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  • One of the best shows ever! Excellent writing and cast.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the best written shows out there. It has highly believable characters portrayed amazingly by the shows actors that will have you loving all men; good and evil, and sympathizing with genocidal Cylon robots. The plot focuses on mortality, morality, and faith. It makes the characters; human and robot alike, to face hard truths about themselves and the rest of their species. From the series first episode '33', which will have you sitting on the edge of your seat to its last episode 'Daybreak', with its shocking and enlightening ending and revelations this series will have you entranced.

    A recommended watch not only for Sci-Fi lovers but for everyone who loves high quality television.
  • The best show i've ever encountered ???

    i'm not a TV geek, or a scifi person. When i watched the show for the first time (it was Flesh and Bone epi) i didn't like it, or didn't understand what the hell is going on so i gave up. But then i've heard a lot of reviews -good ones- about it, so i decided to give it another try i searched for a good episode and chose the Farm & Home1, and i was AMAZED. the acting of Katee, Jamie, Grace was so outstanding. i just loved it and bought the whole 4 seasons at once and started watching. the characters: they're what make a show success or total crap. All of them delivered a fine act a very believable and likable acting, starting with the Admiral, the old man, loved every part of his dilemmas. Mary is just weirdly great. Starbuck, wow, where to begin?! Katee is my fav actress right now. And knowing that she and Helfer are friends is just great.
    Bulter is a different story, he's good and insane but i didn't like his character that much, i mean they just should have thrown him off an airlock and get rid of him. Loved the little moment when Kara walks in on him with the imaginary Caprica in season1, the look on her face was so funny that i laughed till it hurt.

    the writers did a fine work in the development of the story and characters, and gave them depth and personalities. it's just a great show, there are no words to describe it, it's just great. Till now i haven't seen any show that lift up to BSG's level. P.S. i watched TSCC just because it's about Robots. And i didn't regret it.
  • This show would be a lot better if it had less romance.

    It just seems like this show will never end but this show does have a lot of action and I love a good action show. But the thing that annoys me the most is all of the clones in this show. And another thing this show has to much twists and turns that why I do not like this show. Maby someday I will work up the courage to start watching this show again when this show starts getting better. And I don't get the storyline for this show. The characters are alright but their are to many characters to keep track in this show.
  • Great show, it is sad to watch last episode...

    I love everything about this show the plot, characters, scenes. There is not even one episode that I can call boring or unnecessary or foolish. The show connects everything very well, like passing from multi god religion and Greek mythology to one god religion. The concept of angels and creation. I am happy to say that the plot is written so wisely and intellectual for a TV show , and thanks to writers for that.
    And a really superb ending for this show but I would be happy if a saw more scenes of Lee and Starbuck. This is one of the shows that I really miss to watch.
  • BSG is one of the best TV shows ever created and if you like Sci-fi you will love it.

    I watched it when it first aired many moons ago. I was hooked. Then the TV series started and I couldn't watch it for some reason. I just never bothered. Then I heard it was awesome. I knew it would be and so I netflixed it and watched every single season to catch up. I then watched the second half of the fourth season in 'real time' and I was so thrilled by every moment because every moment counted. BSG is one of the best TV shows ever created and if you like Sci-fi you will love it.
  • It´s incredible thrilling for any watcher: fans of science fiction or not.

    It's incredible thrilling for any watcher: fans of science fiction or not.
    I'm a science fiction fan long before I watched this serie. But I have no words to tell how I feel after I watched it. Probably amazed because this is one of the best series I ever watched.
    Battlestar galctica is the most real science fiction serie. And the story is a real piece of art. It's hard to describe it in any other way, because the story is so wonderfully written that the suspense, the emotion and the action feel almost real. Like you are right there in the middle of their fight for survival.
    And the merit must be shared with the cast. They really do a very nice job.
  • Battlestar Galactica is spectacular,Brilliant and well written & directed. this show is one of the Best Sci-Fi Series .

