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  • An amazing show that embrases not only Sci-fi but the human experience...

    Look, I've been a nerd for years and have enjoyed Star Trek, Stargate and all the ones in-between (?). I really love Battlestar, especially mid way through season 2 as the multiple threads that has been hinted on in the series (god purpose, Apollos rise to greatness, Starbucks transformation into what she hates all be it succeeding in her career).

    I would put this show on the same level as Lost or Prison break for insight and imaginative direction. The only thing that frustrates me is that it has been pegged as a sci-fi so there are a lot of people that will never bother to even watch.

    So if you’re unsure, just watch the Mini series or even just Ep 1 of the first series. You'll get sucked in and thank all of us nerds for the evolution of class television from nerdy sources.
  • A great show!

    Well, I think that, like with any show of this kind where much of the suspense is in the intrigue and mystery (like in Lost), the real test of this show will come when it is over and we can judge the course. However, what we have so far is damn good! Every aspect of this show is surprisingly (for a scifi show) top-notch: great, thought-provoking dialogue that hardly ever goes over the top and remains subtle, a good script, great actors well-paced and constantly interesting plots...if you haven't seen this, see it, dammit!
  • A great show; dark and gritty. Unlike it's predicessor. The orginal BSG lacked the feeling of loss and despration of "this rag tag fleet". A great remake of a SCI-FI classic.

    I can't help but relate BSG2003 to the orginal because I loved the original. Saying that this new revamped show is unique in it's own right. Although based on the orginal it is breaking new ground.

    The space battles are truely amazing to behold. They seem so realistic and the lack of sound give it a great effect.

    Having Starbuck go through a sex change did not inhibit the character one bit; in fact Katee Sackhoff has made Starbuck her own and has taken the charater all new levels.

    One of the best things about this new show is the mood it sets. You can feel the despration, the loss and the great struggle of the fleet after the genocised commited by the Cylons. This was lacking in the original.

    Having the Cylons appear human now is just a way to save money on special effects and makeup; it also gives the audience something easier to relate too. Nevertheless it seems like the Cylon culture is much more developed and there are quite a few questions rasied about them. I always thought it funny that the leader of the Cylons in the original was a creature with a big head always sitting in the shadows.

    This series has allot of promise. I hope to see it continue to at least it's 5 season.

    Well thats it, i'm going to get the "frack" out of here...


  • My current favorite show.

    This new take on Battlestar Galactica is much harsher and realistic than its 70s predecessor. From the first, I was dragged into this show and fell prey to its realism. I can almost believe that a space-faring race created cyborgs that took over. The producers have gone to great lengths to make the show as believable as possible. The acting is first-rate. The plots and sub-plots are excellent. It is important to note this version has run longer than both its predecessors "Battlestar Galactica" and "Galactica 1980" combined. I hope they keep up the good work!
  • The problem this show suffers from is that of the science fiction anything. Getting beyond the shows original premise and seeing current issues and human drama is how this show may someday win a network slot.

    This last friday I got my 65 year old nurse of a mother to watch the show all the way through. While we didn't discuss if she liked the show, i knew she did, as an only child i tend to know her pretty well. When i show someone a new show and want them to like it, i always dread an episode that is even more out there than others. Feb 24th was one such, taking place primarily off the ship and for the first time, i didn't mind. The superb directing, acting and story writing won us over.
    With the constraints of the original story, sci-fi has done an amazing job with this show and led me to rate it as trnd setting.
  • The new Battlestar series manages to combine the best of a standard drama with a deeply thought out SciFi backdrop.

    Battlestar Galactica is first and foremost a show about characters. The people matter in this show and no one is safe. Time and time again it seems a major player can come and go in a most unexpected manner. It's a story about the human race fighting to survive - against what seem insurmoutable odds - but more than that, it's the stories and lives of every day people under these circumstances that really draw you in. The plotting, the scheming, the struggle for power in a chaotic and unforgiving universe.

