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  • Wow.

    I think the new Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows that I have ever seen. Every time I think I'm done with the show and tired of the multi-faceted storylines, I find myself enthralled in some new vigniette.

    I love the pulls the show has on your heartstrings. One moment you want the cylons to be eliminated completely. The next, you're rooting for the upstarts to bring humanity and cylonity together.

    I hate that this show gets a bad reputation for being sci-fi and geeky. Even though, I am a card-carrying geek, I think this show offers a whole lot more to its audience.

    The emotions and themes ring true, especially in these chaotic times.
  • How in the world could this show pass me by??

    Ok, so after watching almost every scifi show out there, I finally bought the first season of BSG on DVD three weeks ago. I have no explanation to why I haven't seen this show before, I can only plead insanity! I was hooked right in the middle of the loooong pilot! Why can't all shows have pilot of this lenght and magnitude?? I have never seen a show that has me sitting on the edge of my seat for 99 percent of the episodes. After the first cylon attack, with the fleet on the run, to then discover that there are actually more cylons aboard the Galactica, was a shocker! I have since watched both the complete season one aswell as season two, and today I started season three! Did I mention that I LOVE this show? I can't believe that it's soon ending but my hat off to all the excellent writers and the amazing cast of this show!

    If you only want to watch one show in your lifetime, THIS is the one!
  • Space, sex, cylons and crazy (if scientifically inaccurate) space battles.

    Well where to start with this show? I had, for a long time, avoided watching this show. Why? Well simply because of the fact that it was a sci-fi, set in space. Star Trek and such sprung to mind. Fortunately this was nothing like Star Trek, throw in a few sexy characters, robotic enemies, amazing cinematography and wonderful dialogue and well the rest, they say, is history. I was hooked. As with all sci-fi shows set in space, there is going to be a fair amount of inaccuracies and guess work, but this does not bring the show down at all, in fact it strengthens it, the inaccuracies pave the way for the actors to bring the story to life, the chemistry between characters and the action sequences more than make up for a few "minor" blunders (I mean fire cannot exist in space!)

    To sum it up, the show is fast, slow, formal, seductive, exciting and downright entertaining, I love and cant wait for more!
  • Starbuck returns with many questions.

    After a great season, Battlestar Galactica started again with a fantastic episode. First of all, Starbuck returned with many questions. She claims that She has found the earth but She can not persuade people so she looks for other ways. She was so calm when she returned. Then we understand that She lost her concept of time because she thought she came back after just a few hours but the truth suprised her as She had been gone for two months. So what happened in two months, is unknown. How did she survive the explosion? Also the scene where Sam and a cylon's eyes met, was really worth watching. I just could not help holding my breath. I hope Adama believes her because every jump makes Starbuck forget the path to the earth. It was a very good start to season four. Really good job. I admired it.
  • The best science fiction show ever.

    As I said, Battlestar Galactica is, in my opinion, the best science fiction show ever, and it is arguably the best television show ever. From its acting to its writing to its camera to its music to its special effects to its........well, you get the idea.

    I will tell you now. Take any preconceptions you have about Galactica due to the old show or the fact that its a science-fiction show. Now throw them out the window. This new Galactica is nothing like the old 70s version, and it is reinventing the science fiction genre.

    How is it doing this? With its wonderful docudrama style of filmmaking. BSG has a very docudrama feel to it, incorporating handheld cameras in everything, even the special effects. The SFX are designed so that it looks like there is a cameraman floating in space zooming in and out and taking these shots. They're absolutely gorgeous shots that create a very real atmosphere for the show. There really is nothing like it on TV or in movies.

    Another way that this show is reinventing the sci-fi genre is through its use of political commentary and/or parallels. There are numerous parallels to real likfe in Galactica, including new controversies such as suicide bombings and military occupations to old classic controversies like abortion and even racism. Galactica is perfectly written so that it does not take a side in these conflicts, but portrays characters on both sides of the line. This creates a very impartial and stunning look at this dark and bleak universe.

