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  • Not a bad show,confusing yes.....

    this is without a doubt THE mos deep and philisofical series ever produce. i just find it VERY hard to follow however, if i put the CC on and get right into the show from beginning to end i CAN make sense of this show.this show is the 'Most Sci-Fi 'show of the sci-fis my favourite is Stargate sg1 and yes, i know fans of BSG don't get along with fans of SG1 probabily becase the shows are rivals at work except the people that work on SG1 don't have any big egos they just make the shows and people watch them.later.
  • There is only one word about to say Battlestar Gallactica fantastic nad uncanny. Everyone must see this show.

    This is the best series I've ever watch. Great and delirous. I hope Battlestar Galactica continues at least ten (10) seasons. Also I hope orijinal DVD's of this show will come as soon as possible to Turkey. I hope producers solve orijinal DVD problems of DVD quickly. This show is really great but I think number of episodr in each season (20 episodes) is not sufficent. In my opinion series need more than 24 episodes in each season. Well the characters are great but i think if series shows us past of cylons (where were they during 50 years period and how to decide annihilation of mankind), viewers will be more pleased and informed.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of Sci-Fi or if you detest it I would still recommend this show. I guarantee that it is unlike any other.

    Battlestar Galactica is hands down the best show I’ve seen to date. I, like most people, thought that because it is a Sci-Fi creation that it was going to be white noise among all the other Sci-Fi shows, but boy was I wrong! I tuned in one night just to see what all the buzz was about thinking that my friends have lost there minds. I thought how good can a remake be? But I was blown away. It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of Sci-Fi or if you detest it I would still recommend this show. I guarantee that it is unlike any other; it’s more of a drama than Sci-Fi. It is simply captivating. It’s no wonder why the show won a Peabody.
  • Season three better than ever

    Season three has left the floor running, i really enjoyed the build up to the evacuation, the traitoress acts of the humans under pressure to survive and the effects and how the Addoma's rescue everyone was fantastic,
    So as far as i'm concerned this is looking to be the best season yet, i am looking forward to the revalation that Mr Baltar is infact a cylon (fingers crossed lol) i belive this is how things are going to turn out for him its not a fact set in stone, i look forward to more gritty storylines that cover some of the political problems of today......
  • 30% of the viewers has left the show, it easy to see why.

    After have seen two great seasons of BattleStar Galactica I've get kind of used to the shows *money saving" episodes.
    It looks like they try to send some very low budget episodes to save money for the rest. Is the show so low financed? With that many viewers?

    The beginning of season 3 has all looked that way, So it can't be a surprise for the producers that the show now loosing ground. If the average score for season 1+2 is 9.3
    I can't give the beginning of season 3 more than 8.0 this excludes Exodus part 2 wish was the best episode so far on season 3 (my Score 9.2). We who loved the show can just hope that the producers rais the budget and give us a show that looks like 2006 and not some low budget 1980's story.

    A good thing is (for the producers) that there is not so many scifi space shows right now, If it had been the show had prob. dropped a lot more than 30%.
  • It’s when the human's world is forced to evacuate and all the political figures have been killed by the cylons. Well this is about how they are trying to find earth as their last hope of survival and this is all about their quest.

    This is another Sci-Fi. Who doesn't love a Sci-fi well i love them. They are so open that anything can be possible, countless possibilities and this is what I love about them. Well this show consists of suspense, thrill, action everything you could ever love in a series and this is what draws me in. this is what you can’t help but want to know what happens. Haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if our home world was ever attacked and where forced to leave. What would happen to the human race, what situations we would be put into and this is what this series is about. its about what the human race would do if they were in a life and death struggle running from the cylons while they are trying to find the long lost world; Earth.
  • Galactica challenges standards, rises above

    The latest project (masterpiece) by Ron Moore, Battlestar Galactica goes to lengths and depths of storytelling that no science fiction show before it has gone.
    Galactica uses a postapocolyptic backdrop combined with some of the classic staples of scifi to show the complexity of the human individual, of the moral ambiguity inherint in everyone and the outward nature of mankind as a whole.
    Despite some small drops in quality during its second season, Galactica, on a whole, just continues to get better and better. The characters and story continuing to dynamically change showing the immense courage that exists in its show runners to do what they need to to make the best show they can, ratings be damned.
  • A remake of the 1978 series, Battlestar Galactica is the story of a battle of attrition between Human and Machine. Who is stronger? The creator or the created? Courage, self sacrifice,love and hate,greed..all are part of this sci-fi drama.

