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  • Constantly bleak music

    I have watched 16 episode in one week and cannot handle the bickering among crew members and the mournful background music. It's bleak. It sounds similar to wailing. An occasionally mournful soundtrack would be fine, but it's pretty much a constant. Even when something hopeful happens, the music remains fairly gloomy. I cannot bear it. Reminds me of a funeral.
  • Story-telling Done Right

    I started watching BSG when it was first released and for some reason, still unknown to this day, I stopped watching it somewhere early in season 3. Often you have to be in the right place to appreciate a TV show and my choice to stop watching it back then was down to me and not the show itself. Having watched it from the beginning to the very end I cannot believe how I abandoned this amazing TV series.

    The twists and turns alone make it epic, but add to that the music, cinematics, and acting and you are in for a treat. However, where the show comes into its own is the story-telling. The writers have captured so much of both the glory and frailty of humanity. Characters can switch between heroes and villains as circumstances push them beyond their limits.

    All the way through you are given that privileged perspective we get when watching TV, where we see the bigger picture relative to the characters. Consequently you are given those moments we enjoy where we can judge the character decisions. However, the writers deliberately limit our perspective and when more of the story is revealed you often find yourself embarrassed at how quickly and superficially you judged a character's actions. So often this is attempted by other writers, yet so often it fails, leaving you feeling angry and frustrated because they simply held back vital facts.

    The writers of BSG get it just right. They do hold back information, but they always provide the clues. It's often our own biases which allow us to judge badly, and that is the theme of the characters themselves. Ordinary people, thrown into exceptional situations, and trying to make the best possible choices. Sometimes they get it right, more often they get it wrong. In all the TV series I've ever watched I don't think I've experienced it being done this well.

    Bravo, to the creators, and thank you for the wonderful journey.
  • Everything including season 4

    I do so miss the BSG series that I watched the entire show, deleted scenes included again in dec 2014. When I first watched the show, I was indeed a bit disappointed about the entire set up of season 4 and especially the season finale. After seeing the show again and especially "the Plan," I have to revise this opinion. It's simply great. About the religious stuff. I'm not into religion myself, but the idea of giving robots a religious philosophy is great. Especially with unexplained phenomena as the angel six and Baltar. What about Starbuck? Was the returned Starbuck a phenomenon like Six and Baltar, but now visible to everybody? The best explanation by far that I've read is the claim that Starbuck was the cylon Daniel that Cavil killed. She was an artist and she had a destination. After killing her without resurection a reappearance as an angel isn't to far fetched. After considering all this religious philosophy stuff, the theme song also fell in to place. In Sanskrit no less. Don't you just love it?

    This title song in itself is enough to rate the series 10:


    bhur bhuvah svaha

    tat savitur varenyam

    bhargo devasya dhimahi

    dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

  • everything but season 4

    I didn't get into Battlestar Galactica when it first aired in 2005 ,but after watching again in 2014...

    Easily the best sci-fi show I have ever watched

    The characters, the story lines, the clever writing, the depth, the way it touches on elements that really get you think such as what does it really mean to be human? or the constant interplay bwtween Baltar and Caprica 6.

    Love it.

    It doesn't get any better than Battlestar and really raises the bar for other similar genre series to come.

    But! how I wish season 4 was better....

    I loved season 1 and 2, still loved season 3 and the season 3 cliffhanger but by the time season 4 came around , I felt it lost a bit of its luster and veered off into the pseudo-mythical path too heavily, forgetting the depth and realism the producers created I earlier seasons. the angle of the final 5 and how I wish they could of made the series finale end on a more satisfying conclusion.

    If it wasn't for season 4, it would get a solid 10.

  • What could have been...

    I have been a fan of sci-fi all my life.

    The first two seasons of BSG blew me away, after that the writers seem to have lost their minds, by season 4 it was unwatchable because of all the mystical and pseudo-religious bullshit and labored metaphors about current issues that simply didn't fit the narrative. A tragic example of a show that got bogged down in it's own self-importance. However the first two seasons are still genre-busting sci-fi and so I can't give it a truly terrible rating

    It would be a solid ten if I could just pretend it ended halfway through season 2
  • Best Fiction Ever.