    I'll also talk about the nature of the primary antagonists in this show, the Cylons. At first, the Cylons appear to be your standard robot fare that look really cool and make up you nightmares, like the Borg from Star Trek. But as the series progresses, you learn more about the Cylons. You learn that not all Cylons are the same and that they are people. They are not just walking tin cans. This makes for a very three-dimensional apoproach to the Cylon, which I absolutely love. At some points in the show, I even found myself questioning if the Cylons were the true enemy.

    But enough about the content of the show. Let's start with the quality, and I'll begin with the acting. Every single actor on this show is superb at creating their character and making it just perfect. There are very few standouts, as it is a full ensemble, and there are some excellent guest cast members. One of the standouts among the regular cast is James Callis, who deserves an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Gaius Baltar. There are several standout scenes, and the best of this is in the Season Two cliffhanger Pegasus. Tricia Helfer is also stellar as the many different versions of Number Six. She has a different way that she plays each one so that it is instantly recognizable as to which one is Caprica Six or Gina or Head Six. The standout among guest casting is undoubtedly Michelle Forbes, who plays the cold and ruthless Admiral Helena Cain for the Season Two three-parter Pegasus/Resurrection Ship. She is absolutely amazing at making the slow transformation of Cain from nice woman to cold-hearted *****.

    Oh, and let me say this. It is a sheer travesty that Mary McDonnell has not received any Emmy nominations for her performance as Laura Roslin. The best actress currently on television.

    I've already spoken about Galactica's writing, acting, and special effects. Which leaves me with the music. But I saved the best for last. Battlestar Galactica has the best music on television. Bear McCreary is absolutely stunning with his score. There is every type of music on this show. You have rousing and intense battle pieces, such as Prelude to War from Pegasus. You have beautiful dramatic pieces, such as The Shape of Things to Come from Kobol's Last Gleaming. You have excellently eerie pieces, like Baltar's Dream from Valley of Darkness and Battlestar Sonatica from Torn. You have the odd stuff that is wonderfully done, like Black Market and the stunning remix of All Along the Watchtower. And you have the sheer brilliance that is Diaspora Oratorio. By the way, it's also a crime that McCreary has never been nominated for an Emmy for his work either.

    All in all, Battlestar Galactica is one heck of a show. I can literally find no fault with it. And while some episodes are a little lackluster (skip Black Market, for God's sake), those are the exception. In fact, it's difficult to say what the best episode of Galactica is as they are all equally good. From acting to special effects to music to camera to writing to......well, you know. Galactica rocks. And it deserves to be called the greatest science fiction show ever created.

    So say we all.
  • Never afraid to go in new directions, always keeping the viewer guessing, and using all media to tell the story, turely a classic.

    This reimagining of the 80s classic bears little similarity to it's name sake apart from character names and the basic premise of the mechanical race of cylons attempting to wipe out the human race.

    The show seeks to keep the viewer guessing and is not beyond killing a main character or two just to keep us on our toes. No star trek red shirts here, in this show every characters life is at stake.

    At first the changes seemed gratuitous, for example starbuck now being female but it quickly grows on you. I also like that they don't just keep to TV to tell the story with some superbly produced "webisodes" between series providing some great story backdrops

    Simply a must see for any science fiction fan
  • just started watching.

    well i have just watched season 1. i like some things and some things i dont! well the acting is good and the girls r smoking hot!!! also i like the way it scans over whats to happen.

    now for what i dont like i think sometimes it drags out a story line and i find myself getting frustrated lol in a way. plus i dont like the way it keeps repeating what happens from the 1 show. (but this is the 1st season so im sure most shows do it so you understand what the show is about)

    as i said i have just watched the 1st season and im looking forward to season 2.

    to sum up from what i have seen this is slow to start but gets very good if you get by the first few shows.
  • A Sci-fi show that has everything! BSG is a personal favorite of mine and the fast paced action and drama just make it one of the best shows out there!

