Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A little rushed, perhaps.........

    I was shocked with the pace of this episode, it did feel a little rushed towards the end, the revelations came thick and fast, almost too fast to keep up with. It could of been a 2 hour finale perhaps?
    Anyway, Tigh finally tells the Admiral that he's one of the final five and Adama's reaction was exactly how anyone would react if they found out their best friend of 30 years is a frakkin CYLON! Denial at first followed by utter devastation and despair. It almost destroyed him. It was highly emotional and very well acted. Kudos to EJO!
    The following scenes with Kara running to stop Lee were reminiscent of the final scenes in that great Australian war movie Gallipoli. I could almost hear that cheesy 80's electronic music! The tension was palpable.
    The reveal of the other three skinjobs was kind of an anticlimax to Tigh's scenes. After Kara's admission to Ander's about what she'd do if she found out he was a cylon a few episodes back ie blow his frakkin head off, I really thought her reaction would be a more powerful one, I was expecting her to kill him as he was being led away but maybe she's not as tough as she likes to think? I've been watching this show from day one and I've always imagined how they'd find Earth, I expected an Independence Day type arrival with the people of modern day Earth looking on in amazement and trepidation as this fleet of alien ships descends down on them. I certainly didn't expect it to happen mid season but I did find my self thinking 'this is so frakkin awesome, they're here!' so I was a touch disappointed to see them land on what looks like a post apocalyptic wasteland. Is it really Earth? I'm sure that's one of the questions the producers want us to ask ourselves.
    The fleet wide celebrations and the Admiral's speech were awesome, I felt like cheering with them! I actually thought that this mid season finale would be the final cylon reveal but we're going to have to wait some time before that happens. I'm not going to speculate on who that might be, everyone has an opinion and most likely everyone is way off the mark, well at least I hope so.
    Oh well, at least I'll have Heroes to tide me over until 2009!
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