    The battle of man vs. machine is played out constantly but more importantly, the machines are not what you would expect. Nothing is cut and dry. The machines have a god. They can mate and reproduce with humans. They feel that saving the human race from themselves (by exterminating what they feel is a flawed species) is the best way to achieve their initial (human designed) directive.

    The show is brilliantly shot and directed and, more importantly, well acted by the cast. If you have a hunger for SciFi but think most of the current fare is trite and cliche then Battlestar is the show you have been waiting for.
  • A group of Human refugees flee their destroyed worlds in search of Earth, while being pursued by the Cylons. Not an excellent Sci-Fi show

    I don't get why everyone loves this show. It's good, but its not the great big masterpiece that everyone says it is. Although it does have good twists and graphics, I think its a little above average. Although, I am excited to see how it ends. Plus, the Cylons are awesome.
  • An absolutely amazing show - I can't wait for the next episode!!

    Although not an original idea, they have certainly delivered an original series (or 2). Its well written, well acted and even funny in places! The idea to make Starbuck a woman was ingenious and the series as a whole is very thought provoking. I certainly can't wait till the next episode! Don't miss it!
  • Although the second half of Season Two has been very hit or miss, the fact remains that Battlestar Galactica is by far the best science fiction show on television, and probably of all time.

    Battlestar Galactica is an amazing show. Not only is it constantly engaging and highly entertaining, but it's also critically acclaimed. The show has some problems, yes, particularly with regards to many of the episodes in the second half of Season Two, but they don't stop it from being one of the best shows on television right now.

    The story, of course, revolves around a fleet of human ships, presumed to hold all that remains of humanity itself, trying to find a home in Earth, a mythical planet that is believed to be the thirteenth colony of Kobol. Naturally, they have a major enemy, the Cylons, who were designed by humans and then turned on their creators. Not the freshest idea in the world of science fiction, but they make it work. In the miniseries that preceeded the show itself, we saw the Cylons, absent from humanity after a truce was reached in the first war forty years earlier, launch a massive attack on the human colonies, all but annihilating mankind. The Battlestar Galactica, an aging warship that was about to be decommissioned and turned into a musuem, finds itself to be the last defense for the ragtag remnants of humanity following the news that the rest of the colonial fleet has been destroyed.

    Sure, the story is nothing original, but it is how the story is told and the characters that inhabit it that makes the show so intriguing. Battlestar Galactica is very much about the War on Terror. The political commentary in the show is not always subtle, but when it is the show is at its best.

    The first season of the show was a strong start for the series. It had some great stories and did some cool things with the characters. It also had one of the better cliffhanger endings I've seen in a long time, with Adama (the fleet's commander) shot twice in the chest by a Cylon operative and in critical condition.

    The second season, split into two halves, promised to be even better. It all but abandoned the whole concept of "one-shot" stories and instead followed on cohesive storyline from episode to episode (with the exception of 'Final Cut,' which represents pretty much the only one-shot from the first half of Season Two). This narrative arc was one of the things that really ramped up my interest in the show in Season Two. I love shows that have a continuing storyline, such as Lost, The Shield, and 24. It really just makes the show so much more interesting and rewarding for those that follow it. Season One did this to some extend and was better for it, but Season Two took it to a new level.

    Which brings me to the second half of Season Two. It started off relatively strong, with a great conclusion to the Admiral Cain cliffhanger from the first half (there was a rather long gap between the airings of each half), and followed that with a brilliant story about Roslin's cancer that had Baltar completely aligning himself with the Cylons (although the cure for Roslin's cancer was a bit of a cop-out). However, things went downhill pretty quick from there. The series saw four one-shots in a row that really did nothing to progress the story as a whole, but instead dealt with the relationships between Lee, Kara, and a few other minor characters that, to be honest, aren't really the most exciting on the show. The series all but ditched Baltar, Tigh, Tyrol, Sharon, and many other interesting characters for four episodes and completely forgot about the whole 'search for earth thing' that the series bases itself around.

