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  • There's nothing terribly wrong with this Sci-fi show but there's nothing outstanding about it either.

    Its clearly trying to appeal to "younger teenage fans" which isn't a problem until the characters start talking like a Dawson's Creek episode. That's when my attention span drops to zero. The writing is just too MTV for my tastes.

    There's also one gigantic plot-hole since the premiere episode. The human/hotbabe/robot that can talk across space to the mind of the human guy. Obviously she knows the location of the armada at every moment because she can comminucate across space to him. The cyborgs have all the info they need to destroy the armada at any time. The writers REALLY should have figured out a way to explain that issue. Its an entertaining series if youre a teen I suppose.
  • I have tried to like this show I really did watched the miniseries, season1, and about 90 percent of season 2 but I\\\\\\\'m sorry I don\\\\\\\'t like the revamped version.

    I understand the creator of the new version got tired of clean techno babble filed Sci-fi after his work with Star Trek but apparently he also grew tried of all the positive aspects of the trek universe too. Instead of survivors working together to escape their enemy and doing their best to save the last elements of their race we see a bunch of degenerate misfits devolving into every base behavior you can imagine. No one seems to give a damn that there are only 47,000 people left crammed into slow civilian ships that make perfect targets oh no the males on the show are too busy beating their chests in measuring contests while women either stand around looking lost or are furiously bed hopping. Its clear Ron More has a dim view of humanity and it shows in his “revamped” show.

    More points that to me make no sense what ever

    Faster then light Star Ships armed with missiles and machine guns… totally nonsense. any civilization capable of FTL flight would’ve devloped some form of directed energy weapons.

    Baltar’s imaginary cylon pal

    This is just about the dumbest part of this show this fool is running around talking to a voice in his head like a psychotic madman and no one notices… Common!!!!

    I so wish Richard Hatch’s version had been the one made not this crap.

  • Cylons return to the 12 colonies to seek revenge on their old human masteres forcing the humans to react and escape. They now run for the cylons in hopes of finding their 13th colony, Earth.

    I really like this show. It\\\'s very catching and you always find yourself wanting more after each episode. It\\\'s not extremely far fetched when it comes to the plot. You find yourself cheering for the heros even though some of the drama aspect of the show tries to tear them apart. Everything seems to come around full circle and they even have room for cameos every now and then. I like how they show the cylon perspective when the human clones struggle with the fact that they are human clones and Boomer has a hard time deciding which side to choose. Now since the humans found a hospitable planet, and the cylons find them, I wait in anticipation as to what happens in the third season.
  • Battlestar Galactica for a new generation... and improved!

    I love this show. I love the plot and the darkness to it. It makes me wonder what Ron Moore would've done with DS9 had he treated that show then like this one now.

    Still, I love it. I'm kind of scared of the whole 1-year jump, but I will reserve judgment to see how the 3rd season plays out so far.

    The characters are flawed, the Cylons reimagined are superb and the plots are wonderful. Its very... human and real. I'm hooked and I'm waiting. Keep up the good work!
  • There were parts of this show that I really liked, but somewhere in the second season it fumbled badly and pretty much lost me. Now I feel lonely because that didn't seem to happen to anyone else.

    I really liked the miniseries for this, and I enjoyed a lot of the first season. While it was never my favorite show, it was one that I enjoyed watching with my boyfriend and housemate, and we all looked forward to new episodes. Then, at some point (around the point the Pegasus showed up? Or the point Billy died? Or when Baltar gave a bomb to that Six and his motivations became suddenly totally opaque to me?) the show lost me. I still watched, but pretty much only for the company. I just... can't believe how quickly the show went from something I was into to something I felt very out of. The time-jump at the end of Season 2 was absolutely the worst remedy in terms of fixing the damage that had already been done (in terms of me understanding why pretty much anybody did pretty much anything that happened after early S2), but the time-jump did offer the chance for a new start next season, which I appreciate. Hopefully the characters will have changed enough that I won't associate them with the mess that came before and can learn about them from the start.

