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  • Battlestar Galactica is one of the most intelligent and exciting shows currently on TV!

    The show has top notch acting, its wonderfully written, has superb action, awesome space battles and more. This is seriously the very best Scfi show ever, and quite simply one of the best shows currently on tv! If you are a Scfi fan and haven't witnessed this show yet, do yourself a favor and go check it out its easily one of the finest shows I have ever seen!
  • a little to geeky for me

    this show looks moderetly interesting to me. I saw the last episode and it was okay. It was a little to hard to understand though. Maybe i will keep watching it. But can you answer me this, why is it air on a friday!!!!!!!!1.That must be like the worst possible day to air a show
  • Way better than the original, Its dark, full of action, and intrigue.

    The new version of BSG is amaizing the character developement is great the stoty lines the action everything. The show intertwines religion and goverment which makes it and explosive topic. Of course I have to mention the new and improved cylons, they looke like humans now makes the series much better. The dark mood of BSG makes it unike and unlike any show on tv.
  • "Our goal is nothing less than the reinvention of the science-fiction televsion series." Bold words from creator Ronald D. Moore. And a mission wholly successful.

    Characters. Story. Depth. Intrigue. Corruption. Redemption. Faith. Loss. This show, a creation of Ronald D Moore of Star Trek : TNG fame, has all of these in abundance. Moore pitched this show, to the audience if not the network execs, as science fiction that thinks. Gone will be the endless techno-babble. Gone the 2 dimensional characters. Gone the universe that resets at the end of each episode. The new and improved Battlestar would be gritty and deep. It would be about characters and the way they interact and make mistakes. It would be about engaging an audience, and then unequiviquolly drawing every emotion known from them, week by week. At all this he succeeds, with room to spare.

    From the mini-series through almost 2 seasons this show has gone from strength to strength. It has it's share of mythology and can at time revert to what i like to think of as god-babble instead of techno-babble. BUt it is carried through by great writing and great acting, plus a colourful and defined universe that has more layers than an ogre.

    The cast is headed by heavy-weights Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, with the addition of a great young cast. Stand out would have to be James Callis as the mad Dr Gaius Baltar. Their characters are all flawed, making as many if not more mistakes as they make good decisions. BUt they are humans, dealing with their issues in human ways. To me, this is the element that makes the show even more engaging.

    Ron Moore set out to redefine the modern science-fiction tv series. He succeds.
  • The new Battlestar Galactica is the most underrated show on TV, and one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows/movies of all time.

    BSG has become my favorite show on TV. I never miss an episode, and I never feel there is ever a bad or lame episode (at least not yet)

    The new BSG brings to light a better realization of the human elemment as well as humanities quest to survive. Between running from the cylons and trying to find a planet called Earth, those that have survived the cylon attack on humanity have to face so much more then just survival.

    Without creatin gspoilers I will just recommend that anyone interested in Sci-Fi, or anyone who enjoyed the old 70's version of BSG should check it out.

    I do recommend renting the mini-series 1st, and trying to catch up on the 1st 2 season. So much has happened, and you won't be disspointed !!

    If you're not watching BSG you're missing one of the best shows to ever make it on TV IMO

    Daryl P
  • Best show on TV.

    Although season 1 took a while to engage with, and was at times a little muddled, I can say sincerely that season 2 of Battlestar is the best thing I have ever seen on TV. The writing is of the highest standard, and stands up with the best, most intelligent, most interesring drama in any medium. It really is that good!
  • Um. Yeah. this show a lot I guess. It's really the only show I've ever watched, but it is really good. It's nice to have a sci-fi channel show that gets rated the best by Time Magazine. Unfortunately, nobody watches it still.

    OMG, i LOVE this show. It is so fun and cool and stuff. And i must say i love this website also. It's nice to see that SO MANY people (like 10), like this show as much as I do. But anyway, im sorry. THe reader probly wants to hear about the show. It's, as i said earlier, really good. I'm the only one in my group of friends that watches it, and they all think im a loser because of that, but that's their problem. THey don't know what they're missing. Haha. Oh by the way. If you are reading this, and you have aim, msn, or yahoo messengers. And you dont have anybody to talk to (about this show, that if you are like me, none of your friends like). I'm totally open to add a buddy to my list. email me at Pleasepleaseplease. I'm desparate.
    P.S. I've never written a review before. Does it show?
  • [recensione in italiano]

