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  • A dark - VERY dark, brilliantly written show!

    OK so I like sci-fi - love it in fact which is why I'm wondering why I put off watching this program so long (I've only just finished watching the first series) - though I guess it has something to do with my childhood memories of the BSG (TOS) re-runs on BBC2.... that wasn't sci-fi, that was embarrasing!

    However now like many of you lovely people, I have to say this is the best new(ish) piece of sci-fi I've seen in years!

    The story is first class but VERY dark - I mean how many shows kill off most of the human race in the first hour or so? The political struggles are intriguing, the sacrifices made are great, and major descisions are not always coloured obviously right or wrong - yes, you do occasionally have to think about the plot!

    Also the acting is superb - I especially like Edward James Olmos and Jim Callis and hope to God that they haven't actually killed off Adama!

    Anyway - this is a show to watch even if you don't like sci-fi - and while a little heavy for some (there are very few lighter moments (or "Farscape" moments as I like to call them - Another show I love) it's definately worth it!
  • amazing show

    i like many others, was aprehensive about watching this show. i never saw the original but heard it was extremely bad. but then one day i saw this new version. every aspect of this show is amazing. the story is basically the same but refined. the cylons attack and the battlestar takes off for saftey with what is left of the human race. but they have altered some things. the cylons now look and at times act like humans. you don't know who they are they blend in and they are immortal because if one dies they get placed into another body. the cast is great. unknowns for the most part which is good. relationships are also good. baltar and 6 have a strange loving yet evil relationship. the president and adama seem to be more then friends yet never act upon it. starbuck(now a female) and apollo seem to have feelings for eachother. the cinematography is also good. the camera shakes and focuses in and out which adds to the mood.
  • A new breath of fresh air to a failed old show.

    "A new breath of fresh air to a failed old show."

    This is one of the best SciFi shows I have ever seen, and it is so fun to watch. The beauty of the filming, acting, special effects and drama makes this show one of the best things on television today.

    Episodes that can be watched over and over again, the DVDs are a very good buy, you will get your money's worth out of them for sure!
  • This is the best Sci-Fi show ever on TV.

    I must say from the first moment I watched this show I knew it was gonna be great. I also thought since I loved it it was gonna be cancelled at any time. Luckly it was on the Sci-Fi channel where they give a show like this a chance to find a fan base. i have been a fan of Sci-Fi for years and this is by far the best show ever in this genre. the writing is engaging the acting is outstanding the plots keep you guessing even the special effects are great. I would recommend this show to anyone who has ever been a fan of Sci-Fi.
  • Move over Star Trek, This is the new Sci-fi show that rules today.

    Never seen the classic series, but this new series is just great, no need to use aliens or even costumes to create a sci-fi atmosphere that is just superb.

    Appart from the sci-fi content, there's this human relations drama that goes on in the episodes, the twist plots, the surprises, the characters courage and lack of. The special effects not overdone or overused, just as a should be.

    It's man vs. machine, who will win the fight at the end? who knows, but we will sure find out during the episodes and upcoming seasons that will surely rock your living room.

    This will be another show for the ages.
  • True heir to Babylon 5's greatness


    I have finally watched the whole 2nd season of Battlestar, and my goodness - I wasn't disappoint!! Battlestar [2003] already carved itself a name in the Sci-Fi world. It is, by far, the best Sci-Fi show on TV in the new millennium, followed by "The 4400".

    The real, gritty, storyline continues from were we left off on season 1, and the rhythm does not let go. The acting is superb - by all cast I have to say - and the writers managed to bring to life a 'not to distant' possible future; The special effects are as equally impressive.

    I can only hope for even better things in the future.

    Roll on season 3!!
  • A mediocre show as of late.

    I've heard some very interesting reviews about this show. Mostly because it stars the beautiful Grace Park who plays Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii.

    I watched only one episode of the show, and it's the season finale. I liked it not love it, but if someone's proves to me otherwise. I don't like how the cameras are being handled; it seems amature-like. The plot somewhat confuses me. However, I didn't watch the pilot or the miniseries, so I do NOT have the right to say that. Although, I get confused about the storyline, I enjoy watching it.

