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  • mannn this is the best showw i ever watched in my whole life!!!! is to sadd, the season 4 is the last

    i hope they gonna go for a movie. because they got a lot of idea, alot mateiral to make a good movie. I'm 100 percent that is not the last time we eard about the best show on planet earth battlestar galactica. becoz, the showw is so popular, and so good, how they can stop the after only 4 season, i am sure that i'm not the only 1 who think, that, i was waching the video whe they said that the season 4 was the last season for battlestar galactica, i'm sure that everyone was shock, anyway,, that was my review
  • God this show is great!! Love modern sci-fi you will love this!!

    Smart storyline and compeling arcs on the characters you really care about. Best sci-fi show around and it touches on modern issues. Best effects in a series that i've ever seen which are better than alot of recent films. If your not watching it catch up for what will be a great finale!! I've fallen in love with this show and so have many of my friends, one of those shows you can talk about however in depth you want to go!! It's great how the writers have found the balance between too indepth (Lost) and too basic. Give the mini series a go. I'm sure you'll be sucked in no matter what show you like
  • Edge of your seat thrilling action!

    To be honest, I wasn't completely sold on Battlestar Galactica and I missed the entire first season. However, after catching one episode in the second season I was hooked and kept coming back each week for more nail-bitting and thrilling storytelling.

    It's seriously addicting!

    The writers and producers have blended action, drama, sci-fi, and space opera into one show that keeps you constantly entertained. Each episode brings quality storytelling that never fails to live up to the expectations of the audience.

    Not only is the show character driven, the special effects are just amazing. The space battles feel like it's actually happening; it's way ahead of its time.

    One of the better sci-fi programs out there!
  • Space Opera, sci-fi, drama, action packed and nerve racking hit. Brilliantly written!

    This show is like addicting, watch at your own risk because you will get hooked! The writing on this show is of the highest quality you will ever find and that includes movies. Each episode is as good if not better than most movies. The writers took a risk making Starbuck's character a female and I don't think the show would've been as popular without that risk. Starbuck or Kara Thrace is one of those women that is so hot that you don't care if she's beating the crap out of you, your just glad she's touching you. Sci-Fi struck gold with this one!
  • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

    This is a show that has all the sci-fi elements with a large helping of soap opera style moments thrown in. The premise of the series is well-known to all sci-fi fans, and so there's no point in reviewing it. The positive's. The actors/crew are decent enough. The special effects are believable enough. The plot is concrete and the outcome is dramatic.

    The negative's. The two actors portraying the President and Adama carry the show. They can act without jumping around like newbie's or yelling their lines. There are also the insanely hot cylons, which is a nice lift to the show. The blonde girl and asian girl are particularly nice. but, that's a guy thing. Anyhow- the other character's are a bit boring, to be honest. The outcome. I see the human race at war with a mech army for many many years. The people that play them do not look hardened or dirty or dehumanized. There are no 1000 yard stares on the top military service men. There are no civilians that contribute to the survival of the human race, besides the President. You are either in a polished military uniform, or you ain't there. This is the part that I don't empathize with. I don't see the people that hold it all together. I just see a few guys in nice uniforms shooting at robots. And then there's that fruitcake Balthazar limp wristing around like it's all too much for him to walk in a straight line from the bed to the bathroom.

    So, in short, I don't get it. I don't empathize with the characters. I don't see the grit and the horror that it should be when the human race is on the brink. The weak would have been culled at this point. Half of the crew would have been tossed out an airlock, and the bickering would have stopped when they realized they were living on Easter Island and there were no trees left to chop down. Looking at the other reviews, I seem to be in the minority with my opinion. Which is fine. But, it is what it is. I don't empathize with this show because the suspension of disbelief is destroying by their lack of grit and purpose. I think I liked the original better. The little robot had more emotion than what I see from the actors here. Perhaps I'm over-analyzing. It's the only thing on TV now, so I guess I could say it's great and give it a 10. But it ain't great. Babylon 5 was great. This is just filler.
  • The best thing since sliced bread?....maybe not but definitely the best since the invention of the toaster!

    I suppose like many others i had dreaded the idea of a remake of such a ground breaking series. Could you see a remake of 2001 or Star Wars IV? (though reshooting SW I-III in a much less cartoony style would be great!)

