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  • Quite simply the best television program I've ever seen. Unparalleled writing, an excellent cast and the most engrossing saga I have had the privilege of watching unfold on a weekly basis.

    Let me start by saying I was never a big Sci-Fi person, The original trilogy was okay, I'm not a "trekkie" and I thought the original Battlestar Galactica was terrible. So when Battlestar 2003 was recommended to me I was a little skeptical, however this happened to be a week when I was payed my long overdue Christmas Bonus and therefore I decided to buy the Mini-Series and see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say around 2-3 days later I was caught up (end of season 2 at the time) and thrilled to find out season 3 was just around the corner. Now with 2 episodes to go I felt like expressing my love for this stellar piece of television. It feels odd trying to review a show that I see as flawless so I guess I would say that whilst any Sci-Fi fan should enjoy this immensely, anyone who can appreciate great casting, exceptional writing and as mentioned above (see summary) a show I could only define as a saga -- I guess I should explain the saga usage, Battlestar has managed from the first hour to the fourth last to keep me engrossed, to keep me caring about these characters and most of all to always be anticipating the same event that is now only a couple of weeks away, how will humanity survive? -- will find Battlestar Galactica to be one of the most brilliant mediums of entertainment available. Go watch it. Now. Right Now. Good.
  • A show that was like nothing we had ever seen, is going out like any other Sci-fi channel series. Did the writers peak too soon?

    BSG came into it's reincarnation, in the post 9/11 era, a phoenix rising out of the ashes darkened and raw. I am happy that the show got a final season. Getting left out in deep space would have been as bad as never seeing how Hogan and Heroes took over Stalag 13, but the show is giving it a hearty try at closure. Usually the BSG writers are naughty little boys who watched Patton to too many times, and are always eager to write an opposites day to mess with the viewer - whether there's creative advantage or not. But in listening to Ronald D Moore's podcasts, I could detect that he had moved on. Not exactly phoning it in, but not living and breathing the work as he had obviously done in the first two years. Maybe it was Caprica, the strike, or wanting to direct? It was a good show, for awhile I'd even say a great one. But an Apollo that doesn't fly vipers? A starbuck that isn't going on some venial sin binge? Plus, all that mythology just set aside? RDM ran a nice race - tripped a hundred yards from the end, and is now approaching the finish line with his cougher's hack begging for a scotch.
  • its great

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  • A compelling episode, all the more dramatic for its captivating, and slightly shocking ending- on a par with the rest of this generally excellent final season.

    A compelling episode, all the more dramatic for its captivating, and slightly shocking climax- on a par with the rest of this generally excellent final season. Starbuck battles with her existential nightmare while Boomer exercises her Femme Fatale wiles to potentially apocalyptic consequences- finally revealing her chosen path in a blaze of bitter revenge that seems set to destroy the last defenses of the fleet, and all vestiges of hope that lie with it. The Galactica seems poised for one last stand, probably in a final showdown with Cavil's forces- though the brilliant and refreshing unpredictability of this show is such that even the most certain of suppositions are often swiftly dispelled. We wait with baited breath for the last three episodes of what will probably be remembered as one of the greatest TV shows of the 2000s.
  • The most stunning show I've seen in a long time. Engaging plot and gorgeous actors... I mean gorgeous cinematography used for brilliant political and social commentary for our times.

    For years now I never thought anything would come as close to Buffy the Vampire Slayer for how much I love a show. But Battlestar Galactica caught up and may have even surpassed it. I had no idea what to expect going in, I never knew where this show would take me, but this world is so well crafted that it grabs you by your feet and drags you in and surrounds you to the point where you are so sure you, yourself, are walking around the Galactica seeing these events unfold around you. The details of this show down to its sports games, its religion, its different kinds of alcohol, its inventive swear words (I admit to saying 'frak' more often than any other four letter word lately,) even down to something so small as that any square or rectangular object has the corners cut off. Also, cinematographically the show is shot in a documentary style, which only helps to bring it to life even more. The Phenomenal acting of the entire cast, not to mention the Oscar Nominated Edward James Olmos and Mary MacDonnell, is so committed and so passionate that this show just grabs on and doesn't let go.

    Twists and turns keep you in constant suspicion- who is a cylon? Is there an earth? And it realistically deals with the dangers of being stuck in space with nowhere to go- running out of food, water, fuel, how to maintain a democratic government, how to make and pass laws because let's face it all the rules have changed.