    This is one of the best TV shows ever made. Never watched the original, but I doubt it is as good as this.

    The story, simply put, is this: We create robots that destroy most of us and the rest should find a way to survive. Sounds like a cliche science fiction. But it is so much more than that. Just watch the miniseries, the one before season 1. if you didn't like what you saw, don't bother trying to watch season 1.

    This show takes place in a place million light years from our planet. There are 12 colonies of humans living in 12 different planets. Cylons were created by humans to guard the 12 colonies and make life easier for humans. The Cylons, as any robot in any fiction, rebelled against the Humans. eventualy, the war ended and they both came to an agreement and the cylons went to some other planet to start their own life there. The Cylons later began building Humanoids, Cylons who looked like them. 12 models were created and they went on to live among the humans and to somehow infiltrate their military defenses to strike again. Which they succeeded. Some people manage to escape the nuclear holocaust and later join up with the Battlestar Galactica. This is where the show begins and it gets better as it this is not your typical science fiction. There are social issues between the fleet and the military that the show deals with in a very realistic way. It never gets boring.

    Even with all this, it is not the best science-fiction ever made. Fiction? yes. Science-fiction? no. The whole story is based on God and his plan for humans. The writer solves many of the issues with "god did it" explanation. It gets annoying a lot of times, but, if you are anything like me, you should be able to ignore it and accept it as fiction. I am an atheist, yet I found this show to be brilliant (excluding the lame explanations of impossible events).

    The character development, the acting, the writing, the amazing twists and the directing is as good or even better than you could possibly expect from a TV show. And Bear McCreary's beautiful soundtrack adds a whole lot more to a brilliant show.
  • The best sci-fi show ever

    Once in a while - not very often, to be honest - you will happen on a tv show that utterly and completely captivates you in every way. To me, Battlestar Galactica was that show. I don't know what qualities or aspects of the show that drew me in to such an extent, suffice it to say that I watched the whole series in a week's time or so.

    I am not a movie or tv critic, so I will not give the show a rating - no season ratings, no episode ratings, no overall rating from me in this little review. Someone else mentioned the religious aspect of the show in a favorable way, and I have to agree. It gave the show a whole new dimension that I have never experienced in another tv show or movie. Except for the original Star Wars trilogy, that is.

    To me, Battlestar Galactica was refreshing, highly entertaining and devastating for my productivity and social life. What more can you ask of a space opera?

    Get it on Blu-Ray and start watching it today!
  • Interesting concepts

    Battlestar Galactica is a one of a kind series for me. I've watched it fully once and I'm started rewatching it for a second run. I've caught many things that I missed and noticed some interesting concepts that were brought into this incredible space opera.

    Firstly, I'd like to say at first the religious side of BSG in the beginning did not sit well with me. However, as the story progressed, I notice the religious side of BSG has deeper meanings and many interpretations. Even though I at first I did not like the blend of science fiction and religion, in the end it did bring some interesting concepts to the table and benefited the show greatly.

    Now that I got that over with I would like to talk about some other aspects of the series. The characters progression is paced well and well it actually feels like they are real people with real problems.

    The pacing in general was done well except I think two episodes which were "Black Market" and "The Women King" which were out of place and probably the series's weakest episodes.

    The storyline and plot were thrilling and created a tense atmosphere which constantly had your heart beating. It is also filled with an enormous amount of plot twists which I love. And there are many heart-wrenching moments. The only inconsistencies with the storyline were some unanswered questions but in general I don't feel that it distracts that much from the plot since the good outweighs the bad, at least in this case.

    The science fiction in this series is incredible. From using obscure swear words such as "frak" to the most incredible CGI space battles you will ever see. Most of the SF is explained and pretty well. This show was advertised as Science Fiction so that is why I was worried with the inclusion of religion. However, as I said before it added to the show immensely.