    I hadnt seen the mini-series and so the wake up call was with '33' and what a Operatic Symposium it was. After the slow deterioration of space based sci-fi in recent years (Enterprise being a prime example of style over substance, Firefly being the example where a great series is killed by the (idiotic) executives) it was a glorious return to form, and 3 series, one mini-series and a feature length special later it still rises high above its competition. About the only thing close is the Stargate franchise which shows the other view of how the spacey-sci-fi premise can be acted out from a human perspective.

    So here we are at season four. Having just rewatched the season 3 finale and read the teasers i can hardly wait. It is indead a rare thing in these days of digital tv, seemingly infinite channels and endless repeats that i am actually looking forward to seeing a first showing!

    Now how about Buck Rogers!......surely the cheeky Tweaky demands a second coming!
  • At first I didn't like the idea of a new version of Battlestar Galactica on the principle that sequels and remakes were mostly unnecessary and unlikely to improve on the original. After seeing this I decided to give remakes a fair chance to win me over.

    I started off by watching the mini-series, only because I was bored and didn't really have anything better to watch or to do. Obviously the mini-series was good enough to make me want to carry on watching, and with each episode I kept wanting more, so much so that I restricted myself to 2 episodes a day - I was supposed to be studying for exams at the time. I had watched some of the original series of Battlestar Galactica, but this was a number of years prior to watching this, so nothing really stuck in my memory except for some vague details. This enabled me to be perfectly happy to accept the new characters and actors as they were. I have read other people complain (rather foolishly and in a rather juvenile fashion) that Starbuck was a man in the original series and that changing it was wrong, but the character of Starbuck works so well the way it does in the new series that it's hard to see why anybody would complain. The special effects, especially the external space shots are very interesting, very different to anything else I've seen in other Sci-fi shows or movies. The character development is probably second to none, especially considering that there are so many characters which the writers make so much effort in trying to flesh-out. There is the individual character development, we see how individuals react to the same events and their own personal issues, as well as the group developments - like *Spoiler* landing on a planet and eventually being subjugated by Cylons. *Spoiler END* Personally I am fascinated by the journey that they are all making - the search for Earth, what Earth will they find? There are a number of possibilities, not knowing is one of the things which is making me excited by season 4 and the whole journey up to that point. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone.
  • Ok

    This was ok I've read a lot of your comments, and it amazes me how some people seem to think that the function of this mini-series (and hopefully series) is to cater to the whims of the fans of the original series. Sorry, that's not it.

    The die-hard types -- the "fans" (and I am one, of BSG, BSG2003, Trek, B5, etc.) -- are never going to be more than a small fraction of the viewership of any television program. It must appeal to a broader audience, or it is DOOMED.

    Ronald D. Moore -- in my opinion, one of the better writer-producers in sci-fi today -- took a concept that pleased just about nobody but the fans and reproduced it in a manner that made it interesting and watchable to a modern audience. And if you step outside of your "I want Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, and Dirk Benedict" temper tantrums, you will find it interesting and watchable as well.

    As for some of the main cast members -- like the Adamas pere et fils -- being stiff and friends, welcome to career military officer types. I would bet you're the same people who complained about Commander Jeffrey Sinclair in the first season of Babylon 5 as well. These are true TO LIFE heroes, not the Saturday morning cartoon comic book heroes.

    As for remolding Starbuck (does she drink a lot of coffee? ;-) and Boomer into women... well, I had my doubts at first, but I thought they did a magnificent job. As for the Cylons looking like humans now... well, only some of them do. And, to be perfectly honest, it makes a lot of sense for them to be able to blend in with their enemies. Anyone who has knowledge of terrorists in the Middle East knows that the reason they can get in to major civilian population centers and cause hideously evil damage and destruction is because THEY BLEND IN. Use some logic, people!

    Much like when going to see a movie based on one of Tom Clancy's novels, I didn't go into this expecting to see the original. I went into it expecting to see something new and interesting with some similarities at the plot level. And I was not disappointed.

    Since enterprise seems to be killing the Trek franchise -- and I admit, I enjoy Enterprise a lot of the time, but a lot of people don't, and I can see why -- I am in high hopes a series based on BSG2003 can revitalize hope for on-going TV science fiction. I don't see why it shouldn't as long as people stop thinking they're going to get Lorne Greene. They're getting Edward James Olmos, one of the most brilliant actors in Hollywood, coming BACK to TV after a successful movie career... and how often does
  • "A remake of a cheesey 70'show? What a horrible idea!" ...That's what I thought, and boy was I wrong.