    What do you do when there are less than 50,000 human beings left and you have no home to go to?
  • Dark, original and always surprising. This is hands down one of the best TV shows on television.

    While not every episode is a home-run, the entire series is so compelling and cohesive, you can't help but love it. My favorite character has to be Chief Tyrol, played by Aaron Douglas. Douglas does a great job of making Tyrol an "every-man" that we can all relate to. One can only hope that the last episodes wrap everything up cleanly and satisfyingly. I've heard Eddy Olmos say that the ending will be very dark and I've heard Aaron Douglas say that the last time you see each character will be exactly the way you want to leave them. Hopefully they're both right.
  • Television doesn't get much better then this

    If there is one show that is almost perfect and the best thing that has graced American television in a long while then it is "Battlestar Galactica". Even people like Joss Whedon and a lot of the writers who work for J.J. Abrahams (who knows, my Abrahams) himself said that they really do not want to be disturbed while watching BSG. It tells a lot when he some of the best writers and producers in Hollywood are in complete awe. Televsion doesn't get much better then this. The characters are multi-dimensional. There is no clear cut black or white but many, many shades of grey. The drama is extremely tightly woves and doesn't leave much space for any form of plot hole or redundant story lines. Basically every episodess purpose is to push the story forward. "Battlestar Galactica" has a lot more in common with a really good book and less with a show. "heroes" also tries to be like that but failed miserably after the first season. BSG is one of those shows that will completely spoil you for a lot of the other stuff on television because most shows will suddenly seem so flat, shallow and trivial.
  • The last two episodes are beginning to pull together the entire story of the reasons for human cylon wars, and the history of the final five among the other cylons as well as the reasons for them being hidden among the humans.

    Well for a very short time Ellen seemed to be a more complete person when she regained her memories, she didn't blink an eye about Saul Tigh her own husband, poisioning her. Too bad it didn't last, she's back to her self centered norm. And we know that their love-hate relationship wasn't caused by the missing memories. I wasn't surprised about Galen choosing to leave w/the Cylons, there's a double standard the human's just don't seem to get when they're bent on punishing Cylons (Boomer) and not holding humans accountable for the violence ,hate crimes, that get little notice. Even the president didn't say much about several men attacking the Pregnant Caprica-Six, just "sorry about that" , and can you provide any useful information/visions. Arming Baltars new religious group w/heavy weapons is a questionable move, except their religion is a way to blemd human and cylon beliefs. And the existece of a fundamemtalist religious group that hates both Baltar and the blending of human cylon cultures is a very serious problem and must be dealt with. Better for Gaius's new religion to handle it , and leave the Admiral's hands clean. Either way it ends up , the Admiral has one less problem group to deal with...
  • Firefly going on Lost

    I only started watching Battlestar Galactica before this christmas during its temporary break. I remember perfectly that after downloading a couple of eps friday afternoon i just got amazingly attached to it. So much that on the following weekend i had watched all of it and was impatiently expecting the season ending. But honestly it is starting to disappoint a bit. Where are all the fights on space and the action? What is that about killing Zarek and some of the others. Ellen as a Cylon? Oh cmon. I stopped watching Lost mid second season because it was starting to get stupid. This is show is going exactly down the same road. I'm so glad they decided to end it. I'm just hoping they do it right at the end :/
  • This episode was pure genius from Ron Moore. So many questions were answered. We also start to understand the role of the final five and we also hear what happened to the missing model number seven as his fate is disscussed.

    I can only sum this episode up as pure genius from Ron Moore. So many questions were answered leaving us with a deeper understanding of cylon thoughts and beliefs. We also start to understand the role of the final five and we also hear what happened to the missing model number seven as his fate is disscussed. For me this episode demonstrated exactly why Battlestar Galactica is such a brilliant show. For some time now the show has left us with many unanswered questions which are just starting to be revealed as the finale draws closer. Admiral Adama is faced with a dilema as it is discovered that Galactica is breaking appart due to its old age and slacky workmanship when it was built. Chief informs admiral that the ship can be repaired but it will mean using cylon technology in the form of a biological material that would grow and fill all the ships cracks. This is the very same material that the Cylon base ships are made with and because it is organic, it can grow and repair itself. Admiral Adama decides to use this technology after careful thought as it is his only choice if he wants to keep Galactica from falling apart.
  • This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!