    There is plenty of hope, though. Last night's episode('The Captain's Hand') proved that the writers didn't really forget about what the show was about, they just ignored it for a month or so. Hopefully, the show will get back on track for the finale that's coming up in three weeks. I'd hate to see this show fall apart because the writers decided that they no longer cared about the story's backbone.

    All in all, this one's easy to recommend. I'm not even a huge fan of science fiction and I still go out of my way to at the very least tape it every Friday so I can watch it later. And, with all the critical accolades(including Time Magazine calling it the best show of 2005), it's one Sci-Fi Original that you don't have to feel bad about watching.
  • If "needs fine tuning" means fracking rocks then yes it definately "needs fine tuning".

    If "needs fine tuning" means fracking rocks then yes it definately "needs fine tuning". We have had our failures like "Black Market" but this show usually doesn't disapoint. I'll use "Scar" as an example. This episode is a clear example of the high highs and low lows of Battlestar Galactica. On most scifi shows the ship defeating its enemy is expected and rather dull other than the visual. But because of the realistic and dark nature of the show you really feel for the characters and killing scar really has an effect. The writing is awesome. Like many episodes this one deals deeper into the mythos and also very deep in Kara's psyche. Both are very intriging.
  • One of tthe most brilliant shows on television today, hands down.

    I was a little skeptical of Battlestar Galatica when I first saw the commercials for it. Who wouldn't be? It's a remake of a cheesy show from the 70s...and we all know that remakes rarely live up to the original. However, I decided to take a gamble and watch it anyway...boy am I glad I did.

    BSG is absolutely amazing. This is truly one for the hardcore fans of the sci-fi genre. The beauty of the show lies in its subtlety. The effects aren't overly done, there aren't freakish looking aliens running around everywhere...there's just humanity and what humanity created in the Cylons.

    Some would argue that there is too much focus on the lives/actions/emotions/relationships of the characters but I think that it's part of the genius of the show. These are people dealing with problems that we all face, they just happen to be in a futuristic world.

    Somehow they manage to maintain the clasically futuristic style characteristic of all sci-fi shows, while still capturing a sense of realism. It's a fine balance that I can only hope they will continue for a long time to come. This is a show that could easily find itself becoming a long running series.
  • What is going on!!? is this a sci-fi show or "the days of our lifes"??

    I dont understand what is going on.. this is a GREAT show and now is not!... so they found out that earth is near some constelation on last season.. and now they just forgot about it?? they show nothing about that when it was the center topic of last season!.. are they or are they not looking for earth.. I understand things happend on the way but this makes no sense!!!
  • A Perfect Sci-Fi Rating

    Yea, a perfect 10. “No Show deserves a perfect 10!” This one does…at least for the sci-fi genre. Hands down, BSG has all the elements of a well-paced, excellently written and executed sci-fi program. Unlike other sci-fi shows that tend to lean on “Space effects” for its story motion, BSG uses it as a tool to move the main and only hard story line forward, week after week.

    I did not have the pleasure of catching BSG when it first debuted last year, and through the first half of this season. Once able to, I sat down a caught up on all the past seasons on DVD. Without question, the series has a continuity that is unmatched, with the only exception being Stargate SG1.

    Some of the reviews pan this series for poor writing and bad story lines. Many of us didn’t like Stranger In a Strange Land; yet don’t pan Robert Heinlein for bad sci-fi writing. Just because BSG doesn’t follow an Anime, or Smallville story flow doesn’t mean this series is poorly produced.

    BSG (2003) is an excellent morph of its original TV space opera and well worth the hour investment on a Friday Night.

    This series is available on DVD and is suitably priced.
  • In the future humans build robots to make their lives easier. It backfires and the robots(Cylons) turn against them and start a war. The humans worlds are taken over by Cylons and many have died.A fleet of humans escaped their Cylon-controlled planets and

    Fantastic show. The story of this fleet of humans trying to survive is really emotional and sometimes heart-wrenching. The show isn't really about all the sci-fi stuff but the characters. The cast of characters is amazing and all their stories will hold your interest. The plots and twists will have you on the edge of your seat. Seriously good show! Highly recommended.
  • I started to watch battlestar galatica because it had good previews and i liked the concept, but when i came to watch it i was massively dissapointed, i thought the storyliens were poor as was the acting with one exception, overall a rubbish programme.