    Battlestar Galactica 2003 rappresenta un'eccezione alla regola secondo la quale i remakes fanno schifo... Non solo questa nuova "versione" aggiunge effetti speciali di notevole realizzazione, ma la trama e la caratterizzazione dei personaggi vengono migliorate. Così assistiamo a nuovi ed emozionanti combattimenti spaziali, cylons molto più cattivi sia nell'aspetto che nella sostanza... personaggi rinnovati come il dottor Baltar (interessante il suo rapporto con l'affascinante cylon numero 6)e Starbuck piacevolmente al femminile (nella serie originale era un uomo, interpretato da Dirk Benedict, il tenente Templeton Peck, soprannominato "sberla" in A-Team). Consigliato a tutti gli amanti della fantascienza, ma anche a coloro che ricercano una serie di ottima fattura. Unica piccola pecca riguarda alcuni episodi, soprattutto della seconda serie, leggermente lenti e abbastanza prevedibili.
  • The current version of this series is a dark, poorly written and poorly acted perversion of a fun Battlestar Galactica series from the past.

    I have tried to watch this series several times and have found that shaking camera, extreme closeup and stupid sound track not only bored me but it made me turn away. One really cannot compare it to the original series. They were geared for completely different audiences. The melodrama and evil characters are not something I enjoy watching. There is no character I remotely connect with or care about. The special effects are almost annoying as the dialog. This series just doesn't cut it as good science fiction. I cannot believe people are still watching it. I know I won't any more.
  • Great Show !! Love the character development and story lines... Keeps me anticipating the next episode.

    Just think that the show gets better and better with each episode. Was a fan of the original and even bigger fan of this new and improved version. Didn't like Starbuck (no offence to Katee Sackoff) being a female to begin with but have come to enjoy her character quite a bit. Still on the fence about the Madame President. Has some great moments and definitly is a big part of the story...but have to say that her character has not quite grown on me yet. Baltar's character is amazing. Great acting and story line to watch. Great job Jim Callis. Do think that the writers need to make Apollo a bit stronger. Love the character and the actor, but find that there is not enough representation of his character and that he is constantly given a sence that he is weak.
  • This is not your father's Battlestar Galactica.

    Having been a passive fan of the original. It came around a leetle bit before me, and I was at no age to appreciate it (probably teething.) I discovered re-runs at an early age. It entered my consciousness mostly because of Dirk Benedict and my love for the A-Team. But I digress...

    When this show came along, I was interested. However, I don't get cable. It got a less than glowing review from my brother, and I wrote it off. Someday I was gonna see the mini-series, but who knew when?

    Last year I was house-sitting for a friend, and I had the opportunity to catch a few episodes at the tail end of the first season. I have since fired my brother.

    I was unable to convince friends to tape episodes for me and have since found new friends. I had seen only three episodes, but sought out and rented the mini-series. It floored me. From the opening shot to the final moments, I was in awe at what I was watching. This was science fiction unlike anything I had ever seen, and it was amazing. It was character and plot melding magnificently together. It was visuals and emotionals paired perfectly.

    Gone for me where the days of transporters and aliens of the week. Forever a memory all the trappings of what we had come to know of the world of tomorrow. This was a more realistic world...but whose world? Is it our future? Is it our past?... Is it now? The probing questions and allegories. This show is the stuff of dreams.

    So, it should come as no surprise with three episodes and mini-series under my belt, I unabashedly went out the morning it Season one hit the shelves and plunked my money down.

    The next two days were a blur. I cleared my schedule and digested all that I had been missing.
    It all finally made sense. A Battlestar was born. Bring on the second season was my cry! What happens next?

    I still have friends and family chide me, they think the show is too talky. They just don't understand that television does not have to be purely flash and bang. Spectacle can exist in the verbal underpinings of a show that truely understands what it is. It is NOT mindless escapism. Engage your brain. Go along for the ride. Each episode may not be as satisfying as you'd like it to be, but the story grows, the mythos grows, and it will be worth the journey.

    Battlestar Galactica is nothing less than a journey. A twisting winding road to the salvation of a race...or it's destruction. It's always been a show about genocide, about a race trying to preserve itself and hold unto hope against innumerable odds. How that translated to an action/adventure show in the seventies I'll never know. But in our time, a wiser man has looked at the premise and said "Wait. There's really something here if it can be done right!"...And thank the Gods, he did it.

    So say we all.
  • Wonderful. Kick ass. Original.

    In many ways better than the original series. Commander Adama is much more kick ass, which is really the way the character should have been in the classic series. I love how they made a few changes such as making boomer and starbuck not only women, but boomer a cylon. Oh, wow, number six, what can I say! They didn't make cylons that way in the classic series.
  • This series grabs you by the head and never lets go.