    I'll admit I thought it sounded like a stupid idea at first. Battlestar Gallactica seemed like a completely random show to remake without any real huge fan base clamoring for it. Why not just remake The $6 million man or Bionic Woman for that matter? (ahem). I didn't even watch it for the first and second season. But so many good things were said that I finally gave the dvd's a rental. WOW! I found out later that the brains behind the show is Ron Moore, who is largely responsible for the epic and dark turn in the last few years of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.(a personal favorite) BSG is fantastic. A concept often talked about, but rarely done well is make a show about the characters. That is whe BSG does so well. The interactions and constantly changing relationships are what make this show great.
  • This is what you get when you combine the best writing, the best acting and the best directing: the best television show ever, regardless of genre, period.

    Finally we get a well done science fiction saga, a true tale of adventure that we must follow week to week because we are taking the journey through space with our heros. We are not peeking in on a weekly standalone video-bite of them like the average show, where all that happens in the course of the next hour has nothing to do with what happened yesterday and will have no bearing on what happens tomorrow. Such standalone weekly episodes are an incredible bore for those who have seen Battlestar Galactica 2003. And because of this live historical narrative kind of perspective, it creates far more anxiety concerning the characters. You really cannot be 100% sure that the producers won't suddenly kill one of them... It's far more enjoyable than watching the average run of the mill show, sitting back, "knowing" that the hero will survive. I have shown this show to sci-fi haters, and they have become enthralled will it. Check it out.
  • A creative and more personal take on the classic version.

    This version of the original, is both exciting and action packed. When this show original started, i had a few reservations. It soon abashedly those thoughts, and soon had me looking forward to future episodes. I very much like the fact that they made starbuck a female. As well, as the fact that to make the show more interesting, they had some of the machines human. Upon hearing that the show was starting up there last season, i was disheartened. I am very, very sorry to see it leaving the air. Like many series ending the hope of a movie version is set in the back of my mind. at last, perhaps the show will return, you never know.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003) is the best sci-fi show of the 21st century.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad show. On the contrary! It is still much better than most of the other sci-fi shows on TV and I consider the first season among the finest work in the sci-fi genre, but I think from the second season on they could have done better. The show had so much potential! To me it seems that it slowly but steadily went down. But as I said, even now it's stll better than most of the other shows. My hope is that in the upcoming final season the show will regain the strength and freshness of the first season.
  • It's BattleStar Galactica! That alone is all you need to know.

    It is BattleStar Galactica! That alone is all you need to know. This show is for sure the best show sci - fi has ever had. It is true, there are some episodes, maybe 1 or 2 , that were not all that great. But it is also true that every other episodes were to die for. Make sure if you start watching this show, that you begin with the mini season , then season 1.0, then 2.0 , followed by 2.5 and 3.0. To bad this is the last season for Battlestar, but I do agree they should end the show at the top of it's hype. It would be sad to see this show go downhill.
  • Amazing!!!

    This show was way better than I thought it would be when I first heard about it. Season four is going to be amazing and I can't wait until season three is on DVD. I only wish I had Sci-Fi so I could watch the show the moment it airs. Waiting for the DVDs is so painful. This show is perfect is every sense of the word. All the actors are wonderful, but my personal favorites are Nicki Clyne and Katee Sackhoff. Both actresses portray their roles wonderfully and make it seem so real. Another high point of the show is the music. Also, who doesn't think that cylons are the best villains every? Overall, this show is underrated and awesome.
  • See It From The Beginning

    Humanity stands on the brink of annihilation and only a small space fleet fleeing with a few tens of thousands remains. This series actually far surpasses the fun but occasionally corny original. This series is dark and complex and well thought out in many ways that the original simply was not. The Cylon religion and human religions are a major driving factor in what happens here, unlike the original, in which Cylon motivations were not made clear (beyond "Blast all Humans") and human religion was just background dressing. The original series sometimes had the atmosphere of a pleasure cruise, but here the white knuckle terror of being on the brink of extinction every moment is ever-present. This is a great looking, strongly written and acted show with an important difference. Unlike most TV series, where the events of this week's episode have no consequences in terms of the continuing drama, where the writers contrive to hit the re-set button at the end of each episode, BSG is ALL about consequences. Command decisions have to be made constantly, and the consequences of actions taken are permanent and have repercussions that pop up later to further complicate the narrative. A series that demands to be seen and seen in proper episodic order.
  • How I hate channel 10 for only putting on HD TEN!

    I love this show and I miss it. i have only seen the first two seasons and get utterly depressed when i see the tv guide for ten hd as i live in Australia and that's the only channel it shows it on. I have Battlestar withdrawal symptoms!!

    this show is great. it has everything you could want and what is even cooler its on a big ass spaceship.