    The characters are very interesting, and I would like to learn more about them and their role in the show.
  • Better than the original...

    Yeah, I watched the original, and I liked it then. It's not too bad now, really, though some of it is of course dated (and cheesy). The new incarnation is better than I could have hoped. It has far, far surpassed the depth of the original, and is one of the best shows on TV, sci fi or otherwise. They took the basic idea of the "ragtag, fugitive fleet" and added so much to it - from the human-looking cylons, to the whole issue of reincarnation, to the humanity of the characters...Hits some of the same notes for me that Firefly did - a sci fi show where the characters are actually distinct individuals, rather than "parts" as on Enterprise...The Chief is The Chief, not "the chief engineer". Etc.
  • Battlestar Galactica is not only the Best Sc-fi series ever! It´s one of the best TV-dramas on air today.

    10 ranked it nr.1 in "Best on TV:2005" and Entertainment weekly ranks it as the fourth best series on TV today. Not to mention getting great reviews in The New Yorker and Rolling Stone online.

    This show manages to do what almost all other Sci-fi shows have not and that is to do a Sc-fi series for adults, a series that emphasizes on the people drama first and on the Sci-fi second.
    This show has more political intrigue than The West Wing, more action than 24 and more character drama than LOST.
  • One of the best shows I have seen in a while. Even non-scifi fans will enjoy this political interesting show.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows I have seen in a while. Even non-scifi fans will enjoy this political interesting show. From issues such as abortion and military control, as well as questions stemming from the treatment of prisoners of war, this show tries to show you both sides of an argument and lets you decide which you believe. It calls into question many political and moral problems and controversies that appear in society today. Some may consider it harsh, and some may not be able to watch some of the more severe scenes, but the show is, overall, a success. I rate it a perfect ten out of ten.
  • Battlestar Galactica; Robots called Cylons, death of billions of humans...I love it!

    It took me a while, more precisely after the first two seasons finished airing, to begin watching this show. I had seen a few Battlestar Galactica images throughout but paid no mind to it because I wasn't that fully interested in the Sci-Fi genre.

    However, I finally read a little of the plot for this show and I knew I just had to watch it. I ended up loving Battlestar Galactica in the first few episodes. Although, I did think there was a tad too much sex between Gaius and Number 6...but anyways.

    The nuclear explosion scene with Gaius being told to duck down by Number 6 was pretty cool. I like how that was shot because the explosion just came at all sides, almost horizontally.

    I loved the music in this show, especially in the beginning of each episode there is piano. The notes in that piece of music are so simple but it sounds so great.

    I also thought the editting for the scenes was amazing. Scenes with flashbacks to Boomer, Calee+Chief, Starbuck+Anders, and the others were wonderfully done.

    There are many characters that I can't help but dislike/resent a little. For example, Lee. At first I thought he was an intriguing character but he seems to be getting more predictable and more of a jerk. Lee can get pretty annoying. When he basically took Dee away from Billy, I was hurt for Billy. I don't like how Dee treated Billy. Everyone should just be honest with each other.

    Cylons are interesting to learn about especially their odd...can I say obsession? with religion. Religion obviously carries a heavy weight for the Cylons and the need to get rid of sin. It seems like a Christian value but a ton of things from Caprica can be found on Earth so who knows.

    The two Cylons considered heroes of the Cylons, Gaius' number 6 and Sharon, continue to make me convinced that Cylons and humans can really live together peacefully. Although, humans are extremely flawed creatures and will continue to be no matter what we try to do.

    I am eagerly awaiting for another season of Battlestar Galactica. After watching two whole seasons including the miniseries in only 5 or 6 days, I feel like the episodes weren't long enough. Hopefully there will be many seasons to come.
  • One of the best shows on television. It's one of the more dark and suspenseful shows I've seen in a long time (for a sci fi). Great acting and great writing making this series a keeper for a long time.