    In conclusion, though this show did have a few issues, especially with its storyline, I do feel its probably one of the best shows I've watched and would definitely recommend it.
  • Blown Away!

    I am so pleased to have decided to watch this series. I was expecting something throwaway but instead discovered a dark menancing scenario with real charachters and a thought provoking storyline. Wish I had given this a chance earlier. For anyone looking for some real SF give this series a look - you won't be disappointed.
  • Great series but..

    Season 1 and 2 were great.

    Season 3 was a little eehhhh.

    Season 4 should never have been aired, what a bunch of crap.

    The last 2 episodes, i didnt even bother to watch, the ending couldnt possibly be worth watching after what this otherwise AWESOME series turned into. Sad to see it end like crap. Oh well.

    Season ratings:

    1 - 9/10

    2 - 8.5/10

    3 - 6

    4 - 1....
  • Honestly better than I expected.

    The brainchild of Ronald D. Moore TNG and after Star Trek writer. Stays pretty interesting up until the midway point of the last season where it deviates off into mythology. Some of the episodes are remakes of Star Trek plots like the Eye of Jupiter episode. However the show as a whole is very good although some people are touch and go with season 3 although I liked it alot. Hands over fists better than anything from the original series. Great acting from the lead actors and great stories like the Pegasus episode and the darker elements of the show make it worth watching.
  • Ratings for S1-2

    S1: 6/10

    S2: 4/10
  • The Zenith of sci fi

    I not just a reimagined remake of a campy 70's series but it revolutionised and reinvented sci fi television
  • Problems with BS Galactica

    So, even though this series is off the air now, there are some of us who are still discovering it for the first time. This includes me. I'm busy watching the series on Netflix where you can watch the first four seasons.

    I'm on season two right now. Here are somethings that bug me about this series:

    1) For a civilization to have developed the technology to create battleships like the Galactica, why on earth would people still be using paper??? I mean seriously, this makes NO SENSE. Even with a show like Star Trek, back in the sixties, you had reports that were approved and signed by Captain Kirk and they weren't reports made of paper but "iPad" like devices which the captain would review.

    2) A cure for cancer. I'm sorry but a civilization as advanced as in technology as one that can create battleships and travel via warp speed, in my opinion, would have found the cure to cancer. It made no sense in the first season that the president would be dying from breast cancer. If anything, it should have been some other disease.

    3) Pilots are PILOTS. And NOT Marines too! In today's military, you have NAVY, ARMY, MARINES and AIR FORCE. You don't see air force pilots fighting on land similar to what Marines do! Air force pilots fly planes! They don't act like Marines. So to watch Starbuck acting like a marine makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. She's a PILOT. And that is what she excels at. So for the writers to take such artistic license by having Starbuck act like a marine is ridiculous.

    4) What is the source of oxygen on all of these battleships? Like Galactica, for instance? Is this ever explained? Where are the green plants?

    That's just for starters. I have other complaints that frankly should have been addressed by the writers of this series.

    Yes, this series does tackle many political issues. And I enjoy it. But there are some serious WTF situations written into this series that make no sense whatsoever.
  • Long Live Galactica.

    This is just pure genius. Ignore the negative Nancies on this one, and listen to all the great comments, I can't add anything that has not already been said. If you have a chunk of your precious time to dedicate to a show that will take you on an emotional journey. With some of the finest acting, writing, plots, character development and production of any Science Fiction show ever. Then my friend, this is for you. Long live Galactica............
  • Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined

    Battlestar Galactica Re-imagined is one of televisions best sci fi Epic series to ever be produced. I truly enjoyed watching this series from start to finish and I was blown away! The format of the show was engaging and made it easy to follow the stories. The characters were deeply developed over time and it was interesting to see all the growth as they endured trials and tribulations. The space scenes were amazing and very cool. On a grand scale this series seems to be produced with calculating sense, and every thing fell into place perfectly. I really enjoyed the themes which the show explored, giving insight into human nature and behavior. The Cylons were pretty Frakkin cool as well, and their sleek ships beautiful. The ending of the series was explosive and well written. I love how it all tied together and made sense out of everything, also tying the story in to our modern day world, which I love when a series like this can do that! I will definitely be watching this entire series in marathon from time to time because it is just that awesome!!!!!!!!!
  • The best sci-fi that I've ever had the pleasure of watching...