    I started to watch battlestar galatica because it had good previews and i liked the concept, but when i came to watch it i was massively dissapointed, i thought the storyliens were poor as was the acting with one exception, overall a rubbish programme.
    And if you havent watched this programme dont bother and if you do watch this programme, why?
  • I'm sorry, I really don't like this show.

    Everyone that I know who has watched this show really likes it. I really tried to like it and watched most of the first season and some of the second in an attempt to complete a hatrick along with my other favs - SG1 and SG Atlantis. But I don't like it. I loved the original 1978 show, but I just can't go for a female Starbuck. Especially when they make her so serious compared to Dirk Benedict. Plus when I watch this, I don't feel like I'm in Outerspace. There's way too much sex and way too much drama and not enough real substance. We all know that the sex and drama are going to go on, but if we wanted to watch that we could flip on a SOAP or some latenite on Cinemax. I'm sorry fans of this show, I really tried.
  • some things need to be left alone to die a silent deatch.

    I grew up watching the original, and I liked it then. However, some things need to be left alone to die a silent deatch. It was fine when I was about 10 years old, watching it on the small black and white TV with the turnable knobs, but now days F/X has gotten so much better, it can no longer stand on solid ground.
  • One of the best shows on television-reminds me of the original Trek. Very thought provoking.

    What I find most fascinating about this show is that, as opposed to most TV science fiction, there is no clear line delineating the bad guys from the good guys. You go in assuming the cylons are an entirely evil force wishing nothing but destruction on their original creators, but pretty soon you begin to see their humanity-and the inhumanity in the surviving humans. This in an incredibly clear picture of all wars-neither side is without flaw and all the participants have families they love and lives that have been destroyed. I am alternately appalled by the actions of both the humans and the cylons, and alternately touched by an individual’s actions, also of both sides. I find myself shouting at one character or another-Why can’t you just listen and learn something? It’s a very thought provoking show, reflecting our own inability to listen to and learn from others.
  • A great show, has a dark side that many sci-fi shows lack.

    While many science fiction shows have a can-do attitude about many aspects of the characters lives, Galactica has a darker side that makes the whole show seem more real. The whole atmosphere of it grows with tension as you watch. With the terrorists, drugs, and politics, this show has great potential if the story stays interesting!!
  • Amazing characterizations!

    The original Battlestar Galactica was great...when I was 9 years old. Looking back on it now, I usually just cringe. 99% of the human race is destroyed, and no one seems to give a damn, especially not the always smilin' Starbuck. The new show portrays these people for what they really are: the last survivors of the end of the world. Yes, it can be depressing at times. But that's what this show SHOULD be, considering the show's basic premise. Great TV, and the best sci-fi show currently airing.
  • One of the best serie ever !!!

    Great show with a great exciting story. I love this show and cant wait untill the next release. I like sci-fi in general but this show got moore that sci-fi. It show flaws of human(race) and the intrigue of different groups in a good and a bad way. This way the story gets so realistic. The only minus is the medium actors preformance.
  • BOO! Another rip off of a classic

    If you are going to bring back a classic, PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!.

    If you really feel the need to bring it back, change the premise, cast, mission, etc., do it but rename it. How about Galactica 2003. At least when Sealab went of the resivation they had the good taste to rename it.

    Bad enough the Cylons are human cyborgs, and Starbuck has been turned into a women, but what happened to the basic plot of fleeing the Cylon empire and searching for the lost colony!

    This show has none of the spirit of the original, none of its pathos, and none of the foibles that made it a classic.

    Please let this show die as soon as possible.