    I love Star Trek,I love Smallville, I love Aliens and just when I thought that there is nothing more that can match the thrill in sci-fi domain ,there it is Battlestar Galactica! I truly enjoyed it.
    It's different, it's exciting, it's superbly directed and produced. The actors are so vivid, the visual style is fantastic, the music is inspiring, the plot is great, everything is just done right. One of the best, if not the best, SF series ever. I'll go even further and say that for me it's one of the best series on TV all around .
    The story lines are just first class and the characters are first rate. I don't remember the original series (I wasn't born when it came out), but i did recently check it out, sorry but this newer up to date show is far better. Great acting and special effects.
    The reason I love this show is because it has at its heart a human drama, it shows how real people might react if faced with this situation. It uses real life occurrences in order to make it real.
  • Great show that says a lot about today's society

    This show is all about gloom and doom, and how 50,000 people are trying to live on after their worlds are destroyed.

    There are happy moments, because let's be honest who wants to watch a completely depressing show that just wants to make you slit your wrists? But the main story is about trying to move on when the rest of the world is destroyed. But the show moves us past that by making us want to know the characters, to know about the interaction and to know if they find a way to a new home. The writers of the show are fabulous they take us from the human side to the cylon side effortously. They make the stories and the characters come alive on the screen and make us want to cry when any of the main characters are hurt or die.

    This show is about being main stream political issues to a head and making you think about why they are saying and doing these things. They also make you want to change why you think that something that has always been right, may not actually be right.

    An awsome show with great characters that just draw you in. You should definatley check it out on dvd, because if you watch it on tv you will just get upset because you have to wait for the next episode.
  • Based on the old Battle Star Galactica with a new grittier coffe grain sheen to it. It has less suepr children who can jump over a tree or whatever it was. Theres more killing and sex invovled. All we lvoe about scifi big weapons and hot girls with guns.

    I don't mean to be rude unlike y other reviews and I have reviewed this before with a positive light. But I was never in the age when this was first made and like every old show it was annoyingly bad in the end. I rewatched it and I liked the beginning until like before I mentioned little children with super powers makes me want to punch them. Now onto the newer series. THis series is great it distinguished itself from most remakes. Hot girls, hot robots, battle ship and realism witch we seem to love atm until Barny has a come back and its no longer a childrens tv show but a fight club for costume weirdos. I'm probably gonna get a bad review value for this but this is the after math just like the original series it had the same problem it worked well with itself until the last season. Maybe even jsut the last episdoe anyways its a msut see unless you hate scifi. Thde only reason the last episode dissapoints is it seems like a cop out since they were rushed after a semi cancellation. But a huge but since you are reading this it means you actually watch shows liek these. It is the only show I know to this date that has given webisdoes and extra movies during its actual airing(good ones not random heroes stuff). There is a reason why this has a giant fan base. PS there is a giant continuity issue with the last episode. If you can guess it msg me an I will tell you if your right :P
  • One of the best shows on tv going beyond the sci-fi genera. BSG mixed current politics, religion, and social commentary into what is normally a cut and dry entertainment genera. With in a few minutes of

    One of the best shows on tv going beyond the sci-fi genera. BSG mixed current politics, religion, and social commentary into what is normally a cut and dry entertainment genera. With in a few minutes of the original mini-series pilot. Anyone could see that the show had risen above it seventies original vision. One should be cautioned to see the shows as opposing visions and understand that given the time periods. The public had different wants and the world had a different world view with over thirty years apart between the two works. The current version of BSG gave us the politics and drama we as modern tv audiences expect but still managed to give us surprisingly great scifi space battles and special effects. One could very easily forget that the scifi channel was famous for bad writing and worse movie effects but as a credit to the network. They fully embraced the show putting their money behind this worthy vehicle and we the fans benefited from their dedication. The show also managed to take what is normally the boring character study and make it a joy to watch. Sex addicts, religious extremist, and dogmatic rule and regulation followers and their foibles were a joy to watch. Since it's inception I haven't found a show to match how great this one was. In terms of writing and enjoyable episodes very rarely was there a bad week in the world of Galactica.
  • So Say we all......