    BSG is a sci fi show set in the future as mankind is fighting for survival against their own creation the Cylons. With that in mind, this show is like a political, action drama set in space. Religion, politics, abortion, military coup d'etat, deception, murder, this show has it all. Unlike the other sci-fi shows out there, there is minimal flashy alien lights and costumes. Each season gets better and I recommend this to any and all people, even if you are not a fan of the genre. Only wish they could have made the show longer, but it will have a proper ending so no worries about being left hanging.
  • If one show deserves a 10/10 it is definitely this one. Dont let the name fool you, even though it is a sci-fi show, its appeal extends to causal viewers as it reflects on our current political and social issues.

    I did get into Battlestar Galactica pretty late on (around about the middle of the 3rd season) when a friend of mine encouraged me to give it a try. To be honest I was a bit skeptic at first and thought it was a decent but not excellent sci-fi programme. I couldnt have been more wrong in my judgement. From the amazing mini-series that starts off the story, to the brilliant season 1 and the gripping season 3, Battlestar Galactica has proven that the critical acclaim it received over the years is well earned. The show creater (Ronald D Moore), has taken the sci-fi genre and indeed TV series in general to a whole new level with Battlestar Galactica. Im pretty certain that if more people, especially non sci-fi fans, gave this show a chance they would certainly enjoy it. Its a shame how decent (but not great) shows like Lost and House get all the ratings when Battlestar Galactica, a show far more superior in almost every sense, has a stable but comparably low viewer base. In summary, an excellent show and the best I have ever seen.
  • BSG has had its rough patches, but continues to be one of the best shows on T.V.

    Yes, it's true, I'm a total sci-fi nerd. But, even if I wasn't such a nerd I would still find this show ground breaking and one of the best shows on T.V. The story is one we've seen before in the original, but is revamped and geared toward a post 9/11 world. There's no cushy stuff here, this is about how people would really act if something like this happened. The acting is fantastic as Olmos and McDonald command the screen. Both of these folks deserve Emmy's! Special effects are great, but the real guts of the show is the heavily character driven story-arc. This is, without a doubt, one of the best things to come out of T.V. in a long time.
  • Summary: BSG is the perfect sci-fi show, and while i know that it's best to stop at the top, i wish it would never end :)

    In my humble opinion, Battlestar Galactica is the single, most perfect sci-fi show ever produced.
    The visual effects are better made than in most movies.
    The characters are very, very deep and ever evolving.
    While of course not being completly realistic, BSG has reached the highest level of realism ever reached by a sci-fi movie or show i have ever seen. (E.g.: fighter ships do not fly like planes in an athmosphere, but are maneuvered like actual spacecrafts. This is very rare in sci-fi.)
    The depressing and tense atmosphere created by story and character depht is very intense. While watching, you feel every emotion displayed by the marvelous actors yourself. Also everybody is going to find a character to wich one can relate. For me that character is Gaius Baltar, which is also in my opinion the deepest and hardest to understand character.

    Summary: BSG is the perfect sci-fi show, and while i know that it's best to stop at the top, i wish it would never end :)
  • What is not to love about this show.

    Everything about this show is amazing. I can not think of one thing that is bad about this show. The plot is fascinating, the characters are awesome actors, and the villans are just as interesting as the good guys. Now I missed a few of the newer episodes and it is finally wrapping up. Now I am glad about that it seems the writers know that if they keep the series going people might lose interest. I really hope that the humans beat the cylons but the way the series is going my guess is that they are all going to die. Or they will lead the cylons to earth and be destroyed there.
  • SciFi mixed with drama and suspense makes this re imagining of battlestar galactica one of the best series out today.

    The show is at it's fourth season now. At the beginning of the fourth season, things were slow, and sometimes boring. Several different storylines for different characters had opened up, and the show was just becoming worse and worse. But after the most recent episode "The Hub", everything is back in business, and the show is as good as it should be. I usually don't watch any Science Fiction, at all. But this show, it's simply different from your every day Science Fiction. It has lots of drama and suspense, and the actors that help put together the show are simply stupendous. Top notch acting gives this show strong feeling. You actually feel as if the characters in the show are, well, real. Battlestar Galactica has some extremely impressive visual effects that will sometimes have your jaw dropped because it's so incredible. The space battle scenes are simply extraordinary at some points in this show.