    It started like this: "I'M SICK OF REMAKES! Wait what's this? Battlestar Galactica remake, I think I'm going to jab my eyes out." (meanwhile, after watching two episodes) "This is one of the most entertaining sci-fi shows I have ever seen...I MUST HAVE MORE!!!"
    I think that might be a direct quote? Anyway, this show is a must see. It is a rule that usually arc shows lose veiwers after time, but Battlestar has proven the opposite.
    It is no surprise since this show has a lot to offer. So much that you don't have time to think about what is happening. You as a veiwer truely feel like you were slammed into the middle of a chaotic intergalactic war with no room to breath.
  • The bravest show on television....

    The single coolest part of this episode? Gina killing Caine? Adama and Roslyn sharing a moment? The tense stand offs waiting for the assassination orders? The amazing space battle between two basestars and two battlestars (which happened in the *background*)?


    Apollo cracked. Not many other shows have to the guts to take one of the primary characters and break them. The consequences that will follow from this will drive sub-plots for at least the rest of this season and likely beyond. That right there tells me how committed Ron Moore and the rest of his crack team are to doing this series right.

    And I will be there to watch it all...
  • Manmade robots cylons rebel and destroy the world of 13 colonies. The survivors venture into space to find a home called Earth, with cyclon resistance.

    great show lots of drama and action, plus well planned storyline. I just love watching this show, I cant wait til next friday night. Highly recommend watching this show, its much better than corny drama like smallville, 24, and other pointless shows. This one we can watch and think about why we cant get along as humanity, unless we are in dire situation like fighting evil machines. Aliens may be laughing at us for fighting and killing each other off. Its pathetic...seriously.
  • Nothing like the other sci-fi shows we usually see

    I was used to watching Star Trek as my favourite sci-fi show. Then, one day i watched BSG. WOW. I mean the characters are more "human" and more realistic then ever. Everyone has his flaws and pros and sometimes the flaws cause bad things to happen. Then let's talk about the story: absolutely unpredictable. Every single episodes introduces new cliffhangers and resolves a few "problems" that rised from the previous episodes. You can never tell what the cylons are going to do, when they're gonna attack and whether the fleet would be prepared. In star trek i was used to see every episode like this: (especialli tng) Problem rises - Enterprise crew, with their outstanding abilities finds the solution - we all learnt something new. Well BsG is nothing like that. If you are a sci-fi fan: watch it because i think it's the best. If you are not a sci-fi fan: watch it anyway, this isn't the classic sci-fi show, it's thrilling and one of the greatest show ever.
  • This is definatly my favorite show on TV right know. There is a lot of drama in this show which I find rare in Sci-fi shows lately.

    This is definatly my favorite show on TV right know. I am a fan of the original series but this adaptation of the show is much better. There is a lot of drama in this show which I find rare in Sci-fi shows lately. I questioned the re-image of Starbuck but I am satisfied with what they have done with her as a character, by changing a couple things about her but keeping the main personality of the orignial Starbuck. I also like that they have Richard Hatch appearing in multiple episodes as he has built his life around the Battlestar Galactica franchise and he does a great job as Tom Zarek and definatly my favorite guest star on the show so far. The second seson is even better than the first and the Pegasus storyline was the best the show has done so far.
  • Intergalactic Mayhem of the Battlestar Galactica the boldest ship in the galaxy defending itself from the dreaded cylons and trying to find the thirteenth colony while its members figth and get involved in all sorts of messy spacey situations.

    Best Sci-Fi Show currently on the air, as it heads to its second season finale it has managed to keep us in our seats for the entire time. Scifi at its best.Sometimes goes slower that desired by the fans but that is countered by the stunning performances of its actors.
  • Not just another Science Fiction show!

    The new Battlestar Galactica series is a completely separate entity from the original 1978 series. What separates this series from other science fiction is its realism. Battlestar Galactica is more of a drama show than science fiction as it takes on philosophical questions and social issues. This show is as well written and acted as any drama on television. I would urge those that normally do not like science fiction to check the show out. There are no aliens or quick fixes. The show’s first season has been a great start to what I hope becomes many more seasons to come.
  • I frackin love this show!

    amazing fight scenes, great plots, a very interesting connection to the old series, hot actors/actresses... BSG is the show every cool person hates to admit they watch! this season has only improved on last season, which was great as well.

    it's not your typical sci fi TV show... there are great actors on this series who established themselves in non-sci fi productions previously. did i mention the amazing fight scenes???
  • No place to go but space. Humans left to fight it out with the Cylons.

    I have been watching this show here and there since its debut, as my boyfriend is a big fan. I became more interested the more time I spent with it because it is so well done. The acting is top-notch, the cinematography is eye-catching, they pay attention to the details (e.g., no sound in space), and the storyline keeps you coming back for more. Give this a shot, even if you are only mildly interested in sci-fi.
  • Best show on SCIFI channel, one of best on TV overall.