    However, there have been things I have consistently loved about the show, especially the portrayal of the Cylons and their relationship with humans. This show has certainly done well for itself, but I do feel a little upset that I seem to be one of the lone people who, after giving the show a fair chance, was not wowed or bowled over and would not let this show near my Top 10 of All Time list.

    So I guess I just wanted to get that off my chest. But here's to it living up to its hype (for me) next year.
  • Re imagining of the classic tv show Battlestar Galactica.

    This science fiction show is one of the best out there. It is a re-imagining of the orignal Battlestar Galactica starring Dirk Benedict. This time the central character Starbuck is a woman. Edward James Olmos makes a very good portrayal of the Galactica commander. This show have been updated with stunning special effects and an earth like crisis scenario. Its a new take on the franchise, and works very well. The storyline is now much more engaging since it doesn't simply deal with the the enemy, the cylons but also with the enemy within. Now that the cylons have created human like models, this adds to the dramatic effect that makes the show exciting to watch.
  • Cause they were/are mad. (And not the good kind)

    I have dim memories of being about ten years old and after sunday lunch (or was it before)of watching the original Battlestar Galactica in all it's seventies fashion crime, cheap SFX, slightly sexist glory. The point of alot of Sci-Fi of that time was to entertain, not be too complicated and generally be a lot of fun. Whilst TV (And thankfully fashion) have evolved it seems to me that TV exces have taken a title and a few names, slapped modern all over it and turned it into a TV series. Don't get me wrong I do love a good bit of Science Fiction but it seems that the new Battlestar Galactica would have been better off being a brand new Sci-Fi series rather than a supposed 'reimagining' of an old one.

    'Realistic' and 'Gritty' have been used to describe the show. The only 'Gritty' thing about it is the feeling your eyes get from all the mixed-up highly over done non-realistic storylines.

    The polictics of it, Very modern, female president and all, focus on the non-engaging politics of the
    military/government power struggle taking us away from the point of the original show - To shoot crazy robots.

    Some of the storylines are totally beyond belief. Anybody situation like we're supposed to belive these people are in, who believed that they may have planted bombs, like Boomer in 'Water' would have carted themselves straight to the brig. We're supposed to believe the Cylons created Number 6? Even if Baltar has the whole 'Mad Scientist' thing people don't report him for his frankly bizzare beyond reason behaviour.

    For a first season this show is overly complex which I think
    will alienate a lot of casual viewers and honestly some of it's original fanbase.

    It's focus is somewhat jumbled switching between one confusing plot line to another. Its focus is so far away from Starbuck and Apollo most of the time that it may as well be a different show. There isnt much time to learn the characters names or even really begin to care about them.

    A catagorical dissapointment. And a set back for Female Sci-Fi leads.
  • Totally captivating from day 1

    This show is true enough to the original, but with much, much better effects. I really like how the space scenes were done, with realistic flights. We were completely hooked from the very first episode.

    We couldn't wait for each new episode to come out and are absolutely thrilled that they did a second season, and now a third!

    They took the original story idea and improved it a hundred times better. The original series left you thinking: Huh? This one is a nail biting, edge of your seat show!.

    I much prefer a continuing story to the single plot episodes (such as early ST:NG)
  • When the legacy immortalises the original.

    We can sneer, joke or laugh at that 70's series called Battlestar Galactica. But can we honestly claim these feelings then? I remember those days. I remember being young and just gaze at those Colonial warriors. Sure we saw it was fake here and there, we saw the cylons were destroyed in the same way (wondering if it was the same shot). When mum told us to take out the trash we would reveal our rebel nature and state 'By your command'. This was twice as funny when mum would not get the joke. We went to sleep with a smile hoping we were Apollo standing next to Jane Seymour. Not a bad dream to have let me tell you that. To see this crowd now in it's new setting is just way right. Adama is more of a military governor. Tigh is hard pressing XO with a few shadows, Boomer is a ....... WOW..... (censored text). and Starbuck now a woman, is not just an interesting twist, seeing her bordering between genius and insane is just beyond, but the one truly amazing Human is Baltar. From the weasel traitor to something more human and slowly being turned into the person he is becoming, with his fears and doubts is just magnificent. Add to all this the Cylon 'plot' behind it all. The miniseries had me speechless and Season 1 kept me on the edge. This is more then a legacy left. This is truly Science-fiction at it's very very best
  • As a SciFi Show BS is lacking. This is A SCIFI Show People, Remember SCFI. This show has litle of it.