    I didn't take this show seriously when I knew nothing about it. Over the last couple of years I've started watching all of the "best show ever"'s that I could get my hands on. I noticed that Battlestar made it onto a lot of these kinds of lists on the internet, but I couldn't take a show from the sci-fi channel seriously. Until I watched it. Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows that I have ever seen. The drama and suspense throughout the run of the show is some of the best that has been on the television shows that I have seen. Some of the characters are very likable and the acting is at times top of the line. There are weaker episodes that don't really drive the plot every now and then, but they are more than made up for by the better episodes. The show might have outstayed it's welcome and probably would have been better ending 10 episodes or so before it actually did, but the finale was a great (predictable, but great) piece of television in my opinion. Overall, a great show with a great cast and a strong emotional story.
  • The best sci-fi show ever comes to an end

    I've been putting off writing this review for a long long time.

    There are two truths to this story. One, the big and epic conclusion to one of the best shows ever shown on tv. By a long shot, the best series almost everyone failed to watch.

    But then there is the finale itself. And it pains my heart to admit that... It was crap.

    I'm talking about the last 4 minutes or so. It's not that it didn't have it's moments, the last flight of the president was beautiful. But then there's two annoying moments:

    Nowhere in the mythology angels were mentioned.

    And for god's sake, Deus ex machina? Really? It's so cliché it hurts.

    God did it is NEVER a good ending, doesn't matter how you twist it.

    My grade should be seen as 10 for the whole thing and 0 for the last minutes. That should average at 9.5.
  • MuuUuuUust BuuuUUyyY!!!

    i just joined so that i can tell people " this is a must have movies " its coming from a guy who also like Dexter, the OZ, the shield, 24, Rome, the wire, Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, Band of brothers...this is my 1st sci-fi series i ever had...
    Good story line, fascinating, enough action & drama!
    love the casting!
    i am not a fans of these type of movie but now this totally changed my mind!
    now i am busy reading reviews of all kind of different sci-fi series on the market.
    i will probably start watching farscape...had read many glowing reviews about the show
  • Clearly one of the best shows I have seen!

    I did not watch this show until it had ended. In fact, I had heard about it but never thought that it would be something that I could get into. Boy was I mistaken!

    Almost by accident I started watching this show because it was recommended to me by Netflix of all things. On a lark I decided to give it a chance. And am I ever so happy that I did. Yes it is a sci-fi show but in many way it is more than that. It is storytelling of a high order. It is also a show that is cinematic in its scope and scale.

    When the final scenes finished streaming, I found myself wanting more. I definitely will be catching up on Caprica and BSG: Blood and Sand to get a little more detail and to keep the ride going.

    After streaming on my computer I purchased the BluRay set. I loved listening to the commentary and watching the deleted, scenes, etc. It added layers and texture to an already amazing story!
  • A show that bring the best drama and Sci-Fi together with just awesome characters and a ending you could love or hate it.

    What can i say about this show, A show that startes with a war with humans against the cylons and eals with a lot of characters drama. These characters are really greatly written and so well done. But the stories arcs add great stuff to the show and one of the greatest sci-fi things that was on TV. everything is perfectly done and fits the world even the president and cancer stuff wich took me a hwile to like but just a great show to watch and if you havent watched it you really need to watch this show now.
  • Final moments made the struggl;e of the whole series pointless, at least in the grand scheme of things.