    Battlestar Galactica(2003)is in my opinion,the best sci-fi show on TV at this time. The character development,story lines and the effects are all very well done. And lets not forget the soundtrack, you got to love the percussions. I make it a point to watch and record each episode every Friday night, so as not to miss a finer point that I may have misinterpreted. I could not think of a better actor then Edward James Olmos to reprise the role of Lorne Green as Adama. His portrayal of the Top Dog is much more centered on the fact that here is a warrior,one who is not going to pull any punches. Just looking at the guy and you see battle hardened. Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck is a nice twist. A female who is the best at what she does... being a fighter pilot. Valkyrie all the way. Let's not forget Mary McDonnell. I've alway's liked her as an actress even before Dances with Wolves. As Laura Roslin, she seems "on the outside" to be the warmhearted, wouldn't hurt a fly individual. However when it comes to the Cylons, she reverts to a ruthless, cold and unforgiving persona. I say to myself, wow, what's the real deal with this woman. I still love her though. All and all here we have a well written, well produced and well acted sci-fi drama that we all can relate to in one way or another. I hope this series keeps doing the right thing as I truly enjoy this series. Love them drums!!!!!
  • My new best friend

    Battlestar Galactica has become my second favorite show after Eureka. I just started watching it 3rd season. I got season 1 and 2 and watched them. They were OK, but I think that the 3rd sesson is going to be great. I love all the characters in the show. I think that most of the story lines are great. My favorite characters have to be Dee, Adama, and Laura Roslin. I hope this show stays on for a long time. Im not really into shows liek this but with great writing and great actors/characters I give this show a 10.
  • when the pilot aired i hated this show. but not any more.

    when the pilot aired i hated this show. but not any more. i wanted to know what they did to my show. i mean they fracked all of the characters up. i think they should have called this show something else, not battlestar galactica. now i never miss the show. its on my cant miss list.
  • Brilliant series. Excellent acting, amazing writing and direction. This series is heartstopping, intriguing and absolutely in your face. Dark and sinister, sometimes you feel bereft of any hope. There is always a glimmer of hope.

    Realistic in issues, conflicts, problems, this series may hit close to home. It's not an ordinary Sci-fi story. It's something much much more. Human relationships, love, hate, betrayal, trust all come together united in a search for a place to live in peace. The best series on television, no doubt about it. Politics, power and religion are real in their part of the survival of the human race, from a line in Star Trek, "To boldly go where no man has gone before" that describes the brilliant people behind this show.
  • WOW!

    My jaw dropped at the end of that episode. What happens next? I waited so long for this show to come back from the last season, and now i can't wait for next weeks episode because this one left off with me more on the edge of my seat then the end of last season.
  • Endlessly captivating....

    This show is absolutely perfect! It feels like im watching the future, the ideologies and plots are so perfectly rounded that its completely believable. Whoever writes this show is a genius, there are no annoying \"SG-1 Style\" side plots, all the girls are hot, the graphics and sets are cutting edge but maintain the dark blade-runner feel. Stop wasting time watching repeats of Lost and give a real show some lovin!
  • Perfectly combines drama with sci-fi. If everyone got past the show's name and their 'sci-fi' expectations (this is not like any other sci-fi show), this series would be definately be in the overall top 5.

    Perfectly combines drama with sci-fi. If everyone got past the show's name and their 'sci-fi' expectations (this is not like any other sci-fi show), this series would be definately be in the overall top 5.

    Nothing like the original battle star galactica, this show is amazing. The sci-fi aspect basically sets the stage for the amazing drama show that it really is.