    As a SciFi Show BS is lacking. Come one now, you can fly at lightspeed but they still use projectile weapons. The president is dying of cancer and they can not save her, Chinese medicine as been Curing Cancer for years. The show is a on going depression, with out any real good pleasure moments. Now yes there whole race is close to extermination and all that, but who really wants a to sit and watch the same thing we see on the news, just in a different format. This is A SCIFI Show People, Remember SCFI. This show has litle of it.
  • The best thing on television bar none. Why oh why is this show not a multiple-award winner?

    Battlestar Galactica is just about flawless in my view, apart from the fact that it\\\'s only 42 minutes long and sometimes suffers because the stories are so deep and involving, it\\\'s hard to stuff it all into one episode.
    It\\\'s held me completely spellbound ever since the miniseries back in 2003. What makes this show special are the characters - they are riveting, human (even the non-human ones), very divided and flawed, sometimes incompetent but also capable of brilliant accomplishments. The themes of the show are also deeply compelling - what makes us alive and human, can machines love as we do, what mercy do we need to show them, and are we as humans worth saving etc etc.
    Great cast, headed by the awesome Eddie Olmos and the equally fantastic Mary McDonnell.
    What I love the most is how the show captures the feeling of complete isolation and alone-ness surrounding the survivors of the colony. The tone of the show is very dark and often disturbing, but so compelling I can\\\'t stay away from it. My whole family is riveted to this show.
  • Battlestar Galactica is the best show on SKY Three

    Battlestar Galactica is the best show on Sky Three. Battlestar Galactica use to be on Sky One But Now On Sky Three.
    Sky Three is on Freeview and Sky.
    Battlestar Galactica is on Tuesdays and Saturadys But Saturdays Is a replay from From Tuesdays 2nd Show Tuesdays Show is on 8pm and two episodes showen.
    Battlestar Galactica Was On Last On 1978 And Now Redone Again in 2004 The Same Way Make A Movie Then The Season The Only Problem Was In 1978 The Show Only Went On For Only One Season.
    But With The New Season Made In 2004 They Have Done Now 2 Season But The 3rd Season Will Be Showen October 2006 In U.S.A But With The UK Out: Dont Know..
  • A re-imaging of the classic Battlestar Galactaca. Updated characters, storyline, special fx and in overall style.

    I must admit that when I first heard of Ronald Moore's plans for re-imagining the classic Battlestar Galactaca I was mad. I thought how could he change something that is so revered and influencial. The mere thought of Dirk Benedict's archetype Starbuck changed into a cigar-chomping woman made me run to my computer and rant on the forums. I flat out refused to watch the show... until a trusted fellow sci-fi geek gave his seal of approval. The curiosity sparked here led me to check out the mini series on DVD.

    I was fighting liking the show during the mini. I even refused to refer to it as BSG. I would call it "That Cylon Show" to my friends... but after I watched the season 1 set I couldn't maintain my resentment. Gone from the franchise are all the camp and child-ish elements. The new BSG offers a level of intensity that sucks the viewer in, thanks to the wonderful hand held camera work and editing style. The serialized story arcs remind me of my all-time favorite (and much missed) Farscape and my second favorite Babylon 5. This show is bar none the best show on TV right now.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003) is an inovative, informative and involving series that recaptures the nostalgia of the original series and adds an element of modern thoughts to a character orientated scifi show!