    Hrm. Loved the series overall, though some of the New Caprica stuff was rather pointless. The las part of the finale just generated an incredible sense of futility. Ok, *these* particular humans survived, but their culture, civilization, knowledge, etc., gone. Poof. There was utterly no point to them running to earth. Humans were already here, so the race survves regardless. They get rid of their tech, so humanity has a "clean slate", which is pretty illogical, actually, no, it's idiotic. They guaranteed that mankind will have no knowledge of the evils of making machines as slaves, yada yada, so they accomplish the exact opposite of their intention. "Going native" was selfish, stupid, and worst of all, made their entire struggle to keep human civilization alive, pointless. They may as well not have come to Earth at all, since there wera already humans here, and other than the fact they didn't have language yet, they seemed to be doing ok. I'll leave out the various angel/God/destiny drivel, since it ended up being mostly fluff, and portrays God as someone rather like a child using a magnifying glass on ants....over and over.
  • Terrible ending to a once great show.

    I used to love this show, but watching the last season was just dreadful. I was hoping that the story would return to something resembling the first season, but no... In the end it was a massive cop out. God solved everything.
    Yeah right... In order to break the cycle of violence, let's do the following: destroy all our technology, make sure our immortal enemies still keep theirs, and lets live in caves for the next 150,000 years. Surely that's a massive improvement. There were so many things wrong with this ending I can't even begin to mention them all.... some of the other reviews might have tried, kudos to them. I just don't think my fingers can type that much. To be honest, I might not even be qualified to write a review, I gave up about halfway through this monstrosity of an episode and started fast forwarding through to the end. The only good thing about this episode is that they finally ended a show that was getting worse with every single episode. Now all I can do is hope that the planned prequels/sequels either don't come off the ground or are written by someone more qualified. A drunken monkey comes to mind...
  • Silly.

    In the end this series was silly, supernatural, sci-fi. Sufficient suspense to draw you in, as it did me, but like binge drinking ultimately leaves an aftertaste of bile.

    I can tolerate the science-fantasy of Star Wars and similar when the story strongly draws upon the human struggle, but this series was just bent on TRYING to warp religious myth into science understanding. Worse than DS9's attempt, BSG tempts believer audiences with the idea that monotheism is superior to pantheism and is wholly compatible with critical thinking. Ethics and morals come from our humanness and do not need a supernatural origin.

    The characters had their moments (sexy female cylons for one), special effects theirs (the FTL of Galactaca out of its falling attack for one), the plot lines and underlying themes simply fell short in the end....I guess this show is pretty much Sci-fi for Creationists as exemplified by the series finale. No real answers provided....just point at "God" (aka Adm. Adama) as the underlying reason for all. Add to that the new BSG series spoils my fine memories of the original BSG series. Still I generously give the series a 5, as I was able to stomach it in the end.
  • The plot that was lost along the way...

    This new Battlestar Galactica started out in what I would say was a fantastic initial series. The setting was clearly never focused just on technology, with the attention to the Gaius Baltar character in series one being clearly on human vulnerabilities, and to me was gripping (the whole of series one I was say never dragged). Unfortunately the following series seemed to start losing their way, not keeping the same standard as the first series, for example, the episodes based on the new caprica seemed dull in comparison. However it was the way it ended which seemed the most disappointing, anyone who watched the behind the scenes 'The Last Frakkin Special' show should have noticed the comment 'forget the plot, it was about the characters'. This comment I think it telling, basically it looks like they had totally messed up the plot line (could be argued by the start of series 3), and instead of trying to rectify this in series four, instead they ended the whole thing by just focusing on some of the individuals (and even in this regard there was blatant holes, no real explanation around the Starbuck character for example). As it ended with so many unexplained plot holes (and a really a nonsensical ending in a whole host of ways), I can only presume that the director was under great pressure from the TV station just to wrap things up (as they were canning the show) and took the easiest way out. From what began with a truly great start, unfortunately it has had a very disappointing ending, if anyone was to ask in future, I could honestly only recommend this new Battlestar Galactica overall as watchable, rather than good or great (which it could have been).
  • This episode is about the discovery of who we want to be; about the distance between who we are, and who we will one day be.

