Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2008 on Syfy

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  • One of the best, if not the best, episode of season 4. This episode has expanded the realm of BSG. And now anything can happen in the last part of the series. Whether it is a planet of the apes ending or an encounter with Aliens or the Gods.

    Most of the 4th season have been a slow build up to some big finale. This episode was not the finale, but it expanded the realm of the series. If will begin to reveal spoilers from this episode and then discuss it now. So if you have not yet seen the episode, then stop reading. It was one of those hostage episodes as we see in all series. That was not that great. But what was good was the character-play. Saul Tigh reveals to Admiral Adama that he is indeed a cylon. And have always been. This upsets Adama, and you really feel what he feels. That is good acting and character writing. That Tigh is a cylon also is one of the things that expands the realm of the series. Because Adama has known Tigh for many decades. Tigh has aged. That dosent make any sense, because you had the impression that the human looking cylons could not age and was a new invention by the cylons. So this reveals more of the capabilities of the cylons. If it really is the cylons who have engineered Tigh and the other 4. Because if Tigh was also a Cylon 40 years before this series, then it means that the Cylons had much more technology back then. Technology and inside agents they could use to destroy human kind easily back in the first cylon-human wars. But they didnt. So i am thinking that some grander force is interfering with the cylons and the humans. Some higher order of Aliens or supernatural force. Something that has shaped the early stages of human kind on Kobold. And a force that has shaped the Cylons, and force their actions into some grander plan of the universe, that involves both humans and cylons. This theory of mine also fits well with the ending of this episode. 30 minutes into the episode the humans and cylons make a goody-goody peacy treaty of coorporation (im all for peace, but on the big screen it is sickening to look at). I was afraid that this episode would end with a star wars episode 1 kind of ending, where some alien yelled peace along side humans in a very campy and over the top way. But then the twist came. The twist was expeded. They follow the signal in Starbucks fighter. The humans and cylons arive at a blue planet they think is earth. But then the planet of the apes ending jump in. They are on the surface of a nuclear fallout ruins of a city. Earth has fallen. It has been nuked. But is it earth? If so when did it fall? If it is not earth, then it was a temporary homeworld of the 13th tribe. Or maybe it was some splinter group of the 13th tribe who settled at the planet, and was nuked by the 13th tribe. Or maybe it was a whole different civilisation. Maybe it is not even a human civilisation. Or maybe it is an ancient cylon civilisation. Or maybe it was earth, and that that was an ancient cylon civilisation.

    But if it was earth, then who destroyed it? Humans them selves? Cylons or some unknown alien race? I think that it is some higher alien race. That will threaten the humans and cylons alike as a race, so that humans and all cylons have to unite.

    It could also be a result of a higher alien power. The force that made Starbuck find "earth". A high race of Aliens, that are so advanced that they would seem as gods to humans and cylons. They very Gods/Aliens who lived in harmony with humans on Kopold. Now that could be a twist.

    Anyway this whole series is so imagineative in its approach to religion, and the question of what has happended, what will happen and destiny.
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