    Battlestar Galactica (BSG) is a show many have tried to put back ontoo the small screen. A show whose ideals are still felt throughout the course of our history, touching on subjects that most of us would rather not talk about.

    It has happened many times, the extermination of a culture in favour of our own. We have done it many times in the past, and BSG addresses this issue in a mature, fantastic and even emotional way, explaining to us not just the "how" but also the "why".

    40 years after the Cylons have left the 12 colonies of Kobol, the mythical planet of origin were humans and gods lived together, they return in force to avenge themselves upon the human race who originally created them. Using one of their "human-like" models known only as "nr. 6" they create software backdoors into the defence software used by most ships in the colonial fleet. The result is a devastating attack on all planets, forcing the humans to run and hide. BSG makes it very clear that there are no heroics when it comes to the extermination of a race and emphasises on the cold result of using nuclear weapons to exterminate all life on a planet. This theme and the maturity of which the producers and writers continue to follow the crew of the Galactica makes this series more than just your average scifi.

    It is aimed at the mature minded, those that have the power to think about what they are watching. To make us see how life can be on the brink of extermination and to watch and worry along with the heros that have appeared in front of us.

    Unlike the original series, BSG 2003 has two sided heros, each with their strengths and each with their weaknesses. This adds an element of internal conflict potential providing the writers with plenty of opportunity to harness the attributes of the characters in such a way that twists and turns, no matter how obscene make a strange sort of sense. Life is unpredictable, and BSG certainly shows that.

    The mini series tells us how the journey began and season 1 allows us to wittness the hardships faced by the individuals as well as the collective whole. We learn more about the cylons and we begin to understand that no matter how harsch they might have been, they have their reasons that are so simple it is frightening to consider ourselves in the same position, but we have been there...

    Season 2 continues to explore the characters while expanding on the points of actions and consequence, deepening the cylon mythology and further expanding on the conflict potential of leaders, personell, relationships, friendships and partnerships. BSG has more drama than most series, if not all of this genre. It has better acting than most series out there and its writers make every attempt to uphold the utmost highest quality of television set by the original mini series that it is hard to even see an end to this series.

    It has been hailed by critics, it has gone through bashing of the original fans, it has been loved and hated by so many viewers yet the success, the numbers are clear, BSG is here to stay, at least for a while and no matter how much the original fans might dissagree to the notions, the mature subjects and the graphical experience of some scenes (most notably in the "Pegasus rape scene") one thing cannot be argued, BSG wants to remain as realistic as possible and entertainment might hide us from such subject, BSG does just enough to make sure the viewer is not forced to overexerience such mature content.

    Yes, some will dissagree, yet the fact of the matter is clear. BSG is a success, and with only a few months away with the start of Season 3, those that have not yet had the chance to enjoy this series, those that want to think about yourselves and those that wish to experience intelligent TV, they will feel right at home, here, on the aged, almost out of service, lovable "Tin Can" known as Battlestar Galactica... in search of the mythical 13th colony... known as Earth...
  • Fabulous even if you don't like Sci Fi

    My husband got me hooked on this show. I'm not that much of a Sci Fi girlie, but the writing on the show -- once I got the basics of who the Cylons were and what had happened in the back story -- hooked me in. Great writing, editing, direction, acting. Tricia Helfer, especially as the various incarnations of Number 6, is amazing. Her scenes as the wounded six were heartbreaking. And she ain't bad to look at! I can't wait till October for the show to be back on, especially since it ended on quite a cliff hanger. Much better than the original. I don't miss Boxey or that stupid robodog at all.
  • The Miniseries and first season were fantastic... What happened?

    This show started off with an awful lot of promise. Its opening season was with all probablility the best first season I've ever come across in a sci-fi series.

    But then we arrived at season two. It started off fine, not as spectacular as the first season, but still very watchable. From episode 10 onwards however, things drastically started going downhill.
    The storyline was disjointed and there were plotholes big enough to fly Galactica through in almost every episode. It was almost as if every episode had a different writer, and none of them had any idea what the others were doing.
    The characters all seemed to undergo spontanious personality transplants and the scenarios were becoming contrived and unbelievable.

