallipoli. I could almost hear that cheesy 80's electronic music! The tension was palpable.
    The reveal of the other three skinjobs was kind of an anticlimax to Tigh's scenes. After Kara's admission to Ander's about what she'd do if she found out he was a cylon a few episodes back ie blow his frakkin head off, I really thought her reaction would be a more powerful one, I was expecting her to kill him as he was being led away but maybe she's not as tough as she likes to think? I've been watching this show from day one and I've always imagined how they'd find Earth, I expected an Independence Day type arrival with the people of modern day Earth looking on in amazement and trepidation as this fleet of alien ships descends down on them. I certainly didn't expect it to happen mid season but I did find my self thinking 'this is so frakkin awesome, they're here!' so I was a touch disappointed to see them land on what looks like a post apocalyptic wasteland. Is it really Earth? I'm sure that's one of the questions the producers want us to ask ourselves.
    The fleet wide celebrations and the Admiral's speech were awesome, I felt like cheering with them! I actually thought that this mid season finale would be the final cylon reveal but we're going to have to wait some time before that happens. I'm not going to speculate on who that might be, everyone has an opinion and most likely everyone is way off the mark, well at least I hope so.
    Oh well, at least I'll have Heroes to tide me over until 2009!
  • D'Anna forces four of the final five Cylons out of secrecy; revealing their identities to the entire fleet. Starbuck's viper and the four lead the way to Earth...

    Wow. This episode was the best episode of the entire series (so far; as I'm sure the series finale will be the best). The writing was superb and the acting was top notch. Drama. Tension. Revelations. Closure (?).

    D'Anna is my hands-down favorite character on the entire show. I was beyond happy when she came on the show, thinking, "Oh, she can never leave since she's a Cylon!" Then, she got boxed. But... She came back, and set things into motion that would lead to Earth.

    The four of the final five being revealed to everyone was done perfectly. Tory discreetly going onto the ship (I'm glad Roslin was the first person to find out). Tigh telling Adama (which almost made me cry again; but I didn't, although the previous episode had me in tears at the end). Adam's reaction, to me, was unexpected but brilliantly done. Edward James Olmos better get an Emmy nod!

    The entire sequence with D'Anna ready to push the button and Lee about the turn the key and Starbuck rushing to stop them was SO intense. I was literally screaming at the T.V. "Hurry Starbuck! Hurry! Run!" I just loved the whole thing.

    Ah. Earth. After forever, they finally have the coordinates. The jump, with the counting down, killed me. I was like, "Oh my God, what's going to happen?" They made the jump and everyone celebrated. Great scene.

    Then, they go down to the planet. That one long moving shot panning across practically every character was beautiful. The looks on their faces. Roslin looked almost as if she knew it was too good to be true. D'Anna's face was filled with shock. All the way across every one. Then the camera rose up to see the ruins of a city.

    I think that city was New York City. I don't know about you. One of the ruins, looked like the middle part of a bridge (Brooklyn Bridge, maybe?) Who knows? But, I think it is (or rather, was) the Big Apple.

    But, what of the final Cylon? Where is everyone on Earth? What happened?

    Here are my takes on those questions.

    The final Cylon is no one we know. I think the final Cylon was programmed to go to Earth when it was created. The Cylon "God" sent it there as a sort of beacon. The God didn't tell any of the other models because they needed to find their own way to Earth. But, the final Cylon gave them a little help; by sending the four the song to bring them together and then giving them the coordinates to Earth.

    However, I think while all of this was happening there was some sort of nuclear war on Earth that destroyed all life (expect maybe that final Cylon) and the fleet got there a little too late.

    It sounds crazy but I think it is too predictable for it to be any of the major characters. If it is one of the major characters, a lot of people might go, "I knew it!" and I don't think the producers want that.

    I don't know but, I've strayed from the episode. It was the best episode and had the right amount of action, tension, drama, and resolution. And seriously, the best cliffhanger the show has ever seen (oh yeah, I said that; better than the one year later AND the Adama getting shot AND the Starbuck coming back COMBINED).

    The BEST episode. Good job, BSG. I can't wait for 2009 and the rest of the season!
  • Earth ... but not as we imagined it.

    This one was simply mind boggling.

    Diana starts calling the shots and orchastrates the whole hostage situation to get the final four back. Pretty cool stuff.

    Adama's efforts to avert the crisis were admirable right up tot hte point that Sol gives himself up. Bill's response and subsequent breakdown was *powerful* acting. Lee cradling his father in his arms and promising to "take care of it" after Starbuck gives Leoben's "children replace their parents" speech was very touching.

    Tori goes over to the Cylons. Well acted, I think, as I simply cannot stand her.

    The weirdest thing was when Starbuck finds that her Viper "knows" the way back to Earth. I really hope that they start explaining things.

    Lee and Diana break some seriously new ground by agreeing to co-operate, after Starbuck and Gaius respectively beg them to stand down.

    Possibly the coolest moment of the series came when Adama threw caution to the wind and jumped to Earth. Seeing the fleet in orbit of the blue planet was mind blowing, and Adama's follow up speech was fracking incredible.