    Excellence personified. Superb ending but wanted to see Cylons get a bit more of a kicking. Caprica pilot looked just as interesting. Thanks for an enthralling ride BSG.....SO SAY WE ALL. Adama(The Old Man), a genuine leader despite the floors, warts and all. In the end the real reason the 12 colonies survived all their tribulations. The Cylons realised their all to disturbing human traits and disappeared to everyones releif. Kara Thrace was able to sidestep her fate and save her people. Sad for Lee though. Never got to get it on properly with Starbuck and Dee couldn't take any more before the final scenes were set. Baltar disturbed, shallow, selfish but very funny. Finally got to understand what the struggle was really about but is still an arrogant b*****d. Finally the Cylons......frakin' toasters, send them all to oblivion !! Bring on CAPRICA !! So say we all !
  • SF at its best

    When I heard the show was being redone, I was interested and watched the mini-series. This is the re-birth of a not so hot, '70's, cheese show. Battlestar which tells the story of a small group of human refugees, floating through space after the apocalyptic revenge of their once subservient robots, Cylons. Through the stars, this small group is still pursued by their creations, who have evolved to appear human. The creative risks that the writers take, continuously redefine the show in a way that I have never seen done before. And that keeps it exciting. This is an edge of your seat series with wonderful music, writing and acting. It's supposed to be for entertainment so let it entertain yousrselfs. I get that it's very different from the original but it's supposed to be.
  • This show is one I will remember all my life. So say we all!

    Simply a work of art. As a fledgling writer, I find myself frustrated by the writing on television. So little of it means anything-they're far more concerned with entertaining the masses than making something worthwhile. Battlestar Galactica is a work of art that speaks to the humanity in all of us, while also providing some wonderful space battles.

    The characters are the focus and drive of this show. It isn't slick, it isn't glib, it is raw and amazingly moving. One of the only shows to ever make me cry. Moments like the end of Sine Qua Non, Adama's speech in the miniseries, and Roslin's "I am coming for all of you!" promise are simply flawless, and make the viewer grateful to be watching. Thank you, Ron Moore. You created an emotional rollercoaster, and I'm glad you took us all along for the ride.
  • I am pleading for more people I know to watch it!!

    Beautiful i believe is the right word
    everyone presumes itll be stupid aliens but please!
    and anything futuristic is always tiptoed into realisticlly. ie. the religion they have is constructed from acient greek and roman etc, and their committment to it is no more fanatic than some Christians in real life.
    Please watch it but not with a sceptical head, you'll only riun it for yourself

    The first season was somehow not too addictive but that got sorted in the next season and i couldn't watch season 3 fast enough
    havent got onto season 4 yet but i've only heard good things

    Id also like to put one of these:
  • I gave it a second chance, and have to say that I am glad that I did.

    I previously wrote how I felt that this great show "jumped the Shark" at the start of the 4 season. Well I would like to thank my friends that talked me into being patient with those early season 4 eps. I would also like to thank the Sci Fi Channel (Australia) for doing the season 4 marathons and almost live screening.

    I have to say that the show won me back and I will now be buying the season 4 disc.

    Great show I would rate it in the top 5 Sci Fi shows of recent times. For the record I have Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles firmly at number one.
  • THe best tv show on tv. Not lost or heroes, this is the masterpiece of tv Sci-fi show. Thats it the best show on TV

    Ok maybe it is slow the second half of this episode. But really its incredible how good a show can be. Not all the bad episodes, bad writing, bad character development as in heroes or lost.
    Battlestar galactica will be the best, clasic of Sci-fi. I really belive this show will change all the crap in tv right now, just to make an effort an be as good as this show.

    THe first part was amazing in the edge of the seat tipe of episode, the second half, makes complete sence if you think about it.

    Battlestar have always been about the characters and their realtion ship with destiny and "divine" powers. And the war, is just the mirror, the way human acts. Cylon or not, we are violent and irracional. So the only way of not doing that is by, giving up everything we have achive, because that makes us, go back to zero.
    So i think this is a perfect ending for a perfect show.

    Lets say good bye to the best show on TV.
    All say we all
  • Wow. Just wow. A superb ending to a superb show.