    This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!
    This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!
    This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!
    This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!
    This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!
    This show is by far the best thing on TV, HANDS DOWN! It has everything: character development, excellent storyline, moral issues, action, you just cant beat it!
  • There will be a reckoning.

    This was truly a great episode and a good ending for the mutiny storyline. I couldn't believe that Zarek actually took out the Quorum as useless as it often was. Zarek has always been an interesting character that you were never sure of. I liked how she started as a terrorist and basically ended as one. He was who he was. I think that was what that last smile was about. "Them's the breaks kid." Gaeta is a whole other ball of wax. He's been a tragic figure pretty much since New Caprica. Picking one bad horse after another. He's just picked the wrong leader to follow and even when he tried to be the leader he just couldn't lead. He's made too many costly mistakes and it was bound to cost him in the end and going up against mom and dad was a fatal mistake. I liked the final conversation between him and Baltar. Gaeta isn't a villain. He's just a man who has made bad choices.

    I loved Tyrol is this episode, crawling through pipes. His conversation with Kelly was right on the money; the thing about Tyrol is that he's never been anything but Galen Tyrol. Not even finding out he was a Cylon could change who and what he is. A good man.

    Starbuck and Apollo are back in true form. I missed you both,

    Bill and Roslin were truly amazing to watch. Even when all seemed lost neither was willing to waiver from who and what they were. They were both willing to fight to the bitter bitter end. Roslin's "I'm coming to get you" speech sent chills down my spine. I have never loved her more. Roslin leader of the Cylons….and interesting idea. Warlord Roslin? Anyone? Anyone? Oh and it looks like Galactica is falling apart. This can't be good.
  • Best 45 minutes of TV in my week!!!!

    Absolutely awesome week. I thought it was just gonna be some rehashed mutiny story that we had seen a gazillion time in movies and such, in a sense it was, but it was done in a very entertaining way. Everything was done right storywise and that is what i love about the show. From time to time they will have this sort of show that ratchets it all the way up. To me so far this is the show of the season! I cannot wait to see next week's show. There is gonna be a lot of stuff going on!
  • one of the all time greats

    This show has taken on huge challenging themes that all perhaps could be grouped under the heading "who are we?". Who are we without a homeworld? Who are we if we find that those we have always held to be so different from us turn out not to be so different after all? Who are we when we are fighting for our most basic survival? Who are we after we die? Where did we come from? Where are we going as a species? These kinds of questions are actually undercurrents in our own times, but we don't all think about them every day. In this show - the characters have to think about them constantly because their actions will determine the fate of the entire human race. The writers brilliantly use that situation to explore the meaning of humanity, including civilization, politics, religion, etc. I especially loved the initial mini-series. It's sad that bsg will be over this season, but smart of them to end it while it is still good.
  • Really good show

    Science Fiction shows are among my favorites on tv. Based on the show that aired in 1978, the new Battlestar Galactica takes sci-fi plots to the next level. With great land and space battle scenes, this show leaves little to be desired. Character plots and arcs increase the intrest in the show with great chemistry and humorus lines. With a bleak future presented before the human race, a group of refugees take it upon themselves to find a new homeplanet to settle the race away from their enemies, the Cylons. This show proves just how resistant the human race is aginst adversity.
  • The fleet is in despair following the shocking revelation, and no one knows how to face the future. 'Battlestar Galactica', the ingenius drama series that it is, doesn't fear finding out just how dark things are.

    Very few series dare deal with such a dark tone and atmosphere, and fewer can deliever it in such a heartbreaking way. 'Battlestar Galactica', the ingenius drama series that it is, doesn't fear finding out just how dark things are. An oustanding and stunning episode that throws in a lot of information at once, and deals with a very difficult human emotion... Despair.

    [Warning: Spoilers]

    Earth, the goal that has been set over 3 and half seasons, and has been presumed to show up on the last episode of the show, is finally reached. Quickly enough, all hope for finding fellow humans and a new home, is vanished. Smoking ruins and ashes are all that's left.
    The focus of the episode is on the reactions of the fleet, and in particular its leaders and major characters. Once again BSG's actors deliever a brilliant and believeable acting, making this episode a very sad masterpiece. The different characters deal with the revelation in different ways, some manage to rise above others and give up, others decide to simply give up on everything.