    It has affected my life in so many ways and my vocabulary too as 'frak' has now become an everyday word.

    Battlestar is 11/10 and has no contest for my favourite show.
  • The New Battlestar Galactica, The Best show of 2005.

    The New Battlestar Galactica, The Best show of 2005. Has many great things I love in a TV show Great Characters, Great Story lines, Suspense, Great Themes, Awesome special effects, and lots of twists. I have only really got into Battlestar recently and all I have to say is Awesome. I have just finished watching Season 1 on DVD and plan o going to buy Season 2 in about a week. I hear Season 2 is even better than season 1. Some of my favourite characters are Starbuck, Number 6,captain Apollo,Commander Adama and many others. The show is quite intense and additive which is the way I like it. I also like they the way they try to make it more realistic by using bullets etc.
  • Better than expected!!! Close to perfect!!!

    When young I enjoyed the first series, with a kid mentality on the 80's, that was simply amazing. I even liked the 80's edition of the series, when Galactica came to Earth... As a grown up, having more luggage, I saw how limited it was, but the "enjoyment" feeling never came to an end. I first saw the remake by accident once (the 33 episode) and at first I got surprised with the changes (Starbuck is a girl??? Human-cylons???). Soon I realized that this remake was more adult themed. The story is compelling, acting is superb, the link with the old series is still maitained, and the FX are great! It became my personal favorite again! Sad news it had to end in just four seasons, but at least it is going to have an real structured ending, which is remarkable in the case of a series. Hope there are many spin-offs (with the quality of Razor!) coming after! Hope too that I have the opportunity to buy the complete series in HD (blu-ray) in exchange of my DVD collection!
  • One of my all time favorite shows. Great story, good characters and good special effects.

    One of my all time favorite shows. Great story, good characters and good special effects.

    The story is interesting and has a major story that runs over multiple episodes with mini stories they reveal over each episode. I like that they took the orginal story which was great and added just enough of a teak to it that you don't know what is happening and look forward to the conclusion of the story.

    The special effects are good in that they are realistic with out being over the top, you are able to suspend your feeling of disbelif and get into the story.

    The characters are well balanced, realistic and interesting to watch.
  • A drama first...sci fi second.

    This show is just amazing. I'm suprised I watch a show called Battlestar Galactica. When people first told me to watch this show, I laughed. How can a show called Battlestar Galactica be good? However, I finally gave in after hearing wonderful reviews from both critics and fans continously...and boy was I in for a suprise. I was sucked in 10 minutes into the miniseries!! That's all it took. I finished watching the first two seasons in a few days. GREAT SHOW, don't get turned away from the name.

    I've never seen a cast that with that much acting ability. WOW..each cast member could basically win an award for their acting. If you think this show is like star trek...u are WRONG. THis is a wonderful DRAMA first. No wonder this show won the most prestigous television award possible (PEABODY)...It's one of the GREATEST SHOWS on television!!!
  • Cylons were created by man. Man used the cylons to make life more comfotable on the twelve colonies. 1 day the cylons decided to take their freedom. 40 years after the first cylon war, the colonies haven't heard from them. Until the cylons attacked.

    This show is awesome. If they made a show about the daily life of the the fighter pilots on Star Wars, this would be the show. Sci-Fi took an old favorite and turned it up. The show contains fimilar names, but the charecter traits and faces. The cylons are shown as having souls and religion is a big part of the show. The zodiac is used as well as greek mythology. With the writer's strike the show will be debuting on NBC in January '08. Now all of America can see this great show and know what I'm fracking talking about.
  • More than a 'sci-fi' show, Battlestar Galactica is one of the best dramas on television.