    My favourite character was Starbuck, but even she was starting to annoy me towards the end of the second season.

    I will give the show another chance when season 3 gets aired, because every show has its ups and downs, but I'm afraid that if things continue in the way they have done I will simply stop watching.

    A terrible shame.
  • this is my favourite show

    i have to say this is a great show. ive watched it since the start. you just want to keep on watching it i would wtah every episode over and over again this show is so good. i like the twists and turns in this program there is somthing new around every corner. the story line is great and the characters are written well. the cast and crew really do a good job. there is a lot of people saying this show is no good but dont beleive them it isnt no good it is a very good and well written show. the plot can go a bit crazy at some times but very rarly. i hope this show lasts as long and goes on longer than stargate but i doubt that.
  • Summary, uhh.. summary of the show? Or my review? my review basically says it all. The show, its basically about a bunch of man made machines who evolve and try to destroy mankind, seems typical but isnt at all. Theyre the smartest toasters ive ever met.

    A great show, but great is just a word. Very interesting and easy to get really into. I cant wait till 3rd season woo! Great show for sci fi drama lovers. The music is also amazing on this show. Well anywho yeah. The characters easily become close to you and you start to care about what they do and how they react, they kinda grow on you. Great acting, fight scenes are to die for and its really funny every now and then.

    With plot twists and all, they really keep you on the edge of your seat waiting and wondering whats going to happen next.
  • Truly original

    Just like Star Trek and Babylon 5, my brother was the one who informed me about this show. I remember watching the first episode with some low expectations, after all he told me that the show was based on a tv show from the 80\'s. All I can say is that my brother had once again found me a diamond show that i would never let go of. As I was watching the mini-series I remember not really understanding most of what was happening in the story line. Who created these Cylons and why? What did the Cylons really want? But the whole point in watching the show was not just to find out ''What happens next'' but to also find out what was really going on.
    So let's get down to the story:

    In the future far away from earth Adama is given command of the Battlestar Galactica. Galactica is known as a 50 year old ship made during the war against the Cylons. Galactica was made in a time where the Colonials wanted to create a ship that ran without the use of computers, due to the fact that the Cylons somehow knew how to ''hack'' their way into a ships electronic system and deactivate it, or worse.
    But the Galactica never really saw that much combat since shortly before it was finished (or shortly after) the Cylons left known Colonial space never to return. Adama's command of Galactica is thus a sort of retirement in itself as the ship was never planned to ever see combat again.
    Shortly after the ceremony on the Galactica, Caprica and the other eleven colonies of man are attacked by the Cylons who seem to have appeared from out of nowhere. The Colonial fleet is getting slaughtered due to the fact that they after the war with the Cylons began to use computers on their ships again. Galactica is now the only ship in the fleet that has the ability to fight the Cylons, and as the ship has been turned into a flying museum there is much work to be done to ready the ship for combat.
    From here on Galactica is taking it's first steps on a long journey to save the last survivours of mankind from complete extermination.

    The show starts of by being a mini-series but soon after ''evolves'' in to a full series that so far has two seasons. Battlestar Galactica is the most awesome space tv-show i have ever in my life seen and it has caught me by suprise on many occations. The characters are absolutely amazing, the realistic look and feel of the show makes it so believable that I can't stop watching, and the musical score (at least for the mini-series and first season) are so amazing both when it comes to leaving you with a feeling of sadness and despair.

    I have not watched the original and I have heard many of the fans complaining about the show, and at first I did not understand why. Now I do. This new style that is introduced to the show is so different from the original that many fans feel they have been ''left out''. However I think that they should all know that from my perspective, I want to watch the original even more now that I have watched this.

    Truly original is all I can say about this show... and that i hope they make several more seasons and stay true to the spirit of the show, because this is a truly beutiful work of television art, and you will not regret buying the seasons on dvd.
  • A revamped version of an old-time sci-fi classic. While it had so much room to fail this series has seriously soared. It has given credibility to modern sci-fi shows.