    If you're into Science Fiction and drama, or one or the other, you'll simply love Battlestar Galactica. You don't need to be a SciFi fanatic to enjoy this show.
  • The best scifi show of all time.

    Out of all of the intergalactic sci-fi shows out there, and there are plenty (Stargate, Babylon, even Star Trek, etc.), this one has the best story lines and continues to keep you in it for every single episode.

    Just the concept (which I know goes back to the original Galactica series) is fascinating. Earth is not the origin of this series, but rather the destination, a complete reversal from your traditional space sci-fi show.

    Overall, a great show, and I'm upset to see that it is in the final season. I am hoping that the SciFi channel goes ahead with Caprica and that the show is as good as this one.
  • If you don't get it, you need to watch from the beginning.

    I watched the premier of this show way back when and honestly, I was a bit hacked that Starbuck was a girl. After I got over that change and watched the show from the beginning again through the second season (DVD yeah!) I really got into this show. The story lines of the choices people have to make in horrific times, the underlying tone of spiritual values, the twisted values of the cylons and the entire quest for earth has just been a joy to watch. Every episode plays a part in really webbing together everything within the show and even with the shows that deal with off the main story line topics still add to humanity of this show.
  • An old classic and new wave conglomeration of deep soul searching in space, complete with great battle scenes, outstanding special effects, and mysterious character development. A must must must watch from beginning to end!

    This is one of the smartest, deepest, and most impactful shows on television today. It is profoundly far reaching into places in the human psyche that no other show has attempted before. Its themes are unique and suspenseful. Its characters are surprisingly multifold with rich dimensionality. Its sets and special effects are phenomenal for only being on TV. Battlestar Galactica is simply one of the best shows I have ever seen. I will be sad when it is all finally over and I cannot wait to see how it is all going to pull together and complete such a complicated and powerful story.
  • SEASON 4 needs more effort

    Season 4 finally seems to be picking up the pace after a far too downbeat kickoff with some very slow episodes. Battlestar has always been about the story as opposed to just action but this season seems to be beating us all over the head with 'slit-your-wrist' character studies. I can appreciate Moore and Eick are going to try to end the show without a cliched or expected finale but this overbearing sense of doom is getting too heavy for its own good. We have followed these characters through thick and thin and if the final message is going to be 'life isn't fair, everyone dies' I am sure myself not to mention most other fans won't be too happy. I seriously fear for the ending of BG after Moore's praise of the end of The Sopranoes. Although not exactly a total duffer that entire episode (apart from the cat who was the best thing in it and did have me creasing up) was somewhat of a disappointment. However considering BG has been one of the best things on TV this last decade I do have faith in Moore and Eick's vision and hope they deliver the goods.
  • The SCI-FI genre has never looked so good. BattleStar Galactica can keep dishing out the whacky SC-FI which is great and still keep the drama of three dimensional characters at the same time. Captain William Adama leads the colonial fleet to find earth.

    BattleStar Galactica is by far superior to the original series in the seventies which went away before long. BSG expands the original's storyline making it more complex and detailed so now the Cylons can appear to be human. The characters are great and well played like Katee Sackhoff as Kara Thrace/Starbuck who acts like a tom boy with kick ass attitude even towards her superior officer like Lee Adama who keeps entering a complicated relationship with her. This show has great drama without resorting to too much crazy SCI-FI which mixes in with the drama to make a perfect show.

    BSG has some all star special effects as well similar to that of Star Wars movies. I close by saying that this show is a must watch for all those who watched the original and need something new and those who are completely new to BSG and crave some great television for once.
  • Battlestar Galactica destroyed sci fi for me. Yes it did, but hear me out ok?