    I've never been more entertained with a sci fi show until I came across this show. The acting and writing are absolutely outstanding. Countless plot twists every week make for a unique and unpredictable experience. The effects are very class and make the show appear to fit it's time. You never can tell who the good and bad guys sometimes. One of the more darker shows on right now. Definately worth it folks. A real winner in my eyes. Could go for many years.
  • Best Science Fiction Show Of Late

    Anyone who says this show isn't fracking amazing has to start watching it. Those of us who already do agree that it is enthralling, suspenseful, endeering, painful, and misunderstood. For those who don't know this is not just a science fiction show it is an Action/Adventure-Suspense-Drama. With amazingly well thought out and deep characters like Starbuck, Boomer, Gauis Baltar, Laura Roslin and the Adama's you are sure to fall in love with someone and never be able to look away. This show about humanities survival against all odds and the cylons will blow you away. Give it a chance and I know you will thank the gods for this show.
  • Welcome back.

    Once you get over the Starbuck gender change, the show starts to take on an identity of its own. Adama is quite the pick for this part. I also like the president. It seems that the VP would be easier to catch hallucinating. Of course, we have the advantage of seeing the hallucination.

    Good show.
  • Hate it!!

    This....... never mind. It's not as good as the previous ones and it's flat out boring. Yawn. If you want Battlestar Galactica watch the older ones. The new one sucks. If there was nothing on in the world except this I would go outside and play sports or go party somewhere or actually read a book! This is the exact meaning of DISASTER. I have an idea for this problem. Have it banned from T.V. Wait I can't do that. Then just don't watch it. Believe me I love Battlestar Galactica but it's just not the same as before.

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • Undeniably one of the best sci-fi series ever.

    I don't know how Moore does it, but this series has been something I wait eagerly for every week. The characters are great and the way the story is progressing the writers should definetly be given some kind of an award.

    I am extremeley excited about the upcoming third season.
  • Perfect, perfect, perfect!

    Every episode of this show has been fantastic and thought provoking. It is sci-fi at it's best, with great drama, character development, and special effects. I was never a viewer of the original Battlestar Galactica, but you don't have to be to love this show. One thing of particular note is the high number of intersting female leads in this series... (especially as villians)! Definatley a must see for anyone who loves sci-fi!
  • This is a show that has been taken to a whole new level. Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows I've ever seen. I highly recommend it to anyone who is not sure if they want to get into another Sci Fi show.

    Action - awesome
    Visual effects - amazing
    Acting - Very very good
    Character Selection - Fantastic
    Stories - very well written

    I was a skeptic at first. I hadn't watched a single episode at first, in fact I only recently watched season 1 of BSG. I gave it a chance, watched the miniseries, then started with season 1 in order. In two days I watched the whole of season 1 and am about to start season 2. I love the show, the characters are great, the stories are amazing. What a great story to have a handful of humans left trying to find their way in the vastness of space, struggling to survive against the Cylons. The beginning of the miniseries was a little slow, and this show is definately much edgier than the origina, so I wouldn't sit down with my 5 year old to watch it. But the show really is great, top notch. Its addictive, every time you watch an episode you can't wait to see another, wondering what will happen next. Its a great saga about a great struggle to survive, and this really appeals to me. These people are good people, but still get themselves into trouble. This isn't like Star Trek (which I also Love), where you have a bunch of hero's who are all nearly perfect. These characters are more real, they are flawed, and they just want to live. Give it a shot, don't just watch a few minutes to drop out, watch it through and you will get hooked!
  • The new BSG is cool!

    I have been a long time Battlestar Galactica fan, and like many fans alike, was a little reserved on how this new series would turn out.
    From what I've seen so far it's a great success! I really liked what I saw, and it didn't bother me at all to see that Starbuck is now a woman (us women rock!!!). I admit I have to get used to the fact that cylons now come in the shape of humans, but let's see what happens, maybe it will bring us lots of interesting plots.
    Thumbsup to the new BSG!!!