    I love wtahing this show. It is a treat every week. While the images and action is top-notch, it is with the character interaction that this show really excels. While many people might be driven away by the politics and incorporation of real world situations and people, I find it rather refreshing giving this show more realism then Survivor could ever hope to acheive. I am really anticipating where they are going to go next season. Do your self a favor and watch this series.
  • A great show which is as good as the original Battlestar.

    A great show which is as good as the original Battlestar. Though the characters have been changed some the struggles that the crew has to go through in order to survive in space is still similiar as they must find resources and try to keep the fleet together in order to make it to Earth. The space battle scenes are far superior to the originals scenes which resused the same footage for most of the fights. Another good thing about this compared to the original is the strain between the main characters as they clash on how to survive. One thing I don't like about the new series is the continued presence of the battlestar Pegasus. This changes the whole idea of the series about the Gallactica being the last battlestar.
  • Mankinds children, the robotic race known as the cylons, turn on their creators and send mankind to the brink of extinction. Their last hope is to find the mythical planet earth.

    Mankinds children, the robotic race known as the cylons, turn on their creators and send mankind to the brink of extinction. Their last hope is to find the mythical planet earth.

    The show is part of the new age sci-fi movement, transforming from the more upbeat, glossy sci-fi's of the past couple of decades i.e star trek into the gritty, sci-fi's of today that use conventions of the drama and thriller genres and powerful themes to highlight the human elements in the shows rather than the technological advancements.

    They only part of Battlestar to critisise is its ripping off of the visual style of the revolutionary 'firefly'. However this homage is indicated by the ship 'serenity' (from firefly) flying past the window of president roslin's first medical examination in the series premiere.

    A fantastic show, a must watch!
  • Cool and much better than the original......frack!

    They took the campy classic show and revamped it into a cool, smart, better looking and acted show. It\\\\\\\'s nice they didn\\\\\\\'t mess too much with ship design, which is usually the first thing (remember Lost In Space, the movie?)
    The campy cylons in a can suits were nicely shown in the pilot episode and it gave long time fans something to remember. The season finale was a bit odd with everyone down on the planet and the Cylons taking over. It was too quick of a jump from space to ground. I think this may all be a dream sequence?????
  • Brave, bold and dark, Battlestar Galactica has re-invented itself: and it\'s to be taken seriously. Maybe too seriously?

    If there\'s a flaw in BG is that it\'s too serious, which never could be said about it\'s earlier counterpart. Like many shows broadcast in the 60\'s, 70\'s and 80\'s BG was a laughing stock, and could never be taken seriously as an adult drama.

    Now it\'s the opposite, with every episode recieveing rave reviews and hooking millions of viewers every week. And rightly so. New BG is nearly faultless, with perfect CGI, an epic plot and engaging characters, all which combine to make a brilliant drama. But it\'s just that, a drama set in space. This is what holds it back from being completely faultless, with each character serving only a dramatic purpose, with the exception of Dr Baltar, who was the only one to recieve any laughs when I watched an episode recently.

    It needs to lighten up as, like many American dramas, it takes itself too seriously, putting the leads through almost soap-like circumstances. If it took a lesson from shows like Farscape or New \'Who\' then it could perhaps learn to balance the light and dark, becoming the utterly outstanding show that it could be.
  • Typical yank show. Spoilt by the inclusion of politics and the battle for the presidency. Rather see more survival than powr hungry people. And too much booze all the time.