    It has been a couple of years since I started following Battlestar. I remember having to watch a couple of episodes before the show struck home, but ever since then I have been dying to discover the fate of the characters and of the remnants of human civilization. Though several episodes over the years annoyed me for not bringing the storyline forward, the majority were excellent. Cudos to the writers for creating such a dynamic and multifacetted saga. I was a bit worried for the end game - would it be all drama and no answers? Instead of dissapointment I find myself allmost in shock over this close to religious experience that the final episode almost was. Not only did they succeed in making an action packed last adventure, but also in giving the viewers a plausible explanation of applied probability theory in a cosmic setting. In short - I am speechless.
  • All good things...Humans and Cylons fight survive

    After the many years of watching BSG it was really a fitting end and a well deserved rest. It would have been a bold and depressing ending if the whole human race had been obliterated. It would also have been surreal had the humans blasted the Cylons to Kingdom come.

    In this ending, the humans escape to find refuge on the only speck of life in the a million light-years, our Earth. The characters were allowed to flourish in the 5 years it was on. Knowing where they started only added to the richness of the individual.

    It really was character driven. Like the West Wing, it's a show that I will truly miss.
  • A complete and total triumph.

    When this story began six years ago I always had one lingering, nagging doubt; that there is no way the writers and producers of this show will come up with a satisfying ending. I am old enough to have watched the trainwreck that we called Galactica 1980. Ooof, I still get the shivers. But somehow they did it. They really did it. They gave me a show that left me as satisfied as any show has done in the past. Every plot point was satisfied, every arc was completed, and, beyond all belief, they found Earth and the ending made sense. After watching this finale, I feel this show is as good as any show on TV. Congrats to Ron Moore and his crew. I should have never doubted you.

    Tom in Vegas
  • Contrary to those crying Deus Ex Machina, the finale has stuck true to the show's plot and opens up healthy interpretation of about the themes of Battlestar Galactica.

    I see so much critics yelling out that the God explanation was a cop-out for the show. No - it was not a cop-out. It may have actually been brilliance in the fact that it ties so many of BSG's themes together in such a profound way. BSG is not a story where you read from front to end, close the book, and trash it. You're going to probably need to brainstorm an essay afterwards. The ending result is based on the viewer's interpretation. To simply think that the explanation was "Oh, it's God..." is just asinine. And this is not a surprise. From the mini-series Head Six mentions that God has a plan and that he's going to execute it. As Adama says in the retirement speech of the miniseries: "You cannot play God and wash your hands of the things you've done." Introducing an actual god was smart for the show. It is not unsolvable, it is just that if you interpret and analyze the explanation in a different way, you won't like it. He made a plan and sent Head Six and Baltar to carry out the plan. The plan was to restart life. He loves his creation, and he does so so much that when his (imperfect) creation becomes its own cancer (war and such), he doesn't just wipe out existence and go BAH! He had his creation start over. Again and again. He watches over his creation, always hopeful that this time his creation will only hold the good and not the bad. Even this God needs his own leap of faith and hopeful sentiment. And this is a real theme in the show. Trusting and making leaps of faith, living hopeful lives. It's about the responsibility of being all powerful. There are so many varying degrees of playing god. Humans played god on the cylons. the final five played god on their skinjobs. Cylons playing god on their own centurions. a higher being playing god on his humans and cylons!

    A good analogy for why this God did what he did is such that Ellen created Cavil. As much as Cavil emulated the bad characteristics of life, Ellen continued to love him. Even after all that he's done, she believes that he could change. God didn't just get rid of his creation. "God is love." He loved his creation and he believed we could change, also. This ending creates so much discussion on philosophy in spirituality, morals in humanity, and the nature of mankind. What we need to do is not just close the book after the last page, but to really analyze the themes of BSG. Like Olmos says, 25 years from now this show is going to be a fine wine. Acting was great. Cinematography was great. Pew pew! was awesome. And Bear McCreary does his finest work. Well played.
  • A Disappointing end to a Great Show.