    This show is so good I needed to write a second review:

    Oh BSG! I love BSG! I can't get enough of BSG! Here it's aired every Wednesday and I can't wait for the new episode week by week. It's such a thrilling show, and I'm surprised that I like it that much... because I'm usually quite nostalgic and I already loved the old Battlestar Galactica movies and series. So I would have thought the new show wasn't going to be half as good. But it's quickly become one of my favourite shows ever. I give 3 thumbsup to BSG!!!
  • I've had a subtle crush on Sci-Fi for many years (Wonder Woman, Quantum Leap, Buck Rogers . . .), but this gets me excited to stay home on a Friday night watching TV! I watched the originals when SciFi replayed them--they were pitiful--the new series is

    I could watch this show for 2 hours every week--I sit on the edge of my seat the whole time! This is what prime-time TV should look like. As captivating as LOST, highly intelligent, subtle humor, interesting characters (especially the flawed ones), intricate plot lines, great story-telling technique, timely and worldly--political, but not preachy. A great commentary on the two-faced nature of human kind.
  • Battlestar Gallactica, a series made in the late 70's, reformed and enhanced with a grittier feel and more up to date problems to todays standards, it's really a big improvement and a compliment to tos with the new actors and storyboard.

    It get's better every season, let's hope it doesn't end in the same climax tos did!
    It's so good to have a series like this again, I've missed the predicament of being trapped on a colony of ships and the problems of having enough supplies to feed and fuel the colony, like I read in sci-fi books in my teens.
    Every actor is up to the task, every single one very skilled. The crew is just as good, I see a future in it, with many more seasons to explore!
  • You know I love the original Battle Star series, and I still have a hard time adapting to this one. Adama would never be caught with his pants down in the original series. He would also have complete order and control of his crew. fixing the election ...

    You know I love the original Battle Star series, and I still have a hard time adapting to this one. Adama would never be caught with his pants down in the original series. He would also have complete order and control of his crew. This fixing the election is a very sour matter. Letting all systems decay in orbit not functional is not acceptable.

    Not hunting down the other on board cylons... That to me should be one of thier priorities...
  • Love the Episode,but remindes me of Dallas...(time to wake up). A what if moment

    Come on now, is this a bobby/pam ( Dallas) moment, what if. the G man won the electon. what if the fleet stayed on new cap. let's face it if the script writers didn't show it. some one would have said they would have liked to see a 'what happened if Episode'. P.S this has nothing to do with the fact that they need to continue ( NOT drag out the show) I say this coz, I don't want it to finish before it's time. This is a very good Sci Fi show ' much beter than Eastenders.
  • So addictive!

    My mother and I both adore this show; we got the first season on DVD back in November, watched it in less than a week. Following that, a friend she works with lent us the episodes up to Pegasus, which his brother in the US had burned to DVD.

    We got even more hooked.

    Unfortunately, we were finished the first half of season two while SPACE, the Canadian channel airing the show, still hadn't completed season one.

    Meaning while Lay Down Your Burdens Pt. 2 aired last week, Pegasus doesn't air on SPACE until this weekend. Sucks, right?

    Well, the friend's brother actually TiVoed it each week and sent the friend the file, who then proceeded to burn it to DVD for us.

    I'm rambling.

    All in all, it's an amazing show, well worth the hour a week it's on, worth more, really, and though I'm not much of a sci-fi person myself, I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • Battlestar Galactica is a story about how mankind survives after an attack by robots or "cylons" and how the cylons have evolved. The story is fascinating because today we all know that because technology is growing exponentially, robots are the future of

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the best new shows on television because it is doing what other sci-fi shows have failed to do (eg. andromeda, the latest star trek series, etc.) and that is communicate and express serious and complex plots with great acting, superb dialogue and excellent story lines that are not overused. Every episode is a new adventure and I implore people to watch this show. The best thing about this show is that you don't even have to like the scifi, I guarantee you will still love the show because the story line is so fascinating.
  • Both clever and brilliant with a plot far exceeding any tv show currently showing

    By far the best sci-fi series ever to be produced for its sheer brilliance in writing and the fact that unlike all other sci-fi shows it is completly un-predictable. The acting is brillaitn and the film effects world class. No other show comes near BSG in my book, it is one of the few shows that does not dissapoint in writing, acting and plot.
  • I love the commentary on belief systems, jealousy, betrayal , ambition , what it means to be human vs. machine. We humans act more like God-less machines than the machines do. The cylons are just more honest about it.