    Was a good first season, but second season crap. Too much rubbish about the presidency & politics. American influence again. Just look at who you elected. So much booze. Amazed the storyline has lasted this long. Everytime they are drinking. How about more on the civillian ships. the 48 hour earlier opening, you have over done it. Cant believe Baltar gets away with so much & the military are so stupid. If it doesnt improve going to give up on it. Now Babylon 5, there's a good series. Learn a thing or 2 from it will you.
  • Reinventing Sci-Fi

    This allows Sci-Fi to enter the mainstream by tackling morality, religion, philisophical and other issues which are too many to name. All resound clearly in today's ever changing society. Battlestar is a series which is sadly missed on the Sci Fi channel to mainstream viewers but those who have found it will never be dissapointed about flipping to it.
  • Not for me, but a valid sci-fi show.

    I have to say, sci-fi has never been my thing. I really never got into the whole Babylon 5, Deep Space whatever type stuff. I was the girl who was confusing Star Trek with Star Wars, and gazing on stupidly as guy friends discussed these shows. Honestly, this genre is just not for me. That said, I think that Battlestar Galactica is an amazing show. It's cutting edge with great actors, excellent editing, and above par writing. You can tell that the writers really know what they're doing. Although I don't like the genre as a whole, I do appreciate this show for what it is.
  • Amazing. From start to finish. An unflinching show that nine times out of ten produces complex, character rich, truly fantastic episodes.

    When I first watched the mini-series I was terribly dubious as to whether or not this was as good as the original (which I watched a good thirty years after it aired). About twenty minutes in I knew it would be. A year later when the show came to Sky One (in the UK) I watched quite eagerly, knowing it was as good as the original, but also an original in its own right. By the end of the season I was hooked to this show, enthralled every episode and always wanting more at the end. It had, in my mind, surpassed not only the original Battlestar Galactica, but also many other great sci-fi shows (including a lot of my favourites). This show had become something different - far removed from anything else on television right now. It became daring. The producers were not afraid to take a gamble if they thought it would pay off. So far, all of them have. The characters continually change and grow, and, yes, die. So what's next for this stellar show? I don't know, but I can't wait to find out. Two years on, I'm more hooked than ever and I'm sure now, without a doubt, this is the best science fiction television series I have ever seen. May it live a long time, so long as the quality lives with it.
  • news

    In an official announcement today SCI FI Channel announced that the network would be producing a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel series entitled CAPRICA. From executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), writer Remi Aubuchon (24) and NBC Universal Television Studio, this new series is set over a half a century before the events that play out in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The people of the Twelve Colonies are at peace and living in a society not unlike our own, but where high-technology has changed the lives of virtually everyone for the better. But a startling breakthrough in robotics is about to occur, one that will bring to life the age-old dream of marrying artificial intelligence with a mechanical body to create the first living robot - a Cylon. Following the lives of two families, the Graystones and the Adamas (the family of William Adama, who will one day become the commander of the Battlestar Galactica) CAPRICA weaves corporate intrigue, techno-action and sexual politics into television's first science fiction family saga.
  • My Gripe: Of What I think about this so called, "new version", of "Battlestar Galatica".....

    Of course many of those here whom like the new series don't see as to what is wrong with it: While you can see that anglo males are carrying on hot and and heavy, with female of all races and colors, [opposite of thier own] you do not see any [small part] black male actors doing the same..... Yes there may be a "wide diveristy", of females of all races & colors, and a small sample of a few, of black, asian, and hispanic male, on the show: But how many of them, [that are minority males] or more so BLACK MALES, will you seeing "carrying on", with Starbuck, {Katee Sackhoff's' character] replicated, Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, {played Grace Park} replicated #6, {played by Patricia Helfer] President Laura Roslyn, {played By veteran actress Mary Donohough} or "Crewman Specialist" Cally... {Played by Nicky Cline} All I see, are the the "leading male" actors characters having "intimate" relations with females of all races & colors, even if the may be replicates, but no males of colors doing such.... As usual, with hollywood,. directors and producers, to have the anglo male, "come out on top", [figuretively, and literally, speaking] and the minority male actors of color, at the bottom... This show is yet another one that is racial biased, depicts such, not trying to break the interracial barriers.. {In love, and relationships} Nothing ever changes in the small minds of anglo males producer & directors in hollywood, just the time and era's...
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