    After having seen three seasons of BSG in a week, lived with it you might say, I can't fully enjoy other sci fi as I used to (with the exception of 'Farscape' and 'Firefly'). It feels unreal, shallow, cliché and occasionally even badly acted.

    Why? BSG spoiled me, it really did. It plays in a league of its own. The characters feel so real, so human. They are flawed, they hurt, they scar, they love, they die. The ship feels real too, it isn't too "far out". It isn't run by a super smart computer and you can't just press a button or say "computer, do this and that". It doesn't have an energy field around it with blinking percentage showing up at a screen and someone saying that shield's are down. It's a tin can, and it's run by people. It has keys, levers, phones with cords… and people. And they turn the keys, pull the levers, and needs to find a phone whenever they want to contact someone. And there's someone at every little station imaginary. No single computer whiz doing it all. It feels like it's inhabited. People live on that ship.

    There isn't some advanced alien race looking like us (having evolved to almost the same thing at exactly the same time in the eternity that is the universe) wanting us dead. The enemy is our own creation, we built them. And it isn't about heroes and all good men and women. It's the few shards left of humanity… on the run. Trying to find somewhere to live, somewhere to restart civilisation.

    They aren't "superheroes". They don't succeed with everything. They cheat, they fail, they lose.

    It all feels so real.

    And the acting is superb. You believe them.

    I was so caught up in this show; I believed in the characters so much that I didn't recognize actors that I really should. I am the kind of person who recognizes people from a guest spot on a show I saw two years ago. But in this they aren't actors, the characters are real.

    Yep, can't watch sci fi in the same way anymore.
    I already miss being able to enjoy the other shows like I used to, but I wouldn't want to trade it back. No frakking way!
  • This show has made me it's b*tch!

    Back in 2003, on a random rainy Sunday evening when I was channel surfing, I stumbled across the pilot mini-series and I was blown away. I watched the original cheesy 70's show back when I was little, and while I wasn't a fan, I was already a huge sci-fi geek and it was either BSG or the equally cheesy Buck Rogers. So when I discovered that Sci-Fi channel was revamping Battlestar Galactica, I didn't really pay much attention. Thus I stumbled upon the mini-series midway through and had to go back and buy the DVD.


    Since then, I have watched the series obsessively. I immediatly fell in love with Starbuck, and got pissed off at the writers for making her crazy. I have been either annoyed annoyed with Apollo for being a whiney tool, or pleased when he actually acts like he has a pair. I have been both entertained and skeeved out by Gaius Baltar. Bill Adama, Saul Tigh, and Laura Roslyn are the coolest old people in space, and amazing beyond the telling of it. I actually come home from bar-hopping early on Friday nights to catch the midnight rerun of the show while eating anti-hangover grease. Battlestar Galactica truly is the best show on television. The story is intricately thought out and well plotted. The acting is sublime. The plots are suspenseful and intriguing. Every Friday night is a treat!
  • Politics, Philosophy, Sex, War. Fracking Awesome.

    I never saw the original and only tuned in when I heard the profuse praise of Seasons 1 and 2. And boy am I glad that I did.

    This show is absolutely incredible, because it does something that no other show does - it finally takes SciFi seriously, endeavours to build complex characters and also pulls off some of the most incredible visual effects *ever* seen on the small screen. Characters are *never* messed around with for the sake of it. The script is paramount.

    There is so much to recommend about this TV show. The cylons ask us what makes us human. They ask whether our flawed nature is worth saving. The humans deal with war. An overwhelming invading force completely decimates most of a civilisation and we see the insurgency in a soft light. And when the script deals with suicide bombings, the parallels to our world are too disturbing to ignore.

    And here is what I love best about this show: *no* character is ever purely good or purely evil. Their actions are never totally consistent, and we are *always* shown their motives. How respectful of the intellect of its audience.

    An incredible show setting the benchmarks on writing, visuals and general awesomeness for a long time to come. You must be mad not to watch it.
  • If you are reading this then hopefully you are up to date with all the latest developments with BattleStar Galactica because there are to many plot twists and back stories to write in this summary.