    An episode about how we achieve humanity, and how we often go wrong. The direction, writing and acting is flawless. I was in tears on four occasions, feeling the yearning of all the characters to be better than they are, stumbling and blind, seeking the sun.

    The agonizing confession of Baltar, the redemption of Roslin, the courage of Athena, the pain of Helo, the resolution of D'Anna, the steadfastness of Adama, and the loss of immortality.

    This is truly the finest episode of an extraordinary TV series.

    Don't worry if it's been a while, go back and watch this episode, then watch it again.
  • As good as you've heard.

    Spoilers people!!

    I mean it. Stop reading now if you've ever even thought of watching this show. Go watch it, you won't regret it.

    Ok, lets get this out of the way - A wizard did it. While I found it disappointing that they specified this, I still can't hate the show for doing it. If you didn't realise they might do this coming into the last episode, then you really weren't paying attention.

    Personally I prefer shows to let the viewer make their own mind up about religion, intervention by a higher power doesn't have to equal God, but the writers defined it as that and that's their choice. In a way that's kind of a ballsy thing to do, as I'm sure they realize they'd alienate some fans this way.

    Setting this aside, the show started ok, a relatively good little space opera, an improvement on the original. Nothing in the mini-series really spelled out just how good it would become and only a few glimpses in the first season (33s) really showed the full potential.

    Once the Kobol arc kicks in though the show is full on until the end of the series. Yes the bad season 2 episodes are bad, but a few wobbles a season are allowed in any tv show when the writing, acting and effects are this good.

    It never ceases to suprise, whether in the intelligent writing, story twists and for a 'non-HBO/Showtime/etc' show, just how far they are willing to push what you can get away with - not to put to fine a point on it - making it probably the first 'mature' SF show and I'm not talking about sex. In this respect it owes a debt of gratitude to many earlier SF TV shows, but instead of pushing forward the boundaries, it drags them all the way into the 21st Century.

    I have the odd gripe about the series, but they're minuscule in comparison to just how good this show is. That's why it gets a 10.
  • The most culturally relevant scifi of this decade.

    In the grand fashion of taking an old TV series or movie and revitalizing it, this show found its start. From the impressive miniseries, the tumultuous episodes of season 1, the peace and tragedy on New Caprica, the elation over finding Earth, the devastation over finding Earth, to the timeless series finale, this was an amazing emotional roller coaster of a series.

    One of the best aspects of Battlestar Galactica was that, unlike other popular scifi series, characters were never safe. In the 28 seasons of canon Star Trek, only 3 main characters died; Tasha Yar, Jadzia Dax and Trip Tucker. In the 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica, at least a dozen major characters died. This kept the show fresh and unexpected.

    Viewers found themselves emotionally vested in the characters. It was like we were sharing these people's tragic lives every week. This was a new breed of scifi, a bold new future for the genre.
  • Frak! I didn't want it to end. But when it did, I wanted to watch it all over again.

    The creators took a show from my childhood, and brought it up to date. They aged it appropriately to capture the kids, now adults, who loved the original. It was brilliant. It was edgy, it was dark. While watching it, I always felt cold. The ship was dark, damp, and musty. It's no wonder people longed for companionship. There were great twists and turns. Your loyalties were turned end over end. The writing, complete to the last episode, was superb.

    I for one, have started collecting the DVDs. I will watch it again.
  • What an awesome series!

    Battlestar Galactica
    Battlestar Galactica is a reimaginning of the 1978 series of the same name. In a future, the humans live in 12 colonies. The humans created the Cylons, robotic beings, to make life easier. They rebelled and a war was held. An attack was done to the 12 colonies, and the humans joined a fleet of ships lead by Commander William Adama of Battlestar Galactica to the legendary 13nth colony: Earth.

    It has been around a month since I started watching BSG, and Im already lovin it! Im on the beginning of seson 2, is going pretty cool. I havent seen the original series, and people say is better than the 2004 (this) one, I dont know but I would like to see it. Anyway, BSG 2004 is an amazing series!
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