    I tried to enjoy the ending of one of the best shows on TV. But there were too many plot holes, too many events that were way too convenient, and too many Bad flashbacks for me to feel satisfied with the ending. Firstly, the flashbacks since part 2 and 3 began with them. These flashbacks added so little to the back stories of the characters, but took so much away. Some examples: - We cheered for Apollo and Starbuck to get together just because they seemed so perfect and were holding back because of Zack's death. But we found out that they were going to betray Zack, while he was in the room! Not the loyal people we thought they were. - Laura Roslin's story is ridiculous. Her sisters looked like her daughters and her dad looked like he could be her husband. And of course we find out she slept with someone young enough to be her son. How messed up was that? Second, the Attack. My prayers of a battle scene as grand as the one from the miniseries were not answered by the BSG God. - Where was the gun fire Adama wanted? For the first part of the battle, Galactica was just getting pounded.
    - The Assault teams rescuing Hera was crap. Too much time, that could have gone to the space battle, went to this assault. How can Raptors and a small detachment from Galactica have enough soldiers to attack a colony of robots? How did the survivors get past the battalions of Centurions that were boarding Galactica? Where were the Centurions?
    - The Raptor Nuking the Colony... What the Frak? There probably less than 1% chance of it happening, but i assume God or Angels did it. Would have made more sense if Galactica jumped away and tore up part of the colony knocking it out of orbit and into the Black hole. The Ending was too idealistic. - For one thing, just because they took out the colony, doesn't mean all the Cyclon Baseships remaining won't be out for revenge. Why destroy your fleet? - Giving the Basestar to the Centurions was a terrible idea. If You enslaved my people for decades, and then free me, give me a ship with guns, and blow up all your ships, I'm going to get revenge. - The Rebel Cyclons have been the most insecure group ever, why would they lay down their arms just because the humans say so? - Establishing isolated colonies on Earth II, means thinning yourselves out. I just can't understand this move. Your people have little skills surviving in the wild, on a planet you know little about, why take the chance? but then again, since early humans have been traced back to Africa, we can assume most of the other colonies didn't make it. - And Baltar's last scene was funny. It seems like his flashbacks with his dad was in there just so he can have the "I know about farming" line at the end. Overall, a episode that was tailored so it would give closure and satisfy the largest group of people. I just wasn't one of them. I did enjoy the episode when i wasn't thinking about it, but once it was over, so many things jumped out at me (the nuking scene in particular). I hated final scene with imaginary Baltar and Caprica Six. It annoys me when stories show an apocalyptic future and say that this could be us. I don't know why, it just does. 6 - Because it had some elements that I enjoyed and it did bring some closure. But the flashbacks were unnecessary, they could have thought out the storyline better and added a Grander Battle scene.
  • A perfect ending to a brilliant series

    Absolutely brilliant, i loved the way the series ended, tying up all loose ends (I think) Bit confused about Starbuck, was she an angel that everyone could see? So many times series have ended with you asking even more questions (a la X-Files) but this one finished it off nicely, I particularly like that we are 150.000 years later, that made sense, although what a surprise it would be if someone unearthed a fossilised raptor ! Hopefully they wont ruin this landmark series by creating a prequel or some spin off like "The Cylon Wars" (Mind you I would probably still watch it !)
    All in all excellent, yet another brilliant series over with, first Stargate (OK not quite in the same league)then the Shield, Now Battlestar Galactica, I can only hope that the creators come up with something equally brilliant in the future.
    I believe the stand out actor of this entire series has to be James Callis (Baltar)obviously without him (and six) None of this would have happened. Callis played his role perfectly throughout every series and episode he was in, that's not detracting from the rest of the cast, i thought EVERYONE was brilliant, anyway there you have it.
  • Frakking sad final...

    It is over, again...! 3 times now. So the only possible line of action is to start asking for the another turn!

    It was a long road since I first almost died by a heart attack, when I first saw that Starbuck would be a girl... but since I loved her from The Education of Max Bickford, I gave it a try...

    Biggest mistake : not use the original Galactica Theme, that one will be always remembered, and some seconds at the pilot and at the final wasn't enough.

    Now lets hope that Caprica doesn't take much to be on screen.

    The better: Katee Sackhoff is really an Angel.
  • Indescriptible !