    This show rocks! It is so enthralling and keeps me wanting more every episode. I love these new hour long dramas like Battlestar Gallactica (2003) and Lost. I think its a good thing that these series only last 3 or 4 seasons so the don't slowly get worse. It's better to burn out than to fade away. Or at least thats what Niel Young tells me. The latest season isn't quite as good as the first ones because they were so intense but it is still better by far than most dramas on the major stations. By the way I for got to mention that 6 is so fracking HOT! Even if the show was bad I would watch just for her.
  • "The Road Less Travelled Part I" - So sad to see such a great show end like this. Unfortunately, this is what happens when a show ends prematurely - you get episodes like this one and the last episode (Escape Velocity) where it's 99% talk. Trying to...

    "The Road Less Travelled Part I" - So sad to see such a great show end like this. Unfortunately, this is what happens when a show ends prematurely - you get episodes like this one and the last episode (Escape Velocity) where it's 99% talk. Trying to tie up all the loose ends in too big a hurry. Remember all the action when they had the big battle scene between the warring Cylon factions? All three seconds of it?!? They should have extended the show another year, taken more time to explain all these little tidbits, and kept the action scenes intact instead of apparently littering the editing room floor with it.
  • When tony the tiger says great well damn it hes talking about this show!

    I have finally started watching this! Now i watched the original and it sorta turned me off watching the new one.
    Lets not forget many other remakes and so on.

    They really do not try to be like the 70s version they change it up give it sparkle then ever!
    It has some of the great acting and scripts out on television as we speak!
    Now star buck and boomer are females in this new version! And when i say this i mean it the transformation is the best! I like these version then the original! Now these girls are hot but there not dumb hot girls in there to grab drooling men to there show. No they have a big part in the series and they can act and make the characters strong and powerful!

    Now i have found one minor thing about this show!
    Its the camera movement!
    When they decide to shake it or go into a 360 degree spin its somewhat distracting!

    But in the end this is a hit for fans or anyone else that likes sci fi shows!
  • The best show on televison!