    I was a huge fan of the original show in 1978. Star Wars was fairly new. I was 15 and I was enamoured of anything to do with space. Battlestar Galactica was not only action-packed, it was also fun. I couldn't wait for Starbuck and Apollo's next adventure. When I heard that the show was being 'remade' I was sceptical. I had been hoping that Richard Hatch's long-planned continuation would get off the ground.
    My scepticism only grew when I heard that the Cylons would now look human and Starbuck would be a woman. The involvement of Ron Moore, who had written some of the best episodes of the best Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine, did not relieve my fear.
    The mini-series was released straight to DVD in Australia and I went out and bought it, having heard good reviews from the US, but still having doubts.
    I was instantly captivated. The look of the show, from the sets, to the camera moves, to the ways the ships moved in space had a definite feel of realism. I felt like I was watching something that was actually happening. The outstanding script and acting only strengthened the illusion that these were real people.
    By the conclusion of the mini-series, when it was revealed that Boomer was a cylon, I couldn't wait for the start of the series proper.
    The first, second and third seasons have not disappointed and the series has only gotten stronger as it has gone on. The end of each season has left me craving more. The twists, turns and revelations have never seemed contrived as they so often do. I cannot think of any other show that could have dealt with the issue of suicide bombing so eloquently, neither condemning nor condoning it, leaving the viewer with an understanding of how people can be driven to that course of action. I have introduced several people to this show and they have become as addicted as me.
    I cannot recommend Battlestar Galactica highly enough. Even if you're not normally a fan of sci-fi shows, give this a go. You must, however, start with the mini-series and watch each episode in order.
  • I always thought the show moved much too slow, but the first two seasons were solid 8.5's. Season 3 was a just a 2! The whole Star-pollo thing was twisted. Baltar's trial was a joke. Billions of humans were killed yet the show humanized Cylons. Why?

    Watching the old BSG episodes on I have found out some parts of the storyline that the new BSG didn't use that would have truly enhanced the new show.

    First, the Cylons were actually a race of reptilians. They created robots to serve them. The Cylon robots either killed off their creators or the Cylons died out or advanced to a different form to a higher plane of existence. The robots lived on and now are called Cylons. Without masters and rudderless, they conquer the galaxy to bring order to what they consider is a chaotic universe.

    Second, the First Cylon Wars were ones in the defense of other races. The Colonies came to the defense of other races fighting the Cylons. The Cylons wanted to wipe out The Colonies because humans were the only race with the ability to fight the Cylons effectively.

    Third, there are other known races other than Cylons and Humans.

    Fourth, Starbuck is a man!

    I think the first three storylines of the old BSG could have been the outline for seven or eight years of episodes. But production costs back then and the lack of computer generated effects made such a show a money pit. Too bad. And too bad the new BSG didn't have more in common with the old show. I think that by limiting the storyline to a Cylon vs Human show they limited the number of episodes and that's why the fourth season will be the last. Just imagine that if there were other races who would be out helping humanity. Old allies under political pressure from Cylons turn against Humanity or help despite the perils of Cylon reprisals. How about the original creators of the Cylon Robots, now advanced entities, trying to help Galactica after realizing the mess they left when they advanced to a different plane of existence. (I actually think this was part of the old storylines that never got to production.) Well, what do you guys think? Could the new BSG have been "enhanced" by keeping some of the old storylines?
  • Hands down the absolute all time best show on television.

    BSG is in short, everything a show should be. It has something for everyone. To watch an hour of the show is to be a final member of humanity; struggling to survive against the onslaught of killer machines. You feel for the characters as they develop through their great triumphs and massive amounts of pain and misery. One thing sci fi shows often miss is a real environment, most are filled with unbelievable aliens and ridiculous technology. BSG gives you what could be our believable future and makes it easy to swallow. As for the story arcs, they are one in a million. Waiting a week for the next part is pure torture. Between cylon attacks and great battles, there is the everyday issues of living in struggling fleet, supplies, dealing with a beaten down public and trying to govern and keep order. Its not just about battling robots, its about a whole lot more. Give the show a chance if you havent already, if you already did, give it another one, it will surprise you.
  • Great Sci fi show.

    One of if not the best and most consisten sci fi show on television. BSG is well written, acted and presented. It is a must see for any true sci fi fan. The plot though complicated is consistent and always well tied together in the end. The characters are believable and more importantly three dimensional. The writers have made it easy for you get into the show and get close to the characters. My favorite is Lee (Apollo). Constantly struggling to be a hero, be the best and always falling short in his own eyes. It's this character flaw that makes him a hero and allows us to connect with him. Great show, nuff said.
  • This show is amazing.

    Lately my tv schedule has been out of wack. Sopranos is over and 24's last season did not live up to my expectations. So I have not gotten in to a tv show in a while. It might be a good thing that i did not have something to suck me in to it. I have heard the reputation of this show and I have been very interested in starting to watch it. So I got season 1. So far I watched the miniseries and all but 1 episode of the season. It is one of the most addicting shows to date. The character development is what catches you off guard. I actually care about the characters. For example you end up loving to hate the cylons. I am not a sci-fi buff I do not get into shows in this genre they always seem to follow a basic guideline. This show does not follow that guideline. They do not go planet hoping meeting aliens, setting blasters to stun. You really feel for the fleet. They are actually running for their lives in a galaxy from a fleet that would like nothing better then to wipe them out because of their religious ideals. I will be purchasing the next sets of this show and I am hoping to watch the final season when it airs next year. Until then I am enjoying being pulled by a series that deserves all the praise it gets.
  • I never saw the original show but I've always been a fan of sci-fi. (V, Beastmaster (movie), Star Wars, etc...) This show starts you thinking it's a sci-fi military action show and then blindsides you with the human drama that makes it really click.