    No other show, no movie, no book nor novel has captivated me like Battlestar Galactica the last 5 years. Politics, faith, love, betrayal, violence, hate, survival, science ethic, morality, social and cultural differences, education, family... So many themes explored in this show while keeping it straight, logical but always surprising, interesting and extremly well played.
    Thank you for 4 wonderful seasons. The cast, writers, producers and all the people who worked on this show should be very proud : this is a classic I will keep for a very long time and make sure my grand children watch. Chris from Paris
  • After 5 years on the air with four seasons and a couple of films I have to say that this is the greatest sci-fi ever produced, including classics as Star Trek, Star Wars and such.

    I just watched the finale episode of Battlestar Galactica and find myself... stunned. I have been following this show since the beginning, watched all the webisodes, but haven't considered myself a BSG-freak, but now I am considering to become one. The production value and the story-telling in this show is absolutely fabulous, the acting and the special effects leave you breathless from time to time, and before all, the way the whole series seems thinked through is nothing else than beautiful. For some time I have been fearing that the series would have some kind of half-bad ending with a whole lot of loose ends, but no-no, the summarize of this show is one of the best I've seen, both in shows and movies. In other words, it would be totally worth it to watch all four seasons, the films and the webisodes just to experience this ending.

    Absolutely stunned.

    Thank you for five years of top notch entertainment, and thank you for a splendid ending that will make me love this series for all times.
  • It HAD to end this way, because it has always been about us.

    It all clicked into place after Galactica's last jump, away from the cylon colony. As the Earth rose above the moon, you could easily discern the continent of Africa. The end of season 4.0 showing Earth in ruins, well I could not understand why nothing they showed looked familiar (like the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes). As for how the series ended as a whole, well you can please some of the people some of the time...... I thought it all fit well. It answered a lot of questions and asked a few new ones. I am really disappointed to see it end, but I can live with the way it did. I loved the entire ride with all of its perfection and flaws. And if you didn't like the end, well that's just too frakkin' bad.
  • shame its ended

    The last episode was utterly awesome and i the way that it ended guess there wont be any follow ups. guess you cant have a battlestar galactica without the actual ship it just wouldnt be the same, but why they abandoned technology is beyond me, simple technology would help them and they started off without it so surely they must of known that sooner or later it would crop back up and why didnt any archeologists discover the raptors there were plenty flying around earth and i bet they didnt get rid of them. And why did kara just dissappear. shame its ended i think i kind of liked the fact of flying around in space. technology wouldnt make that all happen again because theyd no what to and what not to do with it. last half hour of it really dissapointed. but the rest was awesome.
  • I thought it was an okay episode but it did answer some questions, ignored others. I don't think it was ever reveal to the others survivors how Baltar is responsible for giving the Cylons access to the defense systems.

    It was pretty cool how they settle on this new "Earth", not in one place but spread out. How else would differant cultures having the same knowledge of architectual strutures like pyramids. There is the Chinese, Egyptians, and Mayas (Mexico).

    How Hera was Lucy, one of the earliest known human.

    How Kera really did die on the old "Earth" and how she was really an angel? That was the only way to explain it.

    How Tory killed Cally.

    But I do have to say I feel like Ronald Moore rushed this series to a conclusion. It would have been interesting to see how Tom and Felix would have been able to handle the fleet with them in control.
  • One of the best on TV. Sad to see it go.

    This is one of the best on TV. Every week it just keeps you going. Thank the Lord for DVD's so I can watch it all over again. Why they take the good shows off and put more trash on I do not know. Battlestar is going,ER is going. CSI is going down hill at 90 mph. Sad to say all the good shows are on the way out. And all the new trash is on the way in. Glad I have Netflix and Block buster. Rock on Battlestar. you are the best!.......................................
    This show just rocks 100%........... I will miss it big time.
  • for those who are still watching the first three seasons and think they are awesome, wait until you watch season four...

    simply, it gets better every season. Personally, season four is the best of all. knowing that this season will be the ending of that show I still wish if there was another one...
    for those who are still watching the first three seasons and think they were awesome seasons, wait until you watch season four. Its absolutely amazing with lots of changes of events. The whole story line will take you to another dimension. If you're the type of person who likes predicting whats gonna happen next, then good luck with this one, cuz you might get only a few of these right...
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