    I love the irony of how the cylons are always quoting God as they slaughter thousands of humans..The paranoia frenzy of rooting out cylons , a throw back to McCarthism.
    Of course the moral tale is obvious. We, here and now ,are the cylons.. But of course, as Shakespere wrote; "The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves" .
  • Depressive, but addictive show

    This is a dark and depressive space soap. The show just keeps moving backwards. There is never any positive progression in these peoples situation, hence the dark and depressive characterisation.

    Although there is no positive development, the show has a constant, but slow, negative course. I believe this is the source of the addictive element. If you have all the episodes, you will keep watching, hungering for some progression. Though, it never comes.

    Not a recommended consume of time.
  • great show i always want to see the next episode

    The modern-day reinvention of “Battlestar Galactica” has come out of nowhere to become one of the best shows on TV. Someone once described it as “The West Wing” in space and, although it isn’t as witty as the political show, it is still an apt comparison. The series storyline involves a group of humans fleeing from their home worlds after being attacked by the Cylons, a robotic race that was initially created by humans. The ragtag band is looking for safety on Earth, but they’re not exactly sure where it is or if it even exists. To make matters worse, some of the Cylons look like humans, which makes espionage – and the twists and turns that go with it – a big part of the series.

    Keep in mind that this isn’t your father’s sci-fi. Creator Ronald Moore’s (“Star Trek: TNG,” “Roswell”) mission statement for the series is all about realism. This means real problems, tough decisions, and most of the time the main players don’t feel all that good about what they did by the end of the episode. Everything about the show is gritty – the storylines, the cinematography, the special effects – everything.

    Season two picks up right where season one left off - Commander Adama (played brilliantly by the stoic Edwards James Olmos) was just shot by the Cylon infiltrator, Boomer (Grace Park). The first few episodes follow Adama’s second in command, Col. Tigh (Michael Hogan), as he deals with the responsibilities of leading Galactica during this crisis, while President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) must escape prison and attempt to regain political power within the fleet. Over the course of the season, we learn more about Dr. Baltar (James Callis) and the reasons why he continues to have visions of the beautiful Cylon, Number Six (played former Victoria’s Secret model, Tricia Helfer).

    Moore does a great job keeping the story moving from episode to episode, utilizing both capsulated plots and compelling season-long storylines. The ensemble cast has fully settled into their roles, and the acting has improved dramatically from the first season. This is especially true for the younger actors that don’t have as much experience as the two recognizable veterans of the show, Olmos and McDonnell.

    As bonus features, the three-disc set includes deleted scenes and podcast commentaries from Moore, who goes into detail about the different decisions he and the crew made during the filming of each episode. It’s this attention to detail that makes the show so strong and keeps its fan base growing. This is the first period in years that there isn’t a Star Trek series on the air and surely there are sci-fi fans out there dying for something to watch. “Battlestar Galactica” not only provides that fix, but it improves on the genre as a whole. In many ways, it actually transcends the genre; it’s just good television.
  • Battlestar Galactic is a new series based loosely upon the old television series of the same name. A race of sentient machines(Cylons) were created by humans in a distant galaxy. The Cylons were driven into hiding only to return and destroy the majority

    This is simply the finest show on television, bar none. The setting is both futuristic and heavily "science-fiction" but the show is about the characters and the human drama that accompanies the near destruction of the entire human race.

    Commander (now Admiral) Adama is played masterfully by James Edward Olmos. His interaction with his crew and specifically his son define much of the drama in the first season of the show.

    The other supporting characters are similarly developed and there are more than a few tear jerking moments in addition to the remarkable special effects that lend an air of gritty believability to the series not usually present in typical science fiction.
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