  • where all ma nerds at???

    nerdgasm. this is a show 4 those star wars and star trek nerds, i never saw this show but it looks like a nerds only show, im jus reviewin it 4 better rank so it reely makes me think that wut wuld happen if a nerd grew up wachin this stuff. he wuld probably b rich since if u watch this, ur a nerd, and if ur a nerd, u will get bullied in skool but u can have revenge because u will b makin 50k a week and become the boss of ur former bully!!!
  • Top Notch Sci Fi

    Very good plot line. Action,suspense,and beauty. Thank You for Tricia and Grace and rough -n- tuff Katee.I hope the show can keep the plot going for many more seasons. Maybe Mr. Moores next Star Trek? Keep up the Great work peeps. Now, if i could only get into Star Gate Series??
  • It's no wonder why it has high ratings.

    This show is so awesome, words cannot describe it. The action and everything else is what made this show great and got it its high ratings. The DVD release was kick ass. This show is truely a work of art and a masterpiece of what good television programming should be like.
  • As you probably know, Battlestar Galactica is the remake of a series that was originally aired decades ago in the wake of the success of Star Wars and its sequels.

    Several years ago, when I saw Frank Herbert's Dune on the Sci-Fi Channel, I gained a new respect for television science-fiction productions. I realized that the days of low-budget features and poor acting in this tv genre were gone forever. Once again, with Battlestar Galactica, the Sci-Fi Channel has superceded any expectations I might have entertained previously.

    Here you have a futuristic civilization from another galaxy which has to deal with a far more tragic set of circumstances than George Lucas' heroes. Strongly evoking the feelings of the 9/11 tragedy, the opening act of the story instantly captures the viewer's imagination. Through treachery, the Cylons have brought mankind to the brink of extinction. Battlestar Galactica is the story of the survivors' quest to find a new home.

    The space-battles are gritty, blindingly fast, and brutal. Somehow the director manages to film these CG scenes in a way that makes them look absolutely believable. Add to this, heartwrenching stories, superior acting, and a rock-solid cast of "unknowns," and--with me at least--you've got a hit! I have never seen a series where the crisis of the protagonist(s) seems so utterly desperate. Week to week, you never know who's going to live, who's going to die, and where the story is going to turn next.

    Star Treak may have been more original. Firefly may have been more "fun." But I believe this is television's first really good "serious" science-fiction series. Unlike many of its predecessors, you'll never hear the word "cheesy" used to describe this epic series!
  • wow

    this show is great, it is among the best Sci-fi ever and that is coming from a Sci-fi fan for years, it keeps getting better, this is a show that could bring Sci-fi from the " shadows of geekdom" a idea I never agreed with but a lot of people hold to mainstream, good acting good story telling, great show
  • Great show, considering I can't stand most "modern" sci-fi TV series and I wasn't even born for the original Battlestar Galactica series. Worth watching and getting into - everyone in my res is addicted to it now.

    Great show, considering I can't stand most "modern" sci-fi TV series (Star Trek) and I wasn't even born for the original Battlestar Galactica series. Worth watching and getting into - everyone in my res is addicted to it now. Visually it looks terrific, storyline is compelling, characters are diverse enough to be more than just filler fodder. Not to mention the space fights are terrificly entertaining to watch - reminiscent of Babylon 5's fights - ships continuing on one path while using thrusters to rotate around an axis - sweeeet.
  • after such a long time, finally!

    after such a long time, finally! can not wait to get it on BT:) just wish this season would be less dark, show some lights of hope. besides, starbuck and our young captain have some more romance would be surely good thing to see. any way, maybe just one day away till get it on bt
  • This show is filling a need.

    With the Star Trek franchise seemingly on vacation after Enterprise..., it's good to have such a well made sci-fi show here to fill the void. Rarely a dull moment, the Galacticaverse is a serious delight. Unfolding Cylon secrets, fleet politics and characters edgy and well scripted enough to keep you tuning in again in again. Add the fact that it is downloadable via iTunes -I'm licking my fingers over here! Sci-fi goodness!

    To the Battle Star Cast, Crew, and Powers that Be THANK YOU!