    The current Battlestar Galactica is.. in terms of drama, action, suspense, and just plain all around good entertainment, the finest show around today. If you were a fan of the classic and still much beloved televison series of the 70's, and tune into this one expecting more of the're in the wrong place. This ain't your daddy's Galactica, fan-boy! The orginal classic series was a wonderful show which, undoubtedly had it's poor points, mostly due to an oversized budget and unrealized premise in terms of story lines. But, that was mostly due to the show being a product of it's times and overzealous network and studio decisions. I loved the classic show. It is a part of my childhood, and very close to my heart. I still know a lot of lines from some episodes by heart. Glen Larson created an incredible and wonderous show bible, and the network jumped on it, as did Universal..but only to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon. It never received the longterm support and attention it deserved and needed to keep it afloat and alive. It died a quick death, but not in the hearts of the fans. After an abysmal and frankly shameful attempt to "kiddify" the show with "Galactica 1980", the fans, for decades have been clamoring for a revival, assuming it would be a continuation of the series with most if not all of the surviving cast. Alas...this was not to be, for reasons too lengthy and numerous to be listed here. Suffice it to say that the developers of this show have elected instead to "re-imagine" the show. Using elements of the original, they've single handedly started from scratch, made it a continuing story-arc (yes, like a soap opera, although I can't stand the term) and have thrown in plenty of mind twisting plot twists, action, sex, intrigue, and gender-bending along the way. Let's get this one over with..Starbuck, the beloved cigar-chomping, womanizing, devil may care, male Viper jockey played by Dirk Benedict in the classic series, is now a woman..and probably the most unbalanced, and dare I say, important and vital person in the show (don't ask why, you have to watch) and they have one hell of an actress playing the part. Don't worry about the gender thing. just go with it. Boomer, also male in the not only female..but a Cylon. I'm not really giving much away's revealed in the mini-series that starts things off, and it's only the beginning for her character. Unlike the classic show, the Cylons were not created by an alien race..WE created them, a difference which makes the show all that more interesting and open for story possibilities. We created them because we got elitist and lazy, and basicly for no other purpose then to be slaves. One day, they'd had enough, and decided to kill us all. After a long, bloody battle, an armistice was signed, and the Cylons left.. for about 40 years without a peep. But now..humanity's children are coming home. And, oh yeah...they look like us now. The chrome centurians are still there, but they're a backdrop storywise. As killers, though..they've been upgraded from the clumsy, and seemingly inept machines they were depicted as in the original. The entire cast shines in this one. Edward James Olmos is nothing like Lorne Greene's beloved fatherlike Adama. He is a hard nosed, no-nonsense, all-military kick ass leader. His son Lee (Apollo..yeah, they're call signs, not real names here)is severely estranged from his father in the beginning of the story. His journey is a fluctuating one, and sometimes undefined. Colonel Tigh, a character from the original who was given no development in the classic is an older man...and a flat out drunk, and not very likable. But there's always more to him than you see. Karl Agathon, a soldier who get's stranded on this home planet Caprica in the mini-series is just beginning his incredible adventure. It's not an easy one. One of the most interesting characters here is Laura Roslin, Secretary of Education who is dying of breast cancer, and yet drafted into being the President of the Colonies, by virtue of being the sole survivor of the goverment. her destiny has already been mapped out long ago. Baltar is probably the biggest change here from the original..and all the better for it. There are probably not many actors who were better at playing villains then John Colicos, who played the part in the classic. But he was fairly one dimensional, and in the end, had little to do but flash an evil smile, give villainous speeches to the camera, cackle loudly and twirl his mustache. Here, he is a young, smug selfish but brilliant doctor of the sciences who is in charge of, among other things, Colonial defenses. Which makes him the target of an attractive and irresistable Cylon agent, who..after a year or so, has earned his trust (among other things) enough to learn the secrets of the defense mainframe. She programs it with a virus which shuts down all defenses, just as the Cylons attack. The Galactica, a retired old beat up Battlestar converted to a museum (literaly), winds up the last surviving Battlestar with absolutely no weapons, save for a broken down fleet of Viper fighters. Luckily enough, Adama has long suspected the Cylons would return, and has spent his short time on this vessel training his crew as if they would be attacked at any moment. Humanity is fifty thousand people away from being wiped out. Rest assured.. that number doesn't take long to shrink. Adama, to instill hope in the people, invokes a promise of finding the long lost rumored thirteenth colony. guessed it. Earth. He knows the way. And they'll find it. But he's lying. There is no Earth. He thinks. All this is just the beginning. Do yourself a favor. Don't listen to the nay-sayers. Check this one out. BUT, and this is important..don't jump right in and start watching the episodes as they air. You won't get it. Tivo them, or whatever, for later consumption. Buy or rent the series, and make sure you start with the miniseries, then watch the seasons one by one. The mini-series is slower moving then the series, but it is essential for fleshing out the characters, who are the heart of the show...and to set up the rather complicated story to unravel before you. Although it's set in a fantastic backdrop, the characters are very realistic. They're flawed, have all kinds of neurosis, make mistakes,...some make very bad choices. But the writers let the characters write the show for them. So a character turns left by accident , so does the show. Some fans have really ticked me off by heavily criticizing the show when it doesn't go the way they think it should, so I'll give you this warning... Don't look for every episode to have the same pace, drama, suspense, plot twists, etc. It's about the people... what happens and how events effect this society. Everything else is eye and mind candy. You'll find a lot of things to like..and a lot not to like, but I promise you're in for one hell of a ride!
  • It is a great show, one of the best I have ever seen. Great story, good special effects, beautifull woman and you are staying very curious how the show will develope. It is hard to wait a week for the next episode. Please continue after season 4

    The show is GREAT. Season after season I am watching the episodes. Also bought the dvd's and have seen the first three seasons several times. The story is good, special effects are perfect, beautifull woman and the show keep on catching your attention when the story unfolds. Scifichannel is normally not available on our regulair tv net so i subscribed specially just for this show. It is very difficult to wait a whole week for a new episode. Hope that season 4 is not the end. Please continue after season 4 there are a lot of possibilities to do so. The start of season 4 was Great so I'll keep watching.
  • I agree with some of the other posters, episode was generally good, but there were some head scratching moments.