    This show has never disappointed me from the initial mini-series all the way through to the end of last season. I almost fell off the couch when Season 2 ended and it said see you in '08. TV has always been a part of my family growing up and now it continues with my family as an adult. This show is the best I've ever been apart of. There are plenty of other shows I like, but this is the one that I can't get enough of. I'm sad that there is only 1 more season, but thankful that we won't have to watch it "jump the shark" after it stays 1 too many seasons.
  • Have no idea what to put here...

    I got into BSG through watching Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess. Turned out the show had more potential than I thought, because I rented it as soon as I saw one episode. Every time I watch it, it keeps making me come back for more, which means this show is worth to watch and I would definitely recommend it to any sci-fi addict. It has everything you could ever want in a science fiction show. I was a bit adverse to the the way the show was filmed, the type of camera speed or the way the scenes were displayed as going every which way because they tend to get confusing sometimes. Especially since you have about 10 other side characters vying for the spotlight in an episode. But as you begin to watch the show it enjoyment is an acquired taste and one that I quite enjoy now.
  • A beautifully written, wonderfully acted reimagining of the classic television series which manages to shine a light on contemporary society despite being a science fiction show.

    When it was announced that Battlestar Galactica would be remade, many fans of the classic series responded angrily. How could it be done without the original actors? Wouldn't it just end up being a cheap immitation of that show?

    Fortunately, its rebirth was masterminded by Ronald D. Moore; a man who had previously worked on Star Trek: Voyager - a show which had many similarities. Moore's words in a 2000 Cinescape interview where he summed up everything that was wrong with Voyager would show he was the right man for the job: "They were talking about the fact that in the premise this ship was going to have problems. It wasn't going to have unlimited sources of energy. It wasn't going to have all the doodads of the Enterprise. It was going to be rougher, fending for themselves more, having to trade to get supplies that they want. That didn't happen. It doesn't happen at all, and it's a lie to the audience. I think the audience intuitively knows when something is true and something is not true. Voyager is not true. If it were true, the ship would not look spic-and-span every week, after all these battles it goes through. How many times has the bridge been destroyed? How many shuttlecrafts have vanished, and another one just comes out of the oven?"

    Moore understood what was wrong with Voyager and ensured that the same mistakes didn't occur with his vision of Battlestar Galactica. Following the destruction of the twelve colonies which its people called home, the Battlestar Galactica is forced to flee across the universe and we get to see what it would be like to be stuck on a ship low on supplies where constant battles take their toll. Stress levels rise and crew members take it out on one another. Equipment begins to break down. If it's possible to make a show about a spaceship roaming the stars whilst being pursued by robots 'realistic' then Battlestar Galactica certainly achieves that.

    There are so many great things about this show, that I could write an entire article about it. From the reimagining of the Cylons so that some of them appear human (creating incredible paranoia amongst the crew of the Battlestar Galactica) to the way in which the camera films events in a documentary style, the show doesn't put a foot wrong. The casting is equally brilliant with roles filled by a range of talented actors.

    Finally, the show also serves as a clever mirror to the world we currently live in. Whether its suicide bombers, detention centers or an enemy 'doing God's will', Battlestar Galactica proves that a television show doesn't have to take place in a contemporary setting to comment on the contemporary world.

    In all then, this is a virtually flawless series which has easily surpassed the original to become a classic in its own right. Watch it from the beginning and be amazed.
  • New Battlestar Galactica exceeds all expectations.

    A lifelong Sci-Fi fan, I had heard of an upcoming remake of the old "Battlestar Galactica" TV Show, which I had watched as a kid. Since my experience with the Sci Fi channel consisted predominately of "B" grade sci fi movies my highest expectations were for some kind of watchable show, although I didn't even really expect that much.

    What a great surprise it was to discover such a high quality sci fi show! Great writing, great casting, great musical score. Just a tremendous production from top to bottom. If the old Hollwood axiom: "Leave 'em wanting more"is accurate, then Battlestar Galactica had tremendous success with it, at least for me.
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