    Best show on SCIFI channel, one of best on TV overall.

    Geared to an adult and sophisticated audience with
    exciting and tense adventures. The current tension with the Admiral of the Pegasus is very exciting and I can't wait to see how it concludes.

    Unlike the hoky 70s/80s version, this reinvention takes the concept of the original, and improves on it in every manner imaginable to easily make one of the top five best shows on TV right now.
  • Simply one of the best shows on TV

    I can't wait each week to see what will happen next. This is one of the two shows that I can't miss each week. I have been a fan of the show since it began last year. I didn't get to see the mini series until I saw a few episodes of the series and now I am an addict waiting for my next fix.
  • This show is amazing. Have been waiting for some new fresh sci-fi series for some time now.

    Felt like star trek dominated sci-fi TV for to many years (except for the master piece Babylon 5), don't get me wrong I love star trek but felt like sci-fi TV needed a new way to look at sci-fi and Battlestar Galactica was just what it needed. Do not miss.
  • The best show on tv right now hands down. A bold reimagining of the Battlestar Galactica show, don't let the fact that this is Sci Fi turn you off, it is really about human relationships. You will enjoy every second of watching this show.

    The writing, the effects, the actors, all on par with the biggest budget Hollywood movies. This poignant tale follows the travels of the last remnants of human society, fleeing from destruction by their own robotic creations, the Cylons. This show goes far beyond the saturday morning space opera fare offered by the original Battelstar tv series. This is deep hard hitting stuff with an intensity to equal any show on TV. Yes, there are space battles and distant planets, but the real battles occur between the personalities of the main characters as they strive to survive and cope after the destruction of their home colonies. This is the best show on TV right now.
  • So refreshing

    I think that this show is simply great. Was recommended to me by a friend and i got hold of the DVDs (for ridiculously cheap too) and started watching.....WOW! i couldnt wait for the second season to start airing and i have been watching them avidly to try and see if any light is shed on the mass of unanswered questions! I do hope however that they are evantually answered and not just forgotten about as a new plot develops.
  • This is an incredible show! This show is redefining Sci-fi as we know it!

    This new version of Battlestar Galactica makes the old look like a Saturday morning cartoon! It has it all! This is by far one of the best shows on TV today, and perhaps ever!

    The new Battlestar boasts one of the best casts on TV including Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama, Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslyn, as well as an incredible cast of newcomers to American television including Jamie Bamber as "Apollo", Katee Sackoff as "Starbuck", and the amazing Tricia Helfer as "Number Six". The rest of the cast is truly amazing! Kudos to Ron Moore and crew for creating, writing, and developing this masterpiece!
  • Trensetter and all that. The Sci-Fi Channel has made a brave new world out of the bones of an earlier classic.

    The creators didn't just "remake" the original BSG, they reinvented it for our times. I loved the coed military a la "Starship Troopers" and how Boomer and Starbuck have morphed into strong female characters. Another eye-popping change: the way the Cylons are able to infiltrate the human mind... And lastly, I dig the dark storyline and tone. What would it be like to be the last of our species and hunted by killing machines? Watch this show and find out. What's more, all the actors are excellent and the angst-ridden but not distracting camera work really fits the story and the mood. All in all, this is a wild ride, and more "realistic" than a lot of the crappy dramas out there.
  • This is one of the best shows on tv today. After so many phony reality shows, it is great to see a show that brings real people to the small screen. Everyone is a shade of gray.

    I started watching this show at the first airing of the mini-series. I got hooked right away, I ended up using the DVR to make sure I didn't miss any. After the first season I was able to get my wife, who does not like sci-fi, to sit down and watch an episode with me. I had to answer several background questions about the characters, she too liked the show. One watches the show and believes that they know the characters, then a situation appears and he/she reacts to it and it changes the whole person.
    I never watched the original, even back then I thought it was too phony, campy. I now have caught episodes on Sci-Fi channel and the new version is a better show. The fight for human survival, the character interaction is much more realistic, and the characters are much more believable. The original comes off as a bad combination of Star Trek and Star Wars.
  • Awesome - a wildly entertaining mix of roller coaster fun, fine acting and mind bending situations.

    Oh, what I wouldn\'t do to see Janie Bamber take off his shirt again. And Tahmoh Penikett, too. But that\'s not the reason to watch this show - it tackles the most important issue of our time and never gives pat answers. Most episodes end with the viewer feeling a little uneasy (for example, a hated Cylon is nearly raped and we feel for the enemy; the president calls for someone\'s assassination and we root for her). The acting is perhaps the best on TV - no one can hold a candle to Katee Sackhoff - and the special effacts are top-notch. I can\'t wait for more!