Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Earth ... but not as we imagined it.

    This one was simply mind boggling.

    Diana starts calling the shots and orchastrates the whole hostage situation to get the final four back. Pretty cool stuff.

    Adama's efforts to avert the crisis were admirable right up tot hte point that Sol gives himself up. Bill's response and subsequent breakdown was *powerful* acting. Lee cradling his father in his arms and promising to "take care of it" after Starbuck gives Leoben's "children replace their parents" speech was very touching.

    Tori goes over to the Cylons. Well acted, I think, as I simply cannot stand her.

    The weirdest thing was when Starbuck finds that her Viper "knows" the way back to Earth. I really hope that they start explaining things.

    Lee and Diana break some seriously new ground by agreeing to co-operate, after Starbuck and Gaius respectively beg them to stand down.

    Possibly the coolest moment of the series came when Adama threw caution to the wind and jumped to Earth. Seeing the fleet in orbit of the blue planet was mind blowing, and Adama's follow up speech was fracking incredible.

    And then the bomb-shell - they all got to the "promised land" - but things were not as hoped for. Earth appears to be a radioactive waste land.

    How will the truce carry on from here? How will the *other* Cylons react to this bit of news? What do the people do now? Is this place even inhabitable? How about the last of the 5 - do we learn their identity (I reckon it is Helo)?

    We have 10 more awesome episodes to find out - and the "will they/won't they find Earth" debate has been put firmly to rest. Now all we want are some seriously good answers to all the many, many questions that were raised during 4 incredible seasons.
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