    And then the bomb-shell - they all got to the "promised land" - but things were not as hoped for. Earth appears to be a radioactive waste land.

    How will the truce carry on from here? How will the *other* Cylons react to this bit of news? What do the people do now? Is this place even inhabitable? How about the last of the 5 - do we learn their identity (I reckon it is Helo)?

    We have 10 more awesome episodes to find out - and the "will they/won't they find Earth" debate has been put firmly to rest. Now all we want are some seriously good answers to all the many, many questions that were raised during 4 incredible seasons.
  • Cyclons hold hostages. The four of the Final Five is revealed. Earth is found.

    This was a very well written episode. BSG always leaves you wanting more. The revealing of the four of the final five was perfect. The emphasis on each individual characters' diversity to the unveiling of their hidden destiny, amongst the five, was priceless. The question now is, what will happen to the allaince. Its not, will it last, but a question of how long. I dont think we have seen the last of the other non-allied cyclons either. Will the fifth of the final five help to shine light on the mystery of earth's destruction? Last thought: Will they rebuild or wander space for another season?
  • Planet Runcorn!

    Fabulous episode. I thought that Tigh made the bravest move he has probably ever made and that Lee should have stayed on as President. After all Laura isn't long for this world and she probably needs to get married and have a bit of 1-2-1 with the admiral. I felt that Starbuck's reaction to her hubby being a Cylon was a bit off. It probably would have been more in character to do to him what he did to Gaeta. I probably would have left the final arrival on Earth for another episode and thought that there needed to be some interplay between the crew and the natives, but... All that to end up on Planet Runcorn! D'oh!
  • Just watch the show for Gods's sake. I can't telling you in words what your going to feel.

    WHAT A SHOW. Turn after turn, twist after twist... and I just keep coming for more. This episode is exactly why I watch this series. The unofficial ending to the spring installment of BSG,you may have to watch this twice. The characters are at their finest here, especially Adama(which one you'll have to guess), and finally the Final Five are given their due. The plot included a definite twist at the end that I (or anyone for that matter) could've seen coming. I love BSG and will be sad to see it go. I could go on and on, but to say again, if you like BSG, WATCH THIS EPISODE.
  • One of the best, if not the best, episode of season 4. This episode has expanded the realm of BSG. And now anything can happen in the last part of the series. Whether it is a planet of the apes ending or an encounter with Aliens or the Gods.

    Most of the 4th season have been a slow build up to some big finale. This episode was not the finale, but it expanded the realm of the series. If will begin to reveal spoilers from this episode and then discuss it now. So if you have not yet seen the episode, then stop reading. It was one of those hostage episodes as we see in all series. That was not that great. But what was good was the character-play. Saul Tigh reveals to Admiral Adama that he is indeed a cylon. And have always been. This upsets Adama, and you really feel what he feels. That is good acting and character writing. That Tigh is a cylon also is one of the things that expands the realm of the series. Because Adama has known Tigh for many decades. Tigh has aged. That dosent make any sense, because you had the impression that the human looking cylons could not age and was a new invention by the cylons. So this reveals more of the capabilities of the cylons. If it really is the cylons who have engineered Tigh and the other 4. Because if Tigh was also a Cylon 40 years before this series, then it means that the Cylons had much more technology back then. Technology and inside agents they could use to destroy human kind easily back in the first cylon-human wars. But they didnt. So i am thinking that some grander force is interfering with the cylons and the humans. Some higher order of Aliens or supernatural force. Something that has shaped the early stages of human kind on Kobold. And a force that has shaped the Cylons, and force their actions into some grander plan of the universe, that involves both humans and cylons. This theory of mine also fits well with the ending of this episode. 30 minutes into the episode the humans and cylons make a goody-goody peacy treaty of coorporation (im all for peace, but on the big screen it is sickening to look at). I was afraid that this episode would end with a star wars episode 1 kind of ending, where some alien yelled peace along side humans in a very campy and over the top way. But then the twist came. The twist was expeded. They follow the signal in Starbucks fighter. The humans and cylons arive at a blue planet they think is earth. But then the planet of the apes ending jump in. They are on the surface of a nuclear fallout ruins of a city. Earth has fallen. It has been nuked. But is it earth? If so when did it fall? If it is not earth, then it was a temporary homeworld of the 13th tribe. Or maybe it was some splinter group of the 13th tribe who settled at the planet, and was nuked by the 13th tribe. Or maybe it was a whole different civilisation. Maybe it is not even a human civilisation. Or maybe it is an ancient cylon civilisation. Or maybe it was earth, and that that was an ancient cylon civilisation.

    But if it was earth, then who destroyed it? Humans them selves? Cylons or some unknown alien race? I think that it is some higher alien race. That will threaten the humans and cylons alike as a race, so that humans and all cylons have to unite.

    It could also be a result of a higher alien power. The force that made Starbuck find "earth". A high race of Aliens, that are so advanced that they would seem as gods to humans and cylons. They very Gods/Aliens who lived in harmony with humans on Kopold. Now that could be a twist.

    Anyway this whole series is so imagineative in its approach to religion, and the question of what has happended, what will happen and destiny.