    Actors do a great job for the most part playing convincing roles, and the story is usually excellent. The biggest fault this show has is definately not being able to market itself and attract a wider view base.

    Must watch. 10/10.
  • One of the Best Shows!

    This by far is one of my favorite shows of all time. I loved the original, and sadly admit enjoyed Galactica 1980 (perhaps because I was 9 at the time), but this show now blows the doors off them all. The story is more in depth than the orignal and the characters will keep surprising you. Season one had some slow spots but season two got better. Now at season three with Cylons in human form, who is who, and humanity fighting for is the best yet. The show has taken a detour from finding Earth...but who cares? It is exciting and a "edge on your seat" kind of show.
  • Too Dark ,sometimes i think it is too heavy and too sad

    Yes , when almost all the people of your planet is been destroyed and all your friends , and your parents and relatives you can't be happy .
    Yes , it is sad to loose all you have and live in a starship with too many people , in little space .
    But you cannot have only angry , sadness and unhappiness .
    Old Battlestar was a little bit stupid , they always laugh ,
    but I prefer a positive view of the world and of the life.
    I like action and in this show you have people that always think to their big problems.
    This show stress me , we have our real nightmares in this world we don't need others on tv
  • Is this the best series on television? Frak yes!

    This is my favorite show. I\'ve watched from the miniseries on and have never been disappointed. Everything about is superb. From the acting, to the dialogue, to the editing, EVERYTHING is amazing. The casting is perfect. And the characters actually have evolved over the course of the story, which rarely happens in any T.V. show I have ever seen. Some have become more villianous(Gaius Baltar and his presidency) and some have become more heroic(Caprica Six and Sharon V.), but thay still remain in character. The polictics of the show work too. They even bring in present day issues in politics (Abortion and War) and make it work in their setting.
  • Love this show

    this is the best thing on tv If you are not watching this you are missing out big time. iIt just gets better every season and this one is the best yet there is just so much that is so intresting it keeps you tuning in week to week. I the 3rd season premire was the best yet and they Know how to keep you hanging I can not wait to see what happens nextr week and the week after that Balter is one of my favirote just because I can not figure him out !!!! !!! !!! !!!
  • An intriguing remix of the classic 1978 series, the new Battlestar Galactica has arguably become the best show on television. The episodes are filled with unexpected twists and the writers are not afraid to explore topical and controversial issues.

    The new Battlestar Galactica is phenomenally well-written, directed and produced. Being a fan of the original 1978 series, I was a bit hesitant to watch the new show at first, but I was quickly won over after the pilot episode.

    All of the actors seem perfectly cast in the roles they portray. Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the original series, now gets to portray the suspiciously charismatic Tom Zarek.

    I could go on for a long time about how great this show is, but I'll let you judge for yourself. One caveat... you need to watch the shows in order from the beginning, otherwise you won't know what the heck is going on.

    Long live Galactica!
  • A brilliant show. [need I say more?]

    Even though I have just started on this new phenomena called, Battlestar Galactica, I can already feel the addiction building. I have watched bits and pieces in the past, but never have I seen a whole show. However, this is A-Mazing! James Callis has been [one of] my favourite actors since I seen his smashing work in Helen of Troy... Season 3's premiere was fantastic. Since, i'm a newbie at it, I can't really describe it much...

    This is a brilliant show, the futurist ideals is what really appeals to me and I think anyone will love it. [Especially if you LOVE Star Wars!]
  • Great, great show!

    This is one of the absolutely best shows I have ever seen. Right now it ranks for me right up there with Babylon 5. I really hope they can keep up the good work in seasons to come. I love the whole idea of the Cylon conspiracy. Making them look like humans is a good idea. In the start I was expecting them to be all computer circuits inside and was intrigued when I found out how much like humans they really are - they feel, they love, they bleed, are they really the enemy? The whole thing is a stroke of genius and the setup makes the threat feel very real. The stories are great, lots of conflicts, shades of gray. The characters feel vividly alive. My favorite is Admiral Adama with his surprising depth of emotion and love for the people he tries to protect. Mary McDonnell is a great choice, I love watching her. But all the characters are intriguing. And how come that Baltar is still alive...
    A show to watch and love! Hopefully there will be many more great seasons!
  • One of the best science fiction shows on TV. Vastly superior to the original, forgetable BSG in terms of writing, acting and special effects. Destined to be a TV classic.