    This show is probably one of the best on television, and might be the best sci-fi show ever, but like other, I was confused about the some of the stories on the last episode.

    1. Lee quits flying. Like another reviewer stated, there are 39,000 people left, they are being relently chased, and he gets to quit because he wants a career change? Head scratcher number one. If they have a good story arc about him in the government, that is fine, but they needed a better excuse than that. For a show that prides itself on realistic situations, the most realistic would be his dad telling him to quit being a baby and do your duty, they desperately need pilots and they let one of their best walk out the door..huh?

    2. When does changing careers mean getting a divorce? head scratcher number two. They have a sendoff like they will never see him again. Is he going out to the desert like moses? Couldn't he just take a shuttle back whenever he wanted? why wouldn't his wife go with him? They certainly implied they were splitting up. After all of the relationship rigamorole over the last year, the end is because he is taking a new job? Couldn't he visit her whenever he wanted..huh?

    3. They let Starbuck go without questioning what the frak she was? Someone back from the dead with a brand new viper, and her you go, another ship to go find earth? Didn't she kill two guards last episode? Isn't murder a criminal offense? Head scratcher number three.

    I still gave the show good marks based on the pedigree, but they have some explaining to do.
  • a futuristic show consisting in the stories of the survivors of a robot attack.

    an absolut classic based on a really bad series; now it has come back to create one of the most perfectly made shows on tv right now and possibly ever.
    The methapor of what the world has become after 9/11 cannot be lost, but its probably the absolute greatness of its characters and the story arcs what makes it so delightful to watch.
    the conflict between the human traits of the cylons and the inhuman responses of the humans make the story imposible not to love, its a study of the many facets of what humanity is capable of.
    a must see to every tv lover
  • The cast is great, the visuals are superb and the main storyline is mindblowing and maybe there are some great "sidestories" to be told but thats the problem right there. Trying to tell all those stories in so little time makes it less enjoyable.

    Although i was really loving the first two seasons of the show, the third was rather confusing taking the show to "a whole new universe" instead of just a new level. With "seem-to-be-good" Cylons human models rebelling against the not so good hearted Cylons, one or more gods to worship, the presidentship of Gaius Baltar and the kolonisation of a new homeplanet which fastforwards in time so fast, chaotic and unrealistic it wasn't even enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, in my opinion; fast forwarding through time really was the only practical way to tell the story of the survival of human kind while scavenging the universe for resources and finding Earth in just 4 seasons. A courageous attempt but, in my opinion, failed miserably. The cast is great, the visuals are superb and the main storyline is mindblowing and maybe there are some great "sidestories" to be told but thats the problem right there. BSG has simply too many stories to be told in such little time and instead of dropping some of these storylines, BSG attempts to tell them all resulting in chaotic episodes stuffed with too much information making it less enjoyable.
  • Remake of the 1970's BSG that also starred Lorne Greene (Bonanaza) and Dirk Benedict (A-Team).

    This is one of the few shows that I have watched in recent years that really has me sitting on the edge of my seat every week and has me captivated from week to week in anticipation for the next episode and the next season. I am highly disappointed that it is ending after only four seasons. but I guess it is smart of producers Ron Moore and David Eick to go out on a strong note and not drag something out too long. It is also one of the few shows that has managed to attract the attention of viewers who generally DO NOT consider themselves fans of science fiction. This is a show that is a drama first and then a sci-fi show second. And unlike traditional shows, each episode is a direct continuation from the previous week. Meaning there is no "proverbial reset button" that is pressed at the start of a new show.
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