    Yet the episode isn't all about drama, and it deals with the Final Cylon, the fate of the 13th Tribe, answers a few questions but some raises more. It gives the direction for the last chapter of the series, and sets the stage for the upcoming conflicts.

    No doubt, it is one of the best episodes of BSG so far.
  • Best Scifi ever..

    I used to love watching star trek on television, but i must say that this show has totally surpassed star trek and i say this after being a total trekkie. This show kept me so captivated and intrigued to see what happens next and waiting for the next episodes of season 4 has left a dryness in my mouth. I am now refreshed again with this season restarting. I do, wish that this show could continue forever, however i know that all good things must come to an end. However, until that day arrives i will enjoy the next few episodes that will be gracing our screens.
  • Good, not great.

    I saw this after watching the season premier and I'm glad I watched it in that order. The 10 part series was well written and acted, but mostly irrelevant. It reminds me of the first half of this season where we would get one or two good "gets", but the rest was filler.
    The reveals in this special are pretty impressive, but in the end we still have the same rift between the cylons and humans. I only hope that Lt. Gaeta's character becomes a more pivotal part in the future of the cylon / human fragile truce. Then I would see the true importance of this episode.
  • The episode that just kept on giving

    After the end of episode 10, I was wondering how they were going to top that one on the depressing/ dramatic front. I am extremely pleased that they succeeded on all fronts. So much happened in this episode that it answered lots of old questions (who are the 13th tribe, who is the 5th cylon) but have now raised many important new ones (what the frak are they going to do now? how did the 5 cylons make their way to colonial space from Earth's holocaust? Who or what is Kara Thrace?)

    I felt that the pacing was superb and each of the shocks/ discoveries nicely spaced out and presented well. The acting was spot on and the writing excellent. For example, the despair felt by the crew was almost palpable (which is only to be expected)and was readliy conveyed through the actions of both the main characters and the extras. On a side note I also found it interesting that now that the religious drive to find Earth has been sated so to speak, it is the secular Adama once again taking control and giving the fleet a focus and a drive to stay alive. I really loved the first season with its backs-to-the walls feel: I have a feeling that this season is going to be an even better success.
  • I beg your pardon, you haven't watched it yet? Why ever not?

    Expecting the usual darkness and gloom with a few twisting plot devices revolving around central characters and then a burst of revelation or frenetic activity (in which one character reveals a flaw/need/failing/strength/morale) to make you think twice? You got it here in a rather dark and deep episode. One may be disposed to calling this 'Final Season Premiere' episode depressing; that would only be partially correct and disingenious. If it were not for the above mentioned revelations and insights, one could almost sigh, wait for nine weeks and then tune in for the finale. Taking that action would bring folly. Like the Colonial Fleet, we must endeavour onwards to a satisfactory destination and ultimate conclusion. The pace after 4.5 seasons has not yet diminished and the programme must be applauded forthwith for that effort.

    Whilst BSG has never shyed away from confronting despair, we see an advanced facet and level to it. Contemplating what is to come will only bring more despair and fraughtness whilst absorbing and sitting on the couch but it is worth every second of the human-cylon on screen interaction. Credit is due to the personal bewilderment I experience at the hands of the talented writing team.

    Looking forward, I cannot wait for the rest of this mighty visual, emotional feast.
  • Please let it be Friday again!

    Oh my Gods.. I usually watch TV from my couch but this episode had me right in front of the television biting my nails with several "holy frack" moments.
    There was so many questions answered and so many new ones thrown at us in a high speed way and in a rollercoaster way.

    The final moments, in which Ellen was revealed to be the final unknown Cylon was one fine piece of acting by Michael Hogan and the words from Ellen "don't worry we will all be reborn" [I hope I remembered that right] were and incredible clue.

    Dee's suicide after a final happy moment with Lee was a great piece of writing and the shockwave it send through the storyline and the influence it has on Adama (Sr) are incredible. They way Lee erases the last digit on the survives board is incredible emotional.

    The Starbuck and Leabonon interaction was great to see, he who was so long in control of Starbuck had real frightening face when he realized that Starbucks was in the cockpit of the viper. The way he withdrawn from Starbucks who burned her own body. Oh my Gods.

    I cannot wait for the next episode which hopefully will bring some more answers because I still am too confused about it all.

    This is SciFi at it's best, it is a shame that it comes to an end.
  • One of the most interesting and exciting episodes but also the most depressing.

    You enter this episode expecting something bad because earth has been nucleared but i didn't expect anywhere near the amount of horrible things. First we find out the 13th colony which they've hoped for the whole show was a colony of cylons. I thought that was the low part and that the rest of the show would get better. However next you're hit with the dead body and plane of starbuck. Ya, wow that sucks. My first thought was she's the 5th cylon but i hoped there was a better explaination besides for her being dead or a ghost cause i really want starbuck to have a happy ending. Then next dee kills herself out of no where and adama (old) flips and almost kills himself, plus the president loses all hope and burns her bible. Lastly the part that has me most worried is where tigh sees his wife in the flashback. Hopeful she is the fith cylon and its that simple but i'm afraid it might not be. My first thoughts are what if everyone is a cylon, all of them, that would suck so much and if so where are the humans and i'm thinking this show was a huge waste of time. Or even worse what if they are dead or ghosts or this is another stage after death. I'd rather them introduce time travel or alternative realties/dimensions then have these horrible possiblilties. I use to think they would find earth, find the 5th cylon on earth and defeat with the other cylons. Plus the could explain starbuck by making her from earth or an alien, something good like that. Personally now i just want them to be human and find a home where they can settle down and be happy.

    I couldn't stop watching this episode but it was like when you see an accident and you can't help but look. You are so attracted but you just pray that everyone is okay. I really want this show to have a good episode and i really don't want them all to be cylons.
  • Beginning is unimpressive.... but as the clock run down... the whole thing gets better and better!

    Webisodes are mostly irelevant in TV shows... they don't add much to the overall story, they don't expand the established characters... and the production value of those is mostly down the toilet...

    NNot so with the BSG Webisodes... which we got for the third time now. While "The Resistance" was interesting... but not very entertaining (mostly becouse the production value seemed quite low)... but it expanded the overall story arc... installed the new lifes of old characters... and developed a secondary character, who would became quit important later in the show.

    The "Razor Flashbacks" had amazing space battles... explored a little bit of Human-Cylon War One. But they did not add much to the present history. They were exciting... but there were no interesting infromations in them.

    These Webisodes are by far the best. We get some cool special effects. We get some good character development and a lot of suspense... There are also some flashbacks, which explain a lot about Gaeta (especially in conection to the Baltar trial... which is very interesting). Also the whole gayness thing... it is a bit more complicated... and portrait in a good way... meaning... they don't make a big deal out of it. It's just a couple in love... not a big woohoo outing.

    This seems to set up some quite important things in the show itself... and I believe it to be chronologically placed after episode 4.11... If you like BSG... watch everything BSG... this too of course (and all those extended editions (Pegasus, Unfinished Buisness, Razor) and all the webisodes)!

    As a normal episode it would get a 9... but as it is a webisode... it gets a 10!
  • Drivel.

    I was addicted to Battlestar Gallactica when I was young and had great hopes for the new series, unfortunately it is completely different. I find the new Battlestar Gallactica to be worse than drivel. Worm excrement, maybe, even that sounds too good for it. The characters are not compelling, the plot lines are atrocious and it is a complete waste of time and money. Why on earth they put so much effort into a horrible re-make of a really good show is anyone's guess. It has been posed to me, by my teenage daughter, that maybe the writers' brains have been on strike for the whole of the new series, perhaps she is correct....
  • This isn't just a brilliant sci-fi show. It's one of the most brilliant shows ever put on the small screen.

    Battlestar Galactica can be described in many ways. All of them should be compliments. The casual viewer might say its a sci-fi. It is but its also a drama, thriller, tragedy, intellectual observer and challenger of the human condition and of issues that exist in both our worlds. Classic themes such as war, love, revenge, death and loss, hate, survival, religion and faith, among others, are explored over the course of the show. There are quiet scenes, action packed scenes, epic space battles and careful shots that study our character's faces. It is a show that the die-hard action fan can enjoy. The same people that watch quiet indie films can also enjoy it. The ensemble cast is one of the best on television. Somehow the creators have managed to tap a few well known actors (Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell) with a majority of lesser known talents. Acting doesn't make a a good show a great one - the other elements such as writing, music, production, visuals - do. Battlestar has all the pieces and they fit perfectly in place. You can't miss this one.
  • One of the best ever ...

    I am a 45 year old man - I live in Germany but my Dad was American - and so am I. When I first heard the series from the 70ies would be relaunched I feared myself. The old series was so plastic - eventhough everything was plastic these days. But when I saw the pilot and then some more - I was stunned. The mixture between tough Sci-Fi, the Stephen King like ultra detailed pictures of the characters and the feelable dirt, sweat love and fear on that trip to earth. Unbelievable. Real good. Next to LOST one of the best shows in the genre of the fantastic film - ever.
  • Hot guys and girls in the show can keep you watching.

    The plot of this show is absolutely fabulous. The survival of mankind is essential. You have to stay as far away from the 'Cylon' as possible. Don't let them find you. You would occasionally see cats and mice scenes where cylon is going after the human. Many epic battles were fought. The casts are just hot! Smoking hot! Many of them like swearing with 'frak' too. It's their own F word in the show. And they use it very freely. British actor James Callis as Gaius Baltar. He pokes fun all the time. You'd really appreciate his role early in the season. E.J. Olmos is one serious leader. And believe or not Lee is a brit and he speaks perfect american accent. He's buff too! Starbuck is one rebellious individual, he's also my favorite after fixing a cylon ship and flew back to Galactica. This show is loaded with action, adventure, love, justice and humanity. Almost forgot about the adventure. There were several rescue missions as far as I remember. A lot of tactical calls were made. I like the fact that they used some jungles and hillside to simulate the planets that they're trying to portray. Special CG effects were nicely generated and executed. It's as real as it can be for those centurions. I felt like I was on the same ship with the rest of the surviving human. I was jumping out of my seat when I saw something that went really wrong. There were full of surprises and twists.
  • Reimagining of the 1978 series-It's been 40 years with no cylon contact. The battlestar Galactica is being decommissioned and turned into a museum. That's when the cylons attack the colonies wiping out most of humanity and a race for survival begins.

    I admit, when I first saw that a reimagined bsg was being done I had my doubts. I had loved the original as a kid and wasn't sure how 25 years later someone could do my imagination justice. I'm glad I took the leap and watched the miniseries. I especially like the backstory of humans creating the cylons. It added an extra layer to the story.

    If you are a sci-fi fan that doesn't always expect the nice, neat, tidy happy ending then this is the show to watch. You never know what Ron Moore and David Eick will do next, which is the most glorious part of the series.

    The writing is excellent and there is strong character development. These are characters that could be like you or I. They all have strengths and flaws and neither are glossed over or prettied up.

    Great series from day one and I highly recommend it.
  • A Great Opening to a Great Series!

    Great First Episode, really gives you an insight without havin' to watch the miniseries, although watching the miniseries is probably better than not. It was pretty exciting to get to see how life is in this episode, the attacks and everyone's state of exhaustion and on the edge is really nerve racking. This show is really the beginning of something great and I can't wait to really get into it and see where it all leads to. I've heard great things about it, and so far it's definitely living up to the expectations. I would definitely recommend this show to everyone.
  • Without a doubt, the best damn show on television. While crappy, repetitive and unimaginative shows like 'Heroes' or 'Lost' take central stage, Battlestar Galactica is the unsung hero of SciFi Television, and is without a doubt a masterpiece of it'

    If people only knew. Most people are frightened by hard core SciFi shows, which is why so many SciFi shows today attract audiences with eye-candy and soap-opera storylines, but few are the shows that actually have meaning to them, a higher purpose.
    Battlestar Galactica is one of the shows that may put off audiences at first sight. Without actually giving it a try, people might think it's just yet another Star Trek, or yet another Star Wars. What people don't realize is that this story is about human nature, it's about the human race's past, present and future. It's about us - about our society. It's about politics, it's about religion, it's about philosophy and it's about love.
    It's the human story - the saga of humanity as we've seen it, and as it probably would have been under other circumstances.
    I think the one philosophy that can be derived from the show is "All of this has happened before, and will happen again".
    The show tells us that our history is not unique, that everything we've endured will happen again in one form or another - and that even if the human race was split in two at it's beginning, the two separate lines of human dynasties would probably go through the same stories - more or less - again and again.
    Without a doubt - this is the best written show on television, and the conclusions that are surely to come when the show comes out of hiatus will probably be mind-boggling as the rest of the show has been until now.
    People who don't watch this show are missing a once-in-a-decade event. I pity them.
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