    It is always a joy to find producers who understand that, in any science fiction film or series, the quality of the story and characterizations come before special effects. The story is the classic motif of a tribe adrift in a vast wilderness beset by an enemy bent on its destruction as they search for a promised land. Now, this does not guarantee quality stories - as the original BSG plainly attests. To do that, good and deep characterization are required and to bring those characterizations to life, outstanding actors. This is where the new BSG excels; the actors are superb.

    --review in progress --
  • Battlestar Galactica is the best show on the Sci Fi channel.

    The revamped, updated version of Battlestar Galactica blows the original out of the sky. I watched the original version when I was a kid. I recognized, even then, that the production was inexcusably cheesy, but watched nevertheless, because the story is fundamentally compelling. I had high hopes for the new show, and I wasn't let down. In fact, the new show exceeds my expectations. The casting is great -- I love that Starbuck is female, and that Dr. Balthar is a complex character that we can sympathize with -- it totally works. Special effects are impressive. Likewise, the acting, directing, editing, and sound are top-notch. The story has a level of complexity that should give this series enduring longevity.
  • When i watched the pilot episodes i said Oh my god that's the science fiction show should made up. But first season was totally disappointment...

    When i watched the pilot episodes i said Oh my god that's the science fiction show should made up. But first season was totally disappointment. There was so much thrash episodes. And lots of episode didn't about main story only walking around it. While I was watching it something hit me and i want to shout that "give some chance to human race you ****." And if final episode of first season wasn't enden like that i never thought starting second episode. But second episode was great only 4 episode was thrash others was extremely good. There's one thing about BSG i think webisodes are extremely useless if they make an episode and broadcast it one time it could be good but 4 min. episodes are didn't work out. Of course that's just my opinion. In briefly sci-fi missed a show that could be classic .
  • 1)Dialogues and characters are caricaturized. 2)Flaws in ambiance and cultural infrastructure 3)Some unnecessary filler episodes

    May include spoilers for those who have not watched yet...

    Ok, I have just finished watching season 1, and there are a few things that are bothering me about this show..

    1)Why does the whole presidential paranoia and the system of government of the 12 colonies so much resemble and remind me the current US governmental system? The press-room, flags, the bodyguards, elections, over-praising of democratic system of government, power/authority struggles etc...Why don\'t the people of twelve colonies have their distinct/specific governmental system?

    2)There are at most 50000 people in the fleet yet there are already more than 10 reporters and journalist flooding the presidential press-room. Why the need for reporters, are there any tv, radio channels broadcasting to civilian vessels? Considering 50000 population is about the population of a town, is it usual for a town to have 10 different media groups and hence journalists? What do the journalist gain from continuing their job? DO they get paid? Do they get bonus supplies/rations in return? Where do they operate from? Does the fleet happen to have a broadcasting vessel?

    3)The fleet is fleeing and struggling for survival yet people are over-enthusiastic about trivial issues such as the (vice/)presidential elections and pay overdue attention to it. Does it really require a president to govern 50000 people, 3000 to 5000 of whom are alrady military personnel?

    4)What can a president achieve without its core personnel of officials and advisors?

    5)The president already have 3 bodyguards aboard. I find it ridiculous that they have so many people to spare for such a job among 50000 people? Who among 50000 people, who are struggling for survival amidst of a war, would try to harm the president? What would happen if someone did? Would the fleet fall into disarray? Do they have any other option besides sticking together?

    6)Why do the president, bodyguards and some civilians wear earth-style clothing? They are wearing suits. I can understands the suits but ties? Ties are only accessories, what\'s the odds of two kin cultures to develop the same style of clothing when having been seperated from each other for more than 2000 years?

    7)Why don\'t they use their own system of measurement, units etc... Where is the cultural background and diversity of the 12 colonies?

    8)In episode \"hand of god\", there are about 50 cylon raiders swarming on galactica yet after the mine installation is destroyed, they suddenly vanish. Why don\'t they take out galactica, which has only 10 vipers onboard and is a sitting duck at that time?

    9)Why are the raiders have an organic core? How does starbuck operate the wrecked raider given that she has carved the organic core to get inside it? How does its hull sustain itself with a punch of baseball size on its side? Given that its organic core is destroyed, how does the ship keep functioning?

    Unless these (and any other) gaps in the infrastructure of the show are redressed, I believe it won\'t be able to go beyond an action series with a loose background...
  • After almost the entire human race was destroyed by the Cylons(robots), whats left of the human race is being led by the battleship known Battlestar Glalactica in an effort to find earth and battle the Cylons.

    At first i was not really into this show but as the episodes went by i couldn't get enough of it. This show has many crazy turns all throughout it and always keeps you wondering. In addition, to having a good amount of action Battlestar Galactica has some nice little tricky loverstories in it. I have to admitt though not every episode has some great dogfights and grounds battles. But trust me you should definitely watch it anyway because you could end up very confused on something in the next episode. All in all this is a very good show and everyone should give it a shot.
  • A Science Fiction show with avid fans who traditionally dispise the genre speaks for itself. This real, gritty, down-to-earth charater driven drama sucks you in and always leaves you wanting more.

    Battlestar Galactica is a truely unique achievement. A science fiction show that captivates even those who traditionally hate the genre. Melding realistic, down-to-earth characters, infalable acting performances, an imaculate script, and mind-blowing special effects, the show is simply a quality series. The script keeps you wanting more, the special effects somehow never detract from the story, and the drama stays believable and captivating within a futuristic backdrop.

    Unlike many great ideas that run out of juice after a couple of seasons, BG twists and turns, always offering something new. Ronald D. Moore, Writer and Executive Producer, offers an imaginative reinvention of a 1970s cult series that itself ran out of juice. Moore seems to be on a personal mission to ensure this doesn't happen again.

    With everything you'd want from a series, anyone who gives this show the time of day can't help but want more.
  • This show in my opinion is the best show on tv. Most people when they see this show will probably just think, its just another SCIFI show. But the thing is it's not.

    This show is amazing. It is extremely action packed and full of drama. So if you love action you'll love this show. Plus the way the show involves all of its characters is fasicinating, you have so many different characters and the way they go into each of their lives is great. The show itself really just captures you into it. Either way this show it a must see for every fan of Scifi or just action drama shows.
  • Whatch it, it rocks.

    Hey yalll. Battlestar Galactica is the best show in the world, almost. One of my personal favourites. Onw a ship, the crew lives fighting cylons and trying to find earth. And other ship holds some crew and the survivors. I cylon is inside a scientest's head so that only him can see her. The most beuatiful cylon. She is the host of Canada's next top model. Trisha Helfer. She controls him for the most part. some of the cylons look like robots and the others look like humans, so almost any given cylon can sneak on the Battlestar ship.there is a captin that almost died and the person that would have become captian wasn't smart and drank alot and didnt think he was ready. Hard to explain. So just whatch it.
  • Quite simply the best television show on television. Brilliantly written, acted, and paced - there is nothing about this show that isn't daring and fantastic.

    After a shaky pilot episode (the miniseries was great but the first episode of the actual show was a little weak), Battlestar Galactica has quickly become my favorite show on television. It is dramatic, extremely well acted, and brilliantly written. Just when I thought that there was no way the first season could be improved upon, the second season did just that - with the most ambitious and daring season finale that I've ever seen on any show. This show is what Star Trek should've been. It takes all that was good about Farscape and improves upon it. It is both powerful drama aside from sci-fi and brilliant sci-fi. All-in-all